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Alshon January 11th🎯 @saylavee_5🔁 Alshon!

@cj_wentz goes DEEP to @TheWorldof_AJ down the sideline. #PHIvsCAR #FlyEaglesFly

Geoff Mosher @GeoffMosherNFL🔁Bradbury did nice job of sticking outside arm straight up to show it's not contacting Alshon...while using inside arm to hit Alshon's head.
Brandon Lee Gowton @BrandonGowton🔁Bradberry was holding Alshon Jeffery’s arm. No flag. #Eagles
Alshon NFL @NFL🔁Alshon!

@cj_wentz goes DEEP to @TheWorldof_AJ down the sideline. #PHIvsCAR #FlyEaglesFly

FantasyPros @nfl_alerts🔁Alshon Jeffery leads in yardage in win via @FantasyCouncil #fantasyfootball
Lyndon 👶🏿 @LyndonJR86Alshon*** 🔁 @ALi_R13 I said I rather take the Eagles cause Alston Jeffrey gunna work them and eagles good
Tim High @superdadapostle🔁@BrandonGowton So maybe Alshon will play like a #1?
Alan Aube @alanisupercool🔁Funny last yr y’all thought Dak was miles > than Wentz cuz Wentz had no offense. Now He got Blount, Alshon & a good oline and hes killing it
Big Time @MrUnthinkable07🔁Pat attention to Alshon Jeffery tonight. Only been targeted a combined 10 times the past 2 weeks. Could exceed that total vs. CAR.
Jacob @jw_327🔁The eagles cool and all but Alshon been ghost for my fantasy team 😪
Perry Parks @CoachParks84🔁Former Gamecocks Alshon Jeffery & Duce Staley were in Charlotte as the Eagles squared off against the Panthers.

mari stan acc (5-1) @DebateYaGranny🔁 If we get Alshon I better not see Nelson Agholor on the field ever again
Jabari Mitchell @twizzle1993🔁Alshon Jeffrey 5-1 with the Eagles while the Bears sitting their sorry ass at 1-4 😭😂
Michael Kibler @bleedgreen0617🔁@CScan10 Unreal. Alshon is gonna catch some unnecessary hate this week, because there were two deep balls where his arm was being grabbed.
Ryan Ridgeway @longhornfan09🔁The weapons around him aren't that great is all I'm saying no one is afraid of legaratte Blount or alshon Jeffrey tha t's a fact
Pac Shaker @Shake_Lyfe🔁 Alshon if you want that big pay day you gotta go up and get it!
Suhail @SuhailHaladh🔁Nantz and Romo keep referencing Alshon but this is the guy who was standing alone. Had to be what Wentz was reacting to seeing just now.
FOH🏌️‍♂️ @OhFuckYeahBud82🔁Alshon role is just fine btw
ALEK🌹 @originalek_🔁 The eagles better start getting Alshon Jeffery involved
RotoWireNFL @RotoWireNFL🔁Alshon Jeffery: Paces Eagles in receiving yards Thursday -
geene smith @ARBGOTI4TW🔁So you're really gonna sit there and tell me that the eagles are THAT undisciplined while CAR molested Alshon all nig ht + only got a yard?
Justin Tan @jskylinegtr🔁Krissha nailed Symphony! Just like Alshon Jeffery catching from Carson Wentz! #Eagles #ShowtimeOctoVeryExciting
Sammy G. @SammyG75🔁Alshon was looking for a penalty and what he shouldnof been doing was playing and catching that ball.
The Grateful Tiger @grateful_tiger🔁True. Not bad. Especially when ertz has been playing ball. Wentz just needs to give Alshon QUALITY targets and actual ly go through his reads
Nfc_Eagles @SauceIcy🔁 Bradberry was holding Alshon Jeffery’s arm. No flag. #Eagles
Reggie Anderson @ReggieWLTX🔁Former Gamecocks Alshon Jeffery & Duce Staley were in Charlotte as the Eagles squared off against the Panthers.
Sam Henderson @hendersonsam122🔁After tonight I’d put philly in the convo too. Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith work and Nelson Agahlor is a stud thi s year
Ryan Ridgeway @longhornfan09🔁@CampbellJosh5 Alshon is Their best receiver don't think he worries too many people in the league
Doug @dougieg69🔁I think Alshon will bust out one of these weeks. The chemistry between he and wentz should just keep getting better.
Llyod Vortman @DanSanders123🔁 Carson Wentz is the best QB Alshon has had since @StephenGarcia
Eric @eric_kiewlak🔁Just imagine when Wentz and Alshon get on the same. Even better, when Darby and Sid are our starting CBs 😳
A2D Radio @a2dradio_com🔁@grateful_tiger He has to much trust in Ertz sometimes. That's not a bad point! Alshon needs to be targeted more. He was open all night
Me @NottsJuventino🔁3 holding calls, 2 on Graham, 1 on Long, 2 huge DPI calls on Alshon, both would have been 20+ yard conversions
Kamikaze @uG__Kamikaze🔁Think the only questionable call was no pi on alshon, but Douglas held funchess for an ez 6 too... It was a great ga me! Arguably 2 best nfc
jake ryan andersen @andersen_jake🔁 Eagles 20, Panthers 16.

Alshon Jeffery's breakout game.


Lindsay Paoli @lindsayapaoli🔁You should have hit Alshon on that 3rd down but it’s all about the W. Way to get it done @cj_wentz away on a short week #AO1 #FlyEagelsFly
Jordan Kaplan @JKap415🔁@InvasiveSlime No call on Alshon. A holding penalty that was BS. PI on the McLeod INT was ehh
Putin's #34468th Bot @SmallWhiteBoii🔁investigated. The first PI call was okay, but the second PI stemmed from a pat on the shoulder. Then they refuse to g ive Alshon Jeffrey a...
Louis shoemaker @loushoe56🔁That was the best color analysis I've heard from Romo tonight! Alshon has to release outside. Would've been an easy catch attempt for him.
Kevin Phelan @KevtheKid547🔁That one play to alshon up the side early in the fourth I think he held his left arm so clearly I couldn't believe th ey missed that
DdubbYa @ddubb_ya🔁@BrandonGowton Alshon still hasn’t had THAT game yet. Very happy we got the W.
Soopaman Luva Back @Smallz2AGiant🔁Taking offers for Alshon..door is open
Cameron laduke @CameronLaduke🔁 Alshon has to catch that one
Carlos A. Gonzalez @carlitosway2444🔁 Jalen Mills got called for a weaker one. But Alshon gets arm barred and nothing? Man if we win this game...
Josh @bigjosh929🔁And none of them were to Alshon Jeffrey because screw my fantasy team tbh
Tony Cankles @FrogsOnAScooter🔁Alshon Jeffery is gettin the bench next week.
VonGlo9️⃣ @Vondo_LIT🔁SHUT THE FUCK UP ! you kno he roll wit ALSHON n agalor n dem niggas shooting 60 yards passes to Torrey Smith n shit
Virgil Hawkins @JSoJ_🔁Alshon killed that corner on the first Ertz TD
Christian 🦅 @KingAguila61🔁 Halftime Emoji Report

Wentz 😕😏💪
Big V 🤤
Cox 🍽
Long ⭐️
Barner ✂️
JP 🔒
Rasul 🎉
Bradham 😎
Robinson 🙂
Nelly 👍
Alshon 🔜
Blount 👑

Rob Масом @RobMacom🔁@ShaneRauner Well absolutely have to bring back Jernigan and Alshon those are two biggest priorities imo
Shout MVP @shout_mvp🔁Congrats Alshon Jeffery voted Shout MVP in today's Panthers v Eagles game. Vote at
Eagles 5-1#WentzGod @Iam609Breezy🔁@TSteegeNFL Let's wait till our D is complete and Alshon and Torrey become valid in our Offense
Big-E @emcno505🔁We need to find a way to get Alshon the ball more #eagles
aaron michael @ElMeroMeroDon31🔁I just wanted one TD Alshon 😞
Brett Weisband @weisband🔁Carson Wentz is the best QB Alshon has had since @StephenGarcia
Chris Bleck @chrisbleck🔁 @chrisbleck @AllDayCubs Wentz looked good tonight. Spread the ball well. Alshon with some key catches.
Andre @_AndreGD🔁Good win 💯, but imma need Wentz to start throwing to Alshon more and more , with a deep threat we’d be unstoppable #FlyEaglesFly #5-1
Shervon Fakhimi @ShervonFakhimi🔁Would stick in the pocket at times & take the big hit while throwing or make plays outside it when necessary. Alshon really solidifies the O
Day @d_godwin32🔁Need to get Alshon the ball more
Jonathan Hood @tweetjhood🔁@chrisbleck @AllDayCubs Wentz looked good tonight. Spread the ball well. Alshon with some key catches.
Scott’s Bad Takes @skrefetz🔁@squick4n It’s weird that Romo missed it too, just talking about Alshon
Dan Battaglia @CoachDBattaglia🔁Everyone talking about how Wentz should have thrown it to Alshon on that last third down. Agholor was UNCOVERED!
Twan @AntoineFulton🔁Nigga I say what I want. & you literally just said I said Alshon wasn’t open. I said he didn’t have time so he threw to his first look.
charismatic enigma @sirdougz🔁Alshon need fi drape up wentz and ask why the fuck he aint throwing him the ball wen necessary
Evan Wright @Evanwright77🔁@EliotShorrParks Just imagine if Alshon and wentz can ever become a great pair


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