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#ABCAchat#ABCAchat X. @nandoo_burgos🔁 @ABCA1945 Q5: March Madness Style Pens/Tournament #abcachat
Jeremy Sheetinger @CoachSheets3🔁 Man, @CoachSheets3 did it again. Love this topic, love this platform, love the fire! #ABCAchat
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Justin Henson @coachhenson18🔁I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t promote and

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Patrick Zalasky @Post61_24🔁A6b) Not sure where this list originated, but came across long list of keys to being a successful pitcher at D1 level. I paired it down to things pitcher could control and had them focus on them. Very useful. Here it is.
Larry Owens @Low5109🔁Sometimes it's the simple things. This chart doesn't care what you throw or when you throw it, it doesn't care what t twitter.com ype of arm care, throwing protocol or beliefs you have. Throw the damn thing over the plate.
Jeff City Jays Baseball @jcjays_baseball🔁A2) --
1) As mound work is INTEGRATED, maintaining throwing VOLUME is crucial. It's the key to improved Conditioning, Endurance and Recovery.
2) Long Toss ON Mound Days is also key for Maintenance & Recovery

Michael Richards @EAPerform🔁A4) -- Here's our 7 Day Cycle for SP's:
Day 1 (Start Day): Long Toss (~ Max Distance Stretch + Pull Down)
2: 120-200 ft (Stretch Only)
3: 200-300 (Stretch Mainly)
4: Full Long Toss + Pen
5: 150-225 (Stretch Only)
6: 200-300 (Stretch Out Mainly)
7: Optional
8: Start Day

Coach Bomber @Coach_Bomber🔁A6: in no particular order: and Troy Buckley
Call Florence @callflorence3🔁Typical day/weekly in season plan.
Foam roll/lacrosse ball
Bands, arm bar, wrist weights. Plyoballs

2 way guys do this for the first 20 minutes with the POs. Then everyone changes based on arm scale, days of rest, starter/reliever, etc.

Zappen Baseball @ZappenTigers🔁A2: 4 guys on each day (16 pitchers). 4 day rotation. Each game day pitch count increases based on how they feel. Typically increase by 10 each live pen. Gets us to around 90 by opening day. Fairly basic.
Garrett Cox Sr. @gmanoneone🔁A3: I try not to give roles... if you are in the game ( starting, relieving, closing) then you are the DUDE. I don’t have a staff of pitchers... I have a staff of DUDES. We focus on getting the guy with a club out. When that’s accomplished we move onto the next guy.
Larry Owens @Low5109🔁A5: cont...Secondary pitches in sets of 2-3 for called strikes. Enough to gain feel but few enough to throw off of o twitter.com ne another. Once again, it should include what you need to do in a game. May have to script the side for them in the beginning. Hit the glove w/beststuff
Larry Owens @Low5109🔁A5: Sides should have structure to them. Pitcher has freedom to build the side. They are usually 20-35 pitches in len twitter.com gth. No magic number. Can be tweaked depending on what needs attention. Don't slight the set. Most important pitches are thrown from set.
Eric Peterson @EricPeterson713🔁So I will remember better will you send me an email?
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Mark C. Kniphfer @kniphfer13🔁@jwalter09 @heiselaura Coach, the chat was awesome. You can go back and read anytime. Just search #ABCAchat thanks for joining in tonight.
Shelton Stevens @SheltonGStevens🔁Love what is doing for the baseball world & the coaching community. We strength and conditioning specialists love se twitter.com eing the sharing of info to make our athletes better. We are always willing to help out on our side as well! Please feel free to reach out!
Mark Allen Bounds @MaBounds16🔁Everyone has the role of Ace. When their name or # gets called they pitch until the game is over or the ball is taken from them.
Taylor Karr @TKarr_17🔁REMINDER: New podcast drops TOMORROW & (spoiler alert) you *might be able to figure out who our guest is! ⤵️

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Mike Korneski @mkorneski🔁A5: In season pens are based on what a pitcher may have struggled with recently. Our team pitching goals give them f twitter.com eedback & they work on whatever didn’t meet our standards. Eg: better put away pitches, FB command, extra changeups , or the entire pen from the stretch.
benjamin garland @gooddays22🔁A6: "The Mental ABCs of Pitching", "Heads-up Baseball" both orig and 2.0, anything puts out I'm all in on. The development as a coach also comes from the ones I've been blessed to be around and "borrow" from.
Travis Hergert @CoachHerg🔁Q6: Derek Johnson’s book, Hacking the KineticChain, , , and calling daily. Follow and read anything from
NKW36 @nkw36🔁A4) Recently wrote an article w/ in about this topic...hope you find it helpful:
"Relief Pitcher Protocols" --

BANDITSBALLCLUBRI @BBALLBANDITS01🔁A4: We like to cap guys around 45 pitches for pens guys. We will keep track who we heat up and who we don't to dictate next pen date. Try to keep pens guys sharp w pens at least every three days. Long toss when arms wants to eat...we band up and plyo each day
Isiah Fleming @fleming_isiah🔁Fitting time to drop THESE quotes on Bullpen guys...

Great insight from &

Joe dimartino @Jd22Joe🔁A4) Starting Pitchers on a 7 Day Cycle focus on their START and PEN days as their key Long Toss Days. Fill in the other days with some distance, and minimal pull downs.
As always, every one is different. They need to listen to their arms.

Mike Korneski @mkorneski🔁***ONE WAY TO HELP***

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Larry Owens @Low5109🔁A3: Bullpen (middle guys) are usually the Achilles heel of a staff usually because they don't throw strikes. All of twitter.com their work should revolve around feel and improving command. Always a bad feeling getting a guy into the game only to get someone up before pitch 1.
Chris Waye @Coach_Waye🔁A7: I can always improve on creating better relationships to find out what makes pitchers tick. My TIME can always be invested more when I am working with our pitchers. Rule number 76, no excuses play like a champion
Justin Ramsey @Kneebuckler15🔁A7: ALL areas! Finding new ways to reach kids for personal as well as pitching development. Adjusting to the new swin twitter.com g patterns of today. Continuing to learn how the body works and how to get the most out of it.

You have to keep an open mind/ear to continue to adapt.

Larry Owens @Low5109🔁A3: Roles fix themselves. Starters and back end guys are your best. Starter needs 3 pitches to do their job (pitch 6 twitter.com -7 inn), usually its the CH they lack. 10% rule for CH. CH will help turn over line up to get to 6/7 and will protect against opp handed hitters.
Zach Dechant @Zachdechant🔁Really like your article Allen. We do something similar in the bullpen. We have our kids move around every few inning twitter.com to start m and progress to every inning as the game goes deeper. Keep them warm makes everything go smoother.
Coach Wags @striketosser🔁A3: Players determine their roles based on their ability to consistently produce. Starters/closers have the ability to deliver results across the board. Each member of the staff is equally important because all 27 outs are needed to win the game.
Matthew White @mattwhite26🔁A7. I can't ever let myself get complacent. I expect my guys to get better every day and I need to make sure I am as twitter.com well. And I can do that by continuing to take advantage of the connections and resources that are at our fingertips.
Harold Mozingo @MozingoBaseball🔁A6: Books: still a huge fan of The Mental ABC's of Pitching. Products: MotusThrow has changed the way I handle pitche twitter.com rs training. Another new one is the Diamond Kinetics Pitch Tracker!
Gary Blond @GaryBlond🔁A7) Improve on those areas, personally, that u think epitomize what u want to see out of your players -- ie Love, Passion, Patience, Discipline, Open Mind, Communication, Support, Trust, etc.
Spend time each day working on these areas through introspection/meditation.

ABCA @ABCA1945🔁Man. Some good answers out there tonite. Very impressed with what coaches are doing to develop their pitchers. Not only on the skill side but the physical ability side as well. Both must exist in harmony to build the best athlete!
Dave Rook @rooker72🔁Time to SHARE! It's the RESOURCES question!

Q6: What specific books, podcasts, websites, articles, products, etc. would you share that have been instrumental in your development as a Pitching Coach?

Jonathan Gelnar @J_Gelnar7🔁A7- biomechanics. Movement and perception.

Is the flaw a mobility issue? Mechanical? Movement? Perception? Mental? twitter.com Can they even get into the positions we’re asking them to? So I can learn where mechanics flaws and soreness issues actually are instead of guessing.

Justin Ramsey @Kneebuckler15🔁A6: in no particular order: and Troy Buckley twitter.com
Larry Owens @Low5109🔁a2: RELIEVERS start a week after the starters. 2 sides, 1 inn twice, 2 inn back down to 1 inn then up to 2 inn. The twitter.com y don't sit for more than 4 days.
Josh Vandemark @CoachVandemark🔁A7: Gaining as much knowledge as possible and finding ways to relay the message to pitcher as an individual. Becoming twitter.com a better person and displaying that to my DUDES.
Mark C. Kniphfer @kniphfer13🔁 Thank you again for the chat. Now it's time to go back and reread. Sheets thank you all u do yo grow the game. twitter.com
Beau Kerns @bringeroffire27🔁A7: I can always improve on creating better relationships to find out what makes pitchers tick. My TIME can always b twitter.com e invested more when I am working with our pitchers. Rule number 76, no excuses play like a champion
Larry Owens @Low5109🔁A2: STARTERS Everything in two's. 2 sides, 1 inn twice, 2 inn twice etc....buids up to 4-5 inn before opening day. A twitter.com s workload increases so does rest. 12-18 pitch innings. If weather stinks then sim gm inside.
Tom Riley @TRiley25🔁Q6: Derek Johnson’s book, Hacking the KineticChain, , , and calling daily. Follow and read anything from twitter.com
Jen Walter @jwalter09🔁@heiselaura I missed it again. #ABCAchat.


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