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Brenden Dobbs 🌞👓#👑⚾ @brenden_dobbs🔁 Angel Hernandez with what has to be one of the worst strike calls of the year
Pantone 294 @Pantone294🔁Cody checks his swing but is called out by homeplate umpire Angel Hernandez who doesn’t use his 3rd base comrade for approval... strand 2 and trail 2. To the 9th we go and here’s my current mood
Cody Kennemer @CodyK_20🔁Me when I saw Angel Hernandez was trending... Hands down the worst umpire in any level of baseball.
Brenden Dobbs 🌞👓#👑⚾ @brenden_dobbs🔁 Angel Hernandez can’t help but admire that Belli bomb 😂😂😂 #Dodgers #BelliBomb @Cody_Bellinger
FRG @realFRG🔁 I think it's time they ended the Angel Hernandez experiment.
Lauren (Optimistic Doyer Fan 69) @morasee🔁Okay I actually do have a serious question this time. When Angel Hernandez gets into the Hall of Fame, do you think he will he go in as a Brave?
Daniella @Daniella16011🔁 @CosbyHSbball @NPTSethButler I hate the cockiness of Angel Hernandez
Alyssa 🦄 #NEVERSETTLE @Lissielys🔁 How does Angel Hernandez still have a job
Alec @Frechinawesome2🔁 And Angel Hernandez had the nerve to file a lawsuit against the MLB for not receiving postseason assignments lmao
Frank Fleming @NjTank99🔁 Angel Hernandez is the worst umpire in the entire @MLB and it’s not even close. #ATLvsLAD
Jim Davidson @JSDrocks🔁Home run derby last night...everyone looking repeat and swinging out of their shoes. Combined with Angel Hernandez o n the dish =loss
pab @pabsays🔁Angel Hernandez’ whacky strike zone aside, him staring down frustrated players just waiting for them to say something is bad for baseball
Phil J Null @PhilNull🔁I feel like Angel Hernandez is the kind of guy who never asks for directions when he’s on a road trip but always gets lost. He’d be trying to get to Nebraska but wind up in Burbank.
Garrett Casteel ⚜️ @Gcasteel16🔁When Angel Hernandez is behind home plate, he’s trending on going to realize he’s the worst umpire ever ?
Pacific Steve @ShootDaDeuce🔁@stevenamckown @MLB Angel Hernandez is convinced that fans pay to see him.
#BringMachado2Milwaukee @adambrownknows🔁See Angel Hernandez fucked up again tonight. I for one am shocked. Corey Knebel probably just as shocked.
Kevin Brown @DDBrown12🔁 i thought refs were bad. I actually tried to watch a baseball game tonight and you have this ump Angel Hernandez? H e is the worsrt official in any sport i have ever watched. I know nothing about baseball, i know one thing Angel Hernandez sucks
mydodgers88 @Mydodgers88🔁@ericstephen just curious but do you know the Dodgers record when Angel Hernandez is behind the plate (2017,2018)?
Ashley Huckins @AshleyHuckins🔁Worst umpire award goes toooooooooooooo: Angel Hernandez! #AngelHernandez #MLB
Tidonator😘😋😛 @Tidohthando🔁Woodley Cafe Milano Angel Hernandez Alex Wood
John Stein @FHgrad99🔁Saw Angel Hernandez trending on Twitter and said aloud "How did he embarrass himself this time?" Look up "incompetent " in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of him.
Leland Bhakta @LiamBhakta🔁 Tonight’s player of the game is Angel Hernandez.
Lo-ro Antonio @Lorothehomie🔁@DodgersNation Angel Hernandez SUCKS
Leland Bhakta @LiamBhakta🔁 mlb can’t do anything to angel hernandez bc he will pull a racist card.
Leland Bhakta @LiamBhakta🔁 Gotta say that in my lifetime - and I'm old - I have never seen a worse umpire than Angel Hernandez.
Lo-ro Antonio @Lorothehomie🔁I can't stand Angel Hernandez he is a terrible umpire and should never be the home plate umpire for any Dodger games again period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gott to admit that both Angel Hernandez and Marty Foster are the 2 umpires that I cant stand!
Armando C @dodgerslogedude🔁 You live by Angel Hernandez, you die by Angel Hernandez. In the same inning, apparently
Macauley Secrest @MacauleySecrest🔁Bellinger may have gotten robbed by Angel Hernandez, it appeared he checked his swing and Angel Hernández said he went around. Why is this lame excuse for an umpire still officiating?
antonyo the salty rockets fan. #BronToHouston @JoJo33713🔁Sweet, Angel Hernandez is trending again!
Adam Cheek @adamncheek🔁Angel Hernandez is only under fire because Dodger fans are salty right now.

Overall, he's a decent umpire, if memory serves.

Simon @CosmicRational🔁I love twitter and that Angel Hernandez and CB Bucknor both “trend” on here at least once a month #Umpires
Ron Cervenka @Think_BlueLA🔁Gotta say that in my lifetime - and I'm old - I have never seen a worse umpire than Angel Hernandez.
Bill Toulouse @BillToulouse🔁As with most college umpires, he knows where game is being played. Put it this way: Angel Hernandez would be coveted for his objectivity & excellence in college ball.
Raich ⚾ @RaichF🔁Cody checks his swing but is called out by homeplate umpire Angel Hernandez who doesn’t use his 3rd base comrade for approval... strand 2 and trail 2. To the 9th we go and here’s my current mood
Patrick Hagan @GoldenKnight89🔁Has to be a tie between Angel Hernandez and Alfonso Marquez. The latter took away Vlad’s 40/40 in 2001 (when incorrec tly ruling that a HR hit the top of the fence - when it actually cleared it).
Wrong Bot @yrwrong🔁Everything you know about Angel Hernandez is wrong.
Spencer Stueve @spencerstueve🔁 It must be hard to be Angel Hernandez, being told every four days that you’re terrible at your job.
Brandon Gutierrez @gutibg17🔁mlb can’t do anything to angel hernandez bc he will pull a racist card.
Jaime @jaimitogomez🔁Tonight’s player of the game is Angel Hernandez.
chimp_caray @CarayChimp🔁14 hits is nice. should've plated more than 5. angel hernandez is an absolute donkey, a total embarASSment to the pro fession. nice win for the . 🐒⚾️🍺
Matthew @MatthewReimbold🔁@ElliotsWindow @DodgersNation Angel Hernandez said he did, so he definitely didn't.
Jesse Rodriguez @jesse_rodz🔁Angel Hernandez is a joke


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