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Brittany NWE @DangerinaSkirt🔁Well, I'm off to watch more Netflix—I mean, I'm going back to work. Chat laters #AdweekChat
#AdweekChat Hometown - Tshirts @hearthometown🔁I May Live In Kentucky But...
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Walk West @walkwest🔁@Adweek We'll see you next week, @Adweek! #AdweekChat
Impression @MyImpression_🔁@Adweek Well this was interesting. My first ever #AdWeekChat! Hopefully be on time next time ☺️
Adweek @Adweek🔁Q3: Are you willing to try new shows based on marketing/trailers? Or do you wait to hear what friends/critics have to say first? #AdweekChat
Adweek @Adweek🔁Q5: Is Hulu giving Netflix a run for its money? How big of an impact is Handmaid's Tale having? #AdweekChat
Adweek @Adweek🔁It's Fall TV Preview time on today!

Get basic with us at 2 p.m. ET and then we'll find a serious topic for next we ek... Maybe.

Andrea VassalloMeyer @andreamv🔁Finally! I am scrolling back through everything and did not see anyone mention Younger yet!
Andrea VassalloMeyer @andreamv🔁@Adweek A6: Awards shows and football games. They are best live--you know what happens, the spoilers, etc. #AdweekChat
Andrea VassalloMeyer @andreamv🔁I'm catching this after-the-fact & I'm glad someone else has as much equipment as me! I use AT&T (w/ DVR), Amazon, N etflix, Hulu
Sarah J. Galvez @SJ_Galvez🔁Q1: I'm mad late, but issue no latinos had noms. Touting that it was a good year for diversity w/ no Latino & little Asians is 🙅🏽
Nick Childs @NickChilds🔁A4: just cut cord fully. Have been using OTT for last year. Bundling on your own is amazing (but admit to client in t his space)
Shan @ubershan🔁 Q2: Any new shows you're looking forward to this fall? Any returning gems you're excited for a new season of? #AdweekChat
Lisl Knizner @LMKnizner🔁 The Bold Type on Freeform is a prime example of a show being 10x better than the promos. Had to convince friends to watch. A3
Matthew Owen @mowenranger🔁 @MosheIsaacian @Adweek A5: Support groups on social media sponsored by a group of caring brands could work #AdweekChat
Jen Caine @Jencaine82🔁Q6: oh you know it's all about here aka the great British bake off! It's all about that bake
SYD @sydinc🔁@Adweek I would like to join the conversation for the next #AdweekChat. Is there a protocol?
Mari Moroz @marshizzle44🔁I live for Wednesdays and #AdweekChat threads 🙌? ?
César Rodríguez @R0drigu3zMC🔁 Q5: Is Hulu giving Netflix a run for its money? How big of an impact is Handmaid's Tale having? #AdweekChat
César Rodríguez @R0drigu3zMC🔁 Q4: What's your TV/streaming subscription setup? Has it changed in recent years? Added/cut anything? #AdweekChat
Christina M. Muller @stina_says🔁@Adweek A4: Cut the cord in 2015, added Hulu & HBO Go. Feel liberated by shedding an extra $75/month. #AdweekChat
Jedidiah Baylor, MBA @JDBaylor🔁A6: , Rebels, , , Forged in Fire (). This list is not exhaustive. 😏
DIMAS @dimas_______🔁Q5: No idea but one thing for sure Amazon and Facebook are Netflix's most dangerous competitors. They've got a lot of the money.
Tallawah @positiviTeee🔁Hulu is doing its best but it can't compete with Narcos, Master of None, and the amazing docuseries like The Keepers or Abstract
Hope Floeck @HopeFloeck🔁 Q6: Which TV shows/events do you make time to watch as soon as they air, or at least as soon as possible after? Why? #AdweekChat
Taylor Daum 🌎 @taylordaum365🔁A4: Twitch has really stapled themselves as the best streaming platform. Willing to expand outside if gaming with soc ial eating
DIMAS @dimas_______🔁A4: Netflix is good. Netflix global strategy seems to be paying off with increase in subscribers mainly due to the or iginal.
Bernie Fussenegger @B2the7🔁Netflix. How about you? #Netflix #TV #Streaming #AdweekChat
Annelise Atkinson @AnneliseAtko🔁@Adweek A6: currently I do this with "The Middle" ... and gbbo #AdWeekChat
Zethu Zwane @zzwane74🔁@Adweek My lil brother is my TV series influencer. He approves a show, I become a fan #AdweekChat
Tallawah @positiviTeee🔁Netflix got me with and have never betrayed me. Considered adding HBO because of Beyonce and Insecure.
Bernie Fussenegger @B2the7🔁@Adweek Netflix #AdweekChat
Brittany NWE @DangerinaSkirt🔁Best scene is Lenny dancing to “Feeling Good.” It’s such a crazy show and I absolutely love it.
DIMAS @dimas_______🔁A3: I actually really like trailers. Sometimes more than the actual show but word of mouth or online marketing works better
Deke Bridges @dekebridges🔁That was fun, but how did I get thru today without coffee...
Tonight my fave has its finals. . What a year!
Tallawah @positiviTeee🔁Trailer and the talent in the show is my strongest pull. had a fantastic trailer. Such a great setup for the show.


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