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America Tzu @SaintTzu🔁@AlexSmith1964 @TuckerCarlson Mending Wall, by Robert Frost. Probably America's greatest poet laureate.
America GovExec @GovExec🔁America’s No. 1 Health Problem is Not What You Expect
America AdorablyDeplorable @RenziRenee🔁Protecting the rights of everyone in America unless we done agree with you.
Beata Hayes @rzYcrgmCbxLIOHU🔁#bodybuilders girls sex america s next top model naked
AmericaAmericaAmericaAmerica rico @riconagra🔁 💀👻 make america goth again 👻💀
America Fin-Future The Forum @FFTheForum🔁America’s least favorite airline (hint: it’s not United)
America Conservative Warrior @BraveConWarrior🔁★★★ Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! ➠ Click Here #BB4SP
America lschmidt @loruhschmidt🔁 Back in America for graduation day! 😂
America Brookings @BrookingsInst🔁Why weakening NAFTA will only make America's borders less secure:
America Courtney Theophin @ChocoThunder6🔁 Super Smash Bros. for the N64 was released on this day in North America, 18 years ago (1999)
AdelinaSantiago~ @WomboWizzler🔁 An alarming look at The Handmaid's Tale vs. Trump's America
serge poznanski @serge_poznanski🔁business: These are the most rat and roach-infested cities in America
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁'Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America'
Executive Order:
Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter🔁I’m very sad about Berkeley's cancelation, but my sadness is greater than that. It is a dark day for free speech in America.
Michael Coleson @MichaelColeson🔁America is Great Again
No one @ungubunugu1274🔁The Most Important Story About Corruption in America Today: Bribe Cases, a Secret Jared Kushner Partner
Mike Estes @m_estes🔁 The racist history of Portland, the whitest city in America. by @AlanaSemuels
Jolie's Lips @PrinceOfArmenia🔁 @PrinceOfArmenia Canada says hi. But racism in america is not that bad. Europe and asia are both racist
DK @motohddk🔁 America's Innovation Edge Is at Risk
Kathleen F. @kfs78🔁 No America is not under attack & yes, DHS head John Kelly is selling threatmonger-y snake oil
Elijah @these2balls🔁@Radia_a_a Part of me feels like they stick to WW2 because "whoooo America!!" And it's the last war citizens really supported.
D. Leeuwenburg @DennisLeeuwenbu🔁California or New York City shall lead the way--to revealing of female Christ? America may be of belief that king is no salvation. Lawyer?
Hanne Goetz @hgoetz14🔁 BREAKING: ESPN officially announces that hockey is no longer a sport in America, per sources
BlakeClaire @blakeclaires🔁 We Smoked Weed With
Human Race @Occupy_America1🔁@thehill The ACLU has become one of the most racist orgs in America. That's called bigotry folks
Lika🌼 @lowkeylika🔁America so used to racism and discrimination that actual humans being good to other humans is breaking news @SurvivorMed🔁Dangers of Overusing Anti-Anxiety Drug! Try This Anti-Anxiety Elixir Instead

#preppers #america #republicans

Elayne Blue @iamemblue🔁This is the most dangerous time in America since Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The difference is that this time, it's self inflicted.
Matt Culhane @TheMattCulhane🔁@TRUMPforPOTUS_ @kharyp @joejones45 @realDonaldTrump @Interior Let's make America white again?
Chosen_knight @Ororo_16🔁 @taygogo How POC truly shaped America. Not a paragraph on slavery or two sentences on Indigenous people.
Daya @jonginization🔁 suho: america
suho: land of the free
suho: home of the br-
jongin: *holding a slice of pizza* HYUNG THE PILLS HERE ARE WILD
Fangirl❤ @shawnlover7u7🔁Hi this is what south america does for you. We need you and we love you! We hope you like❤

assiduous resistance @assiduousrabbit🔁No one in America working full-time should struggle to make ends meet. Let’s raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Eric @eric_landrum94🔁That would make the liberals & Muslims very unhappy. Stand up for America & enlist at . Sign in & join us USFREEDOMARMY.COM today.
Joe Feagin @JoeFeagin🔁Humans Lived in North America 130,000 Years Ago, Study Claims
Columbus Now @ColumbusCP🔁Columbus trends now: Troopers, Octavia Spencer, Final Four, Happ, America.
Debbie Bryant @smoothrhetoric🔁Who knew America's system of checks and balances meant that the key issues the people vote for get blocked by random judge no one heard of?
MermaidVision @tayloranntrad🔁Out of all the countries, America spends the least amount of time cooking their own meals.
Daughter of the King @GoatsOnTheLeft🔁Putting America and her citizens first is not called RACIST it's called NATIONALIST.

LDValdes American @loustweeting1🔁America first ASSHOLES LAST!
TrumpsTaxes @TrumpsTaxes🔁So Jason Chaffetz will be out for a month due to a medical emergency while House Reps try to take away healthcare for the rest of America.
Jan Mens @JanMens🔁So much !! Thanks for a great week! Both teams are back on the road tomorrow!
Adrienne Cyrisse @Tawny2222🔁@jeffhuggins64 @Oldnewmother @MalcolmNance @WOgaard @Record European countries think America is an extraordinary "joke" !
Monica Kulaga @MonicaSKulaga🔁Thank our founding fathers for the separation of powers outlined in the constitution! It's saving America from Trump!
Diane @awesomemom5150🔁Oh My....trumpism is really the dumbing down of America.



No 2 Criminal Aliens @TheProtestor1🔁@UCBerkeley @AnnCoulter To hell with these POS losers. #UCBerkeley is the biggest joke on earth. America's version of #ISIS.
Green Druid @iSayNo2Trump🔁Keep dreaming. Good Killary lost. Pity Drumpf won. America is facing great crisis and possibly some wars. Like trade war with Canada. Stupid
Dennis Cloukey @DennisCloukey🔁.: "80% of the country - meaning mainstream America, Democrats included - believe that sanctuary cities are a problem."
V -Voice Of Reason♝ @TheVoiceOfCalm🔁Tonight at 11/10c, we’re reminded that countries other than America are weathering this Donald Trump shitstorm.
Rev Frank Paris @frankparisxi🔁 GOD ALMIGHTY AMERICA - WAKE UP B4 ITS TOO LATE @kylegriffin1 @NurseChapel2017 @maddow
Jgoam @Jgoampro🔁@realiceinmyvein I want a code! i'm from South America 😅
Bronco-Girl ❤️🇺🇸 @Bronco_7777🔁Noted. That equates to when America's Airwaves don't give USA's highest office SAME coverage.
Things Trump Say @thingstrumpsay🔁Make America Great Again! #ThingsTrumpSay #Trump #IAmTrump #IWin #America
Diane Hauschildt @DianeHauschildt🔁Hi everyone! This is the new Twitter Feed for the YourVoice™ America Shows and Spotlights. Please follow here for notifications and news.
Mara Cooper @marac00per🔁04-26 Latin America wows at the Grammys #pitbull... #pitbull #pitbull
AppleSpa/NorthShore @northshore__tan🔁 Native Americans weren't the original indigenous people. Neanderthals were. @nytimes
Matt Parker @mattaparker🔁America: be and stay as poor as you possibly can or become as wealthy as you possibly can...
Suz @Suz60896886🔁No, they're trying to make sure the insurance companies are paid the money they were promised, and you're trying to screw rural America.
abii☕️ @natromanovq🔁"how did you start your birthday?" started a fight with the writer of the captain america comics. my fave pass time
J.J. @BriereBear🔁@joepullin1 @scarylawyerguy @SmelOdiesOG You'll be yearning for the Obama era in a few months. America is being destroyed before our eyes.
Jack Bauer @WideAwake35🔁How are good for America?
🛑Harboring Criminals

🛑Tax funded Entitlements
🛑State -Tax paid Legal fees

Trippy @TrippOrtega🔁If you wanna laugh/cry about America, read the replies to this
Ashlee Flannery @hotteenwitch93🔁ALERT: One Of America’s Most POPULAR Potato Chip Brands Just Issued MASSIVE Recall- Throw Them Away NOW ⋆ Silence...
James Taylor @stellerjay69🔁@IvankaTrump @FLOTUS Fraud. Fraud father. Fraud in law. Greediest daughter in America.
Gladys @Gladys977577631🔁'Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America'
Executive Order:
Michelle Witte @michellewitte🔁 That's it, America is canceled
Resist @doccandidate🔁50% think Trump's failing to change DC
51% discouraged abt next 4 yrs
52% say America less respected than a year ago

Liz-Anne Platt @lizanneplatt09🔁THIS.

And, , if you REALLY want to move America left, encourage supporters to join & stop threatening to splinter.

Mikaela Henderson @mikaelatoasty🔁its crazy how foreign exchange students see more of america than i have and ive lived here my whole life
🇺🇸 inga kaybor @IngaKaybor🔁The disgusting satisfaction people get in hopes Trump will fail is pathetic.
I disliked Obama, but I always pulled for America to win 🇺🇸
Priest Guy @valeriacrown🔁 Goodbye America, hello United States
DAR Deb @fvnc1951🔁 Sad, sad day in the history of our country. Berkeley officially established itself as America's first no-go zone.
Nickname:Scooter.😊 @batwoman54🔁 Thugs can SHUT THEIR MOUTHS about America Former First (Black President)


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