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🇩🇴 @OhShitThatsHerr🔁 Everytime they show #AaronHernandez ex gf
Charlamagne Tha God @cthagod🔁So #AaronHernandez was a gay, gangbanging, serial killer who played in the NFL and suffered from CTE? That’s a lot of commitments.
Indianapolis Jones @PureMassacre89🔁 #AaronHernandez was so thankful for everything his defense team did for him. #AHUncovered
#AaronHernandez Nαhαlỉα * 🇭🇹 @HennyHalia🔁The same radio host that made fun of Aaron's sexuality....
😂😂😂😂 yeah okay. Look in the mirror
Charlamagne Tha God @cthagod🔁I like how they just breezed past the #AaronHernandez being gay thing. You can’t just drop that on us for 5 minutes and keep it moving.
Charlamagne Tha God @cthagod🔁If #AaronHernandez was really gay expect one of his “gay lovers” to be coming to get some fame in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.......
T.I. @ti_615🔁So was a gay, gangbanging, serial killer who played in the NFL and suffered from CTE? That’s a lot of commitments.
Hank @PlsticCupSports🔁It was that initiated the rumor of being a homosexual, joking about it on a radio show less than 48 hrs before he killed himself. Smh.

tweettod @WeeeeSue🔁Jeez is this show all this chick talking #ghettooo #AaronHernandez
Odell Beckham Jr. Cousin @NakearaneyDR🔁all I got out of this documentary is there was WAY more solid evidence that Ray Lewis stabbed 2 people to death than Hernandez shooting Odin Lloyd, but Hernandez got convicted & Lewis didn't 🤔
kanye stressed @playboikelt🔁With no gun, no eye witness, no motive and only circumstantial evidence, there is NO WAY they should have convicted of FIRST degree murder. Guilty or not prosecution didn’t prove their case beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT! They can not prove he pulled the trigger.
Sisqo Jonesey @Xclusive_Ishyyy🔁This chick claiming to be college gf on this doc said “I just didn’t want to be an NFL wife.” Something tells me he didn’t want her to be one either.
Glamour @Erin_Loreal🔁That ugly ex girlfriend is just mad he left her! Where is the evidence supporting #AaronHernandez as gay?
💎Patrice B💎 @Blaque_xoxo🔁 I cant be the only person caught this!! He says nothing about being gay! They just wanted it to seem that way! twitter.com
Nate Remi @iAmNateRemi🔁If Aaron Hernandez didn’t do it, then why did he take the cowards way out and take his own life? And leave behind a f twitter.com amily? Everyone is defending him but man was a coward for leaving his family behind. Gay? Not sure. But he was a patriot. Soo
T-Mac ♍️ @Callme_tammyyy🔁What secrets did take to his grave? Hear his story from those who knew him best in Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, the two-night special event March 17 & 18 at 7/6c only on .
kaitlin dunbar @madisonlilly🔁Michelle Mcphee & the 2 radio hosts are prime examples on how Bullying is real & kills people. They should get charges against them.
Nikita Abhanave @nikiabhanave🔁My mom always told me that you can’t not evolve where you grew up. People will get jealous and some of your so called friends will become foes.
C. — for Clownery. @CheersToMoore🔁Welcome to 2018, where people out someone’s sexuality on a radio station and a few days later he’s dead from suicide. These people are despicable especially you Michelle
Joy X2 @sHORTYdOLL🔁Like Scarface??? Gimme a break. Is hyperbole the native language of christian fauria or is his CTE kickin in already? twitter.com
Wendy 🍒 @lasllavesnegras🔁To understand the downfall of , we go back to where it all began. Get ready for the two-night special event, Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, March 17 & March 18 at 7/6c only on .
💎Patrice B💎 @Blaque_xoxo🔁That fact that they have labled gay based off claims from a bitter Ex-College GF and complete gossip is fucking path twitter.com etic! A bunch of gossiping assholes allowed on the airwaves...Smh...Guilty or Not!
§łim k🤘🏾 @KeyOnYou23🔁There is no evidence or proof that Odin Lloyd died at the hands of Aaron Hernandez, However there is a failed polygraph by Carlos Ortiz when asked if he killed the victim.
Indianapolis Jones @PureMassacre89🔁 Shayanna wouldn’t let #AaronHernandez go through anything alone. #AHUncovered
Indianapolis Jones @PureMassacre89🔁 “With two convictions, Aaron would of had no hope.” - Jose Baez, #AaronHernandez’s Defense Attorney #AHUncovered
Indianapolis Jones @PureMassacre89🔁 #AaronHernandez was found not guilty. #AHUncovered
Indianapolis Jones @PureMassacre89🔁 #AaronHernandez’s suicide was a shock to everyone. #AHUncovered
Indianapolis Jones @PureMassacre89🔁 #AaronHernandez had one of the worst cases of CTE for a person of his age. #AHUncovered
Indianapolis Jones @PureMassacre89🔁 “It’s a complete tragedy” - Jose Baez, #AaronHernandez’s Defense Attorney #AHUncovered
Indianapolis Jones @PureMassacre89🔁No matter what did or didn’t do, he chose a good one with Shayanna Jenkins. That woman was ride or die till the end!
Dane Matthews @MatthewsDane🔁Final thoughts on for the night 1) he didn’t pull the trigger 2) it’s disgusting that his random ex girlfriend and lawyer would even discuss his sexuality on national television when he is no longer here to defend himself.
Dane Matthews @MatthewsDane🔁 Who else cannot stand @MicheleMcPhee on this #AaronHernandez trial? she’s terrrrrrrible
Colin Kennedy @CK_DKLegends🔁This #AaronHernandez #uncovered is the real deal! Must watch! @NFL @oxygen
Lady LaJay @Daybrenai🔁 Michelle McPhee was hella petty and disrespectful for that. No type of class and dignity. #AaronHernandez
Kamerin Simpson @KamerinSimpson🔁Did this chick...his ex, really just imply that not “dealing” with his sexual abuse as a child, lead to him having a twitter.com n adult relationship with a man????! Ok I was here for this story, until I heard some dumb ass shit like that. Do better.
Yara 👑 @theebeautydiary🔁I’m still in shock how one of the radio hosts said “if that’s what pushed him over the edge then so be it” honestly h twitter.com ow much of an asshole can you be? How do you even sleep at night?
Christopher Villegas @ChrisVillegas88🔁On this day 6 years ago I met Aaron Hernandez. Such a tragic story to what was already a troubled life.
Yara 👑 @theebeautydiary🔁Despite these Stupid people:
- Desperate "College Girlfriend"
- Attention Seeking Michelle
- 2 Ignorant Radio Hosts

I enjoyed watching this Documentary.. & it's just sad how it could have all been different.

Yara 👑 @theebeautydiary🔁 you are a poor example of an "investigative" journalist. You let personal bias get in the way of actual journalism & made clear how much of an ignorant bigot you are. To out a man for his sexuality on live radio & then make fun of it.
Bryan ramirez @bryanramirez209🔁Michelle is disgusting. Isn’t WEEI the same people who got in trouble for being racist toward Tom Brady’s manager?
Bryan ramirez @bryanramirez209🔁If you’re upset at Kirk Minihane, Gerry Callahan, and Michele McPhee mocking gay people on the radio, make sure you call sponsors and let them know.
SloppyFirsts @statsDude🔁So, Boston is racist AND homophobic? Damn. #aaronhernandez
Yara 👑 @theebeautydiary🔁These three assholes and are disgusting bigots. They deserve nothing but the worst things in life. You three should be real proud, now everyone can see what POS you really are.
Yara 👑 @theebeautydiary🔁The world really found out that Aaron Hernandez was gay and molested because some random ass ex girlfriend thought it would be nice to say to get him convicted. That’s foul.
DAMN.🤘🏾FEB 3 @Burn_my_bridges🔁Just wondering if was “Gay”
Why haven’t any of his supposed BF’s came out and told their story like everyone else has?
SloppyFirsts @statsDude🔁I am no expert on this stuff, but #aaronhernandez would have been bi, not gay, right? He dated that troll in Florida and got Shay pregnant.
SloppyFirsts @statsDude🔁I hope they caught the driver of the truck that hit McPhee in the face. #aaronhernandez
JT, the Hippy✌🏾🛸 @VibeTribeHippy🔁They want to talk about him now while he’s dead and can’t defend himself. That’s why I take all the slander with a grain of salt.
Henderson Peters @Bighent2🔁 Watching this #AaronHernandez special smh trying to be gangsta and worth 40 million.
🙃 @smoochitworse🔁So now yaw wanna talk about and try and figure him out? After he’s ended his life. No matter what ppl don’t really love or care for you until your dead and gone.
🇩🇴 @OhShitThatsHerr🔁 This chick going to say “I didn’t want to be a nfl wife” something tells me he didn’t either. #AaronHernandez
🇩🇴 @OhShitThatsHerr🔁 So y’all really think #AaronHernandez sis that shit?
🇩🇴 @OhShitThatsHerr🔁 #AaronHernandez college gf did not age well. Aaron must of seen it coming.
🇩🇴 @OhShitThatsHerr🔁 Michelle the reporter. You are a piece of shit. #AaronHernandez
🇩🇴 @OhShitThatsHerr🔁 😂RT @KASHISMONEY: #AaronHernandez college gf did not age well. Aaron must of seen it coming.
Felicia de Jesus⚜️ @divasonly🔁I feel like Michelle McPhee has a personal vendetta against . It’s like she sits at home and thinks about him like.
🇩🇴 @OhShitThatsHerr🔁 I wanna know if #AaronHernandez wife and her sister is cool with each other.
Andrea S @Snoop_765🔁I just don’t think he actually pulled the trigger 🤷🏽‍♀️ Why else would he call his “boys” into town? 🕵🏾‍♀️ Too mu twitter.com ch circumstantial, not enough concrete!
Wil @wilmaric🔁If you wanna know why it’s hard for NFL players to come out as gay look no further than and and their remarks about and his sexuality!! The sexuality that he was struggling w/ already!!!
Jamie @JamieDronek🔁No direct evidence that was the shooter. No matter how hard you try....Bubblegum? The gun in his house? Oh yeah, give him LIFE for that!! Bottom line, if tried this case instead of those stooges he had AH is found NG all Day.....
LeLe✨ @melaninfleaux🔁The uncovered show still has me very deep in my feelings …… that whole situation was so sad and could have been avoi twitter.com ded in 2 separate ways
Smitty @ItsSmitty__🔁The world really found out that Aaron Hernandez was gay and molested because some random ass ex girlfriend thought i twitter.com t would be nice to say to get him convicted. That’s foul.
Alexis. @QueeeeenLexxx🔁Everyone surprise that Aaron was gay ! Mf he is not only football player that is gay ! Hell some of gang banging home boys is gay !!!!!
Victoria 🇲🇽 @0htoriaaa_🔁If y’all telling me this the only EYE WITNESS to ’s crimes I’m going with not guilty, no way HE saw everything 😂
Andrea S @Snoop_765🔁 Loving this #AaronHernandez documentary on @oxygen . Feel bad for his victims but somehow feel bad for Aaron too.
Scary Gordy @badandbootsie🔁This special was sad. We’ll never know who pulled the triggers in those cases without concrete evidence but he WAS twitter.com involved. Knew things he didn’t say. Possibly did it. Not sure what he was guilty of but he shouldn’t have been outed. No one should.
Bryce @BryceWhitlow1🔁I’m watching &scandals on and they say in this show that gun casings were found in the backseat so whomever was sitt twitter.com ing in the back seat could be the “killer” and I believe Aaron was the driver? Hmmm..now I’m thinking differently


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