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#ADayinSchoolPR Sabrina Kapp @sabrinakapp🔁My alt-desk: #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Melea Smith, APR @meleas3🔁 @INSPRABoard @JulieThannum incorporate do's don'ts of #socialmedia through policy #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR#ADayinSchoolPR#ADayinSchoolPR#ADayinSchoolPR Joshua Sauer @JoshuaTSauer🔁"Goals change, but values don't." -@ifryhover #ADayinSchoolPR @MooreNormanTech Marketing team
#ADayinSchoolPR Linda Taylor @lindaa_taylor🔁@INSPRABoard @JulieThannum incorporate do's don'ts of #socialmedia through policy #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Melea Smith, APR @meleas3🔁 #Schoolpr friends: "These are your people." - @JulieThannum #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Stephanie Smith, APR @smithsteph🔁Quick break to refill a little lending library. #ADayinSchoolPR now on to get more b roll for a video
#ADayinSchoolPR#ADayinSchoolPR#ADayinSchoolPR#ADayinSchoolPR Dane Dellenbach @BBDaneDell🔁 "Goals change, but values don't." -@ifryhover #ADayinSchoolPR @MooreNormanTech Marketing team
#ADayinSchoolPR Sheba Clarke @ShebaClarkePR🔁Employee Recognition Banquet coordinating and Centralized Enrollment PR on the agenda this AM #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Melissa McConnell @EdTechMack🔁4th grade Transition Night -- so easy to share info from 1 FB page to another! #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Melea Smith, APR @meleas3🔁April's been a very long year! I agree! #ADayinSchoolPR @JulieThannum @INSPRABoard
#ADayinSchoolPR Nicole Kirby, APR @kirby310🔁Communicating about the school board's selection to fill its vacancy #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Sabrina Kapp @sabrinakapp🔁Way to go, way to grow! #growthmindset goals. #adayinschoolpr
#ADayinSchoolPR Sabrina Kapp @sabrinakapp🔁When your students meet their #growthmindset goals, they get to help #shavethebeard #adayinschoolpr
#ADayinSchoolPR Dane Dellenbach @BBDaneDell🔁Being in a room full of #schoolpr pros reminds me how much they put students first always. #adayinschoolpr
#ADayinSchoolPR Shane Haggerty @shanehaggerty🔁Practice session for today's @NSPRA PR Power Hour! #adayinschoolpr
#ADayinSchoolPR Laura Sprague @LauraJSprague🔁An awesome #adayinschoolpr- spring conferencing and learning with my @IowaSPRA friends.
#ADayinSchoolPR Lana Snodgras @lanasnodgras🔁My 2017 District Educator of the Year Announcement team! #ADayinSchoolPR
Officer Morton @OfficerMorton🔁#ADayinSchoolPR
Make a difference in a kids life!
#ADayinSchoolPR Lana Snodgras @lanasnodgras🔁My 2017 District Educator of the Year Announcement team! #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR#ADayinSchoolPR Erica Chandler @ericajchandler🔁@RepAnnWagner visits @Mesnier_Primary to read to students for #NationalKindergartenDay #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Stephanie Smith, APR @smithsteph🔁Hanging out with kids who raised over $5,000 for @JDRF #ADayinSchoolPR #awesomekids
#ADayinSchoolPR Sarah Potter, APR @_SarahPotter_🔁Planning out social media posts for the weekend w/@hootsuite! #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Nicole Kirby, APR @kirby310🔁Seeing @MOSPRApros friends like @mcronk4875 at our regional lunch! #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Kim Garcia @R4KimGarcia🔁#ADayinSchoolPR w @SuptMarkHenry giving opening remarks at @CyFairISD HASPRA mtg.
#ADayinSchoolPR Dane Dellenbach @BBDaneDell🔁Creating things parents love
Thanks @HyVee
#schoolpr #adayinschoolpr
#ADayinSchoolPR Daniel Thigpen @DanielCThigpen🔁On my last-ever monthly conference call with @CalSPRA Board 😿😿#ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Nicole Kirby, APR @kirby310🔁Funding worries lead the discussion in a legislative update from MCSA at @MOSPRApros luncheon. #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR MPS Superintendent @jsutfin🔁 Creating things parents love
Thanks @HyVee
#schoolpr #adayinschoolpr
#ADayinSchoolPR Bad Hombre Jim @Phxflyer🔁Kind of digging this treatment. #Photos #TeacherOfTheYear #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR Catherine Kedjidjian @cateked🔁Learning about social media from these awesome friends @INSPRABoard #ADayinSchoolPR
#ADayinSchoolPR#ADayinSchoolPR Catherine Kedjidjian @cateked🔁More on cyber civility from @BBDaneDell at @BlackboardK12 Lunch & Learn @INSPRABoard #adayinschoolpr
#ADayinSchoolPR AmyOlsonPR @AmyOlsonPR🔁 PR = personal relationships. - @JulieThannum @INSPRABoard #ADayinSchoolPR
Shawn McKillop, APR @ShawnMcKillop🔁DoNUT 🍩 know where we'd be w/o social committee at the Education Centre. Great surprise for employee appreciation. 🍩
Linda Taylor @lindaa_taylor🔁Thanks @BBDaneDell, @JulieThannum, @INSPRABoard for a great final #tips&tactics for 2017! #ADayinSchoolPR #schoolpr
Ted Beasley @tbeasleyjr🔁Favorite line "our goal is not to be liked, our goal is to be trusted." Had to step away, looking forward the audio file.
Jessica Stilger @JessStilger🔁When InDesign is ready to crash, grab a screen shot of what you just worked on! (Apple + shift + 4)Tips for today's
Lana Snodgras @lanasnodgras🔁Greater Ozarks Center for Advanced Technology ribbon cutting is a proud moment for our town and region!
Mesnier Primary @Mesnier_Primary🔁 visits to read to students for
Tracy Jentz @tjentz🔁#ADayinSchoolPR Working on transferring content from our old intranet (FirstClass) to new Google Site. Exciting...and time consuming. 😀
Shawn McKillop, APR @ShawnMcKillop🔁So many caring staff work hard to ensure students feel welcomed in our secondary schools. Helping students is why I'm here.
Justine @FundedMission🔁seems like a good hastag for @STLGlobalKids #ADayinSchoolPR 🤓🎓🔬
Susannah Gentry @gentrys01🔁Welcoming members of the class of 2030 in all of our elementary schools for Kindergarten Registration is one of the g reats!
Catherine Kedjidjian @cateked🔁 .@INSPRABoard and everything @JulieThannum is saying is true! @INSPRABoard #ADayinSchoolPR
INSPRA @INSPRABoard🔁 I am a proud millennial. @INSPRABoard #ADayinSchoolPR
Plainfield Schools @PCSCQuakers🔁@Phxflyer For me, with headphones on ... so I jump out of my chair when someone comes in to chat. #ADayinSchoolPR
Bad Hombre Jim @Phxflyer🔁When editing photos it is important to play good music . . . loudly . . . with your door closed . . .
Melissa McConnell @EdTechMack🔁Ready for our quarterly meeting today! Pacing, though. We start in 10 min and lunch has not yet arrived... 😳
Mr. Tyrant @ChicagoTyrant1🔁#ADayinSchoolPR
Is a day of learing.
A school a day, keeps the cops away...but not the child rapists unfortunately.
Catherine Kedjidjian @cateked🔁Millennials = always connected. Send messages when parents are (parked &) waiting in pickup line-
Carla Pereira @Carla_Pereira2🔁When you support students & families, it's always worth giving a little more than you promise. Student-focused budget s FTW.
Shane Haggerty @shanehaggerty🔁And we are live talking social media firestorms on the PR Power Hour w/ & 🔥🔥
Jill Filer @jfiler🔁Time for Art in Our Community-pictures of the artwork, letters to parents, distributing art to comm. partners for display. #ADayinSchoolPR
Jo Ann Diffenderfer @LetJoKnow🔁Eating lunch soon @MMS_Mexico_MO with my lunch buddy. @BFMexMo #ADayinSchoolPR
Laura Sprague @LauraJSprague🔁"Website accessibility is like a wheelchair ramp- you need it whether or not someone uses it." @juiceboxint @IowaSPRA #adayinschoolpr
Jo Ann Diffenderfer @LetJoKnow🔁 - Although I love what I do and wouldn't change a thing, some days, all you can do is:
Jessica Stilger @JessStilger🔁Editing teacher-eze out of newsletter articles. "It was so neat" not making the cut. Love the enthusiasm, though
Bad Hombre Jim @Phxflyer🔁State leg OK'd vouchers. Our board said not so fast. Tons of hits here and on social media. You stand up you get noti ced.
Lana Snodgras @lanasnodgras🔁Congrats to our District Educator of the Year, Dr. Dubois!! #ADayinSchoolPR
Christy McGee, APR @christy_mcgee🔁It's event season... I'm focused on #COSPRA spring lunch & student recognition lunch, both next week! 🙄😥 #ADayInSchoolPR
Mark Haarmann @markhaarmann🔁In my assigned group with senior team for 5 hours of reviewing business case proposals for budget 2018
David Faltys @faltysd🔁She's too kind. Tell her thanks. I count on her and the rest of our cabinet and they all do great things!
Vickie Walter @VickieWalt40🔁Thank you @JulieThannum for informative tips on effective use of twitter. #ADayinSchoolPR @INSPRABoard
David Faltys @faltysd🔁Yes they are! Wow. is a great example of having the best people around you.
Michelle Cronk @mcronk4875🔁Analyzing weekly data for social media, newsletters, website and media coverage - always looking to improve! #ADayinSchoolPR
David Faltys @faltysd🔁Yes I am! It's all about having awesome people in the right seats on the bus.
Kaitlin Harman @KaitHarman🔁Pretty quiet in the office on this #ADayinSchoolPR - all schools on last day of spring break. Working on materials for employee gala.
Ted Beasley @tbeasleyjr🔁Been waiting for this one for a while. Much needed. Social media is a great tool that brings a lot of challenges.
Iowa SPRA @IowaSPRA🔁Chelsea Janke, CEL PR, gives us tips and tricks for making infographics at our spring conference. #adayinschoolpr
Karen Guerndt @kguerndt🔁Talking 'Audience, Medium and Message' and with and 4th graders
Lana Snodgras @lanasnodgras🔁Just a little detour in our Teacher of the Year Celebrations this morning, closing school early for heavy rains and f looding
Melissa McConnell @EdTechMack🔁Mild addiction. And I adore , hate the cluttered nature of paper...but I can't part with my notes.
Catherine Kedjidjian @cateked🔁I'm following this advice! @mikelubelfeld #ADayinSchoolPR
Linda Taylor @lindaa_taylor🔁@faltysd @JulieThannum says you are the greatest superintendent ever! #ADayinSchoolPR
Dane Dellenbach @BBDaneDell🔁.@faltysd If you got a good superintendent, that gets #schoolpr, hang on ti him. Kind words from heart - @JulieThannum #adayinschoolpr
Melissa McConnell @EdTechMack🔁I 💗 my tech, but FTW here: Remind resigning/retiring staff to deactivate or change SoMe accounts to personal emails .
Jill Filer @jfiler🔁Now that we've surprised all the finalists...sending staff email, posting photos on SM & prepping release for local paper. #ADayinSchoolPR
Kristin Magette, APR @kmagette🔁Last review of my notes before logging in for today's Power Hour w & - ready to roll!
Jessica Stilger @JessStilger🔁Last minute t-shirt delivery for staff volunteer day tmrw. It never fails: order on time, size missing, need more in 1 day
Kenny Rodrequez @krodrequez🔁Employee Recognition Banquet coordinating and Centralized Enrollment PR on the agenda this AM
Tracy Jentz @tjentz🔁Check out a sneak peek of "Keep the Faith" preview LIVE on YouTube channel: ="" target="_blank">
Behr Comm Education @FaithBehr🔁"Policy protects you from the negative situations out there." - Oh and the umbrella represents policy...BOOM!
Jennifer Bova @jennifer_bova🔁Thank you to @JulieThannum for inspiring me to be a better school communications professional. Living. Learning. Laughing. #ADayinSchoolPR
Dane Dellenbach @BBDaneDell🔁.@Canva is the best friend we all have and some don't know we have. #ADayinSchoolPR
Michelle Cronk @mcronk4875🔁Working on digital announcements for new last day of school date! @canva continues to be my friend. #ADayinSchoolPR
Joshua Sauer @JoshuaTSauer🔁Policy is protection. uses an umbrella to demo. She needs Rihanna music.
Catherine Kedjidjian @cateked🔁@MizArmstrong I love hobnobbing -- @INSPRABoard is my favorite hobnob spot! #ADayinSchoolPR
Leslie Armstrong @MizArmstrong🔁Hobnobbing with fellow #SchoolPR peeps today @ INSPRA this morning. There's a hashtag for #ADayinSchoolPR - feel like I shoulda known that.
Karen Geddeis, APR @KarenGeddeis🔁Be transparent proactively. Don't wait for folks to demand it. #hollar #ADayinSchoolPR @JulieThannum @INSPRABoard
Linda Taylor @lindaa_taylor🔁 Love this term: cyber civility #ADayinSchoolPR


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