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Airbus Colin Keyse @SDChamp🔁 Brexit dividend. Airbus announces it is preparing to move production out of Britain.
Airbus Philip Hunt @PhilipHunt7🔁EU paid Airbus billions in illegal subsidies, WTO rules
Airbus US Press World @USPressWorld🔁#AirBus Tells Britain It Wants Details of a #Brexit Deal, or Else - #NewYork Times
Airbus Maureen Corrigan @wear_tartan🔁 Airbus didn't get the memo.
Airbus Stephen Smith @claimsseven🔁 Do we have to write it on the side of an Airbus?
Nigel Farage @Nigel_Farage🔁Hardly surprising Airbus are threatening us today when they've taken billions in EU funding.
Anna Soubry MP @Anna_Soubry🔁 is far from alone raising v real & serious concerns about lack of clarity from Govt about our future trading relatio nship w As a former Bis Minister this is verging on a dereliction of duty from a Government & party that has always traditionally been party of business
Faisal Islam @faisalislam🔁Airbus on “severe disruption/ unrecoverable delays/ billions in lost turnover” sign of disbelief of exasperated busin esses on direction of travel on Brexit, finally going public, not with threats, but with logical consequences of political choices:

C Barkworth @c_barkworth🔁Why oh why are people moaning about airbus and Brexit. So what if its a disaster. So was the 1st and 2nd world wars. We fucked the Germans at both and will do the same with Brexit. Keep calm and carry on and be patriotic. God bless this island it will carry on regardless.
Stephen Bithell @StephenBithell7🔁Airbus supported a £7.8 billion gross value added contribution to UK GDP in 2015. Meaning it's footprint was larger t han Newcastles economy & a third bigger than the economy of Oxford. Airbus raised £1.7 billion in tax revenue in 2015.
Sophie Petzal @Sonic_Screwup🔁 On Sky News talking Airbus and Brexit at 1730 once I sprint from this cab
Chris Brown 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 #FBPE @mrchrisbrown🔁Business needs to follow the lead of Airbus in spelling out clearly what almost all of them are thinking. Govt needs to listen. Labour needs to explain what a ‘jobs first Brexit’ means in light of this. Country needs to get real
ellen williams @wicardossa1957🔁 @mrjamesob just heard on PM R4 that BMW now saying same as airbus
Sarah Ludford #FBPE @SarahLudford🔁It's a hugely successful business, which the UK has made a great contribution to. Airbus not only employs 14,000 people in the UK but pays £1.7 billion in tax. Don't you keep your money in tax havens?
Яed Бunny Бот 🇵🇸🇻🇪🇷🇺🇸🇾🇷🇸🇪🇺🎗️🌹 @zele_zeka🔁NEW: As Airbus threatens to leave the UK, admits "Brexit done badly will leave us in a worse position than we were in before, Brexit on its own isn't some magic cure." Erm, hang on a minute? 🤔
Stephen @byStephenKelly🔁Oh man, likewise. I had a similar flashback moment the other day when I smelled a distinct BBQ smell that took me imm ediately back. It was actually a wooden spatula that had fallen onto my burning gas hob! But for a moment it was beautiful!
teresa stuart @treekahlo🔁Airbus threatens to leave UK after Brexit after "losing patience" with Theresa May and her negotiating team.

14K Jobs + thousands more in the supply chain.

Strong and stable, people, strong and stable.

Sophie Petzal @Sonic_Screwup🔁I knew it was bad, but some of the figures in Airbus' statement are eyewatering (in one way or another): 10,000 original parts manufactured in the UK. 14,000 people employed in the UK, 1,900 expats. 110,000 -one hundred and ten thousand- UK supply chain jobs. Brexit is criminal.
Stephen @Steviemcq🔁BUSINESS: Brexiteers are now in full favour of expulsion of any individual or business who does sign up to their insane fantasy future.
Lee Roach @otlondinium🔁If you're one of the 14,000+ UK workers employed by , or one of the 100,000+ working in the company's UK supply chain...

...don't take this stupidity lying down!

Join the this Saturday and tell Theresa May what you think!

Mark Annison @MarkSmutinc2012🔁Off you go then Airbus. Toyota and Honda made similar threats if we didn’t join single currency we didn’t join there still here. Big companies don’t have the threats anymore. If you don’t like it airbus fuck off into the EU. You won’t be missed
vokalyokal @vokalyokal🔁@GeorgeFreemanMP @thetimes @Airbus Are you taking the piss your government voted for it.
Vijay Chopra🇪🇺 @VJ🔁Brexit and the horseshoe theory of politics: loony pro-Brexit Tory MEP and celebrity Corbyn fanboy from Momentum both threatening to nationalise Airbus. The country has gone mad.
Shazcad @Allcad35🔁Don’t you just love it?
One bright Brexiter on here says Airbus is not a problem.
Because he always uses Ryanair .....

Iconoclast @Iconoclast1982🔁Airbus threats? Brussels bullying of the worst kind! Barnier’s 10 point strategy:- 1. Just refuse everything. 2. Let the Remoaners constantly force concessions from the UK. 3. Play the Irish Border card. 4. Refuse everything. 5. Let the Remoaners keep destroying the British
Soupdragon2 @Realsoupdragon2🔁Utterly agog at . Not at the news, we all knew that, but at the feigned shock, unease and demands for reassurance from MPs over it. You know, that thing they just totally voted for. This is what brexit is guys, own it.
MrCole @mattjacole🔁"Airbus seem to be in a state of confusion about their position"!!!! Yes of course they are. I imagine that, if only they weren't so confused, they could make more than £4billion a year. I don't know how a business like that survives, so disorganised
🇺🇸Besties4Life🇬🇧 @mitchiepoo46🔁 @Jonteinspain EU have 'paid' Airbus billions, Airbus will say whatever the EU wants them to say!!
Ray Fletcher OBE @rayfletcher223🔁Airbus prepares to leave. Pfizer warns UK life science dominance under threat. Our two last great industries - pharma and aerospace - quiver before Brexit. Thank you Nigel Farrage, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg - enemies of manufacturing.
Tony_cac @19Ac65🔁Airbus made a similar warning that they would pull out of the UK if we did not join the Euro single currency. 26 years after the UK left the ERM, Airbus is still here. 🙄
Andy Forrest @ewanorandy🔁Frankly I think if did try to leave UK under a ‘no deal scenario’ (which would attract legal compensation anyway) we should consider nationalising the U.K. company, create a new UK defence & civil company then privatise that as one.
Themacmam @themacmanf15🔁Just heard on Radio 4 a few minutes ago BMW has come out now in support of Airbus ' they want Clarification on govern ments preferred Brexit Deal or they will cease further investment in UK Mini plant .
Julia 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇩🇪 @Scotkraut🔁While most of UK media focuses on the news that can (potentially) stay in the country they call their home, huge jo b losses are being announced: Apart from Airbus, 6000 jobs at House of Frasers!
🇺🇸Besties4Life🇬🇧 @mitchiepoo46🔁Its bullshit. Airbus need wings and in the time it took to move the company elsewhere would result in massive delays on delivering aircraft with severe penalties. However, aviation is exempt from everything so its just more remain fear mongering.
Gina Arymar #FBPE @gina_arymar🔁Airbus, 14,000 direct jobs, 110,000 supplier jobs and £ billions in taxes, all under threat from .

your challenge for today. As you knew what you were voting for, defend your decision to the 124,000 people whose jobs could be lost.

Ian Irons #FBPE #FollowBackProEU #PeoplesVote @IanIrons🔁 Airbus revenue covers over 20% of our EU membership. One company.

Brexit is absolutely moronic.

ian harris @livinginmarseil🔁@PickardJE Turns out great for who ? We know Rees-moggy will profit. Airbus pulling out of UK, Scotland, NIreland too
Chris Smith #FBPE @ledredman🔁The Airbus news this morning just reinforces that there are no upsides to
○UK was always a global player, there are no new trade deals
○UK always was sovereign
○UK always had control of its borders
○UK gets a zero brexit dividend for the NHS, just higher taxes
🇺🇸Besties4Life🇬🇧 @mitchiepoo46🔁Airbus threatens to QUIT UK after Brexit if Theresa May fails to agree trade deal with EU. Absolute bullshit. Airbus will remain unaffected regardless of what happens.
chamberlagop @100pctcocoa🔁Interesting to see if Number 10 back attacking Airbus as the response to deal with Airbus explaining the consequences it has established of what it can establish is Government policy on Brexit
Jackie Taylor @jtaylor9193🔁Darren Reynolds from Unite the Union speaks outside the Airbus factory in Broughton after the company said it may pull out of the UK because of Brexit. He said the Government has not given them answers
Rod York @RodYork🔁 Week in Review: Airbus horror story ruins May's no-deal victory
Phenice McCall @PheniceMccall🔁‘: Latest scare story from Airbus screams of more Project Fear.

“The best way to ensure certainty is to declare for WTO terms now and prepare to leave the EU in March 2019, an outcome companies like Airbus are fervently seeking to frustrate.

Robert Williams @rcwilliams612🔁Airbus on “severe disruption/ unrecoverable delays/ billions in lost turnover” sign of disbelief of exasperated businesses on direction of travel on Brexit, finally going public, not with threats, but with logical consequences of political choices:

Gardens Gnome 🇬🇧 @thegardensgnome🔁Surprise surprise...
Tell you what , if you’re that worried, move everything to The UK 🇬🇧!
Boeing are setting up h ere!
Stuart Neil @stuartjdneil🔁 only by the Faragistas and the lunatic half of the Tory party. After all why else would a company that depends on European cooperation be worried about Brexit?
Steve Treece @steve_treece🔁 is far from alone raising v real & serious concerns about lack of clarity from Govt about our future trading relationship w As a former Bis Minister this is verging on a dereliction of duty from a Government & party that has always traditionally been party of business
Jill Martin @landiejm🔁 Worth noting that manufacturing is 10% of UK economy

It's 40% of Flintshire economy where Airbus Broughton is located.

Glenne Milligan @MilliganGlenne🔁Airbus cannot threaten the British people. If it can find a better place to do business, I suggest it moves to the wonderful EU. In a state of collapse, the big boys who rule the EU from Brussels & Berlin will make you very welcome so piss off soon or shut up
RightAngle UK #FBPE @RightAngleUK🔁Project fear has now just turned into ... fear ! Airbus contribute £1.7bn in tax .. ONE COMPANY, HERE BECAUSE OF THE EU, PAYS FOR £17% OF EU MEMBERSHIP!

When the 100s of firms head elsewhere the £8bn net fee begins to look VERY small!

david andrew lawson @davelawson35🔁As Airbus reveals it could quit the UK over Brexit, putting 14,000 jobs at risk, bosses reassure staff - saying at least they’ll be able to buy bendy bananas.
Chris Lyddon #FBPE @ChrisLyddon🔁British businesses, this is your moment.

Airbus has broken silence, explaining the terrible consequences of Brexit for its business. If we leave the customs union, it will leave the UK.

The time for silence is past. Speak up. Add your voices to Airbus. Be heard.

Marcus Aurelius.UTD.Rhodsian🐕Donor card holder @Mark1975s🔁'This would be catastrophic': Airbus says it may pull out of UK if there's a no-deal Brexit (via @thejournal_ie)
ɔɔ @CryptoCurrent🔁Airbus Tells Britain It Wants Details of a Brexit Deal, or Else #Uncategorized #cryptocurrency
MichaelIngle @LdnNeedsHouses🔁Not sure what you could do with aircraft wings on their own, however sophisticated, but it is at least worth consider ing.
Liliane Hewitt @LilianeHewitt🔁Yes, how dare they fund Airbus to help them do business in the UK. The TOTAL BASTARDS. Thank God we'll soon be free of all that.
Tiny Elvis @Tiny3lvis🔁With the potential loss of 15,000 jobs, Airbus has threatened to pull out of the UK after warning that under “any scenario Brexit has severe negative consequences for the UK aerospace industry and Airbus in particular”.
FlashMob4EU #FBPE @FlashMob4EU🔁Airbus is not leaving UK because of ‘bad Brexit negotiations’. Airbus is leaving the UK because of Brexit, period. Some politicians need to stop tweeting their ‘concern’ and get out there and back the public getting a final say on this god awful deal we are going to get.Rant over
Mac Greenfire 🇪🇺 @Mac_Greenfire🔁Can you believe this UKIP MEP claiming that Airbus is putting its 'own interests before those of the UK' - !
Amanda #FBPE @WinetyTime🔁Airbus route for a typical job : Take the a16 towards abbeville - then a28 Rouen - pick up the n154 to Chartres - brief stint on a10 then strait down the a20 into Toulouse .. collect goods 5pm Monday - delivered 10:00 am Tuesday . Only a CMR needed .. express vital link transport
AeroWeb @fiaeroweb🔁Airbus threatens to leave Britain over Brexit trade relations:
Jean-Michel Glachant @JMGlachant🔁Airbus is preparing to abandon plans to build aircraft wings at its British plants and move production to China, the US or elsewhere in Europe
Oor hana 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎗 @MHRMort🔁This is the doing

Financial District 75,000 job losses
Airbus 14,000 job losses
Jaguar land rover - Slovakia
Unilever - Holland
Goldman Saachs - Frankfurt
UK have highest inflation & lowest growth of 10 largest EU economies.

Gary @GarySwedger🔁@mobilechicane @IainDale @LBC But then he said that Airbus would only need a year or two to adapt and messed it all up
Daily Wail @daily_wail🔁@lesliehent @falgal @DavidScurr3 @The_ChrisShaw @PaulBigland1 @kirkdalebob @Airbus High St UK coffee £2.50 ish??
Glenne Milligan @MilliganGlenne🔁I agree with him. I feel as though Airbus are doing the Big Brother Act and forcing us to stay in the single Market snd customs union
Pauline Lomax @RedhillsAnnie🔁Airbus directly employs 7,000 people in Wales. They support a further 11,600 jobs in Wales alone in their supply chain. That's not even counting those jobs dependent on the major firms in the Airbus supply chain.
Chris Smith #FBPE @ledredman🔁Modest proposal: nationalise Airbus UK, then put Bastani in charge of the left wings and Bannerman in charge of the right wings
Ben Woodeson @benisdangerous🔁Bad news for Flintshire, Wales and the U.K.

What part of a “jobs First brexit” or a “clean brexit” is this, & ?

“Airbus prepares to take flight: tens of thousands of manufacturing roles at risk over Brexit”

LawyersAgainstBrexit #FBPE @Lawyers4EU🔁Airbus has threatened to pull out of the UK after warning that under “any scenario Brexit has severe negative consequences for the UK aerospace industry and Airbus in particular”.

That's, 'under ANY scenario', Brexit has severe negative consequences.

Streamabout The Video Agency @StreamaboutNow🔁Airbus has delivered a body blow to Brexit Britain. It won’t be the last | Aditya Chakrabortty
Chorlton's Wheelies @8bitadc🔁@MarkReckons That is exactly the problem. At present they'll just say Airbus are acting on behalf of the elite in trying to stop Brexit.
Bolshie Bear @BolshieBear🔁In light of the warnings I've written for about why a Tory Brexit is bad for our jobs, bad for our communities and bad for our country. Please read and share.
Paul Jarvis @paulm0bhn19514🔁AIRBUS 🙄

How many more EU funded doom and Gloomers are there ?
this is what happens when u.k. sells off industry’s to foreigners 🙈...

Made in england used to mean something ...

HERLadyship @kelechinnodim🔁Nigeria is not an "ideal situation".

Keep on repeating it as;

1. Ethiopia completes a 6,450MW dam
2. Airbus plans to set up shop in Cote d'Ivoire
3. Google establishes an AI research center in Ghana
4. The first car rolls off the VW plant in Rwanda

Keep on defending mediocrity

Bresistance #FBPE 🇪🇺🇬🇧 #PeoplesVote #FinalSay @ianw2000uk🔁James, check this pathetic response from - Airbus Bristol is in his constituency & it’s his voters that will lose jobs
Tom Powdrill @TomPowdrill🔁People mocking Brexit supporters shocked by Airbus by arguing along the lines that "yeah well it has a duty to do wha t's best for shareholders" - I'm not sure this is a winning look
hammy. @iamhamesh🔁We'll sell those aircraft wings that only fit Airbus planes to someone else. No-one will ever cite this as an example of why nationalisation can be a ludicrous drain on the public purse.
Doomed Monkey #FBPE @IntegralWorks🔁Are you going to personally replace the 100,000 jobs that the Airbus supply chain supports?

If not then stfu and s top conflating matters you traitorous turdski


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