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Lou Dobbs @LouDobbs🔁So,Rod Rosenstein called for to fire Comey, then launched Special Counsel to investigate for firing him! Rosenstein twitter.com convinced Sessions to recuse himself, so Rosenstein's in charge of Mueller. All in Public View!
Sadi Kleida @SadiKleida🔁Please keep your promises to the American people, Mr. President. Always. And keep making history!
Lou Dobbs @LouDobbs🔁 Trade: : 's economic policies have forced China to reduce import tariffs and crack down on IP theft.

Enjoy Part 1 o twitter.com f my interview with the Director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow.

Vice President Mike Pence @VP🔁Wheels up to Peru to represent the USA at the . Looking forward to meeting with our neighbors in the Western Hemisphe twitter.com re to discuss security & freedom.
Kyle Wolf @Rainbow_Wolf7🔁 I Stand With Trump 100%! Retweet If You Stand With Trump Too! #AmericaFirst #MAGA #KAG
GRUMPYZ 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 1951 @vigilante91151🔁I'm half Jewish and I love the Jewish side of my family, but the fact is you can't claim to be when having dual citizenship with another country and advocating for that country to the detriment of the one you live in. It's immoral and contradictory.
donttreadonme53 @donttreadonme53🔁Reports: House of Representatives Drafts Articles of Impeachment for Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

alphaking_mario @AlphaKingMario🔁LOL, idiot boxer wearing "wall" trunks gets his ass handed to him by Mexican boxer. Perfecto. 🇲🇽 "'s Francisco Vargas pummels opponent wearing 'America 1st' trunks into submission via "
Jeff @JeffKjellberg🔁@SenJohnThune What happened to #AmericaFirst ?
Maga Girl @mymagagirl🔁

Scott Uehlinger For Congress

Drain The Swamp And Keep America Safe!

Endorsed By And

Scott's Campaign Is About WE THE PEOPLE!

Vote and Follow

Christian @CMBCOOL01🔁./, you have gone along with the neocons. The US Military is now air support for al-Qaeda. Congratulations.

We voted for . This is not that. Syria did not attack us. There isn't even evidence that Assad gassed anyone. This is beyond idiotic.

Dr. Charles Wilson @LakotaEagle🔁Oakland Mayor Who Helped Illegal Criminals Just Got Bad News!

Jared Parker 🇵🇷 @jared812🔁 Boxer enters the ring with shorts, gets supremely pummeled by . Can you say karma, kids? twitter.com
Matthew Amezcua @noclasshole🔁I’m sorry but...

means America first!

If you want to risk our country’s security and prosperity in the name of some alliance or love you have for someone else then leave.

Either love the country you live in or live in the country you love.

Hardesty, Pollyanna @KevinHardest🔁 will go down as one of the Greatest President's Ever! Saving USA from take over of Far Left Lawless Liberal Insanity. ,
Barb🏇ÓRothláin @gotspeed2burn🔁🚨☞🔊BREAKING!

See the Cover!

's and

Exclusive footage with Michelle!🙈😂



Anna Mitchell @qutaldy🔁I am very proud to have the endorsements of both and This campaign is about WE THE PEOPLE. Together, we will put
Eddie Green @gomaketime🔁

The dishonest media have met their match.

Keep the tweets flying and media running...

Marilyn Estepp @MarilynEstepp🔁Attention Supporters! - Today is . If You Follow Me and You Are a Trump Supporter, I Will Follow You Back. Working Together, We Can Help Push The Trump Agenda Forward & Make America Great.
birdsofparadise @giovannaroberto🔁As a supporter, I have my doubts on supporting this attack! He is surrounded by war mongers-globalist, both sides. What does agenda gain by such waste of tax dollars? I support pulling out and protecting borders, troops & citizens
Douglas MacArthur @EDITION_014KOR🔁Wheels up to Peru to represent the USA at the . Looking forward to meeting with our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere to discuss security & freedom.
JT @jcross_john🔁Right on!!! If you wont stand by our President, please step aside!!! MAGA twitter.com
Jenbrunelle2 @jenbrunelle2🔁NO DREAM is too big, NO CHALLENGE is too great. Nothing we want for our future is BEYOND OUR REACH. 🇺🇸

Justine 🇺🇸🚂👠MAGA @justiceORswamp🔁Yes it’s been a long day, but we got a lot done. Now the world will know and see there is a new sheriff in town. Don’t mess with the USA 🇺🇸 or our allies. You do barbaric things against humanity you will answer for it. The USA 🇺🇸 will apologize no more
Travis Chavez @chavezkenney🔁On Syria:

Donald J. Trump isn't infallible.
But he's surrounded & supported by .
General Mattis. General Dunford. General Flynn.
I trust them. I trust their wisdom & their patriotism.

One Conservative voice of many! @DLMdoby🔁Mueller & Corrupt DOJ Officials produced no evidence after 22 months of investigating "collusion", now GOP Leaders allow the cracker jack left-wing hacks of the Special Counsel to attack with salacious, irrelevant nonsense!
Matthew Brown @BurritoBrownie🔁Trump supporters 2016: We want a president who is strong and wont back down.

Weak-kneed Trump supporters 2018: OMG I've lost all faith in simply because he's showing the world it's going to be his bitch if it crosses the US and it's policy.

Elena A. @N10lemd🔁We don't want a "trust fund." We want to - NOW! Congress failed to fund ’s wall & are proving to be ill-equipped to handle this responsibility. We need new leaders w/ bold ideas in Washington to advance the agenda.
#FuckEA @Bryan_Tam_tc🔁So,Rod Rosenstein called for to fire Comey, then launched Special Counsel to investigate for firing him! Rosenstein convinced Sessions to recuse himself, so Rosenstein's in charge of Mueller. All in Public View!
pam @MAP4444🔁I’ve never witnessed a sitting President subjected to such vile attacks as this man endures each day! Can We Get Some Love ♥️ For The Greatest President? TRUMP

Sniper @Sniper64286433🔁If she were President, we would not be on Twitter! It would already have become a crime to speak out against the narrative. I truly believe God sent Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America in order to save our country.
Roger Ross @logicalgong🔁4. Each year, the United States keeps importing 85,000 Indians into the country though H1b visa. That's not even incl twitter.com uding the L1 visa, or the OPT permit. As a result, towns are slowly get demolished to set up a New Asia in America.

Neale @AbeFroman🔁@ShaunKing So much for #AmericaFirst, huh?
Neytiri143 @Neytiri1013🔁 Symbolically being Israel's bitch #AmericaFirst
Diana @DisallieWalker🔁Obummer sent terrorists cash while President Trump sent a strong signal.

Gen. Dunford AUMF Damascus Pentagon Brian Williams Operation Desert Stormy

StopTheMadness @ImmoralReport🔁Your base support is crumbling faster than Syria.
I didn't vote for Trump to get in more Middle East wars.


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