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#adayinschoolpr Ted Beasley @tbeasleyjr🔁I know everything is digital now, but man these are valuable to me. #adayinschoolpr
New Hanover Co Sch @NewHanoverCoSch🔁 Learning about bus safety with Buster the Bus! #adayinschoolpr
#adayinschoolpr Ted Beasley @tbeasleyjr🔁Catching up w/ the TV crew. We’re a small, but mighty #schoolPR team. #adayinschoolpr
NSPRA @NSPRA🔁National School Bus Safety Week is next week. Teaching kids about school bus safety is important! #adayinschoolpr
#adayinschoolpr Erica Chandler @ericajchandler🔁My #ADayinSchoolPR is spent at .@SMCSTL Summit with some Eastern Region @MOSPRApros #SMCSTL
#adayinschoolpr BradDomitrovich @braddomitrovich🔁Starting #adayinschoolpr editing photos for client school district. Framing photos for use in Press Box! #SchoolPR
#adayinschoolpr Nicole Kirby, APR @kirby310🔁Here is @theMatterathand auditing the accessibility of our website! #ADayInSchoolPR
#adayinschoolpr Grand Forks Schools @GFSchools🔁#adayinschoolpr Stopped by @Starbucks on my way in, and had a delightful convo with our new B&G director, Chris.
#adayinschoolpr Emily Dugan @emdugan🔁Working to cross off a few things on my to do list. #ADayInSchoolPR
Marci Minor @marci_minor🔁When you realize it's #adayinschoolPR! I forgot! #LetsDoThis #HVPR #schoolPR
Amanda Puleo @MandeePuleo🔁Don't worry , the card has arrived! Thanks friends for making today's awesome! twitter.com
Sarah Welch @Welch_KOPR🔁Just finished this month's Highlighting Excellence presentation - w/ an updated format. Excited to post it tomorrow! twitter.com
Marci Minor @marci_minor🔁School district foundation phone meeting! Articles, bylaws, EIN#-- Exciting things as we move forward to set up! twitter.com
Savannah @savannahpyron🔁 victory: finding out the sportscast used your district hashtag during last night's broadcast.
Nick Marcou @nick_marcou🔁Cutting new video of Health Science Academy kids training for mass casualty events w/ . twitter.com
Lori Perlow @LPerlow🔁From that (L) to this (R). I ❤️ Thanks to my colleagues who always share the goods. twitter.com
4🌙 @hal3zmiix8🔁 WATCH




Jessica Stilger @JessStilger🔁Making a large doc ADA Compliant. Working in Word and copying/pasting content from PDF. Deep breaths. twitter.com
John Pruett @pruett_john🔁This morning's all about celebrating our newly named Principal of the Year!
Ashley-Michelle @AMThublin🔁School PR pros have to destroy fears to grow as leaders!
Shane Haggerty @shanehaggerty🔁@WheelerCFB Great idea. I can already tell the value this will provide to them through this little snippet! #ADayinSchoolPR
Ashley-Michelle @AMThublin🔁Narrowing down these Milk Day 📸 is tough stuff! So glad I'm not the one making the final selections! twitter.com
Amanda Puleo @MandeePuleo🔁My started with dropping off this handsome guy! And it's my birthday so I'm getting cards too!! twitter.com
Veronica Sopher @vsopher🔁School PR pros have to destroy fears to grow as leaders! twitter.com
Julie Thannum, APR @JulieThannum🔁Bonus! Time spent during executive session of Special Board meeting for Strategic communications convo with twitter.com
Melissa McConnell @EdTechMack🔁Almost forgot it was again! 1st up, call for tips on import & adding languages for new Ss in our district. twitter.com
Jason Wheeler @WheelerCFB🔁Top Secret Content Marketing Website for Future Teachers 👨‍🏫 twitter.com
TransPar Group of Co @TPGoC🔁National School Bus Safety Week is next week. Teaching kids about school bus safety is important!
Jenny Mirmelstein @jmirmelstein🔁Spending the morning updating the @SuffernCSD library web pages #ADayinSchoolPR #SuffernCentral


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