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Miss_Pabi 😋👑 @Pabi_BoO🔁 Service delivery protests in Kimberly! Ijits burning stuff again #ANC18 Welcome to South Africa
USDA Team Nutrition @TeamNutrition🔁Stop by Booth #1447 to get ideas and resources for , Week, and events. twitter.com
Beloved✨ @dear_refilwe🔁 Service delivery protests in Kimberly! Ijits burning stuff again #ANC18 Welcome to South Africa
Reuben @mrgaoratwe92🔁 Service delivery protests in Kimberly! Ijits burning stuff again #ANC18 Welcome to South Africa
Diversified Foods @DFI_Inc🔁Today's your last chance to sample our delicious, convenient-to-use at the School Nutrition Assn. Annual National C twitter.com onf. in Las Vegas! Find our crew at Booth 1483.
Sharon Schaefer, SNS @ChefSharonSNS🔁Not at ? Explore our resources at . Schools can request pri teamnutrition.usda.gov nted copies of materials at:
USDA Team Nutrition @TeamNutrition🔁Not at ? Explore our resources at . Scho teamnutrition.usda.gov ols can request printed copies of materials at: twitter.com
Ryan Yarnell @MNPSChefRyan🔁Did you know onion skins are packed with nutrients and add a rich yellow hue to your stocks and broths? Thanks for the tip !
Suzanne McCarty @SuzanneMcCarty🔁Wow....it's the last day of food show...have you stoped by to see at booth 823? Check out Sunny Fresh Eggs and Sha twitter.com dy Brook Farms turkey!
Meg Tessensohn @MegTessensohn🔁Great guy and amazing chef was happy as a hog with a tutu to meet up!!!
Angelo Po America @AngeloPoAmerica🔁Don't live a life of regret - come visit Angelo Po America booth # 1686 while the SNA conference is still going. Ou twitter.com r team can't wait to see you!

Donna S. Martin @donnamartinrd🔁GR8 meet ups : Making across USA twitter.com
School Way Cafe @SWC_Volusia🔁Celebrity chef shows us how some schools are reinventing their menus. Non-profit School Nutrition Association brought its annual convention to .
Anita T Davila @AniTambouD🔁Find another food that has 9 nutrients in every 1 cup? Hint: there isn’t one @JimPainterRD
Globe Food Equipment @globefoodequip🔁“Think about renaming and being creative with your food names,” shares Malissa Marsden, SNS as a great tip for being creative w/ Recipes using USDA Foods.
Eggs In Schools @eggsinschools🔁Get the full egg patty recipes ➡️ aeb.org


HoneymoonGondol @HoneymoonGondol🔁We’re at the SNA conference with our to our partner talking about afterschool meals! Thanks for your incredible support of
Sherri Craft @Craftsherri🔁Congratulations to our manager at who won a new cart for her kitchen at
Fieldstone Bakery @FieldstoneBaker🔁Another great selfie, and photobomb! Thanks for entering the Fieldstone BakerySelfie Contest! #ANC18 facebook.com
Scott Edward Lindsey @bikercomic🔁In our opinion - one of the coolest resources provided to us is the interactive expo map - we made our own personal expo guides! Thank you for being such an amazing organization!!
Eggs In Schools @eggsinschools🔁Where EGGzactly is Joe Pettit ? Hanging out with the folks from ! Wait til August - our new egg recipe is going to be served and ! Lots of EGGcitement in the new school year !
Integrated Control @goicc🔁Stop by Booth #1447 to get ideas and resources for , Week, and events.


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