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Charlene Coughlin @cacoughlin🔁@Adweek Bye friends! Have fun in Cannes! #AdweekChat
Adweek @Adweek🔁It’s time for !
This week, we’re discussing today’s creative leaders and what keeps you inspired — please introduce twitter.com yourself to the chat, and remember to use the hashtag throughout the hour!
Adweek @Adweek🔁Another Wednesday, another #AdweekChat! Join us at 2pm ET to discuss today’s creative leaders.
See you then!
Rachel Wendte @rkwendte🔁@Adweek Subtle 😉. “Oh I’m sorry I can’t, I’ll be at Cannes.” Have a blast! #AdweekChat
Adweek @Adweek🔁Q6: What advice would you give to people who say they can't be truly creative in their work because of limitations f twitter.com rom their clients, bosses, etc?
jordan.UF.walsh @UfWalsh🔁A6: test your creativity elsewhere, where it can be appreciated, confidence will build until it burst at the seems & then naturally & organically = it’s the law of attraction, make IT work for YOU
jordan.UF.walsh @UfWalsh🔁A4: By championing the people who help bring their ideas to life. It makes you want to stay and do even better!
FlipMarketer @FlipMarketer🔁Today’s is brought to you by , where quality content creates a premium, brand-safe experience that advertisers love:
Hannah Holland @HannahfHolland🔁I just read that is fixing potholes and branding the concrete with their logo and I think that is one of the most i twitter.com nnovative, creative marketing ideas I’ve ever heard of. Also, gotta give props to for their tweets.
Code and Theory @codeandtheory🔁It’s time for !
This week, we’re discussing today’s creative leaders and what keeps you inspired — please introduce yourself to the chat, and remember to use the hashtag throughout the hour!
myactivebrain @myactivebrain🔁First always praise individuals who bring new ideas. Then judge constructively if and how it's feasible. It should b twitter.com e an open process in the company. Love this case study where every submitted idea earned the employee “creativity points"
myactivebrain @myactivebrain🔁Find a new workplace. Seriously. #AdweekChat twitter.com
Big Oak Tree Media @bigoaktreemedia🔁 Q1. Which brands or agencies do you most admire for their creative marketing and content? #AdweekChat
Patrick Kavanagh @MrExperiential🔁Ah shit, you can't just go around inspiring people like that!! How am I to manage this emotional journey now!? 😁 twitter.com
Alexis Smith @Alexified🔁A1: We admire (especially during the kerfuffle this week) for reminding us that it’s OK for a brand to have a strong voice. And a playful one.
Strategize to Messi-merize 🇦🇷 ™ @Rombe__🔁A7 : Art galleries. trying to understand the story behind the picture and finally visualizing it mentally leave a tin twitter.com gly but creative sensation in my brain cells. So I use that as a springboard to create visually compeling campaigns with powerful stories behind them.
Otter @TheMotorMouth_🔁A1: I'm blown away with how agile, responsive and smart brands like & are on social. I also think a lot of the big beer brands know their audience really well and know exactly the lines to walk.
Debi Norton @BRAVOMedia1🔁@Adweek WOW!!! I wanna be on your team!!! A Super FUN, CREATIVE Time! #adweekchat
Strategize to Messi-merize 🇦🇷 ™ @Rombe__🔁Q7: Where do you go for creative rejuvenation? What gets you out of a rut and helps spark new ideas? Why do you think it works for you?
Gina Howell @ginahowl🔁When it's my week to do the #AdWeekChat, I find any way to talk about @donaldglover. twitter.com
Otter @TheMotorMouth_🔁 is my fave brand. I love the way they boss retail, when others are desperately afraid.
Cuebiq @Cuebiq🔁I'm often inspired by articles I read on my FB newsfeed that are either written by someone I know or hit home. To me, FB gives you a more personal web of information we or our friends and family care about. It can also offer a new and interesting perspective
Strategize to Messi-merize 🇦🇷 ™ @Rombe__🔁Don't let one client's limitations box in your creativity. Find outlets in other projects where your best ideas can really shine. If you put out great, innovative content elsewhere, you can show it to a client in the future and prove why they should follow your inspo

TorstenBerlin @TorstenSc🔁I actually find reading a book can help. Doesn’t matter what kind of book. Horror/Fantasy/Thriller etc. I think it works because it’s gets me to stop thinking about my surroundings and puts me in a new setting that can be conducive to new thoughts and ideas.
Strategize to Messi-merize 🇦🇷 ™ @Rombe__🔁A6 : I'd tell them to take the long route. Meaning, Create what the client wants, but don't stop there, proceed and c twitter.com reate what you think the client really needs. Present the two. More often than not, they go for yours.
Function Point @functionpoint🔁Thanks for the very inspiring #AdweekChat today @Adweek Have fun in Cannes, we will miss you next week! twitter.com
Emmanuel Chidiogo @Empexy🔁For me, everything has the potential of sparking an idea.
I could be having a conversation with someone, and just one twitter.com word gets me thinking of several possibilities. Life is full of wow ideas, just waiting to be explored.
The Whisper Mob @TheWhisperMob🔁A6: Like everyone has said, be sneaky. Another option is to do it the client's way and also present a rough mock of w twitter.com hat you think would be better. And explain why! Sometimes clients are more open after a little Show&Tell.
Sway Group @SwayGroup🔁@sparkloft @Adweek @creativemorning What cities do you usually attend in? We're national and usually try and make it all over! #adweekchat
Sydney Van Hulle @sydthekid_19🔁Oh, totally. I love any and all of the junior versions, too 😂  twitter.com
Strategize to Messi-merize 🇦🇷 ™ @Rombe__🔁Q6: What advice would you give to people who say they can't be truly creative in their work because of limitations from their clients, bosses, etc?
Sparkloft Media @sparkloft🔁@Adweek Ah! Have fun! 🦁 #AdweekChat
Adweek @Adweek🔁And whether you’ll be at or holding down the fort, today’s sponsor, Flipboard, has you covered.
They are curating twitter.com the latest news and trends here:
Brittany NWE @DangerinaSkirt🔁Union Square is perfect for that! Plus you have the right there if you want to get a new perspective with a book. twitter.com
Caitlin Kinser @caitlinmarie89🔁I totally feel this same way about shows like Chopped and Guy's Grocery Games. Those challenges require so much cre twitter.com ativity and can be super inspiring!
Heather Taylor @howveryheather🔁@YoursTrulyCaro @Adweek I go on them with my boss every now and then and they are really great! Highly advocate for doing it. #AdweekChat
Adweek @Adweek🔁That’s it for today's ! Feeling creatively ready to tackle the world? Hope so!

A note — we won’t have an next week, twitter.com as a bunch of our team will be in Cannes. See you soon!

Strategize to Messi-merize 🇦🇷 ™ @Rombe__🔁A5: As a marketer, I really appreciate the work designers do, so as a hobby, I started collecting some awesome ads fr twitter.com om within my country, you can find them here ( ) I started my own advertising blog ( )
Jesse Ghiorzi @jesseghiorzi🔁Just got out of a meeting so popping in very late but I'm a big fan of Oblique Strategies to get a new idea or approa twitter.com ch.

Deke Bridges @dekebridges🔁A7) Straight to the bookstore.
When needing ideas I wander
aisles and love author events.
is my 2nd home.
Professio twitter.com nal wanderer here.

Function Point @functionpoint🔁A7: 2 steps: 1. Find inspiration from other creatives work. 2. Log off and get your hands dirty #AdweekChat twitter.com
Debi Norton @BRAVOMedia1🔁@thisdhara @Adweek Great Answer! NATURE!!! #adweekchat
Heather Taylor @howveryheather🔁@Jimmah_ @Adweek Reading? Book? Printed? Paper? Lulz fam, what's that? #adweekchat (JK, of course omg.)
Zipie @teamzipie🔁A7: Coffee shops, a hike, or trying something I've never done. Late nights are the best time for my creativity, I'm m twitter.com ore relaxed and not thinking as hard so it comes naturally!
Sparkloft Media @sparkloft🔁We saw in your bio that you’re not in any of our cities 😫 Let’s meet up if we happen to overlap at one! twitter.com
Carolina @YoursTrulyCaro🔁I hear that walking meetings are more productive, gonna try that out soon
(still getting the kids on board with stan twitter.com ding meetings lol)


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