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#ATS2017 ATS Assemblies @ATS_Assemblies🔁 #ATS2017 @atscommunity @ATSCritCare @ATS_BSHSR #SoMe @accpchest team awesome!
Sapna Kudchadkar, MD @SapnaKmd🔁 @DrSeanBarnes presenting his trial using @symplur #ATS2017 @SapnaKmd
#ATS2017 Patrick Brian Murphy @DrPBMurphy🔁Optimising MIE delivery in muscular dystrophy: Importance of post session re-inflation breaths #ATS2017
#ATS2017 ATS Assemblies @ATS_Assemblies🔁 I'm at it again! #ATS2017 #ATSInternationalConference @atscommunity
#ATS2017#ATS2017 Carlos Celis @pulmonology101🔁#ATS2017 Yes!! Is the provisional answer.
#ATS2017#ATS2017 Ann Wu MD MPH @Asthma3Ways🔁#SoMe posters at #ATS2017. Let's increase number of social media posters next year! @ChrisCarrollMD @DrSeanBarnes
#ATS2017 American Thoracic @atscommunity🔁Photo of the day: #ATS2017 is crowded!
#ATS2017 ndd Medical @nddMedical🔁Rainy start to Day 2 @ #ATS2017! Stop by booth 1521 & receive your free demo of the #EasyOne Pro!
#ATS2017 Amy Leitman @IDontDoGiddy🔁Visiting with our friends from Insmed at #ATS2017. Thank you for everything you do on behalf of NTM patients!
AstraZenecaUS @AstraZenecaUS🔁Catch a preview of our #ATS2017 video exploring the role #eosinophils play in #severeasthma
#ATS2017 COPD Foundation @COPDFoundation🔁Unveiling of the first Natl #COPDActionPlan being livestreamed now at #ATS2017! #COPD
#ATS2017 Mount Sinai LIVE @MountSinaiLIVE🔁Drs. Dua and Oberg presenting on Tracheal Necrosis #ATS2017 @atscommunity @Respiratory_NYC
#ATS2017 RespiratoryInstitute @Respiratory_NYC🔁 Drs. Dua and Oberg presenting on Tracheal Necrosis #ATS2017 @atscommunity @Respiratory_NYC
#ATS2017 Brandon Seay MD, MPH @BSeay05🔁@UF @UFHealth fellows are on duty to help kids #Breatheasy at #ATS2017
#ATS2017 Brandon Seay MD, MPH @BSeay05🔁@UF @UFHealth peds pulm fellows on duty to help kids #Breatheasy at #ATS2017
Eric Topol @EricTopol🔁Survival for sepsis is highly influenced by time to antibiotic treatment
Cleveland Clinic MD @CleClinicMD🔁New study by & team finds angiotensin II can safely improve BP in critically ill patients with hypotension
Cleveland Clinic MD @CleClinicMD🔁Asthma patients had significantly lower hospital mortality, septicemia, severe sepsis & septic shock than nonasthmati cs
Muscle lab @NHLIRespMuscle🔁4 metre gait speed is responsive to in fibrotic . MCID 0.08 to 0.11m/s.
Yorkshire Vapes @YorkshireVapes🔁 Did anybody at #ATS2017 mention that #vaping reverses lung harm from #smoking?
#copd #nwhw
Rare Diseases @CheckOrphan🔁World renowned leaders, cutting-edge science and groundbreaking research. You can find it all at !
Sean Barnes, MD, MBA @DrSeanBarnes🔁 Stopping our tweeting to study tweets. Sound like us! An honor to work with all these guys! #ATS2017
Sean Barnes, MD, MBA @DrSeanBarnes🔁 posters at . Let's increase number of social media posters next year!
Sean Barnes, MD, MBA @DrSeanBarnes🔁 Also to note that @ChrisCarrollMD is an LRP awardee and Ambassador! 😀#ATS2017
CPC Research School @CPCSchool🔁How wonderful to celebrate with Elizabeth Rich Award winners (2016) and Zea Borok (2017)
DCRI News @DCRINews🔁Scott Palmer chairs mini-symposium: - New Insights for 2017 2:15-4:15pm rm 145A-B
RT Magazine @RTmagazine🔁Two T-cell biomarkers may predict idiopathic #pulmonaryFibrosis survival | #IPF #ATS2017
Bassem / باسم @Bassemkurdi🔁Advanced topics in pediatric bronchoscopy now in the Learning Lab with the great Dr. Robert Wood (not pictured) Fascinating stuff!
Pat Enright Kaplan @Media_Pat🔁We need to do more with the primary care community in #COPD.
-Dr. Byron Thomashow #ATS2017 #COPDActionPlan
ndd Medical @nddMedical🔁Live from @ booth 1521. Patti, our VP of Sales, w. Dr. Ken M. Kunisaki, MD. Come see the latest in & technology!
Pat Enright Kaplan @Media_Pat🔁Did anyone see the O2 concentrator w/ first lady of #Israel today? She took it off for her photo opps. #lungdisease is serious! #ATS2017
Breathe Better @BreatheBetter🔁Mobilizing the community is key to using the #COPDActionPlan to make change. #ATS2017
ATS Early Career @atsearlycareer🔁The Membership Meeting will be at 5pm in Renaissance Ballroom West A on Ballroom Level at the Renaissance Downtown!
PAHtv @PAHtv🔁Original Article: Time to Treatment and Mortality during Mandated Emergency Care for Sepsis
NIH NHLBI @nih_nhlbi🔁NHLBI collaborated w/ many partners to develop the , the first plan of its kind meant to reduce the burden of
Kunal Patel @kunalpatelmd🔁Met Bernie Williams at . Is it too nerdy that I was more excited by some of the science? Doesn't help I'm a braves fa n.
Juliet Dobson @Juliet_hd🔁 Recent blog on woodsmoke - bad air poor memory.
#ATS2017 @bmj_latest
National Jewish @NJHealth🔁Warfighters' lung disease diagnosed with invasive biopsy. Cardiopulmonary exercise test may be better way.
Brandon Seay MD, MPH @BSeay05🔁Stopping our tweeting to study tweets. Sound like us! An honor to work with all these guys! #ATS2017
UM School of Nursing @UMichNursing🔁Mentorship doesn't end just because you graduate! Here's supporting recent grad before his presentation.
COPD Foundation @COPDFoundation🔁Excited to kick off the at with partners and take proactive steps to reduce the burden of the disease.
ndd Medical @nddMedical🔁 The #COPDActionPlan panel starts now! Watch here at #ATS2017
UCDavis ROAD Program @UCDavisROADProg🔁 Read the full @Philips sponsored study via @JAMA_current here: #ATS2017
PAHtv @PAHtv🔁We're here filming live at #ATS2017. Stop by the booth at 1306. @ATS_AII @atscommunity
NTM Info & Research @NTMinfo🔁 has been a huge supporter of NTM info & Research and NTM patients everywhere. Thank you!
Brandon Seay MD, MPH @BSeay05🔁Top Influencers of : More 📊:
DGF e.V. @DGF_eV🔁M.Gong at New study by PETAL network to improve use of lung protective ventilation. Details below
Jamie Sullivan @lamshade09🔁 First-ever National #COPDActionPlan released! Watch the livestream: #COPD #ATS2017
MedImmune @MedImmune🔁#EosAsthma & #Eosinophils : eosinophilic #asthma; for discussing the science of #SevereAsthma #ATS2017
Jon Simmons @drjonsimmons🔁Great overview of the NIH LRP by at . is essential for creating more physician-scientists.
Rare Disease Report @RareDR🔁 has been great! We're here with the , and saw Dr Michael Weschler talk about breakthroughs for patients this AM.
Jon Large @therealjonlarge🔁Our BioLogical blog: Rejecting the “One Size Fits All” Approach: Early Science Behind Respiratory Biologics
Dr Una St Ledger @UnaLedger🔁Peter Pronovost asks us to reflect on what new narratives we might sign up to. Complete the statement - I will...... #ATS2017
Joannie Yeh MD @BetaMomma🔁A pic of presenting his social media poster. And I am posting it on social media.
Joannie Yeh MD @BetaMomma🔁What makes a successful academic medical Twitter account? Our study at !
COPD Foundation @COPDFoundation🔁First-ever National #COPDActionPlan released! Watch the livestream: #COPD #ATS2017
Little Dog Comm @litldog🔁What is the pathway & what's its role in ? Webinar tomorrow
James P Allinson @JPAllinson🔁Splinting to "rest" the lung aiming to treat TB in 1924. Special Blue journal centenary publication at
Ruvandhi @ruvandhi🔁Optimizing existing drugs may help to develop shorter regimens for active including daily high dose RPT in regimen < 6mths
Pat Enright Kaplan @Media_Pat🔁@NHLBI_LUNGDir @LungAssociation @COPDFoundation Congratulations @NHLBI_LUNGDir on the launch of the new plan today at #ATS2017
Pat Enright Kaplan @Media_Pat🔁Today @IQSolutions we're following the release of the #COPDactionplan at #ATS2017! Learn more from @nih_nhlbi
Sarah Beesley @SarahJBeesleyMD🔁Dr. Beesley preaching the good word of presence in the .
Cook Critical Care @cookcritcare🔁Interested in getting @AS_Clay’s conclusions on the importance of technology implementation in #RespiratoryCare and public health. #ATS2017
Carlos Celis @pulmonology101🔁Exacerbations of upped risk of and in patients |
RT Magazine @RTmagazine🔁Exacerbations of #COPD upped risk of #stroke and #heartattack in #CVD patients | #hearthealth #ATS2017
Bülent Karadag @karadag68🔁 utilization of facilitated increased sharing of
Anne Sperling @annesperling1🔁Congratulations to Zea Boron for winning the Elizabeth Rich Award!! Well deserved!!
ilatersa Hue @ilatersa🔁Reminder: Visit at 1 p.m. for a li vestream of the National Action Plan panel.
Carlos Celis @pulmonology101🔁Very high mortality of parapneumonic effusion. 17% for CAP and 47% for HAP. Immediate culture helps better yield.
American Thoracic @atscommunity🔁World renowned leaders, cutting-edge science and groundbreaking research. You can find it all at #ATS2017!
ResMed @ResMed🔁Dr. Adam Benjafield will present new clinical evidence for ASV for sleep apnea at 1:30 pm. Join us at booth 436.
Symplur Hashtags @healthhashtags🔁Top Influencers of #ATS2017: @atscommunity @nejm @bseay05 @atscritcare @copddoc @cleclinicmd @drdangayach More 📊:
ATS Assemblies @ATS_Assemblies🔁Dr Joerns busy discussing his work on MAP kinase kinase 3 deletion & influenza
RespiratoryInstitute @Respiratory_NYC🔁Dr. Lee presents at 2:15pm in Room 151B on Prenatal, Perinatal, and Childhood Exposures in #LungDisease. #ATS2017 @atscommunity
Dr. Samir Nusair, MD @SamirNus🔁Direct #ThrombinInhibition of profibrotic pathways can B uncoupled from homeostasis
#pulmonaryfibrosis #ATS2017
Bülent Karadag @karadag68🔁 Thanks! Looking at data on tweeting helps with my twitter addiction! #ATS2017
ATS Assemblies @ATS_Assemblies🔁 @audvin @DrSeanBarnes @symplur @SapnaKmd We used @symplur for this one too! #ats2017
Breathe Better @BreatheBetter🔁The #COPDActionPlan panel starts now! Watch here at #ATS2017


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