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snake alv 🅴 @badatniall🔁 I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN SJSKSKSJSJS #americanidol
angel♡ @_angelbabee_🔁 RT if you're just watching #AmericanIdol for @LukeBryanOnline.
#AmericanIdol Gizem Fanı @hande_hyran🔁 Your voice is as big as your ❤, @maddiezahm #AmericanIdol
#AmericanIdol chester LP @geiseregina1🔁 Best $12 ever spent. Thanks @GreyhoundBus for getting @jonnybrenns to nyc safely. #AmericanIdol
#AmericanIdol KATY PERRY @katyperry🔁Your voice is as big as your ❤, @maddiezahm #AmericanIdol
#AmericanIdol Luke Bryan @LukeBryanOnline🔁Couldn’t think of a better way to end the night. @maddiezahm you’re going to Hollywood. #AmericanIdol
KATY PERRY @katyperry🔁See you tomorrow night! #AmericanIdol
Lynn S. @Lynn_in_Atlanta🔁Ratings: Hits Season High With Sunday Move, Stabilizes on Night 3 via
Teresa Woodard @twoodard8🔁Had the pleasure of sharing story last week. You can watch her on on tonight! She's talented. She's local. She's twitter.com awesome!

Vinicius @viniciusmoresch🔁 💸💸💸 @caleblee03 looks like your dad’s gonna be on a hammock on a dadgum island! #AmericanIdol
Kate Steele @KateSteele89🔁Smiling is contagious. 😀 is bringing you all the feels tonight after !
Maddie 🌹 @KatyasFagAsh🔁Benjamin Glaze from knew that was going to kiss him before it even happened but the editors cut out those scenes.

Savannah Lopez @princesasmalls🔁 Whatever makes you country, @lainehardy_ ’s a winner in my books. #AmericanIdol
Chris👁 @ChristyaneGDM🔁Finally @katyperry the star of #AmericanIdol arrived twitter.com
خالدمهدي(2) @y8ku9qYLpWlVWtw🔁 is suffering from blockade,which is causing a lack of &international medical aid which sent2Yemen its expiry date is close
خالدمهدي(2) @y8ku9qYLpWlVWtw🔁3 years, target Yemen's infrastructure and destroy the roads &bridges which they link the provinces
خالدمهدي(2) @y8ku9qYLpWlVWtw🔁 & in are targeted either by Saudi mercenaries UAE as happens in or because of the raids as happens in
Gold Derby @GoldDerby🔁Did you heart melt watching #MaddieZahm on @AmericanIdol #AmericanIdol?
📣Jan💖's Trump! @JanjoinedNRA🔁So it's ok when . plants surprise kiss on a kid. Now let's say the situation was reversed & a guy did this. Would it still be ok, or would he be shamed & thrown 2 the wolves of the circle?
Katy, any answers?

J O Y R I D E | 4/13 @WorldofTINASHE🔁 See you tomorrow night! #AmericanIdol
Blind Joe @theblindjoe🔁So proud of you @calebleemusic! Congratulations brother! :-) #AmericanIdol #RealCountry twitter.com
J O Y R I D E | 4/13 @WorldofTINASHE🔁 Vroom vroom you’ve got every gear #LesGreene 🚗🚙🏎 #AmericanIdol
J O Y R I D E | 4/13 @WorldofTINASHE🔁 @SposatoBrothers are twinning. They have great twintuition. That performance was twinsane. Twins. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #AmericanIdol
J O Y R I D E | 4/13 @WorldofTINASHE🔁 You came along and you moved me honey @TheAmeliaHarris #AmericanIdol
J O Y R I D E | 4/13 @WorldofTINASHE🔁 you have the voice of an 😇 @shannonvohara #AmericanIdol
J O Y R I D E | 4/13 @WorldofTINASHE🔁 Tell #JohnnyWhite to listen to his daddy @LionelRichie and his music teacher Ms Finley #AmericanIdol
J O Y R I D E | 4/13 @WorldofTINASHE🔁 The field’s been mowed and the park’s closed 🙅🏼 #TylerGordon #AmericanIdol
AnyessaD♥ @AnyessaDeHart🔁 You totally make the new American Idol! Katy and Luke are great but you are the glue, the seriousness and the street twitter.com cred that holds it all together! You're a brick... house! lol Love you man! 😍🙌🎤
Elle Marlow @ElleMarlowWrite🔁Couldn’t think of a better way to end the night. you’re going to Hollywood.


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