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Sarah C. @ohheysarahc🔁 Every morning feels like the start of an epic hero's journey these days. #subway #MTA #ABCD
Aardvarkbanana911 @Aardvarkbanana1🔁 Every morning feels like the start of an epic hero's journey these days. #subway #MTA #ABCD
ABCDABCDABCD TWEETY @ABCD_E_0🔁 161023 #기현 #몬스타엑스 @OfficialMonstaX
One&only like a holy.
Will Federman @wfederman🔁 Every morning feels like the start of an epic hero's journey these days. #subway #MTA #ABCD
ABCD Jon Sosis @FunnyJS🔁Waiting for the ABCD? Don't worry, the MTA gives out tardy notes now.
ABCD Jeffrey F. Barken @JeffreyFBarken🔁#mondaymotivation #poetry for when the ABCD #mondayblues have got you down... #amwriting
ABCD max @iammaxhailme🔁 Waiting for the ABCD? Don't worry, the MTA gives out tardy notes now.
ABCD Ash Barty @ashbar96🔁🎾🌱 QUARTER FINAL TIME 👯🇬🇧 Lucky to sneak in a little practice before the rain hit ☔️🌧 #ABCD #dayoff
Desimartini @DMmovies🔁.'s amazing dance skills means he has to star in a dance movie!

would be best to begin with👍

Gerry Cano @GerryCano1🔁We're excited to welcome back to Cambridgeshire today! Exploring together how to grow ABCD in our communities.
Jeff Evans @jke64🔁Delighted to share details of workshop, Edinburgh 18 Sept
Eduardo Rocha @eduardorochabr🔁 please play Sorry Not Sorry by abcd
Jailo Brimnut @_JaiJaiBinks🔁Good morning . How was your commute? 100s waiting at 168th for 1 train b/c no ABCD. 4 slow elevators to track... .
Norm @NIHAustin🔁It's rush hour. The ABCD is shutdown. This is what the 1 train entrance & bus stop at 145th St look like. Again. This is unacceptable
Mista T-Dot Davis @muzikscribe🔁 In today's dispatch from my morning commute the MTA has officially said fuck it with regard to all ABCD trains. HAPPY MONDAY!
Uptownkey @AngelTa85551277🔁I liked a @YouTube video Learn Colors with Talking Tom Colors Reaction Funny Video Kids ABCD SONG Twinkle
opɹɐd sınl @colombiankid723🔁Saw the mess the MTA had on the ABCD lines so took the 2, still not any better. Seriously about to start citi biking my ass down to Wall St
Sinbad @Dcaptainclutch🔁@brainfeeder_ The abcd were all not going downtown because of an investigation on 125 🙄
🐐Hungryghoast 🐐 @Hungryghoast🔁i don't see a point complaining about most construction stuff, but today's 1 commute was nonsense. as was ABCD commut e i hear.
Dov @drnelk🔁The original tweet said "We've had to cut power to ABCD lines for police activity" but it got garbled through MTA lou dspeaker.
Mild Takes @mild_takes🔁What's going on with the ABCD other than "FDNY activity"? That has no actual meaning. Anyone on or getting off a train in Harlem know?
Collaborate Out Loud @CollabOutLoud🔁Friday I'm presenting to abt 8 PS Leaders, talking & Insight Principles - a new naartive I suspect! Does this count?
actual glass of wine @amanixyasin🔁@auDRUNKey the ABCD lines (which i live off) are shut down because of a fire lmao so everyone is taking the 1 train. i'm so over it
Jimmy Rivera📎 @JimmyRiveraNYC🔁 Please be advised that due to a track fire at 125th, there are a number of service delays on ABCD lines
شادي. @zxz33313🔁Watch


Brian Campb ellِ

Ed Sheeranِ

Seal Beachِ

Kelsey Smith @itskelsey23🔁Great! No ABCD trains working. The 1 train is too busy to even get down the stairs. Over 1 hour late to work.
CNN @icindebuldugun🔁Watch
Brian Campbellِ
Ed Sheeranِ
Seal Beachِ
Justin Phillips @jphilzZz🔁 ~ there are no ABCD trains in either direction because every monday is a competition to be the worst monday of all time ~
Pamela S. @Pambino15🔁@NYCTSubway figure out some back up plans!! Shutting down the entire ABCD line Monday morning in rush hour is absurd.
OvertheTop @overthetop1🔁@MTA Nothing on your Twitter feed about this morning's ABCD Train disaster? You should have been running shuttle buses downtown right away.
Rach @ALikelyVirtuoso🔁Trains ABCD down in NY. MRT in #Philippines does down 2-3x a wk & the gov't solution is to shut down @Uber & @grabph. No justice. 🤷🤦
Conella Lafayette @ConStar24🔁@NoTweetChrissy The trains at 145 (ABCD)Were down, sooo.... That mess happened. Smh


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