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#AaronHernandez Sue Baldwin @WatchWUSA9🔁#DrPhil exclusive on 5/15 & 5/16! #AaronHernandez's fiancee speaks out. 4p @WUSA9
#AaronHernandez GRLOL Reality TV @Get_RealLOL🔁Aaron Hernandez Cleared of Odin Lloyd’s Murder!
#AaronHernandez #Patriots #NFL #GRLOL
#AaronHernandez Antony 🇭🇳 @antonyrod97🔁 Called it the day he died #AaronHernandez
#AaronHernandez Harold Jones @A1Harold🔁 BREAKING: Judge Susan Garsh vacates the murder conviction. #AaronHernandez @NBC10
#AaronHernandez Aframerica @Aframerica🔁 The Patriots even Cheat in prison and Hell #AaronHernandez
#AaronHernandez Q U O Y A ✨ @MonetX93🔁 #DrPhil exclusive on 5/15 & 5/16! #AaronHernandez's fiancee speaks out. 4p @WUSA9
Crystal Haynes @crystalhaynes🔁#BREAKING All charges in Odin Lloyd murder case dropped against #AaronHernandez. Family tearful in court
Areva Martin, Esq. @ArevaMartin🔁Judge abates conviction of #AaronHernandez in murder of #OdinLloyd Mass DA vows to appeal. What's next for estate? Next on @Michaela @HLNTV
Вера Бородина @nuriyar5sta🔁 RIP #AaronHernandez
He died doing what he loved. Murdering someone.
Wellcome @en_iyisi_burda🔁Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee To Tell All On Star’s Shocking… corneey.com twitter.com
BeHereCleveland @BeHere_Clev🔁Via a2dradio - murder conviction thrown out by… instagram.com
Carla Pennington @penninca🔁EXCLUSIVE: Fiancée of fmr. New England Patriots star sets record straight about his mysterious death
Vi-Dieu Nguyen @highflyinvi🔁#aaronhernandez 's crimes are troubling but the more the story around his suicide develops the more I kinda feel sorry for him + his family
The Tornado News @TheTornadoNews🔁Fiancee of Former NFL Star #AaronHernandez Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez speaks on his death. nydailynews.com
sonny veatch @sonnyveatch🔁New episode of The Steve Solomon Show at MoreSolly.com
Scott Malone @MaloneReuters🔁"I thought it was a hoax, that this was some cruel person playing a trick," #AaronHernandez fiancee tells Dr Phil: reut.rs
beachbunny @MyDelusi🔁
Despite the recent headlines to smear his character, make no mistake, Aaron was an amazing athlete. 💪🏈

Premiumstech @Premiumstech🔁GET 67 FRIENDS NOW
#MyOREOCreation #AaronHernandez #SB1018 @phillips_cozart @lynnecase
Andreia Pereira @Abelesa84🔁ICYMI: my story (updated) on yesterday's ruling that led to 2015 murder conviction being vacated

CG @CRHPG🔁Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez is set to appear on "Dr. Phil" next week in a two-part interview.
Sharon Cerretani @SharonCerra🔁The Judge at the #FallRiverCourthouse should've set a precedent by allowing the #AaronHernandez murder CONVICTION to stay on his record 😠
Aframerica @Aframerica🔁He contributed absolutely nothing during his time on Earth. He is totally uninteresting, except for that. twitter.com
Mary Gay Cabbage @clownmike1🔁As in the case of , just because you were cleared doesn't mean you didn't murder somebody.
IamGertie @AskGertie🔁 Hernandez's first days in prison trouble-filled as he vowed to 'run this place' a.msn.com #aaronhernandez
Jen's Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ🔁Hernandez's first days in prison trouble-filled as he vowed to 'run this place' a.msn.com #aaronhernandez
TK 2-Solid @Tk2Solid6🔁's conviction for the murder of Odin Lloyd has officially been dismissed - Fiancee may get 60 MILLION
Cheyene @xblackberry44x🔁Aaron Hernandez Cleared of Odin Lloyd’s Murder! #AaronHernandez #Patriots #NFL #GRLOL
Phil McCrackin @AlbertV_London🔁#AaronHernandez eating chicken during interview
James Curtis @JamesCurtis777🔁.... contract recovery a long shot as he settled his grievance vs team, a full release is likely in place covering new facts
James Curtis @JamesCurtis777🔁BREAKING: The Bristol County D.A.'s Office plans to appeal the judge's decision vacating 2013 conviction. Tough road ahead.
Harold Jones @A1Harold🔁: 's murder conviction overturned. The ex-Patriot technically goes to grave an innocent man.
Harold Jones @A1Harold🔁 My column on #AaronHernandez and the innocence he gained through death bostonherald.com via @bostonherald
Sendy Widd @SendyWidd🔁I keep seeing, is innocent in the eyes of the law.
Great. Someone dig up Odin Lloyd and tell him the good news.
9/11 No Planer @folowerrr🔁'Thought it was a #hoax': #AaronHernandez's fiancée appearing on '#DrPhil' nyp.st via @nypostsports
Clifford SpudJohnson @haveyoureadspud🔁By killing himself his estate is owed millions by the NFL do you think what did was selfless or selfish? twitter.com
Dan Sileo @DanSileoShow🔁Don't forget to check out @GlobeMCramer on @Mighty1090! #AaronHernandez mighty1090.com
Deplorable Me! @Haamrtime🔁What an ass.
#AaronHernandez received dozens of violations during time in Massachusetts prison, records show foxnews.com
Jeanne @TrueCrimeJeanne🔁 #AaronHernandez cited for 78 disciplinary offenses in prison nydn.us
Power 105.1 @Power1051🔁's conviction for the murder of Odin Lloyd has officially been dismissed - Fiancee may get 60 MILLION twitter.com
Devon @devon_clark🔁 BREAKING: Judge vacates
#AaronHernandez murder conviction for killing of Odin Lloyd
Fitz @Ladybugs702🔁#AaronHernandez wrongful death suit to go forward crimeonline.com via @crimeonlinenews #OdinLloyd
NY Justice Seeker @NYJusticeSeeker🔁#AaronHernandez cited for 78 disciplinary offenses in prison nydn.us
NY Justice Seeker @NYJusticeSeeker🔁#AaronHernandez’s fiancee to #DrPhil I thought suicide was hoax nydn.us
Mrs.kandra @mrs_kandra🔁 #AaronHernandez so sad she didn't have any clues he was going to do this. @BaezLaw @kenneybaden. google.com


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