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#ACLUCon18#ACLUCon18 🖤🌟 @sogwedj🔁 Aww Baby at the #ACLUcon18 today.... 💗💖💗
AMAZINGggg @kerrywashington !!!!!! LOVE her soo much! 😍💫
#ACLUCon18 Stanley Haggard @heshpa🔁 Let’s work towards a better future, together. #ACLUcon18
#ACLUCon18 William M. Cobb @bcobbACLU🔁 First workshop of #ACLUcon18 featuring our very own, Kit Malone, on How To Be a Worthwhile Ally 👏
William M. Cobb @bcobbACLU🔁 “It is our duty to fight for our freedom!” Patrisse Cullors #ACLUcon18
Upshur Indivisible @Upshurindivis1🔁 “It is our duty to fight for our freedom!” Patrisse Cullors #ACLUcon18
#ACLUCon18 Janna Farley @JannaFarley🔁 It has been such an honor to represent Loud & Brown Media and @ACLUSouthDakota at #ACLUcon18!
✨Mara✨ @Tremara_🔁 @kerrywashington explaining how "othering" takes place and hurts all. #ACLUcon18
ACLU @ACLU🔁🗣 We do not live in Donald Trump’s America. He lives in our America. #ACLUcon18 twitter.com
kerry washington @kerrywashington🔁Such an honor to be up there with you all! 🙏🏾❤️ #ACLUcon1 twitter.com 8
ACLU @ACLU🔁Young people are leading movements for justice nationwide — again.

You’re never too young to get up to — as our life twitter.com time achievement award recipient calls it — good trouble.

Joshua B. Hoe @JoshuaBHoe🔁Sear self-satire? You do know you shill for POTUS daily - calling yourself a civil libertarian - despite what he is twitter.com doing on Immigration with ICE and you explicitly defend TORTURE. Shame on you, I stand with
Heather Lynn Weaver @HeatherWeaverDC🔁Grateful for continuous support of the & the Campaign for Smart Justice. Be sure to see his new movie Blindspotting.
JJJSIV @OriginalofJohn🔁Anthony Romero is closing out with an important reminder: We don’t live in Donald Trump’s America — he lives in our America.
Susan A Hanlon @SueH731🔁 The resistance is real and our America is getting stronger. @AnthonyACLU #AClucon18
International Freedom Colonies Association @IFCAssociation🔁Bryan Stevenson: “We cannot change the world from a distance. The solutions come in proximity. It’s in proximity that we begin to learn things. It’s in proximity that we change the world. It’s in proximity we find our power.”
ACLU of Virginia @ACLUVA🔁Thank you and many other Virginians at for taking the fight to the ballot box and making a pledge to be an ACLU vo twitter.com ter! When we all stand together, we can help create meaningful changes.
One of the Diamonds in Young Thug’s YSL Chain @vhmedhussien🔁Just this a.m. our youth contingent learned about the fight for fair wages for tipped workers in D.C. from & . They took one look at this sign at our farewell dinner spot and walked out!
Katie Unger 🔥 @KUngernyc🔁Emotional meeting with Jason Hernandez, who served 15+ years of a life without parole sentence for a drug crime before President Obama’s commuted it. Michelle Alexander connected us and I worked on his clemency petition. He is amazing.
Joshua B. Hoe @JoshuaBHoe🔁I loved my time with the at Thank you all for your leadership, enthusiasm, & expertise!
ELLIS D. @HillTranquility🔁One of the people I met at the conference was . He had travelled from Pennsylvania because he thinks everybody should be treated fairly and with dignity.
David Boyles @DavidBoyles3🔁I had a nice time getting to know Arizona state Rep. today at .
I’m 33. She’s 29. Yes, young Democratic women should run for office & win because we do a damn good job when we earn the right to serve and represent our constituents.
Ladies: Go run. Go win.
Connie Hampton @BioRecruiter🔁 🗣 We do not live in Donald Trump’s America. He lives in our America. #ACLUcon18 twitter.com
ACLU of Montana @ACLUMT🔁Wow, what an amazing group of indigenous youth, standing up, speaking up for your rights at Montana State & Northern CA. Thx, Sweetgrass Society & all! You’re right, you DO have the answers✌🏽💗
Tim Wise @timjacobwise🔁Thanks ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ & Elizabeth Horton Sheff for bringing your A game to our panel, Talking About Race. It was an honor to serve as your moderator.
Stanley Haggard @heshpa🔁Executive Director for ACLU. One of the most coolest person I've met.

Don Klyne @klyne_donald🔁“We do not live in Donald Trump’s America. He lives in OURS.”

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime at ❤️

👑Z~Y~A~I~R~A💗 @zyairabarron50🔁Today at in DC, joined 's to call on DC voters to !

would benefit all tipped workers in DC, just like in the seven states that already have :

ACLU of Virginia @ACLUVA🔁. gives video remarks after receiving Lifetime Achievement award at . "We must never give up, we must never give in, we must continue to fight."
Florida CCJR @betterjusticefl🔁PACKED house for discussion. ACLUers across the nation are ready to end mass incarceration. 90% of incarcerated people are in the states, and we will win in the states. Let’s choose people, not prisons.
William M. Cobb @bcobbACLU🔁“There are children in Baltimore schools who don’t have pens, books or heating in the wintertime. But the jails in the city have beds 100% of the time.” Bill Cobb with the Smart Justice Project.
William M. Cobb @bcobbACLU🔁Bill Cobb: Systems of oppression are hyper-resilient. Remain curious. Inquisitive. There is no plateau as an ally. Don’t ever think you know enough. There is no critical mass when it comes to growth and ally-ship
William M. Cobb @bcobbACLU🔁Anthony Romero: “We do not live in Donald Trump’s America. Donald Trump lives in our America.”
William M. Cobb @bcobbACLU🔁What better way to start off my twitter account than with a beautiful and powerful individual such as Vanita Gupta! First time we talked I was in prison in 2011, I finally met her today ❤️
David Barnes @D4_5t4Lk3r🔁I heard a lot of amazing, inspiring lines at the National Membership Conference, but “Bakers can’t be choosers” takes the cake.
Rumble Comics @RumbleComics🔁One of the people I met at the conference was . He had travelled from Pennsylvania because he thinks everybody shoul twitter.com d be treated fairly and with dignity.
Dara Leichter @DaraLeichter🔁“Coming out forces people to recognize your presence, your humanity.” I support DREAMERS AND their families, full stop. I support any person who seeks the means to create a path to safety, security and success for them and theirs. We must secure a clean DREAM act
ACLU of Virginia @ACLUVA🔁.: if we’re saying time’s up on sexual violence, then we also need to say time’s up on the war on drugs, on broken windows policing. It’s time to rethink safety, and define what safety looks like for women.
ACLU of Virginia @ACLUVA🔁All star panel on status of women’s rights. Decades of discrimination finally beginning 2 be dismantled but important 2 include all women across race/ethnicity/sexual orientation/economic status
Johnny Perez @MrJohnnyPerez🔁Looking forward to the criminal justice reform panel and hearing from several panelists with first hand experiences being incarcerated in an unjust system.

Their stories thus far are powerful and moving.

Frank Baird @FrakBard78🔁Huge thanks to the and for the great conference this weekend. I met so many wonderful people and I’m so greatful fo twitter.com r the knowledge I’ve acquired through hearing the personal stories of advocates, activists, journalists, and public figures.
Alice Wong @DisVisibility🔁"The bathroom is a proxy for being afraid of our bodies. Being afraid of our bodies is a proxy for killing us." -

Ed Williams @tryinED🔁“Remember this, my friends. Even when the president is at his worst, even when he seems willing and able to smash a treasured tenet of American democracy on a petulant whim, we do not live in Donald Trump’s America. He lives in our America.” - Anthony Romero
Daryl James @DeRJamesGCB713🔁✊ , Saru Jayaraman, Andrea Ritchie, Louise Melling, and Jessica Valenti are talking about the state of emergency for women all over the world. ⁠ ⁠
ACLU of Michigan @ACLUofMichigan🔁The amazing team spent today lobbying in DC with Thank you to our members of Congress for opening their doors.
broken clouds @HolyMamaBear🔁 Seeing @MILCKMUSIC perform at #ACLUcon18 was extremely powerful. Raw truth and talent.
broken clouds @HolyMamaBear🔁 .@TheLewisBlack was wonderful at the ACLU Awards Gala Dinner! Even though he dissed Dancing with the Stars. #ACLUcon18
broken clouds @HolyMamaBear🔁 Bettye LaVette STOP THE WORLD. #ACLUcon18
broken clouds @HolyMamaBear🔁“I didn’t go to Washington to duck the tough fights; I went there to win them. And so did you.” - Senator Elizabeth Warren
broken clouds @HolyMamaBear🔁 “Let’s be blunt: our democracy is under attack.” - Senator Elizabeth Warren #ACLUcon18
broken clouds @HolyMamaBear🔁“Anybody ever heard of the Black Lives Matter movement? Then your life has been touched by Patrisse Cullors.” - Daveed Diggs presenting with the Next Generation Award at the ACLU Awards Gala Dinner
broken clouds @HolyMamaBear🔁“As activists, as organizers, as troublemakers, these are the days we’ve been training for all of our lives. We will not be silent.” - Cecile Richards accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award
Womens Rights @WomensRightsUp🔁"/ And Leaders of Today's Women's Movement". With Saru Jarayaman, Louise Melling, Andrea J. Ritchie, Jessica Valenti, and Kerry Washington. "What safety for women looks like is more women in power."
Alireza Abedindoust @AAbedindoust🔁“Safety for women is more women in power” -
Fateme @FatemeBaran🔁Our youth are committed to getting you to 'Vote Like Your Rights Depend On It'. Here's the proof!
Ron Steiger @RonSteiger6🔁Great to see my Chief of Staff join such an incredible group of people for today's panel:
laura alexandra @laura__SCANDAL🔁Kerry Washington: we only get to where we want to be through love. Love yourself and love others. When you sit down at the table, look around and see who’s not there - include them.
Marti Maryanow @marti_maryan🔁 Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People's Ears on my twitter.com


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