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Airbus Sylvain @sylantro🔁 Airbus acquires majority stake in Bombardier's C Series Jet
Airbus Matt @mattlunnay🔁 Airbus and @Bombardier announce #CSeries partnership agreement.
Airbus Ghulam Rabbani @Rabbani_1970🔁 Airbus to enter into partnership with Canada´s Bombardier
Airbus Sky News Business @SkyNewsBiz🔁Airbus to partner with Canada's Bombardier
Airbus Airbus @Airbus🔁Airbus and @Bombardier announce #CSeries partnership agreement.
Airbus @Airbus🔁Save the date! 📅The maiden flight is scheduled for Oct 19th pending several factors incl. weather. Stay tuned for m ore!
David Beker @DavidEBeker🔁The fine print on the deal is that by 2023 Airbus will buy out the remaining Bombardier and Quebec C Series shares.
Charles Seay @SeaySon🔁Bombardier, Airbus announce C Series joint venture, deny any link to trade case
SamSense @SamSense🔁Gov. of Quebec paid $1 billion a year ago for 50%. Now owns only 19%. So it bought in at a $5 billion value, compared to Airbus zero value.
AmericanFreightTruck @AFTvitaliy🔁Airbus to take majority stake in Bombardier C-Series jet programme
J Rimok @JRimok🔁So happy for @Bombardier and @Airbus for the deal on the C Series and keeping aerospace jobs in Canada is a huge plus for a mech student!!
Barbara @strawberrysnow🔁3/3 Who benefits the most from the taxpayers' gift with this transaction? The family that controls Bombardier or Airbus? We need answers.
Luca Antognetti @LucaAntognetti🔁 Airbus to partner with Canada's Bombardier
Dr Funny Mart @Fun_mArt_3000🔁Bombardier first proposed the transaction in Oct 2015, offering Airbus a stake in the struggling C Series programme
Will Fowler @thefutureyousee🔁 Bombardier sells majority stake in C Series to Airbus
ASKBiblitz @LeoBiblitz🔁2/3 If CSeries has such potential and can get a company like Airbus interested to the point of taking control, why did it need taxpayers $?
Jim Maclean @CrustyMaclean🔁@TondaMacC Great. Let's see if Airbus can deliver those Toronto streetcars on time.
A330neo Fans @A330neoFans🔁The countdown has begun!!!
Real Business Talk @ReBusinessTalk🔁 Airbus to take majority stake in Bombardier C-Series jet programme
LJ @Ljtcu🔁 Hey @JustinTrudeau when Airbus buys the majority shares in Bombardier we better be getting our money back!!!!!!
John McClelland 🇨🇦 @Jehmmy43🔁While I'm pleased the future of the C Series is secure, I'm rather dumbfounded by the price Airbus negotiated for hal f the program.
Jonathan Ashleigh @JDAshleigh🔁 If @Airbus and @Bombardier think this deal will get them around the rules....#thinkagain
Serge Cossette @vwk7🔁Oh, about all that public money that went into propping up Bombardier's CSeries? Yeah, that's Airbus’s money now
walpoleboy6 @Walpoleboy6_RBX🔁Save the date! 📅The maiden flight is scheduled for Oct 19th pending several factors incl. weather. Stay tuned for more!
DC Grey @CulverGrey🔁 would be interested to hear if you think this will be a good partnership or if the plane could have any impact on re gional routs.

Chad P. Bown @ChadBown🔁Bombardier first proposed the transaction in Oct 2015, offering Airbus a stake in the struggling C Series programme
TXWSW @TexasWSW🔁Airbus to take majority stake in Bombardier’s C-Series jet business
Éire NewsFinder @IrishNewsFinder🔁Airbus enters C-Series partnership with Bombardier
Captain Canuck @DPMcCallum🔁Well, can't say Bombadier didn't warn you, Trump and Co. Good luck w/the rest of 'protecting US business', dumbass.
Mix96 @officialmix96🔁NATIONAL NEWS: Airbus to partner with Canada's Bombardier
Travel News Asia @TravelNewsAsia🔁#Airbus and #Bombardier signed an agreement Monday to become partners on the #CSeries aircraft programme. #aviation
SamSense @SamSense🔁So spent $4 billion, half tax-payers money, to develop a program it just gave half of to Airbus for free. Generous to call it a sale @AirlineGeeks🔁Boeing has issued a statement on the Airbus/Bombardier deal:
Will Fowler @thefutureyousee🔁 Any chance Airbus wants into the streetcar business too?
Aaron Hall @aaronhall__musi🔁 Airbus to take majority stake in Bombardier’s C-Series jet business
Shelagh Daley @theoaktheash🔁"An interesting turn of events has just happened over the Boeing vs Bombardier tariff fight. Airbus just bought ..."
chevvyyyy @coolcanadian67🔁Poetic justice:
Boeing tried to kill off Bombardier but only drove them (& their superior technology) into the arms of rival, Airbus
Enrique Perrella @Enrique77W🔁Boeing comments on the Bombardier/Airbus venture as if it could be blocked by a regulatory entity.

Things are about to get heated.

Eagle Radio @eagleradio🔁NATIONAL NEWS: Airbus to partner with Canada's Bombardier
Brandon Farris @brandonsblog🔁SECOND TAKE: "At the end of the day, this is going to be an Airbus program.”
Kitahbangkok @Kitahbangkok🔁A week ago the second Airlines came out of paint with Negaraku livery ! 🇲🇾 
Pierre Bus @PierreBus380🔁If Boeing fathoms blocking Airbus from US market, EUROPE ready to reply.
NOW: tariffs on 737 in Canada;#CSeries competitor, higher subsidies


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