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flick fifo @atheistscott🔁 Never, I repeat NEVER show up to an active shooter situation as a civilian with a firearm.
AJ+ @ajplus🔁BREAKING: Police are responding to reports of an active shooter at Santa Fe High School just outside Houston,Texas. The school is on lockdown.

ABC News @ABC🔁LIVE COVERAGE: Authorities are responding to active shooter incident at high school in Sante Fe, Texas.
active shooter lily🤘🏽 @littttle_lee🔁 #UPDATE: Mugshot of accused Texas school shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis
ABC News @ABC🔁Students evacuated from high school in Sante Fe, Texas as authorities respond to active shooter incident.
JANUARY 19th💐💝 @sexxxylisa🔁NEW: VP Pence addresses deadly shooting at Texas high school: "We say to the students, the families, the teachers of Santa Fe high school and all of those affected in the entire community: We're with you."
Bob Amos @Bobby_Analog🔁MORE INNOCENT PPL WILL DIE IF WE ARM MORE PPL. The idea that during a shooting, police and PANICKED bystanders will be able to tell the difference between the active shooter and the Good Guy with the gun is very ridiculous. Only more confusion and chaos will ensue.
r y a n @doitfordanvers🔁Man carrying an American Flag and wearing a handgun on his hip came to Santa Fe High School to offer "support" in the aftermath of the deadly shooting.

A parent of a student at the school called it “disgusting.”

Army/CoastGuard Vet @BeechoR🔁i attend santa fe high school. twice in the past 3 months i have been on lockdown for an active shooter. im tired of this constant fear
Trixy Eichler @trixwithay🔁Santa Fe High School had
✔︎ Well trained staff and students
✔︎ Active shooter training
✔︎ Quality school resource officers (one of whom is injured and in the hospital)

Politicians and leaders have no more room to waiver on .

Jim Douglas @JimSDouglas🔁Yup, let's lock hundreds of children in a building with an active shooter with only one exit. What could go wrong?

Lady Devastating @LadyDevastating🔁The pressure of the world... No one can explain it.
julieee @julissaesc🔁 Here are the first pictures of High School shooting suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis. The death toll is now at 10 >
Devon Dudley @dudley_devon🔁FIRST LOOK: The mugshot of - Santa Fe High School student suspected in shooting that killed 10, injured 10 -
Genevieve Gage @GenevieveGage3🔁Heartbreaking moment as Santa Fe High School student is asked if she thought a shooting 'would not happen' at her school:

"It's been happening everywhere. I've always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here too."

Luke_Manion @Luke__Manion🔁Houston firefighters are among first responders from around the region at the Santa Fe High School shooting. We extend condolences, thoughts and prayers to all of the families affected by this senseless tragedy.

Julio @CHAL90N74🔁If you’re a white dude, you can show up to an active shooter crime scene with a pistol on your hip and not get shot.

If you’re a black dude, you can legally BBQ at your local park and some racist asshole will call the cops on you.

StSmallerie @StSmallerie🔁WHITE PRIVILEGE: showing up to an active shooter crime scene with a pistol on your hip and NOT getting your head blown off by the police
Brenda Lummus @brenda_lummus🔁SO NOW THE QUESTION I HAVE IS
Where were the PARENTS & FAMILY of the shooter?

They go to school to learn

At least 8 dead after gunman opens fire at Texas high school; suspect in custody, explosives found via

john michael vanOs @johnmichaelvanO🔁'Up to TEN people killed’ in Texas high school shooting via
Sean Mayberry @semayber🔁Although additional gun reform laws are certainly needed, the emerging details of the Santa Fe shooting prove that w e all must take an active role in our communities to spot potential violence. Numerous red flags about the shooter apparently appeared.
Speech @MojoPotatoo🔁JUST IN: Mug shot released for Texas school shooting suspect, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzi

(Courtesy Galveston County Jail)

Mary MAC @GGCalwel🔁They don’t have active knifer drills in schools. Or active driver using a car as a weapon drills. Or anything else, except Active Shooter Drills. Because our country is flooded with guns and gun violence. Everything the & their puppets do ensures it will only get worse.
Giga Dril Breaker @dwstatic🔁@rasm I'll take 'bad ideas that funnel targets towards an active shooter' for 500 please
Bob Dobalina @BambuMedia🔁You know times have shifted when active shooter stories in America don't even make it into your twitter feed anymore
Destiny D. @AyoodestinyKTA🔁SFISD District Response to SFHS Active Shooter

This morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. The district has initiated a lockdown at the high school. We will send out additional information as soon as it is available.

Edith Parra @ScoobyLady27🔁Santa Fe school shooting:

• Several injured after a shooter opened fire at a Texas high school
• No longer an active shooting situation
• One person is in custody
• A police officer is among those injured

🇺🇸 ☕Johnny B☕ 🇺🇸 @JohnnyB371🔁Santa Fe active shooter.

Maybe its a Illegal refugee, Muslim maybe MS13.

California vote and stop letting those animals in yourcity. Fire the lawyers that aid them over our wall.
in California.

Theresa Power-Natale @IrishTheresa🔁NEW: "Every day that we fail to act on gun violence, we are failing our children," Hillary Clinton says.
Jorge Rojas Serrano @jorroser🔁WATCH: After another school shooting, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says designs of schools have to be reviewed, looking at ways to limit entrances and exits, and perhaps limiting to a single entrance for students: “We’re going to have to be creative.”

Nicholas Kjeldgaard @NickKjReports🔁Multiple law enforcement sources have identified the suspect in today's tragic deadly shooting at Santa Fe High Schoo l in Texas. -->
Only1___Ja' @Only1Ja_🔁Pictured: Student who burst into Texas school armed with assault rifle, killing 10 and booby trapping campus before being arrested along with an 'accomplice'
Jorge Rojas Serrano @jorroser🔁Sheriff: Suspect in Texas high school mass shooting has been booked into Galveston County Jail; held on capital murder charge with no bond; additional charges may follow.
America First @rolson73🔁WATCH: A Man Showed Up To Santa Fe High School (Texas) Amid Reports Of An Active Shooter With An American Flag And Concealed Handgun Offering Support

Marcus @MK_Nordic🔁Texas school shooting: Cold-eyed 'killer' is pictured after surrendering to cops when he changed mind about killing himself
Paul M @FlyScotPaul🔁It can happen anywhere. , , I have asked for to meet with you since my daughter was killed in school on Feb 14. As I write this, there is a shooting that just happened in a Trump Hotel in Miami. Are you ready to meet yet?

Ludovic @LudovicSpeaks🔁wait til they come back telling you they had an active shooter kindergarten. And you can’t say thats insan e to do, because it’s actually insane to have to do. I’m apoplectic each time my son tells me about them
Jorge Rojas Serrano @jorroser🔁JUST IN: 10 killed, 10 wounded in Texas school mass shooting, Gov. Abbott says.
thot of Celibacy @aIrightsis🔁Up to 10 dead after Texas school gunman 'shouts "surprise"' and begins firing
Jennie Helen @Jennie_Helen🔁Santa Fe High School student after shooting: "It's been happening everywhere. I've always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here too."
Romy Wan Kenobi @RomaPazP🔁"Make America great again" — A man showed up to the High School shooting with an American flag and a gun. Another man called it "an embarrassment."
Christina @duffygirl8🔁You’re a sell out. Your God will cast you into hell. I hope that hell is a loop of being a kid in a classroom faced with an active shooter.
Shawn Griffin @509ShawnG🔁NEW: Suspected Texas high school shooter identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, county sheriff’s office confirms to .
Ry Cooper @kingpin7666🔁The school had just done an active shooter drill,
Teaching the shooter, who was a student, exactly where everyone would be. 10 dead. How did that plan work out?

Parents getting ready for their kids graduation are now planning funerals.


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