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Fabian Schmidt @3BodyProblem🔁 #Shopping at the new #AmazonGo! #retail #retailtech #AI #automation #sensors #IoT
#AmazonGo emotional support dinosaur @tobydaye🔁I tried #AmazonGo and all I got was this ridiculous orange bag (and some vanilla soda).
#AmazonGo Stewart Samuel @Stewart_IGD🔁The line is much shorter today! #AmazonGo
#AmazonGo MAK5 @slushtoy🔁Just checked out the Amazon Go store. Technology game changer. #AmazonGo
#AmazonGo Carlos J Pineda C @cjpinedac🔁 Amazon Go opened today. What are your thoughts? #AI #AmazonGo
Simple @covbusinessRT🔁 #Shopping at the new #AmazonGo! #retail #retailtech #AI #automation #sensors #IoT
#AmazonGo Hugo @Hugo702🔁#AmazonGo no lines
CBC News @CBCNews🔁The future of grocery shopping is here. Would it work for you?
cbc.ca #AmazonGo
#AmazonGo Business Insider @businessinsider🔁.@Amazon's #AmazonGo grocery store of the future just opened in Seattle — take a look inside
Amazon.com @amazon🔁 opens on Monday, January 22 in Seattle. Get the app to enter the store. See you soon! twitter.com
Morgan @msh_twits🔁So #amazongo uses weighted shelves. Time to pull out the ole Indiana Jones bait and switch
Delany Bisbee @DelanyBisbee🔁Would be interesting as an interface retina and Google search through vision

shop what you see -recognition twitter.com

Mr. BoOmbastic PlO™ @Boombasticplo🔁.'s grocery store of the future just opened in — take a look inside, it's pretty cool.
Kunj Tiwari @KunjTiwari🔁It's live! From concept to reality... The first retail store is opened in .
Sophat Soeung @SophatSoeung🔁When grocery shopping becomes like iPhone shopping? #AmazonGo #tech twitter.com
Đimek @Dimernil🔁Have you heard about #AmazonGo shop?😱
Anyone in #Seattle?
#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Amazon #shopping
Helpshift @helpshift🔁.@tmakhija on #AmazonGo and the future of #custserv, #CX and #CRM hubs.ly
Nat Levy @NatJLevy🔁I ate a bunch of sandwiches from #AmazonGo and wrote about it. 15-year-old me would be so proud. geekwire.com
Tedd Huff @TeddHuff🔁: Listen to the CNP Report® Podcast Ep. 180123 apple.cotwitter.com
whatagreatwebsite @wowwagw🔁Will you shop here? chicagotribune.com #AmazonGo
c00kie @Fat_Cockie🔁@amazon @AmazonHelp Hey Amazon, just wondering if you guys are going to release #AmazonGo in latin america?
yeah i'm tweeting this again.
Boudreaux's Daddy @Cannibal_Sauce🔁 Would you wait in a line just to shop at #AmazonGo? twitter.com
Farrow @FarrowNews🔁. has opened , a store that has customers scan products with their phone and simply walk out. Do you think this will twitter.com shake up the world?
Cyril Coste @CyrilCoste🔁It's checkout war in the grocery retail world #AmazonGo vs #London standard.co.uk #retailtech
Produce Retailer @produceretailer🔁couldn't make the analyst, competitor and media mosh pit that was the opening, so I'm listing my top 5 favorite tour twitter.com s (so far) here.
Juan Felipe Castaño @Juanfecastar🔁. keeps disrupting .
Now with the Grocery Store, where consumers shop and leave without making lines:
Kevin Keller @kevinkeller🔁Another good question: what's it like to work on a service like this to life & see people use and enjoy it?

My exper twitter.com ience: a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.

And, we have openings on our Legal team.

Erik Lorenzsonn @eriklorenzsonn🔁 might be finer tuned than ever before, but there are still issues to address - from whether the is necessary in a format (convenience) known for short waits to if it's leaving behind shopper demos wanting more traditional
Jen I @twitlips🔁This place is amazing! You must go NOW! Besides the incredible technology, my favorite part was all of the local prod twitter.com ucts. I walked 2 miles in the pouring rain, and it was totally worth it!
Rank Ranger @RankRanger🔁Does 's opening of the Go Store change the rules of the game? via snip.ly ref="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/955901746760601601" target="_blank">twitter.com
Speaking Human @Speaking_Human🔁Don’t get too excited, there is only one . It opened in Seattle after announcing the idea about a year ago. twitter.com
Maggie Mertens @maggiejmertens🔁Oh hey I went and shopped at and wrote about grocery shopping with Big Brother watching/seeing the future in Seattle twitter.com : "Will Amazon's 'No Checkout' Grocery Store Really Change How We Shop?"

Liz Parker @yesnodetroit🔁It's pretty impressive to watch people walk into and walk back out in about a minute with what they picked up. No lines, no cashiers, no wait.
Ahmed Sudgey @AhmedSudgey🔁No waiting queues inside the shop but outside, there were long ones!!!! #AmazonGo twitter.com
Marketplace Strategy @MarketplaceStgy🔁A couple of reporters from shoplifted at Amazon 's new Go store. They confessed, and told them to keep it. twitter.com
Jeff Walcoff @jeffmwalcoff🔁A couple of reporters from shoplifted at Amazon 's new Go store. They confessed, and told them to keep it. twitter.com


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