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Amazon Echo EverString @everstring🔁.#Circulate2017 is getting started! Stop by our booth for a chance to win an Amazon Echo!
Miss Candy @cosmetic_candy🔁You know how we just got a new Amazon Echo at home (AMAZING btw). Well H1 just called his piano teacher "Alexa"
Amazon Echo BindTuning @bindskins🔁Get yourself a brand new Amazon Echo Dot! Stop by booth #2027 to enter our daily raffle. #MSIgnite @SPCPartyPatrol
Amazon EchoAmazon Echo Philippe VINCENT @phvincent68🔁@AwardsDarwin Amazon installe ses lockers et distribution Alexa/Echo chez Wholefoods #usretail #amazon
Hannah Rutherford @lomadia🔁Amazon are running Echo Dot ads on TV - just had to shout 'NO' at Alexa three times in a minute
IAN W. BUSH @Idubbbz🔁Hurricane evacuees: **IMPORTANT**

Do NOT leave behind your amazon echo, dot, or show. Alexa is a person just like you and me. She may not h

Melissa Brawdy @MelissaBrawdy🔁Brother's getting me an Amazon Echo as my Christmas/birthday (Jan. 12) present... only it's prob coming today and he's prob not gonna wait.
James @JustJames56We're giving away an Amazon Echo to celebrate the easyProperty relaunch. Follow & 🔁
Tech News @TechNews24h🔁 Amazon Echo speakers now support multi-room music playback via @TechNews24h
Zenath @hirubaig1🔁@AgeofDad Entered for a chance to #WIN an Amazon Echo Dot!
Lizzie @lizzieteacup🔁We've got an incredible ! FOLLOW & RT for your chance to an Amazon Echo Dot! ends 20th September.
Elev8 @elev8_incorp🔁 #SouthPark21 messed with people's #AmazonEcho and #GoogleHome devices in hilarious fashion
SE Property Expo @SEPropertyexpo🔁Last chance to enter our Amazon Echo #competition - register for FREE by midnight 15th September.
Tiger in the light @kylecunningham5🔁 This portable Alexa speaker can do almost everything the Echo Dot does for under $30 – BGR
Dr. Erica Warren @learningtolearn🔁30 Educational Benefits of the Amazon Echo | Dr. Erica Warren | Pulse | LinkedIn
Arielle Lilley @arielle0627🔁@amazon though it is not yet sold there, will the Echo Show WORK in Europe? Thanks!
Mona @tradingpsych01🔁#Alexa Echo And #Google Home; which device is better and which one do you like more?
roxie p @monacpete🔁Want to win your own Echo Dot and let Alexa be your digital assistant? @AmyOztan is giving one away! Enter here.
dodo jakaria @komraddiet🔁‘South Park’ Messed With Your Amazon Echo In The Most Vulgar Way Possible
UniverSmartphone @UniverSmartphon🔁Wileyfox Swift 2 X Android phone comes with free Echo Dot from Amazon
Sienna @curvyfantasie🔁The South Park Season Premiere Caused Havoc With Peoples Amazon Echos And Google Homes @uproxx
Jerald Spohn @jeraldspohn🔁

This shows how deeply rooted Matt and Trey's humor can be in making these episodes 😂 Genius! @SouthPark

David Elges @david_elges🔁Police are Seeking Amazon Echo Data for Use in Murder Trial.

South Park Trending @southparkolizer🔁The 'South Park' Season Premiere Caused Mayhem Across By Turning On Everyone's Echo
M.O.D.R.U.M.P.F. @brian_kautz🔁Enter to Win an Amazon Echo Show, or an Amazon Echo or an Echo Dot from Dr. Laura. Go>
bsadler @sadlerbar🔁 attendees come by stand . Get your photo with some villains and stay for a demo for a chance to win an Amazon Echo!
alexa gentile @alexaggentile🔁Oh my god my professor just called me Amazon Echo asdfghjkl
Alexandra Bahou WXYZ @alexabahou🔁When your Echo mysteriously kicks on in the other room and immediately plays Pump Up the Jam... cc
Tech Barista @thetechbarista🔁Today is the last day to enter #AmazonGiveaway for: Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Black. NoPurchNec:
TABETHA Tlili @TABETHAVINZANT🔁Win Amazon’s Echo Dot & $120 Gift Card for Erin Condren Planner
TABETHA Tlili @TABETHAVINZANT🔁Win Amazon's Echo Dot & $120 Gift Card for Erin Condren Planner
🌞 @ChickenBands🔁South Park fuckin with Amazon Echo/Google Home is so funny
Martia Sharpe @sharpenotes🔁I liked a @YouTube video Amazon Echo - SNL
SquareXO @Square_XO🔁Daily Deals: Save big on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Video Games and Consoles, Amazon Echo, Foo Fighters – Sept 14, 2017

TP-LINK UK @TPLINKUK🔁TP-Link plugs come with Amazon Echo voice control, making it even easier to manage your home!


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