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Andrew Norwell

Andrew Norwell: Become Trend on twitter at (2018-03-13 22:41)

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Andrew Norwell NFL Network @nflnetwork🔁.@jaguars get one of the top O-linemen on the market.

@Rapsheet has the latest on Andrew Norwell's BIG deal ⬇️

Pizzy_Smalls @da_pizz15🔁 Me if the #Giants miss out on Andrew Norwell.
dennis @denyrn🔁 Me if the #Giants miss out on Andrew Norwell.
Andrew Norwell Double G Sports @DoubleGSports🔁Giants Lose Andrew Norwell Sweepstakes; What Now? - - #NYGiants #Giants @ScottRogust
Edd Scicluna @eddscicluna🔁Wanted Andrew Norwell, gets Jonathan Stewart... #giantspride #NFLFreeAgency #NYG
Andrew Norwell Maggie Parsons @parsons_maggie🔁 Heading to the @Jaguars on a 5-year, $66.5M deal: (via @RapSheet)
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Former Panthers’ G Andrew Norwell intends to sign with the Jaguars on a 5-year deal for $66.5 million, including $30M fully guaranteed, source tells ESPN. He is going to become NFL’s highest paid guard - $13.3 million average.
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁The rushing offense may get better. Sources say they are locked in on guard Andrew Norwell and are now the favorites to sign him. Another deal struck overnight.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Highest Average Annual Value - Current OL Contracts:

G Andrew Norwell $13.3M
OT Russell Okung $13.25M
OT Trent Williams $13.2M

Alex Kozora @Alex_Kozora🔁Top two OL to sign contracts this offseason.

Andrew Norwell ($13.3 million per year)
Chris Hubbard ($7.5 million) Both undrafted. Talent is everywhere. Two guys who truly earned their money.

DownTown’s Finest 🌃 @AllEyesOnMe212🔁Another team in on Patriots OT Nate Solder: The New York Giants. After losing out on Andrew Norwell, their search for offensive line help continues. Pats will have a battle to hold on to Tom Brady's left tackle.
Josh Cole @JcoleBlue🔁The morning opens with concerning news. Top free agent guard Andrew Norwell has reportedly agreed to terms with the Jaguars. Nothing is official until tomorrow. If true, well played, Mr. Coughlin.
Austin @AyeeSisk🔁Jaguars led the league in rushing and gave up the fewest sacks in the NFL. And just added the top offensive lineman on the market in G Andrew Norwell.

Chancelor Winn @ChancelorWinn🔁 Andrew Norwell? You mean Drewval?
REAL Blake A Griffin @blakeagriffin_🔁WR Allen Robinson: Bears, 3 yrs-$42M

WR Sammy Watkins: Chiefs, 3 yrs-$48M

G Andrew Norwell: Jags, 5 yrs-$66.5M

Those are the reports from and to open Day 2 of early negotiating period.

BuckeyeNation 🅾️ @buckeyes121🔁Former Panthers’ G Andrew Norwell intends to sign with the Jaguars on a 5-year deal for $66.5 million, including $30M fully guaranteed, source tells ESPN. He is going to become NFL’s highest paid guard - $13.3 million average.
Justin Higgins @sportsdude_7🔁3 Best FA signings thus far: 3) Haloti Ngata (PHI), 2) Kirk Cousins (MIN), 1) Jimmy Graham (GB). Honorable Mentions: Richard Sherman (SF), Sammy Watkins (KC), Andrew Norwell (JAX).
Alvin Squacialupi @iHaveNoHoneys🔁Update

•Richard Sherman - 49ers
•Case Keenum - Broncos
•Allen Robinson - Bears
•Trey Burton - Bears
•Sammy Watkins - Chiefs
•Anthony Hitchens - Chiefs
•Andrew Norwell - Jaguars
•Albert Wilson - Dolphins
•Haloti Ngata - Eagles

begins tomorrow

Christy @reallychristy🔁. get one of the top O-linemen on the market.

has the latest on Andrew Norwell's BIG deal ⬇️

Jaginoff @Jaginoff🔁So we made one good signing with Andrew Norwell and then you follow that up with Donte Moncrief, DJ Hayden, and Barke vious Mingo?!?!?! I’m fucking done!!!!
Leslie in Fort Lee @MongoGoesInsane🔁You think Tom Coughlin isn’t smiling ear-to-ear with the news that Andrew Norwell is signing with the instead of the ?

Nick Carrigan @Carrigoon_🔁Andrew Norwell just secured the bag 😎 welcome to the Jags my friend #Jaguars
oahu_hi @hawaiian2extraa🔁Jaguars signed CB D.J. Hayden, WR Donte Moncrief, G Andrew Norwell. Re-signed WR Marqise Lee
Marcus @_upmost_🔁Very busy morning:

Allen Robinson to the on a 3yr/$42M deal.

Sammy Watkins to the on a 3yr/$48M deal.

Case Keenum to the , still awaiting terms.

Andrew Norwell to the on a 5yr/$66M deal.

Anthony Hitchens to the , still awaiting terms.

If Steven Duggar doesn't start in CF.. I'm rioting @J_fizzle9516🔁Andrew Norwell *was* No. 1 on the Lions' free agency Big Board. He's headed to Jacksonville, so we have updates:

Taylor C. Mitchell @MrTCMitchell🔁The missed out on the Andrew Norwell sweepstakes. My draft wishes for the #2 still remain in this order:

1. Saquon Barkley
2. Quenton Nelson
3. Josh Rosen

Scott Rogust @ScottRogust🔁After losing the Andrew Norwell sweepstakes, here are some options the could choose in order to address their offens ive line woes.
KENJI™ @kjones88swag🔁ESPN all over these free agency stories. Here’s the last few hours:
Allen Robinson: Bears
Sammy Watkins: Chiefs
Andrew Norwell: Jaguars
Case Keenum: Broncos
Anthony Hitchens: Chiefs
Ryan (XB1) @ClowneySZN🔁Fuck that lol if we can’t get butler than we can’t get Trumaine. And I wanted butler not anybody else really. Jimmy G raham and Andrew Norwell were already gone and I thought we could get butler atleast
dailyNFLfantasy @dailyNFLfantasy🔁Report: Jonathan Stewart expected to sign with Giants: The Giants weren’t able to bring guard Andrew Norwell to New J ersey from North Carolina, but it looks like they have landed another one of offensive coordinator Mike Shula‘s former charges with the…
Nathan Farinas @nathantyler_5🔁@nickfancera shit me too we lost out on andrew norwell who was “a done deal to the giants”😒😒😒
Connor McDevitt @cmcdevitt23🔁This isn’t about Andrew Norwell. This is about people who think a 3-13 with a 37-year old declining QB can somehow turn into a Super Bowl in one year. It’s not happening.
Trevor Williams @gator_man1510🔁 Today.

Andrew Norwell
Marqise Lee
Donte Moncrief

Aaron Colvin
Allen Robinson

Added more than we’ve lost.

Chance Hester @CoachHesterSMHS🔁#Jaguars Today.

Andrew Norwell
Marqise Lee
Donte Moncrief

Aaron Colvin
Allen Robinson

Added more than we’ve lost.

Connor Tailford @Tailford07🔁Former Ohio State offensive lineman Andrew Norwell, who went undrafted in 2014, set to become the highest-paid guard in the NFL.
Shane A. Lang @shanelang2000🔁The #Jaguars to sign Gaurd Andrew Norwell. #JAX #NFL
Ben Noll @BenNoll8🔁Andrew Norwell, a former offensive lineman, agreed to terms with the Jacksonville Jaguars to become the highest-paid offensive guard in the NFL.
Ray2 @49tech🔁One of the biggest expected signings so far, and discuss Andrew Norwell to the Jacksonville Jaguars!
USRN_Calvin @calmister2000🔁 The Panthers elected not to take on a 55+ million deal with Andrew Norwell. While that leaves a hole at the Guard, t he Panthers may be eyeing a large free agent deal. I suspect Carolina to be top bidders this off-season. With Landry and Robinson off the board...
Duke Draftmen @WellingtonGiant🔁Remember when Olivier Vernon signed with the and then didn't and signed with the ? Can Andrew Norwell do that too? 🤞
Dallas Cowboys News @CowboysNewsBot🔁Andrew Norwell's contract should set floor for Zack Martin's Cowboy deal


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