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Aguayo Baz @BazMoney_vx🔁 With the 59th pick, the #Bucs select @FSU_Football K Roberto Aguayo!

#SiegeTheDay #BOOM

Aguayo Bryan Boyer @bboy2448🔁 Aguayo cut by the Bucs after missing field goals like he missed this tackle. @NotCoachJohnson
Aguayo FatasySportsChirping @chirpingfantasy🔁Bucs waive Aguayo after kicker's latest misses #chirpingfantasy
Aguayo WCTV Eyewitness News @WCTV🔁 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released former #FSU kicker Roberto Aguayo.
Aguayo CJW @Chris__jw🔁 I'll close out the Aguayo posts w/ this one.
Aguayo Carlos DLR 💡 @iCarlosMayor🔁 Buccaneers waive former second-rounder kicker Roberto Aguayo:
Aguayo 😎💰 Ace @KamCook🔁 Roberto Aguayo among biggest busts in NFL draft history.
Aguayo Hood 🎒 @lostsauce23🔁 Bucs release kicker Roberto Aguayo, who they selected in the 2nd round last year
Aguayo FPC Tyler @FPCTyier🔁 Bucs Kicker Roberto Aguayo Missed An Extra Point And A Field Goal
Aguayo Tallahassee & FSU @TallahasseeFLrr🔁Roberto Aguayo cut by Tampa Bay Bucanneers
Issa @julissa_aguayo🔁 Go follow @SakuraOfDaLeaf and @NarutoOfDaLeaf
Aguayo Lucas Naber @naberlucas🔁 Roberto Aguayo, at the combine 2016.

Talking about how NFL field goals are easier than college ...

Aguayo Hunter Hamberlin @Chips_Ahoy94🔁 BREAKING: Bucs waive kicker and former second-round pick Roberto Aguayo
Aguayo MSN @MSN🔁Buccaneers release kicker they drafted in 2nd round
Aguayo Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Bucs release kicker Roberto Aguayo, who they selected in the 2nd round last year
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁Kicker news: The #Bucs have released former 2nd round pick Roberto Aguayo after last night's misses.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Bucs released kicker Roberto Aguayo, per @nflstroud.
josh vieth @J05HV🔁 Bucs have released PK Roberto Aguayo.
Johnathan Jordan @JJitsOK🔁REPORT: The Bucs have expressed interest in signing Draymond Green to replace Roberto Aguayo, since no one kicks balls better than he does
Ryan @JellyIntoAJam🔁It will take Aguayo a year off but he'll be on a team in 2018.
Ders🤘🏽 @AnderGosselin🔁 Bucs released kicker Roberto Aguayo, per @nflstroud.
Sage @theGabesage🔁Career Field Goals

Roberto Aguayo

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Dan Marino combined

chan @vote4chan🔁Plus the fact that y'all traded up for him lmaoooo. But I read this article earlier, really explains his situation
No Punts Intended @No_Punts🔁 Kicker news: The #Bucs have released former 2nd round pick Roberto Aguayo after last night's misses.
Djugarden @dju089🔁 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have waived kicker Roberto Aguayo.
spaceman @corriveau_john🔁That'd be hilarious, trade them the pick for Aguayo, then trade them his replacement. Definition of getting them comi ng and going
TexasHorns @camacho_go🔁 We had a pretty big sample size on Aguayo. As reliable as they came in college.
Greg Auman @gregauman🔁Aguayo got the first chance last night, and that shows he still had some benefit of doubt against Folk. Two misses w ere enough to end that.
Jaret Rojas @jaretr0jas🔁 The Bucs have released kicker Roberto Aguayo after just one season in Tampa

of today @_oftoday_🔁 | Telling the untold - "Buccaneers release kicker Roberto Aguayo" @ #news
Stephen Bernal @captainsteve13🔁 Roberto Aguayo was drafted 76 picks ahead of Dak Prescott and 91 picks ahead of Jordan Howard.
♔вяyαη™ @Riskobe🔁Did Bucs put too much pressure on Aguayo? -
Brandon Proy @bproy2010🔁Roberto Aguayo's problem was in his head, not his foot. on the Bucs' failed second-round kicker.

r m @RobbyMunguia89🔁Ok well even if they didn't trade up for him, they still would have had hargreaves at 9, and aguayo in the third. So what's the big fuss
Glass @GETWITTEDSPORTS🔁 One season after they traded up to select Aguayo, the Bucs have waived him.
Aaron Cohen @bearcohen1🔁 2016 draft has some big wins: CB Vernon Hargreaves, DE Noah Spence, potentially OL Caleb Benenoch. TB moves on from a loss in Aguayo.
Vaneezy @Vaness_Aguayo🔁 Where in the chanting of "BLOOD AND SOIL," do you not realize you're the bad guys?
Blake Yarbrough @BlakeYarbro🔁And the Roberto Aguayo era is over. It was one of my favorite moments as a Bucs fan!
Cory @Cory_F_24🔁Reminder that the Bucs spent a 2nd round pick on Roberto Aguayo:

FG: 22/31
XP: 32/34
0 made > 50 yards

Missed another XP just now.

The MMQB @theMMQB🔁Roberto Aguayo's problem was in his head, not his foot. on the Bucs' failed second-round kicker.
D.M.S.R. Ƭ̵̬̊ @RealFLYTYE🔁I bet Roberto Aguayo gets signed to a new team before Kaepernick does.. 😒
Black Panthers @BlackPantherOrg🔁@azusaleague BPO has placed kicker Roberto Aguayo on the reserve/retire list.
Maze @JonnyMaze_🔁In Aguayo deal, Bucs gave up a 3rd and 4th to KC. Third-rounder cut by Chiefs, fourth was CB Eric Murray, who had 8 tackles as a rookie.
Donnyd @Donnyd1965🔁At the time i LOVED the pk, knowing NO needed a K & traded up tp #60 to pk Aguayo i was glad he beat them to pk then they get Lutz from Balt
Brett Widness @bwidness🔁Buccaneers kicker Roberto Aguayo released after missing two preseason kicks #sports #feedly #kickers #hardknocks
Club Member @YerwoodCenter_🔁Bucs made right call in quickly cutting losses with Roberto Aguayo
🇺🇸DustinStucky🇺🇸 @Djstucky1🔁"Roberto Aguayo, a Second-Round Kicker Who Couldn‘t Cut It" {by Jenny Vrentas} via #MMQB #NFL
C2 @REAL_SCHWIER🔁Would Aguayo have made it as an NFL kicker without the extra pressure and scrutiny of being a second-round pick?
King Alvin @Finesseinisreal🔁Buccaneers traded a 3d and a 4th rd pick to move up and draft Roberto Aguayo in the 2d rd of the 2016 draft. Released him 8/12/17.
Aaron Ramos @air_ramos3🔁Rookie seasons

Roberto Aguayo (59th overall pick):
71.0% FG

Sebastian Janikowski (17th overall pick):
68.8% FG

Both from Florida State

Ryan O'Halloran @ryanohalloran🔁@DEstillGood @Jaxflamullis @Jaguars aguayo was just cut because he's in a funk. but sure, what the hell, bring him in.
Giovanni Ruiz @gior73🔁Aguayo pick was obviously a horrible decision. But let's not ignore the rest of Jason Licht's GM tenure so far because of one mistake.
Tyler Zellers @Hey_turn_around🔁Cocaine possesion twice in the 2000's. Fortunately Aguayo doesn't have any drug problems so I don't agree, but respe ct your opinion. (3/3)
Taylor Jenkins @TJenkinsTampa🔁In cutting Roberto Aguayo today, Bucs take on $1.29-million in dead cap -- $860k in pro-rated signing bonus, $428k in guaranteed '17 salary.
Taylor Jenkins @TJenkinsTampa🔁Roberto Aguayo winds up making just over $2 million for one season with Bucs, in $1.15-million signing bonus and $878k in base salaries.


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