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America Dark_Sight @lpotts26🔁 It's time for America to unite. We are one nation under God! God bless the USA!
America JAVIER ACUA @ACUA38🔁 Optimus Prime/Captain America by Jim Cheung
America Kyesha @_imkyy🔁 "America try to emasculate the greats

Murder Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes"


America kittyanaaaa💕 @TyanaMonet🔁 ....🤔 but Race isn't an issue tho ☹️ y'all have a nice day in America. #philandocastile
America Nazarielle @Nazarielle🔁oh yeah forgot to post this earlier, I cleared america! Those beast type bosses are such a pain :|
America Jadeeey @JadeNugent🔁So America have galaxy chocolate but they call it dove.. what is this! 🙈
America با قر @Baker_197🔁 Won junior nationals and now gonna represent America at junior worlds 🇺🇸💪🏼
Russian Hacked Evere @Gingyi1🔁 H-1B Hell: The Sellout of America's Best & Brightest Workers. #MAGA
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Soledad O'Brien @soledadobrien🔁America is pretty great already. Though I have serious concerns about the racists and bigots that for some reason see m empowered lately
Stephen Miller @redsteeze🔁Beyond his obvious hypocrisy, all three Presidential front runners from 2016 under FBI investigation. Good work Ameri ca.
Anthony Jeeves @ajcannon74_aj🔁 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Susan Zalatan @SusanZalatan🔁 Donald Trump is Motivated By his HATE of Barack Obama & Love for Money, Not His LOVE for America.
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patricia dysinger @Agent_Snark🔁Retweet if you agree → Hardworking taxpayers in America are tired of being lied to by hookers in Congress working for the top 5%.
Sanchita Goswami @SanchitaGoswam9🔁America has long had a spiritual relationship with India and its gurus, needs to bring that relationship to political and economic fields.
David da Silva @davidinvesting🔁Former Fed Advisor Danielle DiMartino Booth On Why The Fed Is Bad For America
Christine @Toffeeania🔁Behind the US opioid epidemic: capitalism's spread of low-paid, insecure, and no-future jobs for millions.

forresy @nationsvisual🔁@jiyongspak Are you allergic to America
Robert Kraeling @WhyDidIPostThis🔁If she's honest, funny, laid back, eats pizza, drinks cold ones, loves America, and lets you touch the butt. Marry her. Yesterday. Merica.
Thomas J. Colatrella @TJWoodstockNY🔁@SenSanders Why Not Reagan threw the Mentally Ill out into the Streets.? As long as the @GOP Minority Rules us America looses.!
Teri McClain @terileemcclain🔁

Make America Gay Again Donald 🏳️‍🌈

The Ole Tweetslinger @SBJohn12🔁America makes a huge mistake in electing an inexperienced demented businessman as POTUS, people try to use it to make the Clintons look good
MediaStrike.Org @MediastrikeO🔁How about the great power wall of America.
Anton Vives Tous @antonvivestous🔁 Boat with 150 tourists on board sinks on reservoir in north-western Colombia, officials say
R J @rj22565🔁The only way to handle these Muslim terrorist invaders is toPhysically beatEveryone of them you seeLet them know they can'tHide among others
Covfefe @_Iogan🔁 This is the Islam liberals want to import to America #pride2017 #lgbt
Aresene lupin iii @OneLove59899652🔁 Tourist boat sinks on Colombia reservoir
Carlota Ocampo @ocampoc10🔁 As Trump moves to privatize America's national parks, visitor costs may rise
Cranky Granny 😡🇨🇦 @_dralaterdzo🔁Please protect America from The rich don't need $800B tax cut. Seniors have paid already. Children have no voice. Read/understand bill
TRUCK YOU @truckermarkc🔁Gary Smith: 80% of America sees the Dem. Party operating as a PONZI SCHEME taking money from hard-working Americans
غـــــــرش تـفـتــان @tundertaftan🔁Scope of Iranian Missile Program Exposed, my interview with Radio America
Ryan Nance @5TILT🔁I think a big part of the difficulty many of us had seeing America vote for Trump was simply this: realizing people aren't inherently good.
Wyatt Earp @JamesDoss50🔁 Nut jobs all across America have been insulted by his inclusion in the groups
Jan R @janrofficial🔁#America is currently a ridiculous country. You are sitting in the shit guys. Almost worse than turkey. Believe me.
UBC Rocket @ubcrocket🔁Congrats to all who took part in 's inaugural Spaceport America Cup! Exciting to see students from over 90 global universities!
LalaCSloatman @heylala🔁It will be easier to accomplish this if Americans believe America needs fixing, giving them 'permission' to enact change that destroys it.
Andrew McKeag @amckeag1978🔁I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Tourist boat sinks on Colombia reservoir -

World of Costumes @OfCostumes🔁 @VOLBEAT @dankojones @toon53 Love it! Gives me a totally strong Beavis and Butthead Do America" vibe! 🐯😇🌹😍😀😃😁
Lisa Pease @lisapease🔁21. Teach kids the real history of America, not the fake propaganda that gets served up in school. Our freedom came at other's expense.
Raven @RavenDarcel🔁I'm the only person in America that hasn't taken a picture at the trap house in ATL. We were just there too.
ceeccy @ceeccyang🔁@realDonaldTrump America is great. With or without you. Greater without you
50SHADESOFSLAY 💅🏾 @Queenayejay🔁America needs to catch up
Alexander Smith @alexsmitheditor🔁Sailing-Invisible Italians still hold sway over #America's Cup via @Reuters #Bermuda #EmiratesTeamNZ #lunarossa
Curtis Melonopoly @curtmelonopoly🔁Monthly expenses 30% of what it was in North America. Living smaller, simer but on beach get to travel. Mainly housin g and don't need car.
OldDawg @LarryJFJF🔁If you love America’s national parks, follow us to join the conversation to help restore them.
Jim Kania @jimkania🔁Do me a favor: Retweet this so America learns the entire Trump family's done business in Russia.

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Donald Oder @OderDonald🔁Why would someone have tp snitch? I will yell from my porch, I am against Sharia Law in America. Our whole nation has a Constitution, period
Marcia Sibley @sibley_marcia🔁 @realDonaldTrump the only way to make america great again is for you to leave!
Mr. Fischoeder @MrFischoeder🔁Here's why you can't take Republicans seriously on Russia: If Hillary had been elected with Kremlin help, the right would shut down America.
Fabiano Moya @faraiwe🔁 @TeaPainUSA By America First he really means Blame America First.
California Girl @FightingMad1🔁Opinion: Each day nearly 20 kids are shot in America. You'd think we'd do something about that
MD Kayak @mdkayak🔁QAL - NORTH AMERICA


Brazil Football 🇧🇷 @BrazilEdition🔁Brazil is by far the best in S.America, usually don't like comparing results cause of certain circumstances...but it' s a confidence booster
Sire Wellington III @NickDean312🔁America’s No-Fly Zone Doctrine To Protect Rebel Groups Is Starting To Shake
Y A S H @PurohittM🔁 glad y'all disowned Kevin like the rest of America did
sophie @sophiedunseith🔁can't believe im actually in america??????????????
Yemi Kolawole @YemiKolawole🔁Wow! America, this is your president
Stephen Ray Garza @StephenRayGarza🔁So the sales went so well & the demand was so high, has decided to put us in every store in America & Canada! Stay tuned.
Mark @MK5876🔁These idiots are the ones that call 911 when they stub their toe on the bed post!
neightball B2b 🐧 @sandyballz3🔁 Reasons why Amsterdam is light years ahead of America
its a sham😂😉🙈 @shammoodley🔁@JustineLimLaw Trump@is a crump!!!He is the worst president America will ever have & he will still start a world war!
StormyDesert @Stormydessert🔁 Most of America’s terrorists are white, and not Muslim
Tȟatȟaŋka ⊕ @Chief_Tatanka🔁I'm so glad to hear that. I pray one day I might travel to America and attend such gatherings and immerse in your culture & traditions. TY🙏
Harper @booatticus63🔁 @CREDOMobile @RepJoeKennedy He sounds like our only hope! I want to live in his America!
Andrew Sweeney @Sweezy_F_Baby🔁Thank you for representing our school & community so well over the years. 6th fastest in all of America 😱! Next sto p:
Dagu Sprachen @Dagu_Sprachen🔁Trump says the people of America don't want to . That's the biggest lie I've ever heard him tell. Watch below.

Rocky W. @RogerWentzel🔁@Newsweek Pull Out Your WW ll History Book's ..America
Emmanuel Ankri @e_ankri🔁 @brandoncrisos White people stole America and look how great it is
Patriot Hawk @Patriot_Hawk🔁Perhaps will get to enjoy the Martha Stewart suite soon. Enlist in our patriot army at . Sign up for America. USFREEDOMARMY.COM
Beverleigh @dianemcaul🔁And of course the person Democrats should take advice from is an alt-right, America-hating, pro-Russia Australian hiding in an embassy. 👍🏿
Jordan_CHIZZY!! @Chizman_🔁 "So in my world black music means everything. It’s what gives America its swag." - Bruno Mars
Kyriakh Kampouridoy @KKampouridoy🔁Tourist boat sinks on Colombia reservoir
Rukhsana Syed @RukhsanaSyed🔁Note: Given lack of moon sightings, per Ayatollahs Sistani, Modarresi, et al, June 25 is the last day of Ramadan in North America. For more:
Suzanne NMP McFly @SNaomi1🔁@JulianAssange The democratic party represents a diverse America. Well except for Russian traitors, but other than that, we accept all.
Pamela 🐝 @PIWillia🔁America. Busted Jaw, Broken Leg & Blind In One Eye. A must read. Wake up America!. via @beBee @DBGrinberg
Thomas A Edward @OldGringo2238🔁@POTUS America deserves better but their not going to get it
Try Thinking @TheDogTalks2🔁@thehill And they will own it. U never mind, nothing to see here. Wake up soon America. Ur getting a royal screwing.
MNRYDER🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @LecroyEllana🔁They travel in packs
Gary Ray Cardoso @GaryRayCardoso2🔁@Missy_America Done legally of course through the proper channels after he's found guilty of #warcrimes @georgesoros
Serpentine202 @Serpentine202🔁America’s Last King: The Unsettling Parallels Between King George III and Donald Trump @alternet


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