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Amnesty Don Tynus Jorvensen @isle_o_selkirk🔁"Amnesty Don" is Breitbart's tag? I guess they got rid of Sloppy Steve, but kept the hubris. @BreitbartNews
Amnesty Don U.S. Reality Check🗽 @USRealityCheck🔁‘Amnesty Don': There's ‘Tremendous Support’ From GOP On DACA Citizenship #USRC
Amnesty Don James Jacinth @JamesReallmoney🔁 Currently leading Breitbart: Amnesty Don
Amnesty Don Vish Mc @Aprilvish🔁 Breitbart has a new name for Trump, Amnesty Don. ❤️ It.
Amnesty Don M. Wright @MLW5🔁Amnesty 'Don' & Fredo
Amnesty Don Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁Breitbart homepage earlier tonight: “Amnesty Don”
The Hill @thehill🔁Breitbart goes after Trump, labels him "Amnesty Don" for supporting path to citizenship for Dreamers
David Axelrod @davidaxelrod🔁What, ultimately, we will learn in this immigration debate is whether the is the LEADER of his base or the CAPTIVE o f it.
Bonnie Madden @BonnieMadden🔁 Did not elect AMNESTY DON for

Maria Martinez @nmlinguaphile🔁

We The Elected You To STOP

Hillary Ran On For DEPORTABLES


So Don't Compromise With Like

PATRIOTS FOR TRUMP @TrumpApproved🔁 @PressSec @realDonaldTrump NO to amnesty Don You LIED to us
Heinrich Medau @HeinrichMedau🔁*Illegals: Outstanding members of our community*

Amnesty Don

Jack @Jackhammer72🔁The GOP Campaign Against The Trump-Russia Probe Seems To Be Unraveling because their LIARS via "Fox News" "Amnesty Don" "Robert Mueller"
JPpatriot @BostonPatriot🔁Don't panic folks. Trump didn't write the AMNESTY Deal. The citizenship part after 25 years is just bait, a negotiation tactic. Dems will NEVER fund the wall, so there will NEVER be any deal. He is just making them look foolish again.
PATRIOTS FOR TRUMP @TrumpApproved🔁"Amnesty Don" California became a Sanctuary state on your watch and now amnesty.
One term lost my support. 2020 never
"Amnesty Don"
The Lemonade Lady @LemonLadyNancy🔁"Typical New York Times". Make up a Russia story to distract from the fact that Obama’s Deep State coup is imploding before our eyes.

Even Trump hating James Comey called them fake news.

"Amnesty Don"

🤓Protect Law 👈 @ProtectLawLLC🔁This insanity has to STOP! ILLEGAL ALIENS don't deserve amnesty; they deserve DEPORTATION! Calling them "dreamers" is insulting! Let them "dream" in their own nations!

BOW @boweaver11🔁What, ultimately, we will learn in this immigration debate is whether the is the LEADER of his base or the CAPTIVE of it.
Zan Svendsen @SvendZan🔁Compromise comes with yielding things you don’t necessarily want to. Republicans certainly don’t want amnesty, but t hey’re yielding a pathway for 1,800,000 illegal citizens. Democrats are yielding a wall. Lottery gone. Chain limited. COMPROMISE. NEITHER SIDE WILL GET THEIR WAY.
Working Class Hero @WerkingClasHiro🔁The whole "Amnesty Don" thing just goes to prove that there should be no negotiating with what's left of the Republic an party. They are all so obsessed with persecuting others that they'll give up anything to be able to do it.
Alan Wilson @AlWilson725🔁 You can turn the screws on Mexico right now to get them to pay for the wall NOW. No need for Congress to be involve d. Don't be "Amnesty Don"
Lucy Shoupp @LucyShoupp🔁Don’t get your shorts in a knot! Be patient. Listen. Learn.
Ellie @EllieEpv123🔁But Mr. President, don't forget your campaign promises. ALL illegal aliens need to go back, get on line and come her e legally. NO amnesty for any of them!
Proud American Stone @kathystone1221🔁Today on Shepard Smith (My Cable went out had a DVR going, and when I rebooted I caught 10 minutes of this Sh*t) This is what I saw..

He's calling President Trump "Amnesty Don"
He says the FISA Memo is a "Republican Made Up Distraction"

Jack @Jackhammer72🔁.: "In word and deed, Donald Trump personifies the American ignoramus abroad." via "Fox Ne ws" "Amnesty Don" "Rob ert Mueller"
mj @Bun2437🔁
Too many RINOs believe in the Democratic agenda. They are pro amnesty.
Anti America. Anything to destroy American values.
We are One Nation under God and they don't like it.
TPF @thinkngpolitics🔁Now that he's backing amnesty I really don't care to defend him. I am ready to have him removed from office. At least Pence is a serious person.
Enes Bayram أنس @ensbayr🔁By moral reasons are you referring to Amnesty Int. and Human Rights Watch reports on ethnic cleansic, forceful recruitment of children or systematic deportation of all those that don’t support YPG/PYD from the areas they currently control by US support?
@realPatrickSalucci @PatrickSalucci🔁🤔🤔Not For Amnesty and Like say Not for Jumping in line !

But we need to get Immigration under control a wall needs to be Built and More stringent Vetting !

Compromise is part of bargaining...if they don’t become citizens then 👢

Immigration News @ImmigratNews🔁#Trump Turns Again on #Immigration, Allies Bash 'Amnesty Don'
Ron Brannon #MAGA @rondbusa🔁Totally unacceptable! No Amnesty! Illegal is illegal. If they didn't come through proper channels, they don't deserve to be here!!
Linda @lluttrul🔁as much as I believed in MAGA, I'm devastated by the new amnesty plan. all it helps is the dems and dreamers, not ame ricans.if you don't have our vote GOO will lose 2018 and dems WILL impeach you.
Nirajan James @Jamespokharel🔁#FreeAhedTamimi Her actions don't justify the continuing detention of a 16-year-old child.
Cari #Resistance (StableG puncher of 🐸 nazis) @CariOMally🔁'Amnesty Don' is just more evidence for the twisted right that he is not their friend and cares about nothing but ratings and money. What will it take for his supporters to wake up? Maybe we should tell them he is coming for their guns next...
nan lackey @ladylackey🔁 | Bruce: We American Conservatives know we don't have 2 Tolerate our Constitutional Privacy Rights & 4th Amendment 2be INFRINGED ON & VIOLATED BY TYRANNY Sec 702 FISA. American people NEEDS 2 FIRE EVERY1 OVER THIS AMNESTY DACA
🐉🔥HΔRLΣ¥🔥🐉 @TruthMaga🔁🤔🤔Not For Amnesty and Like say Not for Jumping in line !

But we need to get Immigration under control a wall need s to be Built and More stringent Vetting !

Compromise is part of bargaining...if they don’t become citizens then 👢

Console Contempt @ConsoleContempt🔁 knows the Dems don't want a deal on DACA, because they will run on this issue & certainly don't want Trump to get cr edit for a deal. However, this is a dangerous game as Trump's base & other reluctant supporters hate anything resembling amnesty & voted Trump to prevent it
Tricia🚂💨Trumpster @patricia6227🔁Kamala, this is not the way to win the WH. America voted for because they don't want amnesty, sanctuary cities, illegal immigration & they want a WALL #
Opie @Opietaylor798🔁@IngrahamAngle @FoxNews Amnesty Don is out Cruz 2020
B @concord79🔁Breitbart goes after Trump, labels him "Amnesty Don" for supporting path to citizenship for Dreamers
Deplorable Viki @vikaroo5🔁Did Trump sign an amnesty bill I don't know about?

We either trust Trump or not. If he made an offer of amnesty he knows damn well Schumer can't trade the wall for DACA?

Adorable Deplorable 🇺🇸 @OliMauritania🔁Wrong. You don’t need to give amnesty to get border security. If Trump gives amnesty, he loses midterms and 2020. Wha tever he gets will be overturned.
Jack @Jackhammer72🔁Davos leader booed for saying Trump has been victim of ‘biased interpretations’ "Fox News" "Amnesty Don" "Robert Mueller"
PATRIOTS FOR TRUMP @TrumpApproved🔁 Did not elect AMNESTY DON for
Tennessee Tyrion @Alt_Tyrion🔁Trump-aligned candidates from Nevada and Virginia rejected the notion outright. The president’s most loyal conspirac y outlet, Breitbart "News", attacked him as “Amnesty Don.”

Unarmedblack @UnarmedBlack🔁"Amnesty Don" Should really read.
Cement shoes Don!
Terri @jdbtls_terri🔁Before you spread the "Amnesty Don" crap, understand: In exchange for pushing back the DACA deadline (not extending it indefinitely/providing amnesty), Trump wants $25b for the wall & an end to chain migration.

Dems can never agree to this, so DACA ends, wall gets built anyway.

Ego Altered @EgoAltered02🔁Friend just asked, "Why don't Dems Adopt-an-Immigrant" and pay their fees and such to make them legal?"
They won't. It's about demanding NO consequences AND still getting whatever they DEMAND.

"Amnesty Don"

Roseann Novetti @rnove19🔁U really don't give a sh.t about those's all a political ploy for votes. Well when these kids wake up and r ealize it's the POTUS that's allowing the amnesty for them they will vote for the person who is the one who really helped them.
Wally Polischuk @wally_polischuk🔁So BRIETBART is calling trump amnesty don
The right wing is freaking
But don't worry tomorrow morning trump with tweet the opposite....

He also said he could extend DACA
yeah whatever jell-o man

FreedomIsAntiquity @AnFhaireoir🔁@PressSec @POTUS *Strong and prosperous Mexico*
"Amnesty Don"
Pedro ꓘ. Montana @APrairieRattler🔁I don’t support amnesty, but I’m also not a fooking idiot who is completely void of common sense and the ability to r eason using a rational thought process. I’d be ecstatic to grant amnesty in exchange for a wall.
Dave Zuanc 🇺🇸 @DZuanc🔁We just can not negotiate with Democrats. They just want immediate amnesty and don’t want to actually fix the immigra tion issues.
Renapippidon @RenaPippiDon🔁@BreitbartNews Nay! They don't deserve amnesty. Ungrateful brats.
Stable Genius @USPatriot63🔁"Amnesty Don" California became a Sanctuary state on your watch and now amnesty.
One term lost my support. 2020 never
"Amnesty Don"
Tynus Jorvensen @isle_o_selkirk🔁Palestinians have been caught in the wobbly H between Israel and the Arab countries for decades. But somehow they onl y notice the Israelis. 🧐 "Amnesty Don"
Vish Mc @Aprilvish🔁Guys, Trump is not going to grant amnesty, don’t worry. He is demanding massive funding for the wall, an end to chain migration, end to diversity lottery visa, & more. Schumer said wall is off the table. Trump knows they will not meet his demands resulting in no deal.

Trust him.

UFO Paranormal @UFOParanormNews🔁#Snopes Trump Turns Again on Immigration, Allies Bash Amnesty Don
SAY @MontanainMS🔁Well...if you believe the polls 85% of Americans have. I don't but I suspect that number is closer to being correct if you include the four pillars of Trump's plan. Reagan gave amnesty and got nothing in return. You have to give to get.
Vish Mc @Aprilvish🔁 Analysis: Why Breitbart’s shot at "Amnesty Don" is significant
Minapo @peko3417🔁I see nothing wrong with doing it on a case-by-case basis. It’s the Democrats who insist on blanket amnesty for all w ith no preconditions. I don’t see them negotiating that away.
Jack @Jackhammer72🔁House Democrats Are Trying to Reveal 1,000 New Russian Troll Accounts via "Fox News" "Amnesty Don" "Robert Muell er"
No illegals @Deplorable444🔁@PressSec @realDonaldTrump NO to amnesty Don You LIED to us
J.Ferrara @Johnpatriot19🔁Amnesty Don who cares what your doing spending USA’s money while granting amnesty to millions of illegals! One term and out!
Jay King @_Jay_King🔁 @EWErickson Amnesty don!
Jack @Jackhammer72🔁Sean Hannity Already Defending Donald Trump’s Attempt to Fire Robert Mueller via "Fox News" "Amnesty Don " "Robert Mueller"
Deborah Bjurstrom @LovesVermeer🔁Breitbart is to stupid to understand what Trump is doing. He knows his proposal isn't going to pass the house. Everyone getting worked up is stupid and calling him Amnesty Don is just making the left laugh at us.
TXGirl4Justice @BeaumontMelissa🔁Is it just me?
I don't hear "the governed" giving consent to grant amnesty to people who illegally crossed our borders OR their children! Stop this nonsense, this is why we elected you!

Jack @Jackhammer72🔁"Fox News" "Amnesty Don" #IAm98PercentSure "Robert Mueller" #ImNoFanOfTrumpBut #FridayFeeling #nevertrump #trumprussia #theresistance
Ego Altered @EgoAltered02🔁"Amnesty Don"- food for thought.
Dems have ignored exisiting immigration law for decades.
New laws will be ignored, t oo.
What do we do to make that harder/nearly impossible?
That is a key issue that needs to be addressed.
certainly helps.


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