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Jaren Biggs @biggsjaren🔁 Congratulations to @Giannis_An34 on being selected to the 2016-17 All-@NBA Second Team!! #FearTheDeer
All NBA BabyMan @Ac3duncan🔁 2017 All-NBA vote totals ⬇️


All NBA LuisJose Rodriguez. @joserodriquez__🔁 LeBron el All NBA First Team, junto a Westbrook, Leonard, Harden & Anthony Davis
All NBA Ben @pnarasneu🔁 Nba All First Team =


All NBA Franklin Miskelly @frank_miskelly🔁 LeBron has now been named to the All NBA First Team 11 Times! #Witness 🏆👑
Andy Trensch @AndyTrensch🔁 Congratulations to @Giannis_An34 on being selected to the 2016-17 All-@NBA Second Team!! #FearTheDeer
All NBAAll NBAAll NBA ILL FRESH @ILL_FRESHKAT or Cousins over Jordan
Wall 2nd team over Curry
PG over Draymond Green


All NBA @popthagamer @everett615🔁 Congrats to @AntDavis23 on making the 2016-17 All-@NBA First Team! #Pelicans
All NBA Houston Rockets @HoustonRockets🔁Congrats to @JHarden13 on his unanimous selection to the All-NBA 1st team! Full story here:
Ana Navarro @ananavarro🔁Folks, today I dont care about avocado toast, Miss USA, hurricane season or NBA play-offs. All I care about is Trump->Russia->Abuse of Power
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Paul George, Gordon Hayward left off All-NBA teams and now can't sign $200M+ deals this summer

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Daphanie Brown @TheRealDaphanie🔁 Congrats and Gig ‘em to @DeAndre for making his third straight All-NBA team 👍

Ked Harrison @KedH_mwsu🔁Congrats to on his unanimous selection to the All-NBA 1st team! Full story here:
scott james @scott_h_james🔁Favorite all time athletes:
NFL– Chuck Norris
NBA– Chuck Norris
MLB– Chuck Norris
NHL– Chuck Norris
CFB– Chuck Norris
Soccer– Tab Ramos
Philippe @popilo3🔁Danny Ainge was all smiles Tues. night as the ping-pong balls fell in Boston's favor. His response to earning No. 1:
jASSon Wilde @jasonwilde51🔁. Earns 2nd Team All-NBA Honors 💪

Well deserved Rudy!! 👏

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adam👩🏾‍🎤 @_adamizevbigie🔁Paul George, Gordon Hayward left off All-NBA teams and now can't sign $200M+ deals this summer

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Stan Halen @JakeCeltics🔁 All #NBA First Team:

James Harden
LeBron James
Russell Westbrook
Kawhi Leonard
Anthony Davis

YRNJON$WAVYY🤘🏽🌊👅 @jon_swavyy_🔁Demarcus Cousins is the best center in the league. How does he not make any All NBA Team?
Corner Three Hoops @corner3hoops🔁 Chris Paul not making an All NBA team is a joke.
Pre Malone @ousseyn_sow🔁Rudy dans la 2nd All NBA Team 🇫🇷👏🏾👏🏾
Mitch Richmond @D_Lee20🔁 Westbrook made NBA First team but couldn't start in the All Star Game.....
Itachi Uchiha @HurtCharles🔁@Money23Green please stop speaking basketball. You're better playing the game. No way is Klay Deserving of an All NBA spot. Not this season
Abdi🍁 @TDotA1G🔁Only NBA player that should've made the All NBA team but didn't is Karl Anthony Towns.
Tzvi king @Tzviking1🔁 Could the Warriors? ?Death Lineup? beat the All-NBA first team?
Thomas Montanez @Tmontanez123🔁 John wall got ROBBED of NBA all 2nd team
Jack C. 🙏 @Jackmcbrass🔁 Since Paul George was not selected, he misses the opportunity at a $210M deal. MORE:
RockinSportz @JamesDownie1🔁 All NBA teams Announced #NBA
Maya Jawwaad @_notpocahontas🔁 Deandre Jordan making All NBA over KAT is ridiculous
greek. @_jjohhnn🔁 The Greek Freak is the first Buck selected to an All-NBA Team since 2010!!


John Marsh @john_marsh10🔁@KySportsRadio any idea why Towns was left off All NBA list? Scratching my head right now.
BV33 @BlakeVillers33🔁 How does DeAndre Jordan make All NBA over KAT?
🏀 Corey Classic 🏀 @coreyclassic🔁All Team NBA 1st, 2nd & 3rd team.
BERT @BERT_028🔁@Erikkowesome LeBron tas Westbrook sa 1st All NBA
BTM⛵ @BlakeStreeter22🔁 Congratulations to Giannis for being named to the All NBA Second Team. Great accomplishment.
Gary porter @garyfean0105🔁After watching harden throw that playoff game he still all nba STUPID VOTER
MW @M7Aaron🔁@ceroy16 Banking on making All NBA again is risky, but props to him if he goes out and does it.
Faith Branch @FaithBrancjb🔁All NBA teams were announced today. Who do you guys think got snubbed for the first team?
MikeInglisHEAT @MikeInglisHEAT🔁Really a shame that @MiamiHEAT big man @youngwhiteside didn't make an ALL NBA team. Had a good season w/big time #s. Certainly worthy!
Hennessy Jones @GO_HARvarD🔁Whoever voted for lebron to be Second team all NBA a hater
GLOHUMMAD ALI @iGLOBAL_DABOY🔁@MrSelfMade80 He don't deserve to be all NBA
SB LI Champs @iExquisiteHD_🔁I'm saying it's crazy that he's even on an all NBA team he's 5'9 the last pick of the draft
LastWordHoops @LastWordHoops🔁 How is the 2nd worst perimeter defender in the league aka Isaiah Thomas a 2nd team All NBA ?
#AustinGang @CantGuard_Kyle🔁@Rock2__ @KyrieIrving Didn't even make NBA ALL TEAM🤦🏽‍♂️
94_TilliNfinity™ @OctobersOwn_94🔁 All NBA 3rd Team: 🏀

John Wall
DeMar DeRozan
Jimmy Butler
Draymond Green
DeAndre Jordan

SixTreyJay @Jaygotti063🔁Klay is not all nba foh stay mad boy
Michael Boutros @Mboutro5🔁James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Anthony Davis make the All NBA First Team. All Well deserved and no subs
Dara @DaraUnn🔁Damn no @boogiecousins ??? @nba y'all some bums
94_TilliNfinity™ @OctobersOwn_94🔁 All NBA 1st Team: 🏀

Russell Westbrook
James Harden
Kawhi Leonard
LeBron James
Anthony Davis

sugar papi @bbbrian_🔁Paul George missed out on All-NBA teams, making it easier for Lakers to acquire him
C-NUGZ @NuggieFresh🔁So @KarlTowns averaged the same amount of points as Kevin Durant this year and didn't make the all NBA team??
John Marsh @john_marsh10🔁Rudy Gobert and Deandre Jordan make All NBA teams and Towns didnt? Am I missing something here? That's laughable.
Justin @HshtagHashbrown🔁How tf does KAT not make an All NBA Team...? That's almost as big of a joke as Dak making the probowl over Stafford.
🏀 Corey Classic 🏀 @coreyclassic🔁 James Harden and record-tying LeBron James headline All-#NBA teams #lebronjames #basketball #sport #ussports
Pokemon Dave @pokemon_dave🔁All Team NBA 1st, 2nd & 3rd team.
NBA News @PlayerlineNBA🔁Paul George did not make an All-NBA team on Thursday. # #FantasyBasketball
10EdgeYes @10EdgeYes🔁All Team NBA 1st, 2nd & 3rd team.
Trent Partridge @Baller_Training🔁All Team NBA 1st, 2nd & 3rd team.
Trent Partridge @AffiliateVideo2🔁All Team NBA 1st, 2nd & 3rd team.
Angel @Trent_Roaming🔁All Team NBA 1st, 2nd & 3rd team.
Affiliate Marketing @Affiliate_Vid🔁All Team NBA 1st, 2nd & 3rd team.


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