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Chef Mikey @MikeyMurda🔁@NinersNation @BetterRivals But they wouldn’t overpay for Allen Robinson
Hugo Medina @mmjuice4🔁 @NinersNation @BetterRivals But they wouldn’t overpay for Allen Robinson
Allen Robinson LSJ Sports @LSJsports🔁Bears' free agency splash all about helping Mitchell Trubisky
reynaldo roman @ninoroman27🔁 Allen Robinson. Now Trey Burton.
Mitchell Trubisky in Cali seeing the Bears FA moves:
Allen Robinson Mike M. @mikemeidling🔁 3 potential @NFLDraft replacements for Allen Robinson:
Allen Robinson SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: Former Jaguars WR Allen Robinson intends to sign with the Chicago Bears, a source tells @AdamSchefter.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Former Jaguars’ WR Allen Robinson intends to sign with the Chicago Bears barring any last-minute snags when free agen cy opens Wednesday, source tells ESPN.
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁The #Bears are expected to sign former #Jaguars WR Allen Robinson, sources say. A big-time pass-catcher off the market.
The Athletic @TheAthleticCHI🔁The Bears secured their backup quarterback in Chase Daniel, and other recent updates via @kfishbain 🔓
Adam Sager @AdamGSager🔁So the have added Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, Trey Burton, Chase Daniel and Cody Parkey while bringing back Prin ce Amukamara, Sam Acho and Bradley Sowell. Great start to FA.
HarryFoxSports LLC @sugewhite94🔁 Cooley says Jay Gruden had Paul Richardson as his #1 guy, NOT Allen Robinson 🤔
Fahad Nazir @fnazir9🔁 new-look offense after today's moves:

QB: Mitchell Trubisky
RB1: Jordan Howard
RB2: Tarik Cohen
WR: Allen Robinson
WR: Kevin White
WR: Cameron Meredith
TE1: Trey Burton
TE2: Adam Shaheen

New head coach Matt Nagy has pieces to play with, when healthy.

Justus A. Chierici @Justuschierici🔁Couldn't be more hyped about Allen Robinson @Thee_AR15 Welcome home @ChicagoBears
Michael Bruhns @ILChzHead🔁@WildeAndTausch @ESPNMilwaukee @festfoods Allen Robinson instead of Graham... Imo
Taee 🤷‍♂️ @JuStTaEe🔁The latest Bears news on our free-agency tracker from

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KanellAndBell @kanellandbell🔁WR deals helping out 2nd-year QBs
(Allen Robinson to Bears with Mitch Trubisky)
(Sammy Watkins to Chiefs with Patric k Mahomes)

Valar Morghulis 🎭 @NoiSinEss🔁NFL Free Agent Signings

Case Keenum: Broncos
Allen Robinson: Bears
Sammy Watkins: Chiefs
Albert Wilson: Dolphins
Drew Brees: Saints
Trey Burton: Bears
Johnny Manziel: Starbucks

Andre de Souza @Knightwolfbr🔁Kansas City threw at the fourth-highest rate in the red zone last season but ranked 29th in TD rate on red zone passes.

Since Sammy Watkins entered the league, only Allen Robinson has converted red zone targets into TDs at a higher rate (min 30 targets)

eric @ericdejax🔁Can someone please explain to me why we’re paying real American dollars to Marqise Lee, DJ Hayden, and Donte Moncrief instead of Allen Robinson and Aaron Colvin?
Coming Soon 🎙 @Clyde_Scientist🔁Bears offense got a hell of a lot better, got Trey Burton, Allen Robinson & Taylor Gabriel in the last 48 hours
ChicagoSports @ChicagoSports🔁The latest Bears news on our free-agency tracker from

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Cole Waldon @WaldonCole🔁Mitchell Trubisky, when he hears the Bears have added Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and Trey Burton to their offense:
TTGFLACKO⚠️ @37spazz🔁Breaking: Former Jaguars WR Allen Robinson intends to sign with the Chicago Bears, a source tells .
Joe @jjasseph11🔁 free agency signings so far:
WR Allen Robinson
K Cody Parkey
TE Trey Burton
WR Taylor Gabriel

What a day to be a Bears fan. 🐻⬇️

ILykEFOosball @fallonator007🔁 Update: the Jags are paying DJ Hayden and Marqise Lee instead of Allen Robinson.
Ryan Day @ryaneatscake🔁Can someone please explain to me why we’re paying real American dollars to Marqise Lee, DJ Hayden, and Donte Moncrief instead of Allen Robinson and Aaron Colvin?
🗣RuddyE @ThatDudeeRuddy🔁“(Allen) Robinson is a beast. He will make Bears fans forget about Alshon (Jeffery) and the Kevin White mistake.”
- A pro personnel director for one NFC team told
Sonny Remington @remington_sonny🔁Blake Bortles had more receiving yards on this touchdown catch alone (20) than Allen Robinson had in all of 2017 (17).
Chicago Informer @chicagoinformer🔁Bears Expected To Sign Free Agent WR Allen Robinson | Good Morning Football – Chicago Video
Mill Gucci✌️ @Flyassmill🔁McKinnon worth the same amount as Allen Robinson lol.... Ok John😂? ?
®️ @Rob_Johnson00🔁If the are looking for a speed complement to their new addition of Allen Robinson, they need to go after Taylor Gabriel. He's only 5'8" but electric with the ball in his hands.
brock sutton @brocksutton6🔁QB Mitch Trubisky
RB1 Jordan Howard
RB2 Tarik Cohen
WR1 Allen Robinson
WR2 Cam Meredith
WR3 (Draft Pick)
WR4 Kevin White
WR5 Taylor Gabriel
TE1 Adam Shaheen
TE2 Trey Burton

RT if this squad is going to do damage!

Dave Nelson @JvilleJaguars🔁 recap heading into start of free agency:

Added: LG Andrew Norwell, WR Donte Moncrief, CB DJ Hayden
Re-Signed: WR Ma rqise Lee
Departed: WR Allen Robinson, CB Aaron Colvin

Rumored Interest: LE Barkevious Mingo

ESY Gains👌🏾 @qbesy_e🔁Raven Fans expectations: Sammy Watkins, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, Trey Burton.

Ravens fans reality: John Brown and Ryan Grant

Almighty-_-Josh @Mr_MaDdEn_MaN🔁Today the have signed:

WR Allen Robinson
WR Taylor Gabriel
TE Trey Burton
K Corey Parkey.

The whole receiving corp will be different than last year. That's good news.

JB 🎈 @shortonejb🔁And I’m calling in rn, Jordy Nelson is gonna sign with the Bears. Mitch Trubisky will be throwing to Allen Robinson, Jordy Nelson and Taylor Gabriel with Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen in the backfield with him. With a plethora of weapons, Bears are lookin scary good on Offense.
Randy @pamsson🔁5) They aren't throwing money at every FA. Remember a day ago when fans were pissed they didn't sign Allen Robinson o r Norwell to insane deals? 6) They signed Juice to a crazy deal last year and it worked out fine. 7) Trent Baalke used to be our GM. Remember that?
Jon Dixon @conuys🔁The Bears are gambling on Allen Robinson’s production after an ACL tear, just like the WR is gambling on Chicago’s new regime
CJ Henderson @SportsHubOz🔁What happened to the splash? Ravens left with a flood of disappointment: Allen Robinson? No…
Alex Varallo @rufio_187🔁 2018 WR TJ will face
Brandin Cooks , Edleman x2
Davante Adams
Stefon Diggs & Theilen
DeAndre Hopkins
Demarius Thom as
Ty Hilton
Allen Robinson
Marvin Jones & Golden Tate
Corey Davis
Josh Gordon & Jarvis Landry

I could go on but I made my point need CB1

Travis Rasmussen #SuperFlex @TravisNFL🔁For your morning reading pleasure my instant analysis piece on the Allen Robinson signing for

Shot Doctor @ShotDoctor969🔁Chicago Bears winning free agency so far. WR Allen Robinson and TE Trey Burton both budding superstars..GM Ryan Pace and head Coach Matt Nagy close to building a powerhouse. Team sold over 5, 000 season tickets yesterday. Mitch Trubisky is early MVP favorite in landslide........
Daniel Darling @dandarling🔁The #Bears gave Mitch Trubisky new weapons: Trey Burton, Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel. Not bad.
Ben Medina @medina_ben_41🔁 Jacksonville is not taking the Allen Robinson news well.
Jimmy Ballard @jimmyballard21🔁Juiciest NFL free agency rumors so far:

Packers ➡️ Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Jimmy Graham

Bears ➡️ Allen Robinson

Saints ➡️ Jimmy Graham

Colts ➡️ Dion Lewis

Texans ➡️Malcolm Butler, Nate Solder

Broncos ➡️ Nate Solder

iFromCharleston @nappyhightop🔁As of right now the offense is looking a little different headed into the 2018 season.

Mitchell Trubisky
Jordan Howard
Tarik Cohen
Allen Robinson
Cameron Meredith
Kevin White
Adam Shaheen
Trey Burton

Do you like what you see?

🗣🗣🗣Lonzo Better @DjNastyNipplez🔁@R_J_175 Exactly! They could have thrown some money at Allen Robinson and jimmy graham.
JJ Stankevitz @JJStankevitz🔁Torn ACLs are serious injuries, but there's some good news for wide receivers similar to Allen Robinson and Cameron M eredith:
Tyler @TPanasewicz🔁@Krob0422 @RapSheet @NFL Just like Allen Robinson isn’t gonna catch anything
Gordo Rodriguez @ODgordo🔁I bet Allen Robinson could dunk on Ryan Arcidiacono
Jen Smith @FF_female920🔁Thoughts on Allen Robinson's fit in the Bears offense, in addition to all other free agent WRs that signed today
Frio @OGSnob🔁Eagles kept Bradham, Peters, Robinson....added Bennett, Ngata,

And only lost Burton, Beau Allen and Celek.


FansFrenzy @fans_frenzy🔁The Bears are gambling on Allen Robinson’s production after an ACL tear, just like the WR is gambling on Chicago’s new regime
Barry Noyce @jnowak0617🔁Why didn’t the Cowboys get Jarvis Landry or Allen Robinson....or BOTH for Dak Prescott?... they were both basically t here for the taking... What the fuck is Jerry Jones doing?... You live in a fucking Desert!
Bears News @NewsBears🔁Chicago Bears Free Agency Rumor Tracker: March 14, 2018 #bears
amadou diallo @doumoneyy🔁Bears red zone offense now consist of 6’6 monster Adam shaheen and Allen Robinson with the option to hand it off to Jordan Howard
Zach Whitman @zjwhitman🔁Update: the Jags are paying DJ Hayden and Marqise Lee instead of Allen Robinson.
Armand Wyatt @ArmandisAmazing🔁I recorded videos so far about:
trading Cordy Glenn
signing Allen Robinson, Trey Burton and Taylor Gabriel
signing Sam Bradford. HA
signing Sammy Watkins.
Will be recording plenty more tomorrow
Do or Dynasty @DoOrDynasty🔁Mike Evans, Crowell, 2018 3.2 or Allen Robinson and a 2018 1.2?
Do or Dynasty @DoOrDynasty🔁Mike Evans and Ajayi or Allen Robinson and a 2018 1.2?
Dan Reed @danreed74🔁Free agent WR Allen Robinson...Route running. Smooth rep here from the ‘16 season. Sell the fade, win on the slant.
Jon McGriff @jonj96🔁Remember when everyone thought the Rams overpaid for Robert Woods last offseason? Average salaries, per reports ...

Sammy Watkins: $16M
Allen Robinson: $14M
Paul Richardson: $8M

Woods’ AAV is $6.8M.

National Mock Drafts @NMD_Scouting🔁The Jags are paying a lot of money to a lot of people not named Allen Robinson.
sports reporter @mznoor786🔁Updated offense after today:

QB: Mitchell Trubisky
RB: Jordan Howard
RB: Tarik "Human Joystick" Cohen
WR: Allen Robinson
WR: Cameron Meredith
WR: Taylor "Turbo" Gabriel
TE: Adam "Baby Gronk" Shaheen
TE: Trey Burton

Retweet if you just want the season to start already!

J @yaboyjustyslim🔁The got the No. 1 receiver on the market with Allen Robinson.

joined me on to explain what to expect from Trubisky's new weapon


Nathan Gordon @NathanGordonNg🔁Who is Trey Burton and how will he fit into the offense?

joined us to break down Chicago's newest tight end.

Full podcast:


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