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America MOHAMMED ESSA @S11Store🔁America is looking to bring #Yemen down within its power #NoToUSTerrorismOnYemen
America MaxPop @MaxPop6🔁 tfw you were going to put America first but the gulf states had some good bribes
AmericaAmericaAmerica hae soo @natomoemi🔁 Get my boy jimin out of America asap😔😠😠
America Nathan @Nathan18g🔁 Meanwhile in America.
America lcSpruce aka mestizØ @tattoedCorazon🔁 Letter of the Week: Wealthy citizens need to speak up and put America first.
America 6 DAYS TILL LM❤ @mufffinnMendes🔁 South America, RETWEET to vote for Shawn for Top Social Artist at the #BBMAs #ShawnBBMAs
America احسن الحاكم @ahsansalehhakim🔁 America is looking to bring #Yemen down within its power #NoToUSTerrorismOnYemen
AmericaAmericaAmericaAmerica ˗ˏˋ momina ˎˊ˗ @arsegardian🔁 America in a Nutshell

America Ezgi @pdhdbdjd🔁 Thx America. I mean it. 🤢
America Leonardo Dini @LeonardDini🔁 Biden calls for unity in commencement speech: "It’s time for America to get up"
America Bobby Mac @macbeezy411🔁 Well!!
The most beautiful country in the world.
The United States Of America 🇺🇸 ❤️
AmericaAmerica leslie @junkawang🔁#yhboys in America pt3 💖
America #Priyank Pandey 🇮🇳 @PRIYANK_1001🔁To understand Trump’s America better, Reuters has hired a Rust Belt correspondent
Fox News @FoxNews🔁.@POTUS: "America is a sovereign nation, and our first priority is always the safety and security of our citizens."
Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo🔁America belongs to all the people living here and all the languages they came with. This ugly intolerance don't stand .
Fox News @FoxNews🔁.: Above all, America seeks peace, not war. Muslim nations must be willing to take on the burden if we are going to d efeat terrorism.
Oliver @ebizarch🔁 @peace_not_trump Pay for play, Trump family is a disgrace to America
Denise A. Grimm @nisegrimm93🔁You Can't Beat Our while her Husband is Breaking down walls. She is mending them. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
MsRead @SassSenior🔁Goodbye to Obama's alliance with America-hating Iran; hello to America leading a coalition that includes Muslims against Islamic terrorism.
IlliterateWolverine @CG530912🔁While I support our President disturbing 2 see embrace those who financed 9/11 attack on America
leila @dona_pipoca🔁 Half of Americans wouldn't be able to cover a sudden $100 expense if it popped up now.
Dusty @dustylady62🔁As Democrats spend another day suffering over Comey, Donald Trump moves us toward peace in the Middle East.

America is watching.

TrumpFIXUSA! @TrumptheB🔁No problems on any of these Obama controversies? He was a damn traitor who hated America and they loved him!
Panzer Leader @ArmorCavSpin🔁In Saudi Arabia:
Trump last words in his speech were "God Bless America"
Obama's last words was a quote from the Quran

sam @SamTheCaptain_🔁I really want to go on a road trip across america
the dog pound @THEDOGPOUND1🔁Retweeted Kayleigh McEnany (@kayleighmcenany):

President @realDonaldTrump bringing respect back to America on...

Larry Westmoreland @jlwesty1🔁The left and media trying to neuter America. In Texas, Momma makes Cowboys not Cowgirls. We marry Cowgirls to love a nd make more Mommas.
Tammy Rushing @TammyRushing4🔁Obama & his cronies R going after Our Prez..Why?
When Prez Trump succeeds, globalism will be dead & gone
We need 2fight hard 2save America
Tiesha Watson @TieshaWatson🔁 1. In some ways, the Nazis perceived America’s moral contradictions more clearly than Americans themselves did.
Natalie Bennett @bennett_nj🔁 America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality
Piragua Papi @EvanMHarris🔁 .@THEKIDMERO and @desusnice on how long it will take Trump to destroy America
jon swain @gay_america🔁I liked a @YouTube video I AM HIM AND HE IS I - Photoshoot w/DrDisrespect!
William McCarren @McCarrenBill🔁2nd meal?

timothy layfield @obeytimmerx🔁This pathetic scumhag is a embarrassment and disgrace to America. I despise her so much.
Notgoing Totellyou @M5B1tch🔁Trump just delivered a speech that encouraged the empowerment of women to an audience of men. Just like he does in America.
Nina 💕💕💕 @pouty8ngi🔁hobi: *steps foot in america*
[the wind parts his hair, his jeans r suddenly shorts, sunglasses appear on his face n hes now got a smirk]
Stacey Davey @redbeardeddevil🔁 Economic inequality in America today is worse than it was in 1774, just before the American Revolution.
Jed Clampet @JedClampet4🔁I can not believe that someone would vote trouble makers into office?
Those same people are supposed to be helping America, Not wasting time
the dog pound @THEDOGPOUND1🔁President bringing respect back to America on the world stage after 8 years of fecklessness & weak apologies
Ahmed @Ahmed88903670🔁This city risks becoming the next Aleppo. Will America be complicit? By
#signal ✨| dee @kokaotalk🔁 in America they inescapable. like them niggas ruined radio for us
jellyboiis @yeonkimjn🔁never forget hoseok's reaction yEARS ago when fans recognised them in america. they've truly come so far, it's surreal
Carolyn T @CAWPBT🔁That was one of the greatest speeches in history. Libs are mad because they hate America and would rather us fail than succeed.
ProudTrumpVoter @SandiMasopust🔁.: "America is a sovereign nation, and our first priority is always the safety and security of our citizens."
Guillermina Kunz @KunzGuillermina🔁After first visit to foreign country, where Saudis got everything they ever wanted, fair to ask: Whatever happened to America First?
Shelley Campbell @realShelleyC🔁Unless you're a woman. Living in America.
Michelle Steines @Scapmichelle🔁 @realDonaldTrump Thank you Sir - standing tall on behalf of America First!
MigrainesaurusWrecks @creo_sanitas🔁" a time, sadly, when free speech and civility are waning on campuses across America," Perhaps b/c of your fasc ist President?"
Happy Lynette @LynetteNazario🔁.: Above all, America seeks peace, not war. Muslim nations must be willing to take on the burden if we are going to defeat terrorism.
Time Cutter Comic @Time_Cutter🔁‘‘It’s time for America to get up. It’s time to regain our sense of unity and purpose," Joe Biden says in Maine.
groovyjoan✌ @JMV1953🔁 'America Needs Us': Johnson And Hanks Announce Presidential Bid On 'SNL'
Alan Eisenstein @AMAXE97🔁ivanka two misspeaks, wants Saudi builders for Trump business and US infastructure. What about America First? Saudis use slave labor. Tsk!
Terri Green @TerriGreenUSA🔁@POTUS isn't apologizing for America like Obama did!
No More Lies @no1listened🔁Trump sold out America.
Now he's selling it off.

@realDonaldTrump #Trumprussia #enemyofthepeople

🌸 @woonacseo🔁jimin hated america so much I find it HILARIOUS
Roberto Perez @rpmmasaya🔁 will advance America's national security, improve economic cooperation, and create jobs.
🏳️‍🌈 @YourFavBlavkLez🔁white people: THIS IS AMERICA SPEAK ENGLISH
Redeemed mandy @siesienna🔁 It is time to boycott most of Fox News. It is a sad day in America.
K M Brucks @k_brucks🔁 REX/TRUMP PRETEND to Represent AMERICA
ditch FreePress and Human Rights

Ladybug @dancingladybug6🔁Watching Traveling The World Putting The Interest of America First!!!! I am Sure The Old Man is Smiling!!!
(((bee mom))) @annalisebraves🔁the highway fight scene in captain america: the winter soldier (2014) but toxic by britney plays in the background. this is everything.
Dimom @stretchlimo5🔁The ultimate pay for play whore.. The ultimate con man.. The ultimate traitor to America \
lil sum @LilKiwiSum🔁Recording a traffic stop can get you arrested if you're black in America — even if you're a state representative.
Matt @CalmCacophony🔁 While this institution has maintained an atmosphere of civility and open debate, far too many campuses across America have become...
piss luigi @thegoodestboy🔁i hate when the president of the united states of america sends superhuman goons after us to prevent us from collecting jesus christ's body
Karen Redford @kayred23🔁Letter of the Week: Wealthy citizens need to speak up and put America first | The Salt Lake Tribune via
FRANCIS K S LIM @cgnetwork🔁Biden: It's time for America to regain unity and purpose: Former Vice President Joe Biden…
aleruk @pinworm_eh🔁i live in america and haven't noticed any muslim people enslaving others. i do see a bunch of whites crying about sta tues of slave whippers.
Bag on Nuts @BagOfPeanuts🔁Right now in BASEBALL (America's Sport): Nationals Video: Daniel Murphy drills long HR to back Stephen Strasburg (…
WTC Tehran - Iran @WTCIran🔁The rally in America’s biggest technology companies is making the smart money look dumb
ⓜⓞⓡⓖⓢ🍀🐌 @fairylilmorgs🔁Let me say a thing:

I vote for top social artist award

Mr. Oleson Stalking @varanasioleson🔁Biden: It's time for America to regain unity and purpose via @News Republic
Larry Legend @Larry_33_Legend🔁America's Great Mistake was failing to understand white identity built this nation and believing non-whites could su stain it w/out us.
fallon !! @lxstmyheadlrh🔁 America in my hair
الجزائر_AlgerianGirl @AMaghrebine🔁"I think are good people but will be taken over and destroyed from the inside by the Zionist Lobby".

He was right

Sheindie @Sheindie🔁When Saudi Arabia shows more respect for America than our own mainstream media, you know there's a problem.
frederick m. salas @fsalas19441🔁WIN WIN WIN FOR AMERICA AGAIN. ⚡️ “Trump calls on Muslim world to fight terrorism ”

briefs.down @tjcruzn🔁@mmpadellan Talk about conflict of interest. America, resist these self righteous crooks


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