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Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn🔁Today brings a new beginning for México.

Congratulations . His election as President with more than 50% of the vote offers the poor and marginalised a genuine voice for the first time in Mexico's modern history.

I'm sure will be a president for all Mexicans.

Habib♡احمد♡ @HabibAhmadPti🔁Want to congratulate Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his electoral victory in Mexico's presidential election. He campaigned on an anti-corruption campaign against the Institutional Revolutionary Party that held power for 77 of the last 89 years in Mexico.

Yanis Varoufakis @yanisvaroufakis🔁Congratulations to Mexico's brand new hope. Amlo's victory proves that there comes a time the mafia-like establishmen t loses its grip and hope takes root. It is now up to the progressives in Mexico and beyond to seize the day and ensure that the people's verdict is honoured
The Guardian @guardian🔁Mexico election: leftist Amlo set for historic landslide victory
William Richardson @Pedalman56🔁 | In all Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, or 's, party swept over 91 percent of all districts and won a landslide of municipal elections.

susana seijas dacey @susanaseijas1🔁THREAD: won 's presidency by a large margin, ensuring a strong mandate. He will take office on December 1 amidst record violence and an ongoing crisis. These are some of the most pressing issues AMLO will have to address:
Rivera Sun @RiveraSunAuthor🔁12 years later, has won a crushing, too-big-to-steal victory in ’s presidential election. And there’s a lesson here. Are you listening, Al Gore? Mr. Kerry and Mrs. Clinton?
1776 @TEXASGUNSandOIL🔁Pundits will tell you Mexico's election is about Trump, or about Mexicans suddenly embracing socialism. They are wrong.
William Richardson @Pedalman56🔁. responds to members of the media equating Mexico's newly-elected leftist president AMLO with Trump over their positions on NAFTA: "There's absolutely no comparison… People think that anything that questions the status quo has to be similar"
Fernando E Noriega @FNoriegaT🔁 Amlo has a lot of work on his hands in order to eliminate corruption.
KatG @katiGali🔁Today brings a new beginning for México.

Congratulations . His election as President with more than 50% of the vote offers the poor and marginalised a genuine voice for the first time in Mexico's modern history.

I'm sure will be a president for all Mexicans.

JC Kommer @Alea_🔁Will AMLO move past his rhetoric and govern as a pragmatist, like he did as mayor of Mexico City? via
HopeInTheUSA💖 @HopeInTheUSA🔁What Hillary Clinton's State Department wanted to know about 's new president-elect ANDRES MANUEL LOPEZ OBRADOR (AMLO)
mariadelosangeles @mariarfg🔁Juan Manuel Santos, Columbia cocaine production enabler, meet AMLO of Mexico, the soon to be king of its distribution. Supply Chain completed as per globalization of industry.
Marco Fonseca @MarcoVFonseca🔁From a left perspective, one committed to principles of social justicie, FTAs like should be abolished. That, unfort unately, is not how even thinks. And this piece by on , written within dominant pro-free trade consensus, doesn’t get it.
Beth Martin @BethMar08498031🔁Ill never forget the day said (months ago) "If this guy they call Amlo gets elected and it looks like 80% he will, it won't be good. It will be like having a Venezuela on our Southern border"

Well, Sundance was right again. Welcome Mexiuela!

Kafir Will Bronk @accident🔁As resistance leaders in , , and struggle to break the hold of and in their respective nations, voters elect a potential enabler of these totalitarian regimes. It was a 5 way race, received close to 54% of the vote.
DIE LINKE. Kreisverband Kraichgau Neckar Odenwald @DieLinkeKVKNO🔁., who will join AMLO's government in Mexico as Comptroller General, promises the new government will work to address poverty and combat impunity for corruption: "I'm sure we are going to get the goal of finishing corruption in our public life"
Beth Martin @BethMar08498031🔁If you ever wondered about ideas/policies for governance; and if you wondered what would happen; look no further than Mexico. AMLO is a Mexican version of Bernie Sanders (and/or Hugo Chavez). Watch in real time what comes next.
Kikka Roja ☭ Kikkaterina Rojanova compa @kikkaroja🔁@larryventexan NO, that was the PRI, hahahaaaa LOL
keep crying texan/venezuelan LOL
Rashmi Shukla @ampurging🔁What are the key issues confronting AMLO, won the Mexican presidency with a large margin on Sunday? Here's all you need to know
EYKIS #RESIST #INDICT45 #ERA @Eykis🔁Mexico had its elections, the new president AMLO has promised to take on the cartels, the extortionists, the thugs. The Mexican ppl want what the USA has: A nation of EQUALS, governed in their best interests.
Emi 🇵🇷 Feisty Boricua Ⓥ #BelieveWeCan @thepowerofmeow🔁We should give credit where credit is due: the Trump administration had the courage to sound the alarm about Russian meddling in Mexico's election months ago (I'm sure it had nothing to do w/ AMLO leading the polls):
AAron Ncdl @AAronNcdl🔁I liked a @YouTube video AMLO PRESIDENTE
Ruwan Subasinghe @RuwanSubasinghe🔁Interesting to note that 60% of 's government bonds are held by foreigners. Plenty of scope for investors and the mar kets to scupper 's programme - unfortunately.
Jennifer Waisath Harris @jwharris🔁About Sunday night, former US Ambassador to Mexico offers keen insight on what AMLO’s elections means for MX & US.
Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America @labourfplam🔁Amlo: five things to know about Mexico's new president
Patricia Wagner 🇺🇸 MAGA @2dsea11🔁
Back out of Twitter jail since end of April!! Let's awake people
Babalu Blog @BabaluBloggers🔁AMLO’s election bad news for Mexico and the U.S., but good news for communist Cuba
Nuek 😺 😸 😹 😻 😼 @vnuek🔁AMLO: Man of the people who vows to fight corruption
Bloomberg @business🔁Will AMLO move past his rhetoric and govern as a pragmatist, like he did as mayor of Mexico City? via
Becca Watts @rwatts3🔁. and Alexander Main talk about what they observed during the , the election results, what they mean for Mexico, and how they will affect US-Mexico relations.
teleSUR English @telesurenglish🔁U.S. President Donald and Mexico's next leader, Andres Manuel discussed , trade and security issues in a phone call on Monday, the two leaders beginning a dialogue amid strained relations between the neighbors.

Jonathovski Hoffmanstinki @KarlLueger🔁Mexico election: historic landslide victory for left-wing Andrés Manuel López Obrador, winning 53% of the vote

He has vowed to crack down on corruption, rein in Mexico’s war on drugs and rule for the poor

Jeremy Corbyn is one of his closest friends

WillDemocracyDieInDarkness? @boone_jo🔁I think this is hilarious b/c won't know how to spin it: "Yay, AMLO hates Trump and he won! But wait, Trump says AML O cd MakeMexicoGreatAgain. And that he supports AMLO. But wait, AMLO's supposed to be 180 degrees fr Trump. But if Trump LIKES him, how can WE??!"
YGD #WWG1WGA 1776 #MAGA @MortimerSnerd8🔁Mexico Embraces & Revolución

has lowered the age of consent to 12

Is concerned about THOSE children?
& will keep border open for pedos
will push his children on us to support


Thomas J @thomasj17431826🔁Will we get a better quality of illegal under Mexico's new president, AMLO?: AMLO seems to be making a grab for the Democratic Party's most prized political base, and is likely to entice them to come back home. b
Carlos Villar @iCarlosVillar🔁“We will listen to everyone. We will care for everyone. We will respect everyone. But we will give priority to the most humble and to the forgotten.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico 🇲🇽❤️✊

Jonathan Luckhurst @JonLuckhurst🔁’s President-elect proposes to Trump bilateral cooperation as a win-win strategy
John Ryan @johndoesntsleep🔁Hearing John Oliver call AMLO 'Mexican Trump' really cements that the issue he has with Trump is his populism, not the creeping fascism
Sami El-Sayed @MadMarx__🔁Hey, so I now have a website for fun and as a host for my many political musings. It's still a work in progress, but feel free to be one of my first visitors and have a read of my initial reaction to the Mexican elections and the left's victory there.

Sonja Harris @SonjaHHarris🔁What Mexico's New President-Elect Means for Poverty and Inequality #globalcitizen #CORRUPTION
Heidi Smith @heydeesmeet🔁Advise to amlo: "First, avoid the trap of the Oval Office. Stay out of it and be your own best iconoclast by NOT meet ing with him. Travel to the United States, but don’t go to Washington - at least not right away." And paradiplomacy advise by
Steve Stephens @SteveStephens🔁 Why did Mexico choose AMLO for prez? Interesting backgrounder by @francesmartel


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