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Amir Johnson Na🗡e @PghNathaniel🔁 Amir Johnson has agreed to a one-year, $11 million deal to join the 76ers (via @wojespn)
Amir Johnson sport الرياضة @arriyada_sport🔁Amir Johnson gets 1 year, $11 million deal with 76ers
Amir Johnson $uave ㄣ⃒ @BeenSuave_23🔁 Amir Johnson agrees to one-year, $11M deal with 76ers, per @wojespn
Amir Johnson Game Over Sports @Gameover331🔁Amir Johnson, 76ers agree to a 1-year, $11 million deal
Amir Johnson k. @JonesK_🔁 Amir Johnson has agreed to a 1-year deal with the 76ers.


Amir Johnson CJ @CJMaccarrone🔁 76ers reportedly sign Amir Johnson to 1-year, $11M deal.
Billy Roberts @BillyRoberts_47🔁 "Amir Johnson has signed with the Sixers"

Celtics fans:

Amir Johnson IGOR MUNIZ @igormuniz2005🔁 Never forget when Amir Johnson hit 4 3s in a game
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn🔁Free agent Amir Johnson has agreed to a one-year, $11M deal with Philadelphia, agent Kevin Bradbury tells ESPN.
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Amir Johnson is trusting the process.
Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach🔁Hearing there's a chance a sign-and-trade could be a possibility with Amir Johnson.
Bubba Lehan @thebubbaunit🔁Woj in passing said on ESPN that Amir Johnson was almost a sign and trade from Boston to Philly...
Celtics would have gotten Jahlil Okafor
Justin Sobieski @JustinSobieski🔁 Amir Johnson is trusting the process.
chris mullen @cmullen08🔁 Sick of ring chasers like JJ Redick and Amir Johnson signing with a team like the Sixers. Bad for the league.
Taylor Gray @Tagz_1🔁 Amir Johnson has signed a 1-year, $11M deal with the 76ers, per @wojespn.
Patrick Sisk @SiskoKid6383🔁 Free agent Amir Johnson has agreed to a one-year, $11M deal with Philadelphia, agent Kevin Bradbury tells ESPN.
G Smith @ingabe_wetrust🔁Amir Johnson continues his tour of the Atlantic Division by signing with the .

Scouts Honor @ScoutsHonorBall🔁76ers Add JJ Redick and Amir Johnson: Lock For Playoffs!?: via @YouTube
Craig MacCormack @CraigMacCormack🔁 Woj confirming speculation that the Amir Johnson S&T talks were over bringing Jahlil Okafor to #Celtics, but fell short.
kickdown @kickdown2010🔁JJ Redick, Amir Johnson make one-year deals with 76ers - Allentown Morning Call
NBA River @nbariver🔁NBA Free Agency: Amir Johnson joins Sixers, but Celtics reportedly discussed Jahlil Okafor trade first.
♔вяyαη™ @Riskobe🔁JJ Redick, Amir Johnson make one-year deals with 76ers - Allentown Morning Call
The Life of Minesh @MINESHaft13🔁@bigbossmjp Great shooter, and backup.
Fultz, Simmons, saric, embiid, Amir johnson, redick, I can keep going
talmadge @SeymoreTalmadge🔁Boston should have traded Amir Johnson for Sixers center Big Oak straight up! Would not have cost because O is under that rookie contract.
Michael Romano @mikeroma57🔁@cmcdonnell23 I see Amir Johnson as a guy who gets the Sixers to the salary floor more than anything. Not expecting much from him
Tristan Price @Treeprice33🔁Great July 1st. I know c's didn't get anyone big today but knowing I never have to watch Amir Johnson miss layups for the c's again is nice
Belgian Beer Day @belgianbeerday🔁JJ Redick, Amir Johnson make one-year deals with 76ers
Jesús Abraham @JesusAbrahamB🔁Sixers have had a pretty clear priority: give out one-year deals, and do so to grown-ups. Both Redick and Amir Johnson are great vets.
ClutchPoints @ClutchPointsApp🔁Another one trusts the process. 👀

RaidersSixers @BMoonan🔁 Grade for the 76ers signing Amir Johnson -
Sports 365 @AllSports_365🔁#Sports Amir Johnson joining 76ers for 1 year, $11M
WINDEXTOR @mangoinchief28🔁@JamesSeltzer @JohnBarchard Maybe amir Johnson can help him get better.
Malachi Moore Jr @Mal3230jr🔁@JCameratoCSN @DPommellsCSN @CSNPhilly Why in the world did we sign Amir Johnson. He's not a good player
BlessAllPpl☘ @DavidBarrACAA🔁I'm guessing that the 76ers didn't want Amir Johnson for 3 or 4 years and that's why a sign and trade for Jahlil Okafor wasn't completed
Roy Afable @AirTsinelas🔁NBA Free Agency: Amir Johnson joins Sixers, but reportedly talked Jahlil Okafor trade, by
Waylon Mercy @LikwidCyance🔁Celtics Discussed Acquiring Jahlil Okafor In Amir Johnson Sign-And-Trade With 76ers:
Super Cam @killa_cam86🔁The Amir Johnson signing has almost nothing to do w/ basketball and everything to do with presence, cap stuff, and potential trade contract
Winston Wolf @sid_dharta🔁 the writing is on the wall
CelticsBlog @celticsblog🔁NBA Free Agency: Amir Johnson joins Sixers, but #Celtics reportedly talked Jahlil Okafor trade, by @JaredWeissNBA
jay @WaltBink2585🔁15.12 after Amir Johnson
RomanGlo @RomanoCairo13🔁 Breaking: Amir Johnson has signed a 1-Year/$11 Million contract with the Sixers (Woj).


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