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Mark Moseley @KARKMark🔁 Constituents of @JohnBoozman receive final warning from Capitol Police #ARNews
L Latimer @ourBooksLuvUs🔁 The 20 Arkansans protest inside the Hart Senate Building #ARNews @KARK4News @KNWAnews
#ARnews Caitlin Rearden @CaitlinRearden🔁Live at 5 at chick fil A where officer involved shooting happened earlier today... #ARnews
#ARnews Jonathan Rozelle @JonathanRozelle🔁 Police say this is the 4th officer involved shooting in Little Rock this year #ARnews
Austin Kellerman @AustinKellerman🔁LISTEN: Boxer Jermain Taylor arrested in domestic incident. Who called 911? He did. #ARNews
#ARnews KATV News @KATVNews🔁#BREAKING: Riverfest discontinued after 40 years - #arnews
KATV News @KATVNews🔁Survey: Arkansas has some of nation's rudest drivers - #ARNews
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline🔁Days after one airline suspends service at LR National Airport, ultra-low-cost carrier announces return »
Austin Kellerman @AustinKellerman🔁ICYMI: Former AR AD Frank Broyles under home health care, according to family. reports he's not in hospice care
Family Council @FamilyCouncil🔁ICYMI: A.G. Rutledge Rejects Another Recreational Marijuana Proposal #arpx #arnews
Chandler Watkins @clewatkins🔁WATCH: Faulkner Co. 911 director accused of sexual harassment; prosecutor investigating
Austin Kellerman @AustinKellerman🔁It's been a tough last few days for U-Hauls in Little Rock #ARNews
Marine Glisovic KATV @KATVMarine🔁WATCH: Faulkner Co. 911 director accused of sexual harassment; prosecutor investigating
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline🔁Sports anchor at Little Rock TV station leaving for out-of-state job. The details: href="" target="_blank">
Marci Manley @Marci_Manley🔁A Federal Investigation into this matter is still on-going as well as a civil case in Faulkner County
Gise @Giseoficial🔁The latest El Diario de Gisella! Thanks to @Fitness_enlinea @NHilcre @zoraida_merlo #mashable #arnews
Marine Glisovic KATV @KATVMarine🔁DEVELOPING: The Faulkner Co. 911 Director is accused of sexual harassment, why a prosecutor was asked to step in. Mor e @ 6
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline🔁Little Rock chef to be contender on Food Network's food truck competition show. When it starts:
Chanley Shá Painter @chanleysha🔁Maggio attorney says Maggio never lied to the Government; when giving his testimony in his own words, Maggio passed the polygraph #arnews
Chanley Shá Painter @chanleysha🔁Before turning himself in, Maggio spent last night & this morning w/ close family-also having one last confessional w/his Priest #arnews
Doc Washburn @DocWashburn🔁 Nice work @chanleysha #ARNews
Chanley Shá Painter @chanleysha🔁Maggio to those who say he should've been in prison long ago:
"Those folks are going to have their opinion no matter what I say." #arnews
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline🔁Man accused of backing vehicle into central Arkansas parole office. What he told police:
Chanley Shá Painter @chanleysha🔁A Federal Investigation into this matter is still on-going as well as a civil case in Faulkner County #arnews
Austin Kellerman @AustinKellerman🔁Nice work @chanleysha #ARNews
Matthew Sewell @_MattSewell🔁WATCH: Former AR judge Mike Maggio turns himself in to begin his 10-year prison sentence. spoke with him exclusively .
Chanley Shá Painter @chanleysha🔁Maggio attorney tells me Maggio will serve at least 7 years of his 10 year bribery sentence unless his future appeals r successful #arnews
Chanley Shá Painter @chanleysha🔁 Maggio wants people to give him a second chance saying he was too quickly convicted in the court of public opinion
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline🔁Small fire disrupts Arkansas restaurant's pancake celebration. Here's what happened:
Bobby Ballinger @Bobby_Ballinger🔁 RELEASE: Pipeline Legislation a “Win-Win for the American People,” Westerman says #ar4 #arnews
Rep. Bruce Westerman @RepWesterman🔁RELEASE: Pipeline Legislation a “Win-Win for the American People,” Westerman says #ar4 #arnews
Mark Moseley @KARKMark🔁These are the first comments we're hearing from him, and they're very interesting. #ARnews
Ashley Ketz @AshleyKetz🔁At 5: Former Judge Mike Maggio speaks exclusively to minutes before he begins 10 year prison sentence for bribery.
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline🔁NEW: No signs of arson found in fire that destroyed landmark central Arkansas restaurant. What we know »
James Boyett, Agent @BoyettAgent🔁 Bridges back to school bazaar coming soon #KTLOnews #ARNews
Lil Doggy Mike @Mikel_Woodall🔁Reminder: Here’s the story of Arkansas’s voter data. It was first sent, then deleted.
David Cormier @David_H_Cormier🔁 Check out @BobStolzberg getting us ready for @thevrara Thursday afternoon! #VR #ARnews #disruption
Angela Rachels @arachels🔁LRPD chief says officer-involved shooting scenario started as a shoplifting call at Home Depot.
Angela Rachels @arachels🔁So far, there have been 869 calls in Little Rock for shoplifting this year. 37 calls at the Home Depot address this year. #ARNews #KATV7
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline🔁More than 2 years after pleading guilty to bribery, former Arkansas judge's prison term set to start today:
victoria price @victoriapricetv🔁NEW: Bryant PD reporting last week's escapee from Alexander Youth Services has been apprehended in Fayetteville.
Forbidden Hillcrest @ForbiddenH🔁 Chief: White male suspect in early 20s was shot by officer, carjacking victim- a young woman- taken to hospital. #arnews
TravelCenter HQ @TravelCenterHQ🔁#BREAKING UPDATE: Police respond to shooting scene in the Chick Fil A parking lot on West Markham. #ARNews #KATV7
Forbidden Hillcrest @ForbiddenH🔁 Correction: LRPD just confirmed NO officer was shot. #arnews
Ari @notordinari🔁"Freedom School" is helping Pine Bluff kids find this summer though reading & self-love.


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