@superpidge 🔁 The moment you realize you have three more weeks to figure out this game #ayto #help


@brzowskibruh 🔁 alicia: "have i fcked anyone? no"
everyone now:

@serenasmithxo 🔁how are @TayloriasSecret & @AS3_era really not a match??! literally my favourite couple in the house 😩😪❤#ayto

@AlyceFleck 🔁 Watch who you pick up for and call your "friend" when you don't even know their true colors #AYTO

@YEASUREMCKAYLA 🔁Genuinely Alicia is my least favorite girl in #ayto history and I have watched every season religiously

@_rmiedeleon_ 🔁Watching the #AYTO and just rewatching ever cute moments of @TayloriasSecret and @AS3_era. Why are you guys not a perfect match ugh!😡☹️

@brzowskibruh 🔁 I ALWAYS tell how it is. & she a 🐍🤷🏽‍♀️ #AYTO

@lskyeh 🔁 Boys will come & go but friends are here FOREVER !!! #girlcode #ayto

@notablynicole 🔁 I ALWAYS tell how it is. & she a 🐍🤷🏽‍♀️ #AYTO

@TinaThomsen4 🔁 twitter.com Check this out #AYTO I can't wait!! I am already freakin out

@DamagedGoods78 🔁"4 those who need explanation, none will do. 4 those who don't, none is necessary." Justin Jackson #quote #true @God #The100 #ANTM #AYTO

@Salmaa_Salcido 🔁Omg they need to separate #ayto

@MarlenaJo 🔁 Truth Booth: You're not a match
Everyone else: You're not a match
The No Match couple:

@_fabbbbiiii_ 🔁 Truth Booth: You're not a match
Everyone else: You're not a match
The No Match couple:

@jtwritergirl 🔁That's all I got from review charts, and about 6 of the confirmed matches xD. This season is hard to figure out. #AYTO

@OurBoysFrom1D 🔁 @MTV @AREUTHE1 I think we all know who's behind these truth booth no matches.... #ayto #aytotruths

@HBJaguar 🔁Finally back home and see the news that @whaattaafoxx & @shandathapanda are back on my TV screen next month on #AYTO I couldn't be happier

@tay_reneee 🔁Damn Alicia only know how to be a slide though #ayto

@MTVDevinWalker 🔁 "This has to be the dumbest cast" hahaha @MTVDevinWalker yes! Saying what everyone is thinking #ayto

@wrapwithDJ 🔁#ayto tonight ... omg! 😱😱. The #4. For 6 weeks! And one week 3! What in the hell is going on

@JoanaaaConchita 🔁 "STFU" -@RyanDevlin
The whole #ayto cast:

@JustChillMaya 🔁 Truth Booth: You're not a match
Everyone else: You're not a match
The No Match couple:

@superpidge 🔁 Damn @mikehalpern92 🤔👀 could it be a perfect match?! #ayt twitter.com o

@superpidge 🔁Sadly now I know all about MTV assholes so I see through all the bullshit like 👀🤔😂✌🏼 #howtostayrelevant #ayto #aytoaftermatch 😘

@superpidge 🔁 YESSS TEE YESSSSSSSS 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @ItsAll_AboutTee #ayto hold myyyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂

@superpidge 🔁 The dumbest cast?? Boy I KNOW you ain't talking about me.....go get your cups 😜✌🏼 #ayto #aytoaftermatch

@superpidge 🔁 I swear I still get nervous watching these match up ceremonies back 😩🙄💸 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 Don't want to rely on strategy but that's how we work around no match couples #ayto #strategyqueen 🤔👸🏼

@superpidge 🔁 SAME 😓😭 #ayt twitter.com o

@superpidge 🔁Nope just trying to hustle to get that half a million were left with at this point ✌🏼🙌🏼 #nofilter #aytotwitter.com/sanchezlacuent…

@superpidge 🔁 "THEY WERE NEVER A BEAM!" Already planning my next strategy 😂😅 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁We can't trade y'all we need all the info we can get!! We need to know if they've been a beam this whole time ☝🏼 #ayto #strategy

@superpidge 🔁 HAHA yup got the worst rash from that puppy 😂😂 #ayt twitter.com o

@superpidge 🔁 Put some safety shit on me I'll jump down whatever but not just like that y'all 😂😩 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 I'm not scared of heights or water...but nope I was not jumping 50 feet to my death #nottoday #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 The way @mikehalpern92 lifted the hoe off was the funniest thing I've seen 😂 hope you washed your hands after 😷😷 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 I swear one of those devils at the carnival hit me in the ass so hard I had bruises for days 😂😂 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 Now me and @JoeyAmoia716 are tied for most dates 😈 who's going to win most dates this season 🤔 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 "Cliff drive into a mystical lagoon crystal clear waters" alright Ryan we'll see bout that 😩🤔 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 I damn near cried when I couldn't find that last one 😂😂😂 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 Honestly I take these challenges so seriously it's life or death out here 😂😂 #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 It looks like a mess but it was so fun #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 THIS WAS MY FAVORITE CHALLENGE! 😭 although that rain was no joke #ayto

@tatoorxo_ 🔁 Seriously never watching #AYTO again because @AS3_era and @TayloriasSecret aren't a match 💔

@superpidge 🔁 Damn sometimes I really miss living in the ayto house 😔😩 so excited for tonight's episode lets gooo 😏🙌🏼 #ayto

@jtwritergirl 🔁Took a break from writing to figure out #AYTO math. Either Joey and Kathryn are not a match or Shannon and Tyler aren't one.

@superpidge 🔁 Ozzy you havin a problem talking there bud ???! 😂 #AYTO

@superpidge 🔁 I get the goosebumps every times it's truth booth time 😳😳 #AYTO

@superpidge 🔁 Tay and Andre better be a match ♥️♥️♥️ #AYTO

@piyolaaa 🔁 #ayto how everyone who supported @AS3_era and @TayloriasSecret was after the truth both 😭

@superpidge 🔁 "He FINALLY kissed me" 😂 #Ayto

@superpidge 🔁 Here we are again 😂 #Ayto

@superpidge 🔁 Me & Hayden made a pillow fort! It was dope not stupid @mikehalpern92 😠 #Ayto

@kayleeamodia 🔁 If Andre and Taylor not a match, there's no such thing as love! #AYTO

@haitianfrekan 🔁Alicia is just a force ! #AYTO

@superpidge 🔁 After all these no matches I'm starting to doubt if my match is really who I thought it was.. 🤔#ayto

@superpidge 🔁 Wow I was way too excited about a no match .. 😂 #AYTO

@superpidge 🔁 I wanted to trade cause I know Tay & Dre gonna be with eachother no matter 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 Yas Kari! Not today! #ayto

@_xblvckgoddess 🔁 if it wasn't for kam, tee and dre i wouldn't be watching #ayto

@Melissanntaz 🔁 I don't talk about you, I tell it to you!!! #Classy #AYTO


@superpidge 🔁 Damn alicia has some balls lol #ayto

@superpidge 🔁 You're lucky Hayden 😏
I don't normally chase like that


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