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AUMF Shirley Broadway @ShirleyBroadwa6🔁 @RandPaul Here are the 36 Senators who voted NOT to table @RandPaul's #AUMF amendment:
WikiLeaks @wikileaks🔁LIVE: Debate in US Senate starts on whether Congress should take back the control of war #NDAA #AUMF
Senator Rand Paul @RandPaul🔁Tonight, the Senate is attempting to move forward with the Defense Bill. I am seeking an amendment to end the AUMF in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Senator Rand Paul @RandPaul🔁This is a victory for the constitution. I look forward to the vote and urge my colleagues to join me. Full release:
Wayne Massey @WayneMassey🔁There are thousands of volunteers that could do this. What we needed is for you to be in Washington so we know your s tance on .
Think-Right @Surfernicole1🔁US Senate vote now being counted. US Senators just voted for endless war.
John Stewart🇨🇦 @SStewart500🔁 Warren now saying she will vote for @RandPaul's AUMF amendment.
Lita Meza @lita_meza13🔁Voted to support the Paul amdt to . We owe it to our troops risking their lives to vote on an AUMF & I hope this accelerates the debate
🆘 Iustitia #FBR ♀⚖ @politicangst🔁Senate scuttles Rand Paul's war powers repeal via @politico
Annette Bourne @amanborn59🔁 Senate votes against repeal of 2001 authorization for use of military force.

It's been 16 years.

Lita Meza @lita_meza13🔁Fact about this debate: There are people in combat right now who were in diapers when this military authorization was last debated.
~AS~ @angelsavant🔁Wow am I not surprised that the bill on didn't pass(61-36).
Still same old pro war people in US congress.
Gwen B @SimonPeter61161🔁Senator Rand Paul Explains Why We Must Repeal the AUMF via @ConstitutionNat
Tifa Lockhart @TifaLockhart78🔁. talks about forcing 2001 AUMF vote today: "I don’t think one generation should bind another generation to war." (MSNBC)
Phaiax @Phaiax🔁Want to learn more about the bipartisan repeal of the Authorization for Military Force and are leading? ⬇️ @Antiwarcom🔁Senate Defeats Measure to Repeal
Sen. Corker Cuts Off Debate, Senate Votes 61-36 To Kill Repeal

~AS~ @angelsavant🔁List of 61 (most GOP) Sens. who refuse to sunset 16-yr old & continue letting POTUS, not Congress, control war

Lnn @vrtnr🔁. on floor saying the time to pass a new AUMF has come--but needs to be done via regular order w/hearings debate & amendments
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁LIVE: US Senate debates whether to let Trump unilaterally declare war. Vote in 45 minutes
Donate2@monareliefye @Tenji95🔁If you care about , you should also be supporting 's effort to repeal the 2001 and 2002 . Watch now.
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁 LIVE: US Senate will vote on #AUMF in 45 minutes
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁A Senate vote on 's amendment to repeal the 2001 and 2002 authorizations for the use of force (AUMF) will occur today around noon.
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁 Expect Senate to vote to table or kill Sen Paul's AUMF plan around 11:30 am et
Fred S. Wolfe II @fwolfe49🔁This is a victory for the constitution. I look forward to the vote and urge my colleagues to join me. Full release:
Rachel Savone @RachelSavone🔁 Rand on AUMF vote: Today’s vote is simply a vote on whether we will obey the Constitution.
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁Some mbrs concerned that '01 AUMF is outdated & needs updated. Says Congress may not be in line w/Constitution when it comes to war powers
Laura Marshall🐝 @lauramarsh70🔁 Thanks to the work of @SenRandPauI @SenKaineOffice and others. #AUMF
John @goodinohio🔁 Watching the Senate debate over Rand Paul's #AUMF amendment reminds me why I'm so glad John McCain never became president.
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁URGENT: Vote happening this morning, call your Senators NOW to support 's amendment to repeal & debate
Charles Walker @w2992🔁Incredible speech by Senator Rand Paul in US Senate on unlimited, unconstitutional war (NDAA/AUMF). EVERY ... -
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁I support 's amendment to restore Congress's constitutional authority to use of military force. 15 years is too long for the .
Rich Justice @richrake🔁. thank you Working w/ to repeal the AUMF's is the right thing to do. Been a long 17 years for the vet and mil families.
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁 Noon-ish today: First Senate #AUMF vote since 2002, when Congress first authorized war in Iraq
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁US Senate votes TODAY on declaring war. Want to live? CALL these senators
Paul Kawika Martin @PaulKawika🔁Thanks to the work of @SenRandPauI @SenKaineOffice and others. #AUMF
dharmahum @Dharmahum🔁GOP stifling democracy by continuing the fraudulent 9/11 AUMF lie for war profiteer bribes
Jeremy Duffey @jkduffey28🔁You know what else could save lives? Ending ridiculous and unconstitutional wars. Do you support and his obje ction to the ?
sassygirl914 @ToniC8🔁If you’re following one thing today, it should be the fight to bring a vote on the to the Senate floor.

BeckiJayne @BeckiJayne🔁Senate amdt. tabled today but deserves praise for AUMF admt. efforts in the House. Her PR:
ABRobinson @robgo84🔁13Ds Carper Casey Cortez Masto Donnelly Hassan Manchin McCaskill Reed Schatz Shaheen Stabenow Warner & Whitehouse w/48Rs blocked AUMF repeal
ABRobinson @robgo84🔁 Menendez, Nelson & Rubio were absent for AUMF repeal vote.
Type of Way @cajunsoulfire74🔁 LIVE: Debate in US Senate starts on whether Congress should take back the control of war #NDAA #AUMF
AlastairJohn Sellick @AlastairJohn🔁Big day: Sen has forced a debate on the AUMF--used to launch 37 military interventions on 14 countries w/o Congressional approval.
M A K @SuperMehboob🔁Rand Paul's war powers repeal I am advocating a vote ... on whether or not we should be at war," Paul said.
Cédric @CedLiox🔁 War is a Racket: Senate Defeats Measure to Repeal AUMF
Yes Maam @PoopMonkee🔁Did they really just hold a senate vote on AUMF while there is a health care bill announcement going on?! THOSE FUCKING SNAKES!
Tara EndtheFED @TaraEndTheFED🔁 Thank you @SenMikeLee #AUMF #BringOurTroopsHome ... Kiss it @BenSasse What a disappointment?!! #StandWithRand
Hesiod Theogeny @Hesiod2k11🔁"Someone should do something about DACA"
"Someone should pass a new AUMF"
"Someone should oppose racism"
- Paul Ryan, The Watcher
Tom Flowers 🎧 @TomFlowers🔁Senate scuttles Rand Paul's war powers repeal
Nathan Hartwig @asgreatasnate🔁 Rand Paul: "hey guys, I have an amendment to end #AUMF."

"Anti-war" left: "eww, you got cooties all over it."

Ray Holloway @holloway_ray🔁Today's Senate debate shows there is greater trust in Trump's restraint than in Congress's ability to agree on what wars to fight
Sabrina Irfan @IrfanSabrina🔁New and news:

"After 16 Years of War, Senate Finally Debates Need for War Debate"


Ferret Slave @FerretSlave🔁More boots on the ground will only escalate the war and not bring peace in .


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