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nissniss2u @nissniss2u🔁 #EdLoverShow: #NOJUSTICE - Justice Department Won't Charge Officers In #AltonSterling Shooting
T. Greg Doucette @greg_doucette🔁So the police officer put a gun to #AltonSterling's head and said "b*tch I'm going to kill you" well before the tackle and shooting? 🤔
#AltonSterling Democracy Now! @democracynow🔁Family of Alton Sterling Calls for State Charges Against Officers #AltonSterling
#AltonSterling Misothery-Commulist @Hilcenias🔁 Our justice system is broken.

#AltonSterling #JordanEdwards

Areva Martin, Esq. @ArevaMartin🔁Back on @CNNTonight with reaction and analysis of DOJ decision not to prosecute white cops who shot and killed #AltonSterling
Stoney Morrison @TheDomEffect🔁LSU to athletes: Your black lives only matter when you are making us millions of dollars.
Carlton Bush @TheGreatSociety🔁 Justice Department will not charge Baton Rouge officers in fatal shooting of #AltonSterling
R. F. Glover @Gloseeker🔁 Last summer, 37-year-old #AltonSterling was fatally shot by police outside a store in Baton Rouge.
Bryn Stole @brynstole🔁My new story: End of federal investigation puts spotlight back on -- how were they used?
Whiskey Romeo 3.0 @Prairie_Cajun🔁That is a fact here. Paid outsiders are gonna try to divide us tomorrow (again) in Baton Rouge. We should ignore them .
Ken Edwards @kenmarje🔁 So #AltonSterling was:
1)sex offender,
2) a felon
and 3) he reached for an cop's gun.

(Or as leftists call it, a "victim")

Andrea Gallo @aegallo🔁My new story: End of federal #AltonSterling investigation puts spotlight back on #bodycameras -- how were they used?
Jeff Lord @stcamber01🔁.: Policing danger of returning to bygone era? , ,
EFÉ @_Efosa_xo🔁The case marks the first time under Jeff Sessions the Justice Dept declined to prosecute police in a high-profile case.
Biko Django @BikoDjango🔁No Charges For Officer Who Murdered | The Justice Department will not file charges in the fatal...
Lil Bruh Nem Stan 🦅 @DBruton10🔁 was executed for one reason only. The white supremacists deemed he was born the wrong color, in a complete system of racism
Moët Matt @_matthigh🔁Black ppl please stop tryin 2 rationalize case wit white supremacists.They're just going 2 use the I'm white & I say so logic
erin🎀 @erinn7377🔁Remembering just some of the many accomplishments of our fallen comrade, Alton Sterling.
Debbie Smith @libsnemesis🔁Left only grieves when death fits their political agenda
Kate Steinle killed by illegal, ignored

Ann Shultis @AnnShultis🔁 was a convicted child rapist who resisted arrest, reached for his gun & was shot by police as a result. This is 's hero.
Cory kinservik @CKinservik🔁"All this was for nothing": Family of devastated by failure to indict police officers.


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