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#AGDQ2018 Kolthor_TheBarbarian @Kolthor_TBarb🔁My wall plaque is filling up nicely. #AGDQ2018
#AGDQ2018 Healing thot, but in 2018 @thoughtlesswolf🔁 man, i need to go to bed #AGDQ2018
Mike Tu(018)bapun (Raffle in Pinned) @ToobaornotTooba🔁 HUP HUT HU HYEA HIP HUP HIY #AGDQ2018
Angel Ortega @Andres_0150🔁 "Who's Link's favorite Final Fantasy character...?

Zell... Duh!"

Help. 🤣

#AGDQ2018 Kosachi @KosachiHinanai🔁 Save Hyrule!! #AGDQ2018 @GamesDoneQuick
#AGDQ2018 Chiro @Chiroasinbat🔁 a great quote from @orcastraw
#AGDQ2018 RedM🔰 @redmarien🔁 The most important picture of #AGDQ2018: @spikevegeta's ass
#AGDQ2018 Yuu-kun @Yuu_kun_gifts🔁 RT if you want #AGDQ2018 to become a charity videogame event AND a transgender orgy
#AGDQ2018 Schmullus (Logan) @Schmullus1🔁So long DC and #AGDQ2018!
#AGDQ2018 Man Yells Into Void @JesseScully🔁 See you in June! #AGDQ2018
#AGDQ2018 Curtis @tsujoi🔁 yo @GamesDoneQuick can i get some love for The Original Yobby? #AGDQ2018
#AGDQ2018 Alxiety @al_xiety🔁 WARIO TIME! #AGDQ2018
Alxiety @al_xiety🔁 It's Super "Mario" Galaxy time! Let's-a go watch it live! -> twitch.tv
#AGDQ2018 Alxiety @al_xiety🔁 Arthas' quotes are all that I remember from playing Warcraft 3. #AGDQ2018
#AGDQ2018 Alxiety @al_xiety🔁 LTTP randomizer race time! -> twitch.tv
#AGDQ2018 VerditaTwo @VerditaTwo🔁 #AGDQ2018 @GamesDoneQuick #GamesDrawnQuick
Kirby Canvas Curse
Games Done Quick @GamesDoneQuick🔁The final total including Twitch subscriptions and bits comes out to: $2,261,823.19


Games Done Quick @GamesDoneQuick🔁We did it! We hit $2 million raised for PreventCancer.org , thank you everyone!!! Don't stop donating now though, we still have a ton o twitter.com f this run to go. Let's see that special incentive met, and go for the $2.2 million
Games Done Quick @GamesDoneQuick🔁And we have hit $1 MILLION FOR @preventcancer AT #AGDQ2018! THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS DONATED!
🎄T I F F A N Y🎄 @Tiffisi🔁 The final total including Twitch subscriptions and bits comes out to: $2,261,823.19


Alxiety @al_xiety🔁I had not seen the original Rayman in over a decade! Go watch it at live right no twitch.tv w!
Xcog @Excogitatus🔁Can you tell I watched the BotW run? Took a little practice but I'm sort of able to do it! twitter.com
Man Yells Into Void @JesseScully🔁 Thank you all once again for sharing this awesome week with us! SGDQ is right around the corner! #AGDQ2018
❄️_φ(ō_ó ❀) えりな @Robbychu🔁In particular I am proud of the fact that at I helped raised more money per minute with two obscure indie games at 3AM than when I opened with NieR Automata. That is an intense accomplishment!
Mailia @Mailia🔁The only run of that you should watch is now on YouTube. It's ran by a Finnish guy because Finnish people are both g twitter.com reat at games and only play great games.

Yuu-kun @Yuu_kun_gifts🔁laughing as finally becomes unwelcome to shitheads, and those shitheads say they wont watch or attend, and the event has its best week in the history of it
Yiblaan @yiblaan🔁Post AGDQ depression is worse in person to experience :( had so much fun!!! #AGDQ2018
Vesper@heading home from GDQ @TheVesper84🔁Finally heading out from the GDQ hotel. This week has been one of the best ever! Time to go back to Chicago and the twitter.com real world. Until next GDQ...
James Chen @jchensor🔁If you happened to miss the finale video from , it's now uploaded to their Youtube channel. Go watch it and all of the runs from the (and past) events!

matthew 'what year is it' getch @EnvelopeSpooner🔁 Who could have predicted the racist/sexist chat monsters weren't donating to the charity? Absolute shock. #AGDQ2018
Jérémie Tessier @poik007🔁Did any world records get beaten at #AGDQ2018 ?
Willard ☕️ @WillardJBradley🔁Welp. Not sure how I'll ever be able to top . I guess the next step is to pick up a game, learn the speedrun, and sub twitter.com mit. Time to git gud... but first I gotta get home. Boarding the plane right now. It's been real, Y'all.
Gamepopper @gamepopper🔁I've noticed the #AGDQ2018 highlights have had their formats changed? Most do a day by day highlight because of copyright takedowns.
alexis△⃒⃘ @Lexoo_15🔁Sad Bc #AGDQ2018 is over ):


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