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AR-15 1023TheBeat @1023TheBeat🔁Florida Student Arrested After Bringing AR-15 On Campus
AR-15 Arshiya Ahmad @arshi_yah🔁 America - what the **** is wrong with you?
AR-15 Danny n Kris Dye 🇺🇸 @Dannydye7🔁 Dude, AR-15's are scary when you wear these glasses. #WednesdayWisdom
#ObamaKnew @bdwann🔁 Here's @GaryTuchmanCNN firing an AR-15.
Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 @RealSaavedra🔁Man armed with AR-15 stops deadly attack
Sean Davis @seanmdav🔁Man armed with AR-15 stops stabbing attack by neighbor in Oswego
Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren🔁Big investors have made huge profits from the sale of weapons like the AR-15 rifle used at . But they’ve done next to nothing to stop gun violence. It’s time for them to look past the bottom line & use their leverage for good.
Beth Melena @BethMelena🔁Reminder: Pa. GOP gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango sat down for a 37-minute interview with Rev. Hyung "Sean" Jin Moon, the man behind today's AR-15-heavy church service in Wayne County, just last month.
ProudDAR🇺🇸 @PJudianne🔁Excuse me Libnuts but I missed the part where police take an oath to serve and protect and use deadly force if necessary in order to protect the public unless the suspect has an Ar-15!🤔😕
LGW @Fetty_Wines🔁Democrat Joe Manchin refuses to support AR-15 ban: "I don’t know anyone who’s committed a crime with it"
Kieran Ford @kieran_ford🔁An elementary school in Pennsylvania will temporarily relocate on Wednesday because a nearby religious group will hold a blessing ceremony involving AR-15s.
Frankie @tweeterfeet111🔁Nikolas Cruz still has 180 rounds, but couldn't discharge them because his AR-15 was jammed. If not for that Twist of fate, more of our children would be dead.

Banning high capacity machines, like the ones Cruz used would make it harder for copycats to follow his lead.

Constitutionally Correct @SturdyVan🔁Calling an AR-15 an assault rifle is like calling the media main stream....
Norman Albert Goldie @AlbertGoldie🔁if Hinckley had used an AR-15 when he shot Reagan, the entire Reagan entourage would have been slaughtered
Antique Time 🇺🇸 @AntiqueTime🔁Dick's Sporting Goods Hasn't Sold AR-15's Since 2013 And Has Now Taken A Activist Position On Gun Control. Dick's Has Taken A Terrible Tragedy And Turned It Into A PR Stunt For Profit...
Shame On You 🤡

I Claudius @erreebus🔁The AR in “AR-15” rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s.

“AR” does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.”

Coco's Mom @leslieshatkin🔁This was me in 2008. I carried an M4, which is pretty much the same thing as an AR-15. I am one of the many who know that these weapons were never intended for civilian use. Demand change!
joao @mar27818529🔁 AR - 15 stands for ASMR RIFLE
Aaron @superdaddyadr🔁Planned Parenthood kills more kids in a single hour with scissors and forceps than the Parkland shooter managed to kill with his AR-15.
nibole @dudethatsnicole🔁 New rule if you can’t fit the entire AR-15 up your ass you can’t have it sorry
Paris @Andrw122🔁. marketing AR-15s to civilians in wake of school mass shooting committed by teen with an AR-15 while simultaneously working to eradicate background checks, age limits, mandatory training and even permitting in state legislatures.

Police hit their targets 18% of the time.

Cocoa Puff & Bobbie @CHOCLABLOVER🔁He didn’t choose it, nor did he insert himself. He was teleported in on the wings of flying bullets IN HIS SCHOOL FROM A NAZI’S AR-15.
SingGreen @SherylClinton5🔁Man With AR-15 Saves Neighbor From Stabbing Attack.

The left will refuse to acknowledge a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy.

What's worse, the left will refuse to admit seconds matter when it takes minutes for police to arrive.

SameDobreWiadomosci @SameDobreWiadom🔁"Also, dude, keep your eyes open. You’re shooting a weapon. You’re not a dozen beers deep in a dark reflection about all the mistakes in your life that led you to be on a gun range looking like a fool in front of an entire country." -
lindsay @fisheszoo🔁Uh, I think he was “inserted” into the national policy debate when a gunman used an AR-15 to killed his friends in
school and could’ve killed him.
The Deeper State @slicrui🔁Here's the Dick's Sporting Goods AR-15 sales timeline:

December 2012: Announce they will no longer sell AR-15s

August 2013: Open a new, smaller chain called Field and Stream which sells AR-15s

February 2018: Announce they will no longer sell AR-15s there either

nitepipes @nitepipes1🔁Liberals say it is impossible to round up 25 million illegals. If that's the case, then how do they expect to round up 100 million AR-15's?
Jack Amelung @JackAmelung🔁An up-close look at the AR-15 on . Lots wrong, including the description by the General. An AR-15 is NOT a powerful weapon by any stretch of the imagination! It's barely adequate for deer hunting, & even then only with expensive loads!
Jon Fleischer @TrapperJon19🔁 Liberal Logic: My AR-15 self-identifies as a Nerf gun. And anybody who disagrees is a racist bigot. Merica.
• @Cade_Birchfield🔁I don’t think rednecks understand that by banning most semiautomatic weapons, they could still hunt with common bolt action rifles/muzzleloaders/crossbows/bows.

Even though AR-15’s are badass and fun to play with, they are very dangerous and are not essential to have.

Mike Bullard @bullimusmaximus🔁I can't do anything about companies making emotional gestures based on no facts. Dicks Sporting Goods stopped sellin g AR-15's in stores years ago, so I'm confused as to what they're trying to prove. And NRA membership is going to grow out of this. It always does.
Marc Panzer @Panz21🔁looks like you'll just have to celebrate Jeffrey's goals by firing a PISTOL into the air instead of an AR-15 like the rest of us now.
Chess Wheeler @CWheels21🔁I would literally put a leash on any guy who allowed an AR-15 to kick him like that. You are now my pet.

🦋 Nicolette 🦋 @nicckkibby🔁If a gunman can walk into a military base like Fort Hood with 100% of the populace 'highly trained" in firearms use, and still murder 13 people with a pistol, do you honestly think that 20% of teachers having a gun is going to stop the next killer who may have an AR-15?
Not Your Token Jew @disableddybbuk🔁"Chosen to insert himself" is an interesting way of saying "survived an attack by a man with an AR-15 who murdered 17 of his schoolmates and teachers."

I know a way to keep future David Hoggs from "choosing to insert themselves," but the I bet NRO won't like the solution.

Kirby Manning @OvrTheBayBridge🔁Florida teachers are invested in AR-15 makers through their retirement plans. No matter your position on guns, there's a good chance you are too

John Caruso @Ifishem🔁I'm going to need the NYT to explain what a semi-automatic rifle looks like that DOESN'T have "firepower typically used by US infantry troops."
Sandra N. @SandraHelena39🔁and, as gun "experts" have so helpfully pointed out - the problem is not gonna be solved by banning AR 15's because it's not the only gun that does this.

It's something about the velocity for a round of that size.

Libs are stupid @libs_stupid🔁@JordanUhl @Everytown @Apple @amazon @Google @roku @ATT @DIRECTV Just signed up with the nra. Can’t wait to buy my ar-15 next month.
IAmComplicit @AgeDemands🔁I give you your Evangelical MORONS - Couples tote AR-15 assault rifles to Pennsylvania church blessing
Paula M Wright 🇨🇦 🙏 @WrightMPaula🔁Dems: “Boycott the NRA!”
*NRA memberships skyrocket*

Dems: “Boycott FedEx”
*FedEx stock skyrockets*

Dems: “Boycott AR-15s!”
*AR-15 sales skyrocket*

Keep it up Dems! You should tell us to boycott Trump 😉

Maureen @Trumpgot2go🔁 retail gun stores circumvented the law and stopped selling AR-15’s AND raised the min. Age to 21 like did?
Crisgw @cristina_gw🔁Rubio:

1. Says he thinks you should be 21 to buy an assault rifle

2. Is currently pushing legislation to allow 18-year-olds to buy an assault rifle in DC

mseabhayes1 @tmhayes53🔁There you go - - Nuts With Guns!
RosemaryS @wascallywose🔁With AR-15s, Mass Shooters Attack With the Rifle Firepower Typically Used by Infantry Troops - The New York Times
Savannah @Savanna39257956🔁They want their blood money from the NRA and when someone with an AR 15 guns someone down they are full of thoughts a nd prayers and , but keep the money coming
Blind Joey Dead @blindjoeyg🔁"infected the next generation"

Marco Rubio insults the Florida students who are angry about being shot at with an AR-15 which Rubio made sure the mass murderer could buy very easily.

B.T. Smith @ONSGBTSmith🔁@Namru They found a LIVE AR-15

Holy shit that's amazing. And they are already assuming it's a murderer... isn't that racist.

DeplorableGunnar @gunnarm82🔁Gun instructor users AR-15 to save the life of his neighbor, who was being stabbed to death.

He said the AR-15 was much more effective than a handgun.

Good work sir.

john cramblit @jncramb🔁Kurt, please ask Dick's if this policy also applies to their smaller Field and Stream chain, which as of yesterday w as still selling AR-15's. If they're going to virtue signal, let's make them go all in.
G Irwin @FGIrwin🔁As he stepped into the school to kill students on Feb. 14, “the Parkland gunman, in practical terms, had the same rifle firepower as an American grunt using a standard infantry rifle in the standard way.”
Sandra N. @SandraHelena39🔁That is, not accurate:


Everyone who studies this says that the round is moving much faster than normal for its size; which causes un-reparable trauma - literally liquefied organs & severe cavitation (which is very bad)

Ray KingZ @SpyMail🔁The reason I own an AR-15. It’s recommended by the NRA to be the best choice to protect you and your family.

The AR is a beast plus it’s also easy to learn, easy to use, reliable & accurate.

Retweet to trigger as many gun-control liberals as possible.

Russell Carlino @carlino_russell🔁A QUICKIE FOR LIBERALS: A firearm that fires one bullet at a time and loads the next round into the chamber is calle d a “semiautomatic” firearm. Semiautomatic rifles are NOT assault rifles. a AR-15 is one of those Semiautomatic firearms.
moon15116 @moon15116🔁 Couples tote AR-15 assault rifles to Pennsylvania church blessing
royalista joe @royalistajoe🔁Full Semi-Automatic??? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Where did get this idiot? Anyone that knows guns will tell you an AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle which means one bullet per trigger pull. It’s ridiculous to hear Liberals talk about guns because they’re clueless.
Hyperion @1Hyperion2🔁Oh? Then please explain why the gun ban from 1994 to 2004 (which included the AR–15 for example) was not ruled to be unconstitutional although it was challenged on more than one occasion in court?
Amie @LinkinParkFOB🔁y’all are fuckin ridiculous. If you want protection you need a handgun at most. Spend the extra $ you would’ve spent on an AR 15 on high tech security systems, deadbolts, cameras on your lawn, a guard dog, or a big ass fence if you’re that worried about home invasions
Common Conversation @dianaaitchison🔁With AR-15s, Mass Shooters Attack With the Rifle Firepower Typically Used by Infantry Troops - The New York Times
Jack Robert Friesen @FriesenJack🔁@GovMikeHuckabee No I do not think Congress should ban AR-15🇺🇸
Angel Gold @LoftyBeholder🔁The fights tirelessly to allow 18 year olds like the shooter to be able to legally buy AR-15 assault rifles.
no_filter_Yamba @no_filter_YambaAR-15 🔁 What the and Dana Loesch don't want you to see:

The following video clip is a basic AR-15 with a bump stock.

Make sure to watch the entire clip.

"Just an AR-15 on steroids."

Scott mcnabb @Nabb1204🔁Goodbye Dick$. You’ll never see another dime of mine. You could’ve quietly chosen to not sell or supply AR-15’s and a ccessories... but instead chose to make a political statement. You’ve lost a customer who’s a veteran and fully intends to use my freedom to chose... $
Rahman M. A. Muhammad @RahmanMAMuhamm3🔁.
Dems, Businesses & groups have once again jumped on a bandwagon that goes AGANIST the grain of America‼️

The Texas church shooting was stopped by an NRA member with an AR-15. ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

lil mama🌈 @laurencos10🔁My brother retweeted this 2 months ago and it was a “mentally ill individual” with an AR-15 that took my brother from our lives. It’s time we do something
The Barbarian @BarbarianinSF🔁Is it me or does it look like he's SHOVING the stock into his shoulder for effect? I don't recall my AR-15 recoili ng like that. But then, I actually use the gun sights when I fire......
Official Roast Of Elgin C/o 2k18 @elgin2k18roast🔁@meowitzbri My ar-15 said it could give you a wild night💦😏
kerrie  🇰🇪 @KdubSoSolid🔁Another kid in Florida brought a AR-15 to school...smh.
Spence Spencer @wrath04🔁According to this "The AR-15 is my weapon of choice for home protection... And this is just a perfect example of good guy with an AR-15 stopped a bad guy with a knife"

Robin @Zumbalicious_🔁“Banning the AR-15 should not be a partisan issue. No consensus may exist on many questions of gun control, but there seems to be broad support for removing high-velocity, lethal weaponry and high-capacity magazines, which would drastically reduce the incidence of mass murders.”
#45WomenforTrump🇺🇸 @HvizdosEmily🔁DICK’S SPORTING GOODS Stops Selling AR-15’s
AR stands for ArmaLite rifle. NOT ASSAULT RIFLE.
I refuse to do business w/ a company who succumb to leftist bullies knee jerk politicization of a topic they know NOTHING about


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