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Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁What we heard over and over is that the world is grateful for the leadership of American states, cities, businesses, twitter.com and citizens from all walks of life on climate action - and that other countries aren't slowing down the fight one iota because of this president.
Wabizclimate @wabizclimate🔁1700 US businesses and counting! Fantastic progress to fast forward the clean energy economy, great jobs and a health twitter.com ier future.
Climate Solutions @climatesolution🔁We’re now hearing from via a video message sent from Bonn, where she’s attending Earlier today we host twitter.com ed a twitter chat with her and --read at
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁Jobs. We see enormous economic opportunity as our clean energy sector is growing at about twice the rate as other sec twitter.com tors in our state.
Wabizclimate @wabizclimate🔁Thank you for your energy leadership and helping articulate why this is good for business on so many levels. Check twitter.com out how Microsoft is leading the charge and inventing the low carbon future.
Wabizclimate @wabizclimate🔁We do, too! There's a huge economic opportunity for the clean energy sector. Clean jobs in Washington State matter. twitter.com
KristenPark @kristenallipark🔁More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries assess the world's responses to environmental threats. Once again, the twitter.com y find us sorely wanting:

Ross Macfarlane @ross_macfarlane🔁Great live session with & Govs, who are showing world at that . twitter.com
Renew Oregon @RenewOregon🔁Thank you, for this great live session. And big thanks to and for your leadership on climate and for reminding ev twitter.com eryone that now is the time to act.
Deborah Moore @debmoore_UCS🔁Can each Governor please comment on the prospects for building legislative and public support for climate legislation twitter.com in OR & WA? What most needs to be addressed?
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁Thank you for all your questions, we're working with partners around the world to beat climate change, together as w twitter.com e
Climate Solutions @climatesolution🔁Many thanks to and for joining us live from in Bonn, where it’s getting pretty late in the evening we imagine. Auf twitter.com wiedersehen and safe travels!
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁We're the kind of people that know how to innovate, and we will be able to find the solutions to beat climate change. twitter.com Innovation is in our DNA, and along with we're going to keep leading.
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁We live in the most beautiful corner of the world, and we're able to see some of climate change's effects first like twitter.com an acidic Puget Sound.
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁The recent election opened up a pathway to try to get something big done. We're looking at ways of putting a price o twitter.com n carbon pollution and how to put that money to work for our state.
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁We're also working to close our state's last coal-fired plant as well. We're committed to moving away from coal-fired twitter.com electricity.
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁We've been working through process for a while now. We know that carbon free energy is the future. More info: twitter.com
Governor Kate Brown @OregonGovBrown🔁Before heading to , I signed 2 executive orders that will move Oregon toward greater energy efficiency and expand our twitter.com electric vehicle infrastructure. We aim to have 50,000 EVs on the road by 2020!
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁Washington already has some of the nation's cleanest electricity - so we need to keep working hard to reduce emission twitter.com s from transportation, especially by increasing the number of EVs in our state.
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁States have been called the laboratories of democracy. We can put innovation to work to fight climate change in the w twitter.com ays that work best for us.
#FreeTheDouche🌹 @planetinchaos🔁How come you aren’t doing everything in your power to stop the proposed LNG refinery and accompanying pipeline? It’ twitter.com s opposed by 90% of affected landowners. Seems contradictory to your said climate goals.
Climate Solutions @climatesolution🔁., what special role do state and local governments play in moving the needle on climate action? And Washington in pa twitter.com rticular?
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁We're working hard up and down the west coast with our partners to see how we can decarbonize together. Exploring al twitter.com l our options.
Governor Kate Brown @OregonGovBrown🔁Since developing the partnership, the West Coast’s collective GDP has grown by 20%, while our greenhouse gas emissi twitter.com ons have declined by 6%!
Governor Kate Brown @OregonGovBrown🔁There’s strength in numbers and working together with and our west coast partners is crucial to fighting , while als twitter.com o building a thriving economy that invests in clean energy.
Climate Solutions @climatesolution🔁Ok, so that’s why climate action is important for the northwest. Why is our region critical for climate action? Addre twitter.com ssing that to .
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁The short answer is don't wait for DC. Every business, university, local gov't can do their part. Improve energy effi twitter.com ciency, buy renewable power, move to EVs. There's a lot to do.
Governor Jay Inslee @GovInslee🔁We know we need to reduce fossil fuels of all kinds, a big answer to that is pushing renewables. That also depends o twitter.com n a smart grid, and other clean tech investments.


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