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'Allah' Ñ. @Nryls_🔁 #nowreadingsyafakallah

Seek true happiness from Allāh and only Him. ❤️

Heraa Hashmi @caveheraa🔁A baby was tossed into a fire in front of his mother.

Ya Allah every day it gets worse. This is genocide.

'Allah' BBC News (World) @BBCWorld🔁Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into clothes?

'Allah' Bran 😱 @ofxxyo🔁 Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into clothes?

Dr. Bilal Philips @DrBilalPhilips🔁O Allah! Only You know the secrets of our hearts, so accept our silent wishes and prayers. Ameen #Muslims
C|~|∆K€¥ @Mustychaky🔁Ya Allah, turn our sadness to happiness; frowns to smiles; hate to love; weaknesses to strengths, and cleanse us of our shortcomings.
D. Wells @danial_wells🔁Mother of 7th grader is angry. Students had to write: "Allah is the only God" & the Islamic conversion creed.
C|~|∆K€¥ @Mustychaky🔁O ALLAH, grant my soul Taqwa and purify it, You are the Best of those who purify it, You are its Protecting Friend and Guardian/Master.♥☀♥A
Abike Dabiri-Erewa @abikedabiri🔁 May Almighty Allah increase you in knowledge and wisdom ma'am Happy Birthday ma'am @abikedabiri
Wafa Bari @Wafa_Bari🔁BBC News - Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into funeral clothes?
👑 @erykahelyanana🔁Allah is the best listener. You don't need to shout nor cry out loud because Allah hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.
Vicki Creel @madeintulsa🔁 Super cool story: Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into funeral clothes?
zatinorazman_ @zatinorazman_🔁Ya Allah, make me a stronger person today. Make me a better person out of all these. Give me the strength to overcome Your challenges.
Martin Tanu @MartinTanu3🔁May dy also shut all terrorist camps against in similar mode & bar terrorists to go out armed in Kashmir. Jazak Allah's Donald. Trump 😜😜
madlipp_ @alxf_junixr🔁Allah hears the silent whispers of your broken heart. He knows the pain behind your tears. Your pain is never insignificant to Allah.
Syuhadadidu @syuhadaahmadd🔁Be strong dear friend. Everything happen, happens for a reason. Allah is always with you. Semoga yg baik baik saja for you & your family ❤️
Kulthum K Gaidam @_KayKayGee🔁This is not a story, This is Allah telling us what has happened and what's gonna happen. This 👇👇is the Reality,The inevitable.
C|~|∆K€¥ @Mustychaky🔁 May Allah bless & forgive every single soul that retweeets this.
Lillian Kemigisha @LillianKemigis3🔁Oh Allah i need yo love and protection towards my life , family, children, relatives, friends, neighbors and the sick plus the poor.Amiini.
Ben Faccini @BenFaccini🔁Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into funeral clothes?
Maryam Ahmad @MaryamA13104892🔁As Salaam Alaikum = DENGUE PATIENTS ALERT
A Pakistani Lab Technician Has Discovered Cure For Dengue =
A Few Drops Of Lemon In Pure Fresh Apple Juice Will Significantly Recover Patients Blood Platelet Count & Help In Remedy Insha Allah.
shahrilsaaidon @sqaqril808🔁Allah is merciful Allah is kind Allah is beautiful Allah is loving Allah is patient Allah is forgiving Allah is mighty Allah is strong
AINI @aini_mokhtar🔁Life is all about giving. When we give, we gain. We gain in the Mercy of Allah. Continue giving, don't bother about getting anything back.
Muhammad__JR @muhdmamuda🔁He shows you His signs.
Which then of the signs of Allahﷻ will you deny??

-Surah Al-Ghafir ﴾40:81﴿

Kufr Bit-Taghūt @Qutuz0D🔁‘I saw babies being thrown into burning homes. They shot my leg as I ran away and they shouted “who’s your Allah? We are your Allah”
Wafae💕 @crulz01🔁 My mom is an angel, may Allah always protect and bless her 🙏🏽
Camoka Mudor @alamanoz🔁@banaparttwo May Allah give you best
Jihadi Justin @PaganiRobert🔁This Tweet from @PaganiRobert has been withheld in: Germany, France.
Salim Turan @salimturan8🔁hz mehdi will move with the command of Allah.
🤘 @_arifothman_🔁YA ALLAH THIS TREMOR
Maserati MED™🇬🇲 @Bronmed23🔁May Allah swt Grant every sick complete shifa specially cancer patients and
Expiate their moment of suffering and grant them quick recovery.
mayur Patel @mayurpatel1661🔁 @RanaAyyub Just shout allah-hu-akbar and see the magic 😹😹 😹

camilia @camiliaazizi🔁 People change, problem comes and everything go wrong BUT life must go on.

Stay strong, Allah always beside you 💕

wyd. @nurulbusyra🔁 Allahumma inni as aluka husnal khatimah [O Allah, I ask You for a good end to my life]
! میّر صاحب!💯™ @Bashir_Mir101🔁May Allah keep you safe and in providence, away from all evil and harm, encompass your heart with happiness, and grant all your prayers.
மவ்லவி கணியூர் நாஜி @najee93🔁Allah is my motivation, Allah is my encouragement, Allah is my strength, Allah is my destiny .allah is only for all my needs
Heru Prasojo @heru_prasojo🔁Hate, destroy, war, in the name of Allah, to protect the muslim and this Islam, thats the prophet and sahabah did.
yaa @alyaakhadijah🔁 May Allah heal whatever is hurting you and please know that you'll get through it.
Amarah @muslimmah_786🔁 May Allah put barakah in your day, preserve your Imaan and increase you in taqwa and good deeds. Ameen.
Cliff Potter @cliffpotter🔁Vikings had "Allah" and "Ali" embroidered into funeral clothes, suggesting a connection with the Shia.
Syed Arshad Hussain @arshadh128🔁You don't need to prove to anyone that you are a Muslim - that is something between Allah and you: DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor
أنيسة @anisxh__🔁 It’s a sign of the mercy of Allāhﷻ how can you dislike it
ɧɷɷɾaɩŋ..K..🚬 @Apkii_BeHaN🔁 I hope Allah SWT keeps you happy on the path He's chosen for you.
je @myall3000🔁Don't cry, please 🙏your tears hurt my heart 😔.. You can still dream as long as Allah with you then I 💔~
mirza @AyuniMahapiz🔁 The heart that beats for Allah is always a stranger amongst the hearts that beat for the Dunya
MOHD HANAFI HERBERT @hanafiufo🔁I liked a @YouTube video Allah Hu Allah Hu- Owais Raza Qadri
Live & Let Live @makkana138🔁90 conversions by "lovers" are being probed by NIA in Kerala. Seculars, denying "love jihad", hope Kerala becomes Allah's Own Country soon
Khairil 🐱 @IsmiMuhammad7🔁 If you're single, stop worrying. Allah is saving u for someone special. Someone who will never take u for granted.
Abu_Sa'eed @saheedyusuf95🔁 Don’t think being ‘religious’ means becoming harsh or hard. When Allah enters a heart, He softens it — He doesn’t harden it.
IMRAN @imransong🔁May Allah create ease for all those who are struggling due to some reason or other.may He fill our hearts with contentment and peace.
bambi @yxsssy🔁Remember that Allah always has a better plan for you, so when things don't go accordingly to your plan...don't dwell over it too much.
iman 🌚 @kaisoobbyboo🔁It’s impossible that something which has been written for you will go to someone else. So go easy - do not envy, don’t bring people down, live with a clean heart & always make your intentions pure.

Be with Allah & Allah will be with you.

Toe Knee @Fallout911🔁Allah go to hell
Faysal Ahmad @1_Vital🔁Narrated Tariq (RA): Abdullah said,

"The best talk is Allah's Book (Quran), and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad."


ぴか @ShafiqahAizan🔁Say hello to 13 hours journey. Bismillah, may Allah ease ❤️
Harys Tweets @HarysTweets🔁Allah Says
You May Have
Someone in Your Mind,
Someone in Your Heart,
Someone in Your Life,
But i am Your Someone
When You Have No One.💝
الطاف پرست مہاجر @MirzaHashimAli4🔁Why Army support global Jihad movements?
Read its Motto which says, "establish Lordship of Allah on Earth"

dittoarief. @ariefditto🔁From to for Allah.
dhia @RaraDhiaMrits🔁 If Allah SWT doesn’t give you what you want, He SWT will give you what you need.
Abu Knafa @arabman56🔁 Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into funeral clothes? - BBC News
Abid Hussain @abidhussain03🔁 Forgive me oh Allah, for I am a weak soul relying totally upon Your Mercy.
leda a @ledaazimi🔁 Told my mum i'm linking Amina iA and she said 'If this Amina turns out to be an Amir, just know that Allah is watching'
Amirul @abrz3010🔁 Stop impressing people who don’t care. But start Impressing Allah who tests our Hearts.
Tala @Talamjb🔁Dear allah, i’ve been trying to put eyeliner for the past 20 minutes pls have mercy on me
cah @AishEob🔁"It’s okay to feel sad, anxious, lonely, frustrated, and confused. Feeling these emotions doesn’t make you less of a believer. The difference between the believer and non-believer is that the believer remains patient and turns to Allah for help."– Wael Abdelgawad
Arina Aziz @kesharinaa🔁 Ya Allah, I know that I’m nowhere near perfect. But Alhamdulillah for loving me and letting me to see another beautiful day.
Appareen Bewafa @AppareenBewafa🔁@JustinTrudeau Justin Trudeau how would you feel when you miss your children after not seeing them for 456 days and only cry to Allah.
New Video: Allah Hidayat Kesay Deta Hai? | By His Holiness…
❣️❣️Oreo❣️❣️ @maryerm__🔁 May Allah protect the Muslims around the world.
Amirul @abrz3010🔁 If Allāh meant two people to be together, they will eventually find their way into each other's arms, no matter what.
misbah amber @misbahamber🔁Believe that nothing would go wrong. Because ALLAH has written the script of your life and you know He writes masterpieces..stay blessed😇
The Dawn Planet @PlanetTareg🔁Why do u have an edifice and a book ta'weel abd a Seized auth within Allah , by the divined Quran gadah


Jia @sleepy_g1rl🔁 Indeed, may Allah make us pious men and women Ameen ya rab
Jia @sleepy_g1rl🔁 May Allah ease the pain of every heart that is suffering in silence..
shr 💋 @shbmhrh🔁 No matter how Allah answers, it's always for our best.
shah ruddin @OdienBadboy3🔁ALLAH created you in the best way, best shape, and the best color. So stop comparing yourself with others. You’re per fect the way you are.💚
Dan Arewa @imam_zubayr🔁“The Quran at the time of Fajr is ever-witnessed by the angels.” Begin your day by reciting and be enriched with blessings from Allah.
Sani Yawale Zakka @Sanizakka🔁 O Allah, rectify our condition. O Allah, join together and unite our hearts.
Kalim Ahmad @KalimAh27254002🔁Happy Birthday Sir may u live more 100 years in sha Allah❤️ i am also glad that i have worked with u 🙏🏽
Leif Petersen @LeifPeter🔁This Tweet from @LeifPeter has been withheld in: Germany, France.
Imad Mesdoua @ImadMesdoua🔁I hope they win and do well inch'Allah! We're all brothers/sisters! #Maghreb #Africa #Afrique


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