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Function Point @functionpoint🔁So ready for the future of digital transformations. Thanks @Adweek #AdweekChat Till next week!
Adweek @Adweek🔁280 characters has turned into an SAT level reading comprehension test.

Still don't want to go back to 140 tho. twitter.com

Ad 2 Tampa Bay @Ad2TampaBay🔁@Adweek Thanks for having us! #adweekchat
Simon/Myers @WeAreSimonMyers🔁Thanks for hosting, @Adweek! Our place next time? 😂 #adweekchat
Adweek @Adweek🔁On today's we'll be talking about the digital transformation of brands and agencies.

Kicks off at 2 p.m. ET!


Adweek @Adweek🔁Q2: Where should brands look to start their evolution into a future-ready digital brand? The C-Suite, lower level r twitter.com ecruitment? Or is it as simple as something like just a conscious shift in culture?
Annie Knight @AnKni🔁 Q1: What are some brands that you think have successfully transitioned into digital brand? How did they do it? #AdweekChat
Annie Knight @AnKni🔁 Q3: What role can agencies play in helping their clients with a digital transition? #AdweekChat
PPC Rob @PPCRob🔁 A2: For a brand, digital transformation starts with the customer, not the technology. #adweekchat
Max @maxplease🔁A1: If you knew me, you'd know I'm ALWAYS late to the party. I'd say has done well to transition into a digital bran twitter.com d. Live games are now streaming, their social media presence/tone/content is entertaining and they're everywhere!
Anne J. @TruthWFlair🔁 Visual storytelling and the brainstorming that generates it are hot now twitter.com
Dr Elvira Bolat @Elvira_MLady🔁 is unavoidable and will make brands focus on creative and logical interpretations of consumer data with ability to p twitter.com redict
Aditya Labhe @adi_mera_naam🔁More than it being a me-too approach, brands need to realise what are they going to be using the chatbots for. Is it twitter.com going be awareness driven, sales driven, customer support driven or all of them.
Aditya Labhe @adi_mera_naam🔁It's never too late, usually brand/sales managers (who are in direct/indirect touch with consumers) are the right peo twitter.com ple to consult and start the process from.
Aditya Labhe @adi_mera_naam🔁Agencies today can be firstly become the agents of need recognition, and then successfully recommend partners or step twitter.com s for brands to take their first step.
Michael Jane Paul @MDwightKeller🔁280 characters has turned into an SAT level reading comprehension test.

Still don't want to go back to 140 tho.

BrainBlender🤔🌐 @BrainBlenderTec🔁A2 Its being simplified 4 Brands as collaborative silos being built 4 option selection Its mater of being ready 4 pl twitter.com ug &play
BrainBlender🤔🌐 @BrainBlenderTec🔁@pisarose @Adweek Yes & No as now with auto Apps the technology determines if a brand is even consider🤔 #AdWeekChat
BrainBlender🤔🌐 @BrainBlenderTec🔁A3 Now more than ever agiencies are showing Brands how to show stories within stories to be part of personal brand ex twitter.com perience🤔
Adewunmi Khay @adewunmikhay🔁@Adweek A1: @amazon has my take on this with their voice assistance technology. #AdweekChat
BrainBlender🤔🌐 @BrainBlenderTec🔁@Adweek A4 Over 500 blue chip Brands disappeared in lst yr as they either became irrelevant or merged🤔 Its about staying ahead #AdWeekChat
Suzanne Woodward @SuzyKaye🔁YES! Actual ROI from social media to web visits/conversions. #SproutChat #AdweekChat #AdAgeNext #SMM twitter.com
BrainBlender🤔🌐 @BrainBlenderTec🔁@Adweek A5 Brands are still lagging in Deep learning as world changes to more offered option based on personalized metrics🌐🤔 #AdWeekChat
BrainBlender🤔🌐 @BrainBlenderTec🔁A6 is changing not only how Brands are built but how consumers interact with them & now with automated silos even m twitter.com ore so🌐🤔
Connor @itsconnorstorch🔁A5: Experience. Like when you walk into a coffee shop or boutique store, but online. - Ad 2 Director
BrainBlender🤔🌐 @BrainBlenderTec🔁Then you should look @ the lst NY fashion week it was full of & with extreme value in Personalization 🤔 twitter.com
Adewunmi Khay @adewunmikhay🔁Brands of the future would so much benefit from AI but for brands who needs experiential confirmation or consumer eng twitter.com agement, i doubt if chatbot or voice assistance would be able to keep up with customers expectations.
JULIEN KEMAJOU @Julienkemajou🔁 is a good exampke. From DVD mailer to the world's 1st video content streaming service.

Ad 2 Tampa Bay @Ad2TampaBay🔁A6: humans can't compete with robots. if your competitors are using them, you better be as well. Ad 2 TB Director twitter.com
JT White @Receptiv_JT🔁A4: Ok 3rd times a charm - this is actually more of a question. IBM? Clearly a front-runner for a long time but now d twitter.com own 54% since 2016 close, sold a ton of shares. Are they in real trouble?
James Costello @jamescapetown🔁These Twitter chats are worth your time if you work in .

Himani Mishra @MissHimani🔁Thanks to everyone that stopped by for the digital transformation today!

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Ad 2 Tampa Bay @Ad2TampaBay🔁A6: Since AI will inevitably supersede organic life, I'd say it's pretty important to the future of brands. You've go twitter.com tta plan ahead for your future customer base. -Ad 2 TB President


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