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Alshon Chris from Shulas @cgonz415🔁 MY GOODNESS, ALSHON!


Alshon @EndzoneblogNFL🔁Alshon Jeffery had a big first half for the Philadelphia Eagles #SuperBowl
Jake Zintz @jake_dingers🔁 “GIVE ME THAT” - Alshon
Alshon cameron @cameronnodomm🔁 seeing alshon jeffery and stephon gilmore on the field today
Molly Gebel @mollygebel🔁 WHAT A CATCH FROM ALSHON JEFFERY!
Alshon SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁That's a touchdown!

Alshon Jeffery adds 6 to the board with this nice 34-yard catch.

Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁ALSHON!


Alshon Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁MY GOODNESS, ALSHON!


Cable @zach_cable23🔁Alshon is a DOG
Thomas Kappel @T_Kapp🔁DJ Swearinger ($13.5M)
Melvin Ingram ($66M)
Alshon Jeffrey ($52M)
Stephon Gilmore ($65M)

Roommates at South Carolina, that’s a combined current contract value of $196,500,000 just in that apartment. This isn’t considered signing bonuses & endorsements.

Jeffrey Mister @MrJeffreyMister🔁This seems like as good a time as any to remind fans that their team drafted A.J. Jenkins and not Alshon Jeffery in 2012.
Mason @mdembeck51🔁 Alshon Jeffrey is a monster
Sully @Sahgolf🔁 Keep your eyes on Alshon ... they got that boy out there talking ! I know he in another mode right now !
Hector Varela @hvarela211🔁A sleeve that has this and the Alshon catch if the Eagles would be pretty cool if someone were to get it
John king @johnking3194🔁 With every Alshon Jeffery catch, I still thank Marty Hurney for drafting Amini Silatolu instead. 😒
FlyEaglesFly @Eagles25x7🔁He was no longer a defenseless player, he was a runner so no penalty there. I guess you didn't see Alshon get tackled on that 3rd down?
Boomin @Esteban301_🔁 Wow. What a throw and what a catch for the touchdown. Alshon Jeffery catches everything, man. I hope he has his flu shot
Kayce Argoe @KayceArgoe🔁 Alshon Jeffery : still not pumping gas
Nate @VikingNate1🔁Alshon Jeffrey pump more gas plz.
Brittany Fink @brittany_fink🔁Usually Tom Brady is the 🐐, but so far it's been Nick Foles and Alshon Jeffery's as the 🐐 's... #SuperBowlLII
Matt Arquette @marquette19🔁I will never, ever, ever understand why the Bears decided to let Alshon Jeffery leave so they could use the money to sign Mike Glennon
numberFire @numberFire🔁Top 5 Players in Receiving Net Expected Points:
1. Alshon Jeffery - 7.62
2. Danny Amendola - 6.22
3. Chris Hogan - 5 .62
4. Corey Clement - 5.49
5. NICK FOLES - 3.28

Nathan @NathanSigulas🔁 Alshon Jeffery can leave the Bears, but the Bears will never leave him...
Suzanne AvenaPetrina @Suze512🔁 Alshon Jeffrey: Not pumping gas
Thomas Sneed @t_sneed🔁 ALSHON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kate Thomas @kate_not_katiee🔁 Alshon Jeffery is definitely not pumping gas for a living
billy @WillSaucy🔁 Alshon is BALLING.



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