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#ADayInSchoolPR Dane Dellenbach @BBDaneDell🔁 Before #ADayinSchoolPR kicks off, here are questions for today's special #k12PRchat at 3 p.m. EST
Marci Minor @marci_minor🔁Sharing because it’s #LoveYourPetDay and #ADayInSchoolPR My guy here works out with me 😂💜
#ADayInSchoolPR Laura Sprague, APR @LauraJSprague🔁Sometimes, #ADayinSchoolPR starts very early (04:30 a.m.) and involves a sleepy helper. #worklifebalance #momlife
Catherine Kedjidjian @cateked🔁With @EdTechMack in charge, today's #ADayinSchoolPR is Gifapalooza.
#ADayInSchoolPR Kate Hope @KleinISDKate🔁Spending my #ADayInSchoolPR at #tspra18 learning to manage my three ring circus!
Melissa K Robinette @tvmelissa🔁@EdTechMack @NSPRA Charge up girl- we need you! #ADayInSchoolPR
Ashley-Michelle @AMThublin🔁Thanks for letting me be your personal paparazzi, Aiden! 📸#ADayInSchoolPR #TheACSWay twitter.com
NSPRA @NSPRA🔁When is a snow day, it doesn't mean staff communications stop. It means I put our "every Tuesday" internal newslet twitter.com ter in our closed staff FB group 1st, then our SIS and email. Knowing your audience = 💯
Christy McGee, APR @christy_mcgee🔁Are you watching this, #schoolPR folks? A great #ADayInSchoolPR with @NSPRA and @EdTechMack! twitter.com
Shane Haggerty, APR @shanehaggerty🔁I’ll be presenting once again at the National Seminar on “The New Storytelling”. And not at 8 a.m. (🙏🏼). twitter.com
Dane Dellenbach @BBDaneDell🔁 Follow #ADayinSchoolPR & join the special #k12prchat today at 2pm CST. twitter.com
Dane Dellenbach @BBDaneDell🔁Remember, today's takeover will include an hour with . From 2-3pm CST, will facilitate a conversation on navigating a major crisis. Invite your cabinet & crisis teams to follow along & participate.
Chelsea Ceballos @KleinISDChelsea🔁I can't think of a better way to spend my than to be here with all my colleagues for . We are 700+ strong today! I'm ready to learn from all of you.

Ashley-Michelle @AMThublin🔁Ordering for our next Communications Challenge! Get excited students! Next month’s all about you and your story! ? twitter.com ?🙌🏀🎓✏️
Jackie Schwabe @jackieschwabe🔁Starting my at 4:30 am with a call to NOT close schools. Now getting ready for all the parent emails
Tracy Jentz @tjentz🔁 Responding to emails, working with on the portions of our website, now trying to wrap up a research project. Full twitter.com day and full steam ahead!
Marci Minor @marci_minor🔁Talked to a principal, superintendent, school resource officer, and board president all before 9:30 today! Sometimes twitter.com a schedule doesn't go as planned in the world! So thankful to work with a great team!
NSPRA @NSPRA🔁Remember, today's takeover will include an hour with . From 2-3pm CST, will facilitate a conversation on navigating twitter.com a major crisis. Invite your cabinet & crisis teams to follow along & participate.
Thomas Gould @HowellGould🔁Finishing up a video of announcing our literacy bus naming contest to our elementary students. twitter.com
Bad Hombre Jim ✊🏼🦅 @Phxflyer🔁So who else is talking about and starting to plan for the March walkout? #ADayInSchoolPR
Cindy Jo Warner, APR @Cindyjowarner🔁Excited to be working with our Strategic Plan team to develop our new Shelby County Schools Cares Mental Health Campa twitter.com ign.
Lana Snodgras @lanasnodgras🔁My Missouri friends are talking about ice, snow and cancellations on this but in the southern part of the state is twitter.com a balmy 66 degrees!
NSPRA @NSPRA🔁Website analytics = parents go for same 3 things: calendar, contacts, menus. So, our website is morphing into a recru twitter.com iting tool for new families & staff. This video is a step towards that goal...
Catherine Kedjidjian @cateked🔁I will find my files from our Digital Privacy Safey & Security night, EdCamp style. Opening presentation then parents twitter.com could pick their presentation for each of two sessions (I think we had six presentations total).
Stephanie Smith, APR @smithsteph🔁I love putting our alumni newsletter together...so many cool things to share. How do you engage your alumni? #adayinschoolpr
Melissa McConnell @EdTechMack🔁Definitely when your battery life of your phone and laptop are below 50% because of a snow/ice day.
Plugging in so twitter.com I can keep tweeting on today!
Erica Chandler, APR @ericajchandler🔁Looking ahead & beginning to plan our district’s first Internet Safety Night. Anybody have a great presentation geare twitter.com d toward parents and/or students—specifically what they need to know about social media?
Holly Carter Holland @HollyCHolland🔁Who else tends to always start by answering emails? I really try to answer every email the day I receive it, but we twitter.com all know that's not always feasible.
NSPRA @NSPRA🔁It runs like clockwork now...created Google Form for coaches/sponsors to submit scores & stories. Review Google calen twitter.com dars for each building. Pilfer a few stories & photos from school FB pages throughout the week. Takes about 10-15 minutes TOPS each day.
NSPRA @NSPRA🔁Strategic abandonment keeps a 1-person shop afloat. For us, analytics were weak for weekly e-newsletter. Stories we twitter.com re stale by Friday, & data shows social = strength.
Solution? Daily news w/ schedules, scores, stories posted to website, app, SoMe, & SIS.
Music Watson, APR @musiccaab🔁Text message re #SanDiegoSnowDay at 5:58 am. First phone call at 6:17. It's a typical yet not #ADayInSchoolPR.
Holly Carter Holland @HollyCHolland🔁I was just thinking the same thing as we’ve hit the 70 mark by 8 am. But we’ve also managed to have 7 snow/ice days twitter.com this school year in south Louisiana.
Shane Haggerty, APR @shanehaggerty🔁Seeing some of the tweets canceling school due to an ice storm and all I can do is think to share the fact that it’s twitter.com near-70 by 9 am in February in Columbus 😎🌴☀️
Nicole Kirby, APR @kirby310🔁@DianaGulotta Ugh! It's always something! #ADayInSchoolPR
Emily Dugan @emdugan🔁This morning I'm still working on an article on an athletic director who was named athletic admin of the year for 3A/4A. #ADayinSchoolPR
birds a plenty @birdsaplenty🔁In a 1-person shop, depending on others for photos of events is how works. FB pages, email, texts, even seagull...they're mine now to use on our platforms.
NSPRA @NSPRA🔁In a 1-person shop, depending on others for photos of events is how works. FB pages, email, texts, even seagull...t twitter.com hey're mine now to use on our platforms.
Christy McGee, APR @christy_mcgee🔁Taking in the view while I get some work done at home this morning. twitter.com
Jill Filer @jfiler🔁That's a great hint for me, @lanasnodgras & @zacrantz to get to work too! #adayinschoolpr twitter.com
Stephanie Smith, APR @smithsteph🔁Well not the working part I get to do that today, but the warm weather part. twitter.com


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