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Mike Hudema @MikeHudema🔁Yes the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders.


Brian Ettling @BrianEttling🔁A speech I gave one year ago. My theme: joining a local group is one of the best ways I know to communicate about . twitter.com via
RENU VARGHESE @renuandrenu🔁 Welcomes EC's , Releases Position Paper

Mike Hudema @MikeHudemaAll To Be As Cheap or Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels by 2020. Why are we still talking about coal and pipelines?

🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/953406011699757056" target="_blank">twitter.com your ready for .

Andrew♻️ @kriseno🔁Stunning. 🇨🇳=🇺🇸🇯🇵🇩🇪🇮🇳🇬🇧 combined. Think about that. Number 2 economy invested more in than Number 1, 3, twitter.com 4 COMBINED.

Who's serious about 🤔
Who's left behind? Thanks to a petty self-proclaimed genius? 😡

C4 - Christians Concerned About Climate Change @C4_org🔁 Gerald Durley is keeping alive in the fight for clean & . “I began to see everyone has a right, a God-given righ twitter.com t, to clean water & clean air.” Will you join him?
Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi @CGerleinSafdi🔁A few key numbers to compare a 1.5C and a 2C warming, presented in a cool, intuitive infographic by for . twitter.com
Viosmart UK @ViosmartUK🔁These four tough actions would help fight the global plastic crisis twitter.com
Michael Wojcik @VoteWojcik🔁Thoughts on Westside Energy Station. 1) ahead of schedule, under budget 2) compliments renewable energy 3) super ef twitter.com ficient 4) probably last owned fossil fuel asset. 5) effectively replaces dirty coal.
Jesse Nankin @EcoMaineia🔁Opposed to oil and gas drilling off the Maine coast? A public hearing on Jan. 22 in Augusta is your opportunity to m twitter.com ake your opposition crystal clear.
Net Zero Foundation @netzerofound🔁.: Global installations at least 107GW in 2018 - sales will rise around 40% from 2017 - twitter.com
Jaime Smith @Jaime_Smith🔁Washington is NOT acting alone on climate. Our NE states already price carbon. It’s time for West Coast states to do twitter.com the same.

FTF-PI Program @FTF_PI🔁There's still time! Register for 's 1/18 Innovator Showcase TODAY, and be inspired to and ! twitter.com
Enviro Voter Project @Enviro_Voter🔁Climate Change is a Huge National Security Risk...and this Bi-Partisan Group of 106 Lawmakers Knows It. twitter.com
Barbara Finamore @bfinamore🔁In 2017, installed more power in one year than the total cumulative solar capacity of any other country twitter.com
William McDonough @billmcdonough🔁Carbon is not the enemy we perceive it to be. What if the world’s revered and cultivated as an asset in , and dura twitter.com ble earthbound forms, and reduced carbon as a liability in the ?
Mike Koob @Mainstay2u🔁Just now on , Bill de Blasio makes the case for fuel . pension managers at and others please as decisively. twitter.com
Enviro Voter Project @Enviro_Voter🔁Let's be 100% clear:

Fracked Gas (a/k/a "Natural Gas") is NOT safe, it is NOT clean, and it is super-charging climat twitter.com e change.

TrustforPublicLand @tpl_org🔁We're working to protect our cities from the growing threat of climate change. Find out how here: twitter.com
Eco-friendly Tips @JoyfullyECO🔁Switching off your lights when you don't need them and swapping to eco-friendly bulbs is really easy, why not change twitter.com today?


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