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#AC360 JulieVA @juliegwilf🔁 This and this alone 😂😂 #cnn #ac360
Nate Dusaban @fuzzy688🔁Today @JeffreyToobin #ac360 😂😂 goo.gl 😂
#AC360 Back the BBC @back_the_BBC🔁 .@JeffreyToobin is all of us right now. #AC360
Pamela Horton @Pamela_Horton🔁 .@TheRickWilson with the epic eye roll! 😅 #cnn #ac360
#AC360 Liz Gumbinner @Mom101🔁.@JeffreyToobin is all of us right now. #AC360
Anderson Cooper 360° @AC360🔁Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will face questions in an exclusive TV interview with that will air on tonight, 9pET twitter.com
Amanda Carpenter @amandacarpenter🔁Zuckerberg: "I'm not sure we should not be regulated." #ac360
Denise Henwood @DeniseHenwood🔁That eye roll when adulterer questions whether the Trump/Stormy affair even happened.
🖕🏻🕶Resistance Flea 🕶🖕🏻😎VRS @wendytheflea🔁LMAO @ Jason Miller trying to defend Trump and malign Stormy Daniels. Not even Alice Stewart is with him. The chinless cheese stands alone on this panel.
Annalea @citizengatsby🔁LMAO @ Jason Miller trying to defend Trump and malign Stormy Daniels. Not even Alice Stewart is with him. The chinles twitter.com s cheese stands alone on this panel.
Progressive Pair of Brows @Sarahs_eyebrows🔁.@TheRickWilson on #AC360 tonight!! 🔥🔥
Claire New York @ClaireNewYork🔁Wow you seriously can’t tell the difference in danger level between 1 vote and an AR 15?

I’m guessing you’ re ~81 yr twitter.com s but definitely not responsible enough to be a congressman.

Courtney Overthunk @OpiningCourt🔁Those women on are not only making fools of themselves they're an embarrassment to God and country and they're destr twitter.com oying the faith they profess. Watching that literally made me nauseous. No wonder church parking lots are empty on Sundays.
J @LLC_1988🔁You are incredibly naive if you think the elite leftist funding mass protests against guns are doing it "for the children" "

Mark Barresi @bronco4540🔁ANDERSON COOPER

Getting ready to interview on 60 Minutes be like...👇



A Little Royal @alittlebitroyal🔁 Poor @JeffreyToobin caught in the middle between @MichaelAvenatti and Michael Cohen's lawyer. 😂 #AC360
Charlie Flood @cflood03🔁I gotta say, ’s reactions and facial expressions in response to Avenatti and Schwartz endlessly firing back and forth twitter.com at each other was by far the most entertaining part of their segments on tonight! 😆
Shirley @SFsportschick🔁Michael Avenatti is in beast mode 24/7 and I am here for it! 🔥#CNN #AC360
Todd Freeman @ToddFreemanAZ🔁@MichaelAvenatti You were awesome on #AC360 and owned that fat pig, #DavidSchwartz. Get’em Mr. Avenatti! 👍🏻
Annalea @citizengatsby🔁Poor @JeffreyToobin caught in the middle between @MichaelAvenatti and Michael Cohen's lawyer. 😂 #AC360
DUMP TRUMP @Kegan05🔁OMG, those women on , what an embarrassment to the female gender! One of the is a doctor! Good grief. Why didn’t let them watch the Karen McDougal interview? Picking on Stormy Daniels bc she’s a porn star?
COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁"I'm going to keep talking loud because I don't want to admit I lost this fight." Cohen's lawyer
COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁 Will we ever again hear “galvanic skin response” yelled with such passion? #AC360
COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁 😂 I love Stormy Daniels' attorney #AC360
COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁 Michael Avenatti - The hero we don't deserve, but the one we need now. #AC360
COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁 OMG these women defending Trump sound like they’re part of a brainwashed sister-wives cult. Be afraid.


COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁 Lmao Stormy Daniels' attorney frying Michael Cohen's attorney....AGAIN #CNN #ac360
COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁 #ac360 these Christian women don’t care that he cheats on his wife right after she had a baby. That’s pathetic.
COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁 That segment with the group of conservative Christian women was absolutely maddening. #AC360
RANDI MCQUIRE @randimcq🔁 QUERY: Why was the settlement amount $130K...what an ODD dollar figure? (Was that the amount of credit available on twitter.com 's LOC?)
COURTELLISNASH @courtellisnash🔁Michael Avenatti is ripping Michael Cohen's lawyer friend to shreds on . The dude is not even a part of the case but he's giving his two cents like he's about to go to court.
RANDI MCQUIRE @randimcq🔁@realDonaldTrump why haven't you TWEETED about @StormyDaniels and/or @karenmcdougal98? #AC360
Bren @bren1008🔁
🔻It’s extremely frustrating when CNN
provides a venue for misguided guests
who spout inaccurate propaganda,lies,
🔻It gives credence/weight to Trump’s
“self created fantasy reality”‼️
🔻Becomes lousy entertainment and no
longer news or journalism‼️
ThreeRoads @RoadsThree🔁Stormy Daniels attorney literally brought an enlarged photo of Michael Cohen asking "where is he?" 😂😂😂😂
Cass Decosta @mompreneurnyc🔁 Those female Trump supporters who were demonizing Stormy Daniels and supporting Donald Trump were also the ones demonizing Bill Clinton and supporting Monica Lewinski.
RANDI MCQUIRE @randimcq🔁@randikayeCNN You are WASTING your time w/Texas women...they believe in 2 things: HEAVY MAKE-UP & HYPOCRISY! #AC360
Carole (Ducky) @IrPsych🔁😲 Jaw dropping levels of delusion in the views from supporting ‘conservative Christian women’ re. shown twitter.com on .
RANDI MCQUIRE @randimcq🔁Those ill-informed who are attacking as being "bush-league" should do some research...he is an EXEPTIONAL attorney twitter.com who has won HUMUNGOUS VERDICTS!
Zelda de los Rios @ZeldadelosRios🔁Asked whether he feels safe given that he's an outspoken critic of Putin, Garry says: For years, after I left Russia, people kept asking me, why I chose to live in New York and not London. I don't think they're asking anymore…
All American🇺🇸#MAGA🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🌬 @luvnewinfo🔁Bingo,

Congrats to Bill Clinton, who rewrote the playbook re: presidential sexual behavior. Dems who excused Bill's scandals and Hillary's enabling look like hypocritical fools re: Trump.

RANDI MCQUIRE @randimcq🔁 Ever notice Trumps lawyers all act the same? Loud, arrogant and pompous #AC360
Rose Stabler @rose_stabler🔁 lawyer to the lawyer defending Trump's lawyer: "The last time an attorney pointed his finger at me like this, I tagged him for $450 million"
Simon Wood @SimonWood2k5🔁Watched a group of supporting women on tonight expressing their views about the ...

...I thi twitter.com nk.

Or did I fall down a rabbit hole?

LovesTheJust @LovesTheJust🔁Jason Miller, who quit the Trump campaign after he was outed on Twitter for having an affair (and baby) with another Trump surrogate is on defending Trump and his affair with Stormy. Only in the time of Trump could this happen.

Guy, Noah Guy. @I_NoahGuy_knows🔁
Please help me with this, I keep seeing tweets that say.
( It wasn't an affair it was a one night stand)
So my ques twitter.com tion is this.
What is better,
and please leave your reasoning behind answers number 1& 2.
Answer number 3 speaks for itself.
Isabel Garcia @putupafight🔁Hey fuking double standard liberals scumbags face these facts GFYs POSs💩🙄 watch urselves if u dare🤮 all s twitter.com ick FUKs💩👎🏻 Sean Hannity 3/27/2018 - Hannity Show Today Mar 27, 2018 - Trump Breakin... via
The Speakers Corner @rock_the_word🔁So Trump finally takes some action on Russia by expelling 60 Russian Diplomats from the U.S. I bet he was pressured twitter.com by Congress to make this move.
What's Racist BOT @What_is_Racist_🔁#AC360 makes me puke!!
Rumi @jalaluddinrumie🔁For our foresight His foresight is a fair exchange; In His sight is all that lives, the lover a dead thing. #AC360
concetta @RETTinol🔁Stormy Daniels attorney is a typical left wing sleazebag. This guy wouldn’t & couldn’t tell the truth if you tried to slap it out of him. He should become a democrat senator & he would fit in perfectly.

Then again, he should just join CNN since they have him on EVERYDAY.


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