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#AEJMC17 Avery Holton @averyholton🔁Getting back to #AEJMC17 this year meant a lot to me. Thanks to everyone for making it feel like home. #recovery
#AEJMC17#AEJMC17#AEJMC17#AEJMC17 Marlene Neill, Ph.D. @neillpr🔁 Baylor JPR&NM was well represented at #AEJMC17
#AEJMC17#AEJMC17#AEJMC17#AEJMC17 BU JPRNM Grad Prog @bujougrad1🔁Baylor JPR&NM was well represented at #AEJMC17
#AEJMC17 Kristen A. Patrow @kapatro🔁 Last @AEJMC_LP session of #AEJMC17 w great papers from @Kathy_Olson @kapatro and Roy Gutterman
#AEJMC17 Owen Eagan @oweneagan🔁 Walked into the #AEJMC17 exhibition hall & first thing I see is a copy of my book!
#AEJMC17 Sally Renaud @sallyrenaud🔁So happy to see @EIU_Journalism alum and former @DEN_news EIC @bikeprof at #aejmc17.
#AEJMC17 UF J-School @UFJSchool🔁Stop by these panel sessions starting at 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. via #AEJMC17
#AEJMC17 ICD @ICD_AEJMC🔁 African media scholars reunion at #AEJMC17 @jkwami
#AEJMC17 AEJMC PRD @AEJMC_PRD🔁We hope everyone had a great time at the #AEJMC17 #PRD social. We sure did! Shout out to our sponsors!
#AEJMC17 Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁 Sylvia Guo discusses trust building in digital environments #AEJMC17
#AEJMC17 Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁 Luke Capizzo discusses social media practitioners #AEJMC17
#AEJMC17 Buddy Wiedemann @BUDatOU🔁 Historic night in Chicago for USA's journalism educators: Its 100th anniversary! @aejmc #AEJMC17
#AEJMC17 Jeannine Relly @JeannineRelly🔁 @leahellmueller Presenting study on journalistic role performance globally @ICD_AEJMC #AEJMC17
Jane Elizabeth @JaneEliz🔁So many fake news sessions at but what are we really talking about? For reference, 's chart on what fake news is & isn't.
Geah Pressgrove @GeahPressgrove🔁.@wvumediacollege representing! #AEJMC17
ShellyL @littleshellyll🔁Ultimately truth must win - and right now, I fear, truth is losing.
Buddy Wiedemann @BUDatOU🔁Bravo good friend of for top administrator award at confab. Well deserved!
Buddy Wiedemann @BUDatOU🔁Congrats to friends at for top diversity award at convention in Chicago.
Buddy Wiedemann @BUDatOU🔁Kudos colleague Ken Fisher for national teaching award at confab.
Jeff Kuhn, MBA @jmkuhn99🔁Team rocked at ! Proud to call these people friends and colleagues. Now, bring on that fall semester!
Jennifer Greer @jdgreer1🔁Wow! More than 2,500 attendees at in Chicago -- second highest attendance at conference. Thanks to all for making it happen!
stephen reese @sdreese🔁here's what i posted following #AEJMC17 deutschmann award panel. many thanks to all who made it possible!:
Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁Top student paper winners! @AEJMC_PRD #AEJMC17 Congrats, @CapizzoL @sylviayunyinguo and Virginia Harrison
Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁Thanks! Excited to win top research poster with my colleague Barbara Miller Gaither! @AEJMC_PRD #AEJMC17
Josh Nathan @ProfJDN🔁 "Journalists and educators, it’s time to get to know each other." By @solshe, fitting for #AEJMC17
Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁Congrats to these amazing paper reviewers! @AEJMC_PRD #AEJMC17 @GeahPressgrove @JuliaDaisyPMC
Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁Congrats to @AEJMC_PRD top teaching paper winners! #AEJMC17 @KatiePlace
Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁 Public relations relationship to social media and activism would be "it's complicated" on Facebook. - @elciszek #AEJMC17
Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁 How do we evaluate PR campaigns that aren't solely focused on the bottom line? - @KatiePlace #AEJMC17
Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁 is a great resource for professors from @KarenRussell #AEJMC17
Will Mari @willthewordguy🔁So looking forward to going home later today w/ @rmoon to #Seattle from #AEJMC17 -- great conference but being back will be even better
Stephanie Madden PhD @drsmadden🔁 made me think of the awesome panel on intersectionality I attended.
ICD @ICD_AEJMC🔁 Thank you! 😊 And thanks so much to you and @abkothari for being such wonderful mentors! #AEJMC17
ICD @ICD_AEJMC🔁Tips for IDing fake news. Thanks to for developing this list that's included in the book.
ICD @ICD_AEJMC🔁Thanks so much! Another successful conference in the books! Thanks to all of our members who make this possible! 💯
RoutledgeCommStudies @Routledge_Comms🔁Read this chapter on Eddie Izzard and the Queer Art of Comedy for free today: #100Chapters100Days #AEJMC17
Florian Stalph @fstalph🔁Fabian Wiedel () presenting the theoretical background of measuring mediatization.
Professor Jeremy 📲 @JeremyHL🔁Google Cancels Employee Meeting Because of Harassment Fears via @NYTimes #tech #aejmc17 #smc2018 ✔️
Karen Freberg, Ph.D. @kfreberg🔁Karen is one of several outstanding professors 🙂 & thought leader! 🎤 ✔️
Meg Lamme @molamme🔁Great comments & conversation . Thx , History Div for co-sponsoring the panel
VirtualOfficeSales @VirtualOfficesU🔁We don't require it at , but I have it as a class assignment in , writing.
Kim Fox @KimFoxWOSU🔁@KyserL @holly_wise How did that session go? I needed food and opted for lunch instead. #SolutionsJournalism #AEJMC17
Kim Fox @KimFoxWOSU🔁@MediaLawProf @KyserL @AEJMC New Orleans was really the only viable option on the slate though it will be hot and hurricane season. #AEJMC17
Kim Fox @KimFoxWOSU🔁@JeremyHL @AEJMC True. It was nice to meet you. Can't wait to see more NodeXL data. #AEJMC17
Cheryl Lucanegro @lukewarmeggroll🔁 Watch @macloo and @bikeprof as panelist in "Teaching Data Journalism: What to Do and How to Start" #AEJMC17
Richard Waters @WatersUSF🔁Back home after #AEJMC17! Tweet you next August! ;)
Louisa Ha @LouisaHaJMCQ🔁 Session for special issue Advances in Global Communication - panelists & respondents
Jessica Rogers PhD @DrJRogers🔁High-five anyone you see wearing the button around !

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Josh Bentley @jbentley_tcu🔁Super proud of and Lindsay Ma from for their top three paper
Josh Bentley @jbentley_tcu🔁Got home from #aejmc17 to the news about #Charlottesville Disgusting. And disappointing that the president couldn't issue a better response.
Erica Ciszek, PhD @elciszek🔁 and are our next presenters talking about the Houston Equal Rights ordinance.
UNO SocialMediaLab @UNOSML🔁To tweeters 👀 for 9-day update by Monday!
Juan Andrés Rincón G @JuanAndreRincon🔁 ended today with a fan favorite: the Debate on "The Ethics of Advocacy." Missed it? We've got you covered:
AEJMC PRD @AEJMC_PRD🔁#AEJMC17 ended today with a fan favorite: the Debate on "The Ethics of Advocacy." Missed it? We've got you covered:
tonialbertson @tonialbertson🔁Great conference this year. Check out some highlights. #AEJMC17
yearry panji @yearrypanji🔁Morning Join our FREE webinar Oct.3 on mobile journalism & social media. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info. All welcome!
Professor Jeremy 📲 @JeremyHL🔁Karen is one of several outstanding #socialmedia professors 🙂 & #smc2018 thought leader! 🎤 #aejmc2017 #aejmc17 ✔
KG Media Literacy @kgmedialiteracy🔁 This is helpful for increasing #medialiteracy and #fakenews thanks #AEJMC17 @AEJMC
Murrow College WSU @MurrowCollege🔁Murrow graduate students and faculty received multiple best paper awards for their terrific research in AEJMC.
Gender, Race & Media @gender_race🔁People need to know the difference between reporting and an opinion. great answer to the town hall question.
Gender, Race & Media @gender_race🔁Congratulations to Mayra Monroy, who presented her first AEJMC poster session with me @ Great job
Gender, Race & Media @gender_race🔁💯 by the numbers: Total 2,503 (1,779 regular regs, 92 sponsors/speakers, 51 exhibitors, 491 guests, 78 paper winners & 12 staff).
Uma Shankar Pandey @uspindia🔁 Thanks for a great conference, #AEJMC17. See you in Washington DC!
Brian Steffen @BrianSteffen🔁Plus 2 of 3 other choices were in Missouri, target of an @NAACP travel caution. #guessitsnawlins #AEJMC17
AEJMC @AEJMC🔁An advisory: MDW Orange Line must board M. Mart or Red Line to Roosevelt transfer this weekend!
AEJMC @AEJMC🔁Thanks so much! Another successful conference in the books! Thanks to all of our members who make this possible! ? ?
Meriwether @meriwether_c🔁My final panel on data journalism w/ slides here:
emeka umejei @emekaumejei🔁Benefits of having an online portfolio, listed by a recent grad who has one. Does your j-school require this?
Lucinda Austin @LucindaLAustin🔁Thx to & for year-round work in leading . Thx for a great and for the changes you made!
Meriwether @meriwether_c🔁Missed you at among Syracuse profs. Would have hit your panel. Glad you shared your insight in my fair city.


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