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JamakeComedy @Jamake0602🔁Hey @packers and especially Aaron Rodgers...
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Just another NFL Sunday...

*Refs use paper to measure first down.

*Jerry Richardson announces the Panthers are for twitter.com sale.

*Seattle surrenders 42 points at home.

*Jaguars clinch playoff spot.

*Aaron Rodgers throws 3 picks.

FOX Sports: NFL @NFLonFOX🔁He’s baaaaack....

Aaron Rodgers takes the field for the @packers.

Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Move over Brett Hundley... Aaron Rodgers is back!
FlyEaglesFly!!! @WWJeiD🔁y’all not going 2-0. Too unpredictable and too inconsistent. Bobby Wagner will be healthy next and y’all not beating twitter.com them. Lions beating the bengals easy AND Packers not fitna play Aaron Rodgers vs the lions. Issa wrap
Evan Tarracciano @Roto_Wizard🔁Just another NFL Sunday...

*Refs use paper to measure first down.

*Jerry Richardson announces the Panthers are for sale.

*Seattle surrenders 42 points at home.

*Jaguars clinch playoff spot.

*Aaron Rodgers throws 3 picks.

BR @brog59🔁Packers eliminated from playoff contention

Last Time Packers Didn't Make Postseason was in 2008:

- Aaron Rodgers was in his 1st season as a starting QB

- Brett Favre was on the Jets

- The Lions went 0-16

bryan johnvin @spider106🔁Lots of 😃, 🤙 & 🤜🤛 with as he signed autographs to raise money for the Salvation Army tonight!


Pack1287 @Relax1287🔁 Damn, we went from potentially being 14-2 to Aaron Rodgers getting injured and missing the playoffs. We need to mov twitter.com e up in the draft for a top pass rusher (if there is one, I don't follow NCAA). A pass rusher and another CB are our greatest needs along with a Tackle
Ever🇺🇸🇪🇸🇲🇽 @everr74🔁The Green Bay Packers will miss the playoffs for the first time since 2008, Aaron Rodgers' first year as a starter.
Vega @HVega_12🔁Somehow snuck in the playoffs in 2013 with a record of 8-7-1 lmao 😅 a season where Aaron Rodgers broke his left col twitter.com larbone. We're really nothing without AR12 man smh. If we don't get a defense around him soon bro...
Jackson @Spozioky🔁Last time failed to reach the playoffs, Jordy Nelson was a rookie, Aaron Rodgers was a first-year starter, Brett Favre was a Jet, Clay Matthews was a Trojan, and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was a high school sophomore. It’s been a while.
Zac Newcomer✌🏽 @newc88🔁Falcons' win eliminates Packers from playoff contention; will Aaron Rodgers play Saturday?
Mary Johnson @garigoakikaga🔁Packers QB Aaron Rodgers expects NFL to deal with ‘repeat offender’ Thomas Davis realusa.site
OberSports @obersports41512🔁Offseason checklist:

1. Fire Dom Capers.

2. .

3. Ted Thompson steps down.

4. Draft/sign pass rushers and DBs.

5 twitter.com . Find a veteran backup QB.

6. Do anything else that Aaron Rodgers asks you to do. He knows what he needs around him to take us to the promised land.

Kam ♊🤘🏿 @KamKamanga🔁 @RapSheet Terrible that Aaron Rodgers has only 1 ring. Just wasting his career
shaquan @Audible4040🔁@NFLTotalAccess I wonder will that bad man Aaron Rodgers. Play Spoiler to the Minnesota Vikings..
‘Tis the $zn @Aceboogie__95🔁Lions fans should be happy Atlanta lost. Green Bay just got knocked out, so Aaron Rodgers probably won’t play week 1 twitter.com 7 and ruin your whole year.
Dilly Dilly @AtlfalCANchick🔁Aaron Rodgers threw 3 INTs and STILL could've won that game 🤷🏽‍♀️Is it safe to say you aren't buying Panthers? What twitter.com about the Eagles v Giants?
Durell Dolan @zennichikuhon🔁Green Bay Packers unsure if Aaron Rodgers will play against Carolina Panthers realusa.site
Matt Foust @Mfoust_13🔁20 years from now, ESPN will come out with a 30 for 30 film about Aaron Rodgers titled “The Dynasty That Never Was,” centered around the idea of having the greatest QB talent in history and never winning enough super bowls because of the mediocracy of his team’s front office.
Francis Achilles @ginritsumitoro🔁Packers activate Aaron Rodgers from injured res... realusa.site
Craig Campbell @npishigokudzuke🔁Aaron Rodgers: I’m not coming back to save this team realusa.site
Leslie Hughes @beritsubunkoro🔁Packers QB Aaron Rodgers returns, preps to play Panthers realusa.site
Patricia Lobert @senmogusarei🔁Episode 140: Aaron Rodgers is Coming to Town realusa.site
Maya @mayazorn🔁yeah like back to week 6 and take the hit from Anthony Barr so Aaron Rodgers doesn’t break his collarbone and the Packers still make the playoffs
David Silva @wahotogokonen🔁Inside the Design, Aaron Rodgers realusa.site
Carlos Molemogi @ishitatetsuyaku🔁Aaron Rodgers back with Pack, prepping for Panthers | The Japan Times realusa.site
musk @adilpn4d🔁[Wilde] Aaron Rodgers is pushing very hard to be allowed to play, per source • r/fantasyfootball realusa.site
P. G. Moser @PG__18🔁The Cowboys season even with 2 victories over Seattle(fighting for a WC) and Philadelphia(fighting for home field) , twitter.com is likely to come down to Lions/Packers when the Packers would play as spoiler. Without Aaron Rodgers.
Neil Childs @peitobainobi🔁Packers excited to pair emerging run game with Aaron Rodgers  realusa.site
andie @djvietmuscleboi🔁Sad Aaron Rodgers and company couldn't make the playoffs this year. #NFL #GoPackGo
Scarlet O @ScarletO468🔁Green Bay is now officially eliminated from the NFL postseason. Detroit's final game of the year is against the Pack twitter.com ers. There are rumblings that with GB out of contention, Rodgers returns to the bench. Aaron obviously did not inherit his predecessor's penchant for playing.
Ray Stakenas @AlmightyRay🔁I would have asssumed that the ‘Shut Down Aaron Rodgers’ announcement would have happened by now...
🇺🇸 @REALCHRISNESS🔁 Aaron Rodgers now gets to go home and R E L A X.
NoBiggieMan @YesBiggieYES🔁 A post season without Aaron Rodgers and the Packers doesn't even sound right.
John @Chirojawa🔁 The Packers season just ended. and hopefully Aaron Rodgers too.
Durell Dolan @zennichikuhon🔁Aaron Rodgers to sign autographs Monday at Lambeau Field realusa.site
Jeremy Gonzalez @JeremyRgonzalez🔁With GB out.. the path for Detroit just got so much easier.. highly doubt Aaron Rodgers plays. They have Cincy on ro twitter.com ad and Gb at home. Should win both prettt soundly
Alex Nascimento @patsuyamasukote🔁Aaron Rodgers Has a Stage Five Clinger on His Hands? | Terez Owens realusa.site
Thunder @KingThunder94🔁 McCarthy: Aaron Rodgers is sore. He was hit too many times. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Stephen Martell @house_martell2🔁@RapSheet Good fuck Aaron Rodgers


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