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Anita Hill vivian williams @vivartist14🔁 Anita Hill: "Huge moment" against sexual harassment needs to continue
Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets🔁Conservatives, it's time to call on Clarence Thomas to resign
Sen Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein🔁This movement to root out harassment and assault started with Anita Hill. We owe her a debt of gratitude. Our culture is finally catching up. Thank you, Anita, for your courage.
Anita Hill Carol Reed Schmidt @CarolReed1🔁 Honored to be w Anita Hill tonight! #MeTooWhatNext
Clint Smith @ClintSmithIII🔁Remember Anita Hill.
Ben Moull @BenMoull🔁Anita Hill: “I don’t see 1991 and 2017 as isolated moments. They’re part of the arc of history bending toward justice”
Niraj @uscaero🔁This moment dispels myths of who is a harasser(we’re skeptical about people who don’t fit our perceived image):it’s not just the “monsters”-harassers are people we admire, give awards to, elect into office & mourn the loss of when they are held accountable-Anita Hill
GiantDwarf @Giant__Dwarf🔁This movement to root out harassment and assault started with Anita Hill. We owe her a debt of gratitude. Our culture is finally catching up. Thank you, Anita, for your courage.
Julie Meyer @Mightymouth5413🔁I remember ANITA HILL even if a bunch of Never Trump/Conservative GOPe people suddenly developed a memory problem over the past month.

It SHOULD be remembered how Progressive Dems have launched well coordinated smear jobs against political targets with media help in the past.

Julie Meyer @Mightymouth5413🔁And Anita Hill wasn't the ONLY Clarence Thomas accuser. There were several others.

Thomas stood firm, the stories of the accusers had time to be examined, the strategy to SHAME him into withdrawing did not work.

Stone Free @Stonefree63🔁 Conservatives, it's time to call on Clarence Thomas to resign
Monique Williams @MoniqueWRDW🔁 Anita Hill: "Huge moment" against sexual harassment needs to continue
Jayne Martin @mizladyjayne🔁Never forget that Ginny Thomas called up Anita Hill NINETEEN YEARS LATER to berate her and demand an apology
Jayne Martin @mizladyjayne🔁So much THIS. Anita Hill's remarks make me think of how many women I saw this week defend Franken, even after more than one of his former staff members had come forward. We have to stop that.
anne andersen @aeanyc🔁And now let's bring CLARENCE THOMAS again to the surface!! He is a Supreme Court Justice who violated Anita Hill. He, too, must pay the price! He can leave his position hand in hand with Trump!!
Taranimale @taranimale🔁As a recent college grad I walked to work in San Francisco & listened to NPR's coverage of Anita Hill's testimony on a Walkman. I believe her now & I believed her then.
lindy s @sexygirl798🔁Bernie you are late to the table again. Remember Anita Hill? You were in Congress then what did you do, substantively, to change the environment? You’re just another jump on the bandwagon career politician. You didn’t fight then & you ain’t gonna fight now.
Catastrophic Implications @Catastrophic_Im🔁New post (Anita Hill: "Huge moment" against sexual harassment needs to continue) has been published on Catastrophic I mplications -
liz orange @lizorange1🔁In any conversation about and remember Anita Hill. She changed the landscape on the conversation about sexual harassment in 1991. We owe her so much.
Ritah @Rah11703090🔁 I believe Anita Hill.
Time4Fisticuffs @ullikemike🔁Anita Hill is where this creation of character assassination out of thin air started. It almost worked against Justic e Thomas. AL voters need to make sure it doesn't work against
Casey @venusnv80plus🔁In lieu of the amazing Person of the Year Time Magazine 2017, Anita Hill, the first "Silence Breaker" who courageously testified before the senate about a subject that now years later have become a movement.
Mom 2 NM monkeys @mom2nmmonkeys🔁And that tactic works b/c people forget or are too young to know that 25-ish years ago was when a woman, Anita Hill, was publicly slut shamed by the media & Washington for accusing a powerful man of sexual harassment. That era was *not* one where it was safe for most to speak up.
When Women Lead @WWomenL🔁It's not just Anita Hill. Four women have accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. He allegedly groped one 23-year-old *while he was on the Supreme Court.*
Karen J @KaJo503🔁I'm glad someone elicited a comment from Anita Hill. She's had a lot of time to think about this issue.
Sharon @leemitchellr🔁Respectfully to Biden supporters:
Joe Biden does have a problem with women. Both his hands-on approach & lack of support for Anita Hill during sexual harassment claim against Clarence Thomas.
Will be politicized.

Daniel Kohn @DanielKohn99🔁I've been wondering when Anita Hill would finally come up.
The grilling she received was unconscionable.
Her story w as completely believable but that didn't matter.
Cuz politics...
When Women Lead @WWomenL🔁Commentary: A conservative who once respected Clarence Thomas now believes Anita Hill and says it's time for the Supreme Court justice to resign
Janni Aragon, PhD @janniaragon🔁We’ve Been Here Before: Revisiting Anita Hill’s Testimony in the Midst of #MeToo
Claudia Cortese @theclaudster🔁 Remember Anita Hill.
Morgan Ywain @morganyevans🔁I've thought a lot about this. I was pretty young when the Anita Hill case happened, but I do remember her getting decimated in the media and constantly not believed over Clarance Thomas.
Andrea @Andrea51544005🔁I would like to see Anita Hill in Congress. Perhaps as a Senator she could shed some light on character and the bench. I'd vote for her.
Zoey @UnrealDTrumpy🔁Why is Clarence on the Supreme Court? Sad a lot of people wouldn’t listen.


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