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B r a d @DramaTweetBrad🔁 Vietnam got me like:

#AmazingRace #TeamFun

VRN @AmazedArrow🔁 2 hours of #AmazingRace starts NOW!
#AmazingRace RaimiZamir @RaimiZamir🔁I've just watched episode S29E10 of The Amazing Race! #amazingrace
#AmazingRace RaimiZamir @RaimiZamir🔁I've just watched episode S29E09 of The Amazing Race! #amazingrace
VRN @AmazedArrow🔁 Face your fears! #AmazingRace
#AmazingRace Pattinson360 @RPat360🔁 Becca and Floyd, among the best teams ever! #AmazingRace @beccadroz @Floydjp3
#AmazingRace Nicola @Ice_WaterFlood🔁 #AmazingRace is tough. RT to appreciate going out with a positive attitude.
#AmazingRace CoolHandLuke™🌹👌🍦 @CoolHandLukeX1🔁 #AmazingRace 🦁#InsteadOfComplaining we're gonna #MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
#AmazingRace The Amazing Race @AmazingRaceCBS🔁#AmazingRace is tough. RT to appreciate going out with a positive attitude.
Phil Keoghan @PhilKeoghan🔁RT if you are watching #AmazingRace with me! Only 5 teams remain! @VisitGreecegr
Phil Keoghan @PhilKeoghan🔁We’re going to miss you guys – you guys didn’t give up, gave it your all 100% of the time and had fun along the way. #AmazingRace
#ForzaGabbani🇮🇹 @PeteJLewis🔁Surprised they're going for the ladder detour - that one sounds much harder than the window #AmazingRace
#ForzaGabbani🇮🇹 @PeteJLewis🔁A road block then an airport equaliser is lame, right? #AmazingRace
#ForzaGabbani🇮🇹 @PeteJLewis🔁Brooke being the calm one in #TeamDrama

Who'd have thought? #AmazingRace

#ForzaGabbani🇮🇹 @PeteJLewis🔁Oh Scott..Cursed himself by saying it's the one thing he didn't want to do #AmazingRace
Наташа Елизарова @ukha44fmizev🔁 I'd like to see #TeamFun win the #AmazingRace. If not then #TeamBrookeAndScott but just for the Brooke portion of the team.
Юля Гафарова @polienfadeev1🔁 #TeamFun will always be my winners❤️ #AmazingRace
Tanner Snow @tannertot91🔁I literally have tears running down my face for #teamfun. Great job friends!! #AmazingRace
Nur Amalina Alwi @Enaacassana🔁Floyd is such a fighter. He never gave up. Especially having Becca giving him the motivation to keep going. Best team ever on
Nur Amalina Alwi @Enaacassana🔁We feel the same way as you do Becca…so scary to see anyone in this state
Nur Amalina Alwi @Enaacassana🔁Floyd & Becca are the real winners of . Finding a forever friend is worth more than a million. You were fun-fabulous!
HANA @Hanaazeena🔁 Hands down Brooke has to be the most annoying contestant to have ever appeared on the #AmazingRace . RT if you agree
HANA @Hanaazeena🔁 So if you can go ahead and turn off Brooke's microphone that'd be great #AmazingRace
Jay C @jaychi13🔁@scottflanary Every single time Brooke shouts, I wince. Conquering fears, dealing with Brooke, playing the game, #doingitall #AmazingRace
Have Some Class @HaveSomeClass🔁 "What if we pay you?" #SuperShady #brookscott #amazingrace Have some class and decency at least....
Victoria @Its_Roux🔁@Floydjp3 @beccadroz U may have missed $1M but ur friendship will be 4ever funtastically priceless #teamfun #AmazingRace #AmazingRace29 😍
BevMo @BevyMo1🔁 RT if you remember this roadblock from season 3! #AmazingRace #throwbackThursday #basketcase
Gidgit VonLaRue @GidgitVonLaRue🔁#AmazingRace Oh god the wench with the gay guy is just APPALLING. She's one of those types that has had everything done for her.
Chloe T. @2tinyfeet🔁If a colicky howler monkey and a narcoleptic fainting goat had a baby, it would be Brooke from
A. Beaverhausen @kezzra🔁#AmazingRace dam I swear Logan gets hotter every Ep 😍😍
A. Beaverhausen @kezzra🔁#AmazingRace Scott having a Brooke moment at the bungee jump 😂 I can't, I can't did he end up getting pushed 😂
Mr Kitty Heston @HestonKitty🔁
U 2 had a stupendous run - So sorry 2 see U go
Now is the only team I'm rooting for...
Mak from O'ahu @MakDPostmodern🔁Heartbreaking to see #TeamFun eliminated #AmazingRace @beccadroz @Floydjp3
Pattinson360 @RPat360🔁Find a show for Becca and Floyd. Create one. They are TV gold. We want to see more of them. Not involving bicycles, p lease.
Ella @ella_abron🔁@PhilKeoghan I pray for the safety of all the contestants on the #AmazingRace. There's something #teamfun could've done to prevent this.
Sawan Nayak @Sawannayak07🔁#AmazingRace
False promise/assurancd.
Zero cst servicr
Zero contact strategt wid courier dept
LIFE OF A KOP! @isagirsaleh86🔁 The five teams head to the Corinth Canal in Athens on #AmazingRace. Let's recap:
G @bayybee_Gee🔁Brooke is THE WORSTTTTTTT. Every time she complains, I want to chop my ears off #amazingrace
Learning Earning @somelearn🔁#AmazingRace
How to make money?
Tiana @Lil_LionLamb🔁#teamfun was a breath of fresh air to the #AmazingRace. Seriously if this show had an MVP award @Floydjp3 & @beccadroz you guys deserve it!
Funny Fat Guy @FunnyFatGuy3🔁The only #AmazingRace I'll ever be in will be through a Drive-Thru
Scott Bolon @Furs4u50🔁@Floydjp3 #AmazingRace @beccadroz You guys are pure #teamfun & #TeamFunstoppable with a #bestfuntowatchever
D. Sala @hi_7hills🔁#AmazingRace Floyd helped that girl from team Lolo and she didn't help him. SMH.
BenLefranK Indé @lefranc_benj🔁@kirstygreen11 What a creative person! #free #AmazingRace
John Ares Hipolito @areshipolito🔁Damn Becca and Floyd. 😞 #TeamFun #AmazingRace
Molly Faraday @MollyFaraday🔁If you didn't cry during #AmazingRace tonight then you are heartless basically. Just heart-wrenching.
Michael🦄 @michaeleesi🔁 Scott's ability to just ignore Brooke is a god damned super power at this point. Stan Lee couldn't write this #AmazingRace
B r a d @DramaTweetBrad🔁 & MUST return for an all-star or unfinished business edition in the future. MAKE IT HAPPEN!
B r a d @DramaTweetBrad🔁Aww I feel bad for Becka and Floyd #amazingrace
#ForzaGabbani🇮🇹 @PeteJLewis🔁Day off (kinda) with double #AmazingRace and new #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt 😍🙌
J. Lee Webster @JLeeWebster🔁Personally I want 2hit her w/a book.& when she woke up,tell that b*tch to effing READ IT &learn smthg!
SaidahArrikaEkulona @SaidahSays🔁 Petition for Team Fun to be on the next all-star season #AmazingRace #teamfun
SaidahArrikaEkulona @SaidahSays🔁 Team Fun goes home but Brooke stays???? U have got to be kidding me! This is a great team! #AmazingRace
J. Lee Webster @JLeeWebster🔁Ok off topic of poliDICKs..does any1 watch ?Who wants "car alarm" whiner crazyBrook gone? Poor Scott is a saint! Pati ence of Job
Pria @ThePriaA🔁Catching up on the #AmazingRace why is Brooke so annoying. Her voice, her attitude, her sportsmanship, her everything
J. Lee Webster @JLeeWebster🔁Off poliDICKs am talkg ..
Becca&Floyd , me knowing sports,he was having heatStroke! Hate seeing em go but glad he's o k!
manno @voodoodaddie🔁Brooke's partner should get TWO million dollars just for putting up with her. What a nightmare! #AmazingRace
Shirts and Merch @shirtsandmerch🔁Amazing Race - The Race Juvenile Youth Tee Only $25.00


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