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Sandy Milositz @SandyM041πŸ”Well done to all the presenters! The sessions were enlightening and touched topics that matter most to online educati twitter.com on. Thank you !
Nicolle Merrill @pdxnicolleπŸ”. research is so valuable for understanding skills in the workplace. So appreciate having them on this panel. He's al twitter.com so spot on about how we think about the intersection of education and careers.
Nicolle Merrill @pdxnicolleπŸ”Hey , here's an example of how you connect nontraditional students in online learning to career outcomes. does twitter.com this well
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”Thanks to all of our speakers, panelists, and participants for joining us today for The recordings will be made avai twitter.com lable if you were unable to attend or would like to rewatch a specific session.
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"In the reality of the higher education world, we're seeing more and more that higher education universities are defi twitter.com ned by working learners." - Matt Sigelman, Burning Glass Technologies
Nicolle Merrill @pdxnicolleπŸ”Interesting intersection: Listening to the conference session on data points that drive nontraditional student engag twitter.com ement in online learning while watching the on adaptive learning. Data, data everywhere.
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"We are collecting small, medium, and comprehensive data on students at every step of their education. If we are not twitter.com using this data consistently and reliably, we are missing a big point." - Ellen Wagner, Hobsons
Heather Moore @hmooreMBAπŸ”Attending #ATNM @CSUGlobal - good thoughts on today's learners. Favorite takeaway: #guideontheside
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"In many ways, higher ed has been late to the big data game. At CSU-Global, we try to gather all of the data we can. twitter.com We try to put all of that together to determine what students need & how we make sure they have ROI and a meaningful experience" Sondra D'Aquisto, CSU-Global
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”Our final panel of the day is titled "What Data Points Drive Nontraditional StudentvEngagement or Success?" and is m twitter.com oderated by Helen Stubbs of Join here:
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"I think we have to step back as institutions and look at how all of these processes can be streamlined to help stude twitter.com nts achieve their goals as opposed to standing in their way." - Dr. Christy Price,
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"The value proposition of college has drastically changed over the years. 61% of my generation feels that they need t twitter.com o know exactly what they want to do before they go to college.'" - Jonah Stillman, Gen Z student
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"What my generation is looking for are tangible experiences to help me get where I want to go." - Jonah Stillman, Gen Z student. #ATNM
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"I look at education as not only a way to affect my team, but as a vehicle to the next role in my career." - Morgan twitter.com Hooker, CSU-Global student
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”The next session of is titled "What is the Next Generation of Learner and How Do We Serve Them?" and is moderated by twitter.com CSU-Global's Student Advising Manager, Jerid Counterman. Join now:
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"The world is changing. The ability to seek and find information is a unique thing. Universities offering traditional twitter.com paths should be taking cues from organizations offering non-traditional programs" - , Director of Modern Learning & Video,
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"I like the idea of building a brand around yourself and looking at yourself as your own company and your own brand f twitter.com or the duration of your career." - , Director of Modern Learning & Video,
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"One of the things that needs to be in consideration is 'what am I going to do after I get my degree?' We are in a w twitter.com orld that requires continual, life-long learning." - , Director of Modern Learning & Video,
Dr. Wolo-Acolatse @tewaccountingπŸ”Join Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global)'s virtual conference on the future of online higher educati twitter.com on: "Addressing The New Majority: Modern Approaches for Nontraditional Students."
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”Our panel session titled "Access and Opportunity: Nontraditional Students and Adapting Online to Serve Them" with twitter.com of is about to begin. It's not too late to join :
Nicolle Merrill @pdxnicolleπŸ”Yessssssss to video chats! Ditch the discussion boards (I hate them). I'm about to use @Flipboard for my courses. #atnm
Nicolle Merrill @pdxnicolleπŸ”Near future for online learning at : Codeveloping curriculum with people and organizations (like museums!) outside of twitter.com . Fab idea for enhancing online experience for learners.
Leslie Chadwick @LeslieColoπŸ”It's been so interesting to dig in deeper to both sides of online education from both the student side and the profes twitter.com sor side today through the conference today:
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"At CSU-Global, our goal is to provide as much or as little support as they need. You have to meet students where the twitter.com y're at and provide that personalized level of service." -
Maria Jump, Assistant Vice President of Student Services, CSU-Global
Nicolle Merrill @pdxnicolleπŸ”So much good perspective. Support services, such as learning how to write a research paper in grad school, are import twitter.com ant for online students too. Students need access to support services outside of the online course.
Nicolle Merrill @pdxnicolleπŸ”"Don't just make online about scaling... Do a better job of putting students at the center of what we do online" Nail twitter.com ed it.
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"Increasingly, we're seeing that the value of online education transcends space and now time. Because of the incredib twitter.com le time crunch experience by students, it's simply impossible to make it to campus 14, 15, or 16 weeks in a row." Dr. Robert Hansen, -
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"Teaching online made me much more conscientious thinking about learning outcomes and the structure of the courses I twitter.com taught. I think about the courses much more holistically and as a whole unit than in face-to-face courses." Dr. Penelope Moon, ,
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"Many of our online students are non-traditional learners. In many ways, there isn't a typical day, week, or month f twitter.com or them, and the flexibility is why they choose online education." - Maria Jump, Assistant Vice President of Student Services, CSU-Global
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”Our panel on the online student and faculty experience moderated by is about to begin! It's not too late to join twitter.com
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”@DrArletta Thanks, Dr. Wallace! We think so, too. #ATNM
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"In our partnership with CSU-Global, we're bringing a quality online education overseas at a very reasonable price t twitter.com o middle-class people." - Charlie Nguyen, CEO, CMS Global
USIM @the_usimπŸ”"Meeting in person can save thousands of emails - not all communication can be done virtually." Dr. Kurt Miller, Facu twitter.com lty, on building effective partnerships. Addressing the New Majority, a day-long virtual conference, is live now:
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"We need to understand the requirements and needs of a partner and maintain that continually. We need to create mater twitter.com ials that are applicable to working adults so that they can better achieve in the field that they are working" Dr.Kurt Miller, faculty CSU-Global
USIM @the_usimπŸ”"I was impressed when we established our partnership with - there was a clear plan for follow up. Sometimes, partner twitter.com ship agreements are signed and there's no path forward." - Charlie Nguyen, CEO, CMS Global
USIM @the_usimπŸ”"Lack of mutual respect is an issue in failed partnerships - this can be avoided by regular check-ins, re-evaluations twitter.com as organizations grow and evolve." , Karlyn Shorb
USIM @the_usimπŸ”"Effective partnership models: are mutually beneficial & respectful, have shared goals and mission / vision, and as l twitter.com evel playing field. Set clear roles and responsibilities upfront." - Karlyn Shorb, , from Addressing the New Majority
USIM @the_usimπŸ”"Equality, definition of roles, financial viability and support of higher level academics rigor & integrity are cruci twitter.com al for excellent partnerships." - Dr. Kurt Miller, Faculty,
USIM @the_usimπŸ”Eran's session "How Do Partnerships Better Online Higher Education?" starts in just a few minutes at 9am PST / 10am M twitter.com ST as part of 's all-day conference Addressing the New Majority.
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"Lifetime learning is not a luxury any longer. We all need to expect to retool in our lives and careers." - twitter.com President Dr. Ted Mitchell
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"30% of all enrolled college students take at least one online course. 15% of today's college students complete their twitter.com education completely online. Online education is not a fad." - President Dr. Ted Mitchell
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"More than half of administrators believe online programs are as effective or more effective than face-to-face progra twitter.com ms" - President Dr. Ted Mitchell
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"Higher education changes lives. It gives them opportunities they didn't have before"- @ACEducation President Dr. Ted Mitchell #ATNM
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"A college graduate will earn $1 million more during their lifetime than a high school graduate." - Dr. Ted Mitchell #ATNM
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”Tune in now to hear Ted Mitchell, president of the American Council on Education, speak on the challenges and opportu twitter.com nities in American higher education.
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"Today, we have constant demand from employers that are seeking online curriculum help. Employers do not have an issu twitter.com e with online-educated students." - Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"We want our students to be plug-and-play in the workplace." - Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker #ATNM
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"We are now working to create CSU 2.0 and that incorporates everything we know about our students. It will begin in f twitter.com iscal year 2020 and will include more internships and apprenticeships." - Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”The four factors of creating your own path to success according to Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker:
1) Embrace diversity bey twitter.com ond what has been done before
2) Treat money as a sacred resource
3) Drive organizational efficiency
4) Take calculated risks and run small-scale experiments

CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”Tune in now to listen to CSU-Global President Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker speak on the future of higher education and how to keep up! #ATNM
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”"Education is not one size fits all" -
Dr. Jon Bellum, CSU-Global Executive Vice President and Provost #ATNM
Leslie Chadwick @LeslieColoπŸ”Log in any time today! #ATNM twitter.com
CSU-Global Campus @CSUGlobalπŸ”Tune in now for a brand new documentary on non-traditional learners! #ATNM
Leslie Chadwick @LeslieColoπŸ”My new workplace is hosting an online conference on Tuesday about the future of online . Join us on Nov. 14! twitter.com


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