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Alex Smith For The Win @ForTheWin🔁Chiefs fans are thanking Alex Smith by donating $11 to his foundation
Alex SmithAlex Smith LaToya King @GOLDENTeach22🔁 .@UpAndComingNews Alex Scruggs makes smooth transition to E.E. Smith.

Alex Smith BonAfide @bonestillviral🔁 Chiefs fans are thanking Alex Smith by donating $11 to his foundation
Alex Smith 1@bonsoirmichel @bonsoirmichel🔁 Alex smith
Alex Smith @Alex_Smith_Ants🔁@HopeJahren Please send to Guelph!! Will pay shipping!!
Alex Smith NFL @NFL🔁Now a member of the @Redskins...

Alex Smith's Top 10 plays from 2017!

NFL @NFL🔁4,042 yards, 26 touchdowns, and a passer rating of 104.7 in 2017.

Meet the ' newest quarterback... Alex Smith!

Brandon Lee Gowton @BrandonGowton🔁Eagles: Playing in the Super Bowl

Washington: Traded for Alex Smith

Giants: Hired Pat Shurmur


Big Burgular Brand☔️ @enockrodriguez_🔁You already know NFL gonna be like oh shit we gonna change so we get ratings and give it to someone like Alex smith
Emperor Grunfeld @harDCor_barra🔁Eagles: Playing in the Super Bowl

Washington: Traded for Alex Smith

Giants: Hired Pat Shurmur


Blair Clark @412fanaticfan🔁At Super Bowl party. Travis Kelce playing Alvin Kamara in Madden and the first thing Kelce does is bench Alex Smith for Pat Mahomes 😂😂
The Majors LA @TheMajorsLA🔁Which trade is more surprising? LA ➡️ DET or Alex Smith KC ➡️ WAS
DAU DAS 3 @4thin1🔁POTUS Mara Kennedy "Alex Smith" We have to change our thinking. Like when we see obscene images then vulgar thoughts are aroused. And because they are provocative in nature they ignite the fire within. Renounce such pictures.

C🏈llapsing P🏈cket @PocketCrumble🔁CPP #61 - The CPP Awards - out now! Wardy graces us with his presence all the way from London to discuss Alex Smith, an attempt at a Superbowl preview and of course dish out our end of season accolades. Download, enjoy, & tell your mates!

Everett Will @DCAbloob🔁NBCSN ran a poll asking fans who would win a championship first between Alex Smith or Alex ...

Shared from my Google feed

Alex Smith @Alex_Smith_Ants🔁A superb article about G.E. Hutchinson and modern scholarship!
Quote: "The tireless work of the scientists that came before, got us here. We owe them the same level of effort. We owe the next generation too."
Alex Smith @Alex_Smith_Ants🔁Excellent article - Philosophy of science and causal inference. I agree: “We need formal training in some aspects of the philosophy of science to recognise its importance to our work.”

Scott Cherry @CHERRYBOMBS00🔁‘Skins fans might want to think about their terrible run defense and inability to prevent explosive plays on defense instead of acting like they just lost Joe Montana and replaced him with Heath Shuler. Alex Smith will do his job...and do it well.
Surviving The Season Podcast @StSPodcasts🔁Survivors! podcast S2E44 is up ... Talking Alex Smith trade, free agent QBs, and we talk about a random mock draft... Thanks for checking us out...
Whitney Hollis @whitneyshollis🔁Fantastic to have so many inspiring women speak at EY's Women in FinTech event tonight: Ella Rabener (), Alex Boyle (), Chia Brewin (), Terrie Smith ()and Phoebe Hugh ()
Aldous Snow @DecemBURRR19th🔁@bruceallen fuckin idiot. U and this Alex smith shit just set the team back 5 years. Qb limbo in 2.5 years.
DeJuan Wardell Stewa @WardellStewa🔁@DaRealRoot @RGIII @KirkCousins8 and what the hell Alex Smith gonna do for us? I would have rather kept @KirkCousins8
Marie Little @TomaszCiarkowsk🔁Breaking: The Chiefs are trading QB Alex Smith to the Redskins. (confirmed by ESPN's , first reported by Kansas City Star)
tod @sweatingmullets🔁Alex Smith is rich as hell man
Tiffany Ivester @InLuvWanAngel🔁Andy Reid: “Hey Washington, I have Alex Smith. What you got?"

Redskins: “2 pulled pork sandwic..”

Andy Reid: “Done.”

Redskins: "We’ll throw in a rack of r..”

Andy Reid: “I said Done. Deal.”

Redskins: “You don’t want anything el..”

Andy Reid: “He’s already on the plane.”

The ProTipster Football Show @ProTipsterPod🔁Alex Smith: After 13 seasons, I know I have a lot more left in me
Loveish Loaded @saleboost🔁Vernon Davis Stoked for Alex Smith Reunion in Washington
John Fiorino @jtwin17🔁Tannehaters: “Alex Smith is so much better than Tannehill. Look at what Washington paid him”

But their stats are almost exactly the same.

Tannehaters: “Alex Smith sucks, why do you think KC traded him away.”

This is what you get in an Omar Kelly ‘fit my narrative’ world.

Tiffany Ivester @InLuvWanAngel🔁Just so I’m clear: I can have soon-to-be 30 years old Kirk Cousins at ~$27M per year, or I can give up a 3rd-round pick to have soon-to-be 34 years old Alex Smith at $23.5M per year.

Why did Washington do this.

starmargarita @142Countries🔁Want to know why the Redskins made the Alex Smith deal? Take a look at this list via @YahooSports
Irving CP13 @IrvingCP13🔁Age:
Kirk Cousins: 29
Alex Smith: 33

4,000 yard seasons:
Kirk Cousins: 3
Alex Smith: 1

Total TD passes last 3 seasons:
Kirk Cousins: 81
Alex Smith: 61

The Redskins just traded FOR an older QB who isn’t even as good as their current QB.


Fanboys Comics @FanboysComics🔁 New twitter moment - A closer look at new #Redskins QB Alex Smith

TBK🥊 @ThatBeastKota🔁@Chenzo323 alex smith traded to redskins
Bryan @Hockrockit27🔁 Please tell me Alex Smith can throw the fade....
Dolphins Gal @DolphinsGal81🔁Alex Smith signs 4-year, $94-million contract #dolphins
MyModernManCave @rqpratt🔁Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan was a HUGE winner last night with the Alex Smith trade.
Giants Fan Alan @giants_fan_alan🔁NFL news: SB Nation writers talking about Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith, much more #bleedblue
dawson @dawsdtd🔁Alex Smith has agreed in principle to a 4-year, $94 million extension, $71 million guaranteed with the Redskins. (via and )
Carlos Javier @CJdeMiguel🔁 Have to imagine Jay pushed for Alex Smith trade more than anyone. Knew Kirk was gone, got the vet that can run his system
CORY O'DONNELL @CoryODonnell🔁 I couldn't pick one Patrick Mahomes highlight to put in this post so I just put like 47
Derek Morrison @DerekDecanted🔁 loving the Cousins/Alex Smith chat on the new pod! Do you think that Mike Shanahan can factor/influence Cousins' fre e agency in favour of the Broncos based on Elway/historic relationships? Shanahan was founding member of the Kirk Cousins fan club, Kyle, etc
Kenneth Hoyt @kenneth_hoyt🔁@dallascowboys Ha Ha ! Alex Smith had a better chance in KC .. KC has way more talent than redskins .. that’s good for Dallas ..
Teresa @teresaleah🔁Hey , let’s give Alex Smith a going away present! I just sent $25. Let’s chime in for a great total and final tally. More here from our friends at


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