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#ASA17 Keith N Hampton @mysocnet🔁 The SC&I sociologists...together again! @RutgersCommInfo @mysocnet #ASA17
Andrea P Herrera @apherrera71🔁Protest against white supremacy in Montreal. Chants of "Make racists afraid again" and "Fuck white supremacy" #ASA17
#ASA17 Rifat Salam, Ph.D. @ProfSalam🔁Susan Ferguson and Stephen Sweet-Curriculum Mapping Tool for Sociology #asa17
#ASA17 Alexander Agadjanian @A_agadjanian🔁Hope to see a day when @rstudio also has an ASA book exhibit booth #asa17
#ASA17 RMIT Social Research @RMIT_CASR🔁 #asa17 we're asking "Sociology is important because...". some great comments #emeraldsoundingboard
Sociology Thru Pugs @SocThroughPugs🔁When you realize you are a bit underdressed for #ASA17 employment services interviews
#ASA17 Nancy Wang Yuen @nancywyuen🔁Sociologists partying! #asa17 @ASA_SREM
#ASA17 Aimee Grant @DrAimeeGrant🔁 Norah Kendrick: More documentary analysis at #ASA17 environmental contamination in reproduction
#ASA17 Nancy Wang Yuen @nancywyuen🔁@ASA_SREM @emburciaga Great seeing @DrG_2Be at @ASA_SREM reception! #asa17
#ASA17 Mike Follert @mikefollert🔁#ASA17 party crew @DeanOfSociology @rongwangnu @jarrettrose4
#ASA17 Jarrett Rose @jarrettrose4🔁 #ASA17 party crew @DeanOfSociology @rongwangnu @jarrettrose4
#ASA17 Barbara F Prince @princeb_🔁Jean Shin introduces the new cohort of MFP Fellows! #ASA17
#ASA17 Albert S. Fu @Professor_Fu🔁 Susan Ferguson and Stephen Sweet-Curriculum Mapping Tool for Sociology #asa17
#ASA17 Calvin Bowen @calvintbowen🔁 @ASA_SREM @emburciaga Great seeing @DrG_2Be at @ASA_SREM reception! #asa17
#ASA17 Jessica Fields @jessfields🔁 Sociologists stepping outside the conference center #ASA17 #praxis
#ASA17 Barbara F Prince @princeb_🔁#ASA17 MFP Cohorts 43 and 44!
#ASA17 Steph Howells @steph_howells🔁Norton book party is great! #ASA17 @BierMarkt #montreal
#ASA17 Mark J Smith @MarkJSmithonMSN🔁 The wonderful Raewyn Connell receiving the Jessie Bernard Award at #asa17 @AustSoc 🎊🎉🎆🍾
#ASA17 Tariq Modood @TariqModood🔁 Patricia Hill Collins awarded Du Bois Prize #asa17
#ASA17 Rebecca Hackemann @StudioRebecca11🔁 Come by our #asa17 booth for all the most essential Stuart Hall. Get 1 for $20 or 3 for $50
#ASA17 ASA Children & Youth @asayouth🔁 Example #ASA17 #CooleyMeadAward #ModusTollens
#ASA17 Haj Yazdiha @Haj_Y🔁So much love for #uncsoc #ASA17
Zeynep Tufekci @zeynep🔁Tweets now from #asa17 panel I'm on with Doug McAdam, Marshall Ganz & Dana Fisher. My book is creative commons at
Zeynep Tufekci @zeynep🔁Hello #asa17. My book on movements in the digital age has a free creative commons copy! 10:30a + 2:30p panels today!
Am Sociological Assn @ASAnews🔁We can neither confirm or deny the #asa17 rumor.
Roberto G. Gonzales @RGGonzales1🔁 With release of as a paperback,I'm releasing all new content for the classroom via
Caty Taborda-Whitt @CatyTab🔁@LettaPage #asa17 with @LettaPage is the only way to #Asa
Linda Quirke @LindaQuirke🔁 Jingle bells, jingle bells. Oh wait, those are just the ASA badges. #ASAE2017 #asa17
Tristan Bridges @tristanbphd🔁 "Sociologists, go forth. The only thing you have to lose is your founding fathers." -@raewynconnell #ASA17
Roxie Brookshire @RoxieBrookshire🔁New low reached in commodification of Intersectionality thanks Seen at Exhibit Hall
Linda Quirke @LindaQuirke🔁 Family Section day is here! Come one come all @ASA_Family #ASA17
Sirma Bilge @Sirma_Bilge🔁New low reached in commodification of Intersectionality thanks Seen at Exhibit Hall
Anthony Urena @AnotherAntho🔁Saving my #GameofThrones and #IncecureHBO commentary for tomorrow, gotta prep for more magic at #ASA17
Sociological Cinema @TheSocyCinema🔁 How many sociologists does it take to order dumplings? #ASA17 #indecison @TheSocyCinema
M. Ali Kadivar @MAliKadivar🔁 "Sociologists, go forth! You have nothing to lose but your founding fathers" (Raewyn Connell) #ASA17
Philip N Cohen @familyunequal🔁Family Section day is here! Come one come all @ASA_Family #ASA17
ASA Student Forum @ASAStudentForum🔁 My department is hiring an assistant professor in the fall. #asa17
Landon Schnabel @LandonSchnabel🔁I just uploaded a new version of my paper "Opiate of the Masses?"

Come see me present it M onday at 8:30

ASA Student Forum @ASAStudentForum🔁 See you tomorrow! #ASA17
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :mwj @JoanaMccowan🔁 Takeaway from #asa17 town hall on responding to Trump: we need #publicsociology
ASA Children & Youth @asayouth🔁Melissa Milkie, U of Toronto, discussing the papers in Inequalities in Parental Investment
ASA Children & Youth @asayouth🔁Daniela Negraia, U of South Carolina, on gender disparities in parenting time across activities
ASA Children & Youth @asayouth🔁Join Us for the Awards Ceremony and Presidential Address to honor winners and hear President Lamont’s address
Tariq Modood @TariqModood🔁Sociology has to take up the competition for the public sphere, says in her presidential address
Fabio Rojas @fabiorojas🔁Tmrrw: panel on new tools to study culture. Come for the network tools, stay for the text tools.
Caroline Morris @carolinemo101🔁 I find it very suspect that all the sociologists have gone to Canada while Trump taunts North Korea. #asa17
SME @Nubie_Erudita🔁 "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention" - Patricia Hill Collins accepting the WEB Du Bois Career Award #ASA17
Merlin @HorusOO🔁In 1963, ASA President Everett Hughes asked why sociologists had missed the racism-fueled protests.
In 2017 meets as the streets burn
Juliet Schor @JulietSchor🔁Today I visited the room in Montreal where Ono and Lennon had the bed-in for peace. Would love to rent it for a bed i n against hate
Michael Ramirez @MRamirezPhD🔁Rings true. More than once did I react to the clanging of the badges with "oh did someone bring their dog to this ses sion?!"
debita @evidai🔁Anne Rawls introduces the first session of , feat. Kuroshima; Blomgren Bergen; Webb & co; Boehringer & co
Nicholas H Wolfinger @NickWolfinger🔁My department is hiring an assistant professor in the fall. #asa17
Robert Francis @MrBobFrancis🔁 It's #asa17 and also #ScholarSunday! Check out @eva_rosen and @PhilipGarboden's work on eviction threat. Super cool stuff.
Dirk vom Lehn @dirkvl🔁@donaever This was a lovely night out #EMCA #ASA17
Nicole Malette @nsmalette🔁Reunion with some of my favorite Soci people! #Montreal #asa17 #SSSP2017
Alpha Kappa Delta @natlofficeofakd🔁Attending the MFP Reception at Congrats to sponsored MFP Salvatore Rangel (left) and now Past Fellow Yader Lanuza (R)
UC Press @ucpress🔁Dinner w/ great friends, great Steve Viscelli, Maria Kefalas
Sasha Killewald @SashaKillewald🔁#ASA17 = perfect time to re-read this article on re-living your awkward comments for 7 seconds, then releasing
Tim Haney @timhaneyphd🔁For 8:30 talk, expecting 2 keen grad students, person filling water pitchers for the day, maybe the night janitor at end of his shift #asa17
Ken Kolb @kenHkolb🔁Attended 3 @SocConsumption sessions this meeting. Good folks. Lots of support and positive vibes w/in section. Will join. #ASA17
Randal Vincent @RHVsquared🔁 - today we're asking "Sociology is important because...". We've had some great comments
Aimee Grant @DrAimeeGrant🔁 Savina Balasubramanian: Analysis of adverts for male contraception at #ASA17
Tim Haney @timhaneyphd🔁 Lessons from #asa17: Canadian football is a bigger deal in Canada than I realized.
Jose Aveldanes @joseaveldanes🔁 #ASA17 Hate crimes against LGBTQ people are declining in Canada, but increasing in the United States
Jose Aveldanes @joseaveldanes🔁 Purrier’s conclusion: the silencing of heteronormativity in gay spaces benefits both gay men and (straight) women #ASA17
Benjamin Drury @drurysociology🔁ATN: Graduate Students on the Market at -Join us at 10:30 to network and learn about faculty expectations at different institutions!
Dr. Alison Fields @dralisonfields🔁Hey sociologists I have 917 of you on this list but there are a lot more. Reply here and I'll add you!
Jeremy Freese @jeremyfreese🔁Lessons from #asa17: Canadian football is a bigger deal in Canada than I realized.
Jenn M. Jackson @JennMJack🔁Shout out to Patricia Hill Collins for being the first person I've seen at to publicly acknowledge events at UVA yesterday
Rifat Salam, Ph.D. @ProfSalam🔁At Just Desserts event, listening to Carla B. Howery Teaching Enhancement Award Recipients present their projects. #asa17 #teachingmatters
Mathieu Deflem @mathieudeflem🔁 Come and see us at Palgrave's stand 618 at the #ASA17 - especially if you have a proposal idea that you'd like to discuss!
Andrea Miller @genderteach🔁Here is the link to the syllabus that I mentioned in an earlier tweet! #asa17
kate averett @convergecollide🔁Standing room only at the Sociologists for Trans Justice meeting. #ASA17


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