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#AMJoy Madelyn Mallory @madelyn_mallory🔁 Hey, Trump. Stephen Curry already met a real president. #AMJoy
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Kushner's healthcare company has been replacing insurers that pull out of states. He wants insurers to bail. Stands to make billions. #AMJoy
Keith Boykin @keithboykin🔁Now this is quality journalism! fact checks conservative commentator about Obamacare and corrects her on live TV.
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Do me a favor: Retweet these photos so everyone in America learns the entire Trump family's done business in Russia.

patrick callaghan @patricklpc🔁.: I really believe that this is the most deplorable person I have ever met, seen, or witnessed…
Rockstar Toddler @RockstarToddler🔁A man who slanders a Gold Star family & a decorated Vietnam Vet can't tell ANYONE how to act like a patriot.

Jeff @shad39🔁
NFL Sunday The Jaguars Jags

Vickyyanowski @vyanowski🔁This needs to go viral-it's video of Morgan Freeman explaining the scandal via 's org
Joe McGaha @bourbonroad🔁 Great list updated daily - how to help #PuertoRico #Boricuas #AMJoy #SteveMnuchin #TakeTheKnee
David Meroney @davidmeroney🔁 Has #Trump made a mistake by apparently going to war with some professional athletes? #AMJoy #TakeTheKnee
crazyuncledonald @crzyuncletrump🔁.: I am not going to back off social justice. It’s one of the great accomplishments of our nation.
KBoot @Reader9Desserts🔁...and attempting to shame ppl who won't kowtow to him. All of this foolishness is about his fragile ego NOT patrioti sm.
Bobbyb News @bobbybnews🔁LEWD ! Frank Scurlock mayoral candidate caught masturbating in an . His defense: he was drunk, is bipolar and a democrat.👌
Deb Woods @dwatsickofdt🔁Jaguars owner joins players during anthem protest in first game since Trumps NFL remarks

Amethyst Braincloud @AmethystBcloud🔁
If . gets dementia,
how will we know?

👉🏻Lawrence’s Last Words
The Russians Hacked Me

Susan for Trump @SusanewoodSusan🔁This Is What Traitors Look Like..

HealthCare4all @healthcare4safe🔁.: If you leverage your power for the higher good you can move the nation.
Bru Bombshell @BruBombshell🔁. on Steve Mnuchin: Evidently he doesn’t understand the Constitution of the United States
Cat Named Lily @CatNamedLily🔁
NFL Sunday Jags Ravens


Schmoo📎 @smilon713🔁YOUR FAVORITE AUNTIE!


10 AM ET

Mama K @krinhoh🔁.: It’s unthinkable that a man of ’s talent is out of the stadium


Je suis Michelle @tafkam08🔁Seems like you're fighting the tide, Mr President.
Reminds me of a story about King Canute...

David Lonkevich @david_lonkevich🔁I agree with Hillary Clinton 100%, I always knew trump would be horrible, but he's even worse than i thought.

Clay Hostetter @ClayHostetter1🔁 Are you going to watch any games today?

VOTE/RT to spread poll

Rex Ryan

Dewey Cooper @DeweyCooper6🔁HHS chief Tom Price is now under investigation for using private jets for official business travel
Summer @bnorthg🔁#AMJoy It's #GoldStarMothersDay show some class 4 those who made the ultimate sacrifice so u can act like jackass in your comfy safe house
elise pearlie @elise_pearlie🔁RT to ruin Trump's day

It's video of him signing contract w/Russian oligarch who setup Don Jr lawyer meeting

KBoot @Reader9Desserts🔁@Twitter, add an edit option. "His comments about the NFL 'have' zero meaning." #AMJoy
Findley Grace @FindleyGrace🔁Proud & strong advocate for preaching at Tuscaloosa Unity Rally!
Carly Says @carlyinNJ🔁Watching Hillary Clinton on reminds me we've had dozens of flawed, mediocre white men elected president. But a woman must be perfect.
softright @softright84🔁Today on ... Hillary Clinton tried to blame her loss on whites. replies.

ByPopularDemand @trollsforpeace🔁 Ahead of #AMJoy check out my new @thedailybeast column: Trump's Katrina


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