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#AAPOR Ashley Kirzinger @AshleyKirzinger🔁 What's going on at #AAPOR this year? This is what day 1 looks like based on 803 tweets using #AAPOR
#AAPOR Nicole Lee @nicclee🔁Dinner at Mother's hosted by the Crosscultural/Multilingual Research group #AAPOR
#AAPOR Leo Simonetta @LSimonetta🔁 Shhh only the cool kids know about Oak Alley on 4th fl 😉 #AAPOR
#AAPOR Martha Stapleton @martstape🔁Having a great time at @westat's #AAPOR reception!
#AAPOR Mary E Losch @MaryELosch🔁Pumped to be at Preservation Hall for Jazz... #AAPOR
#AAPOR Tom Guterbock @TGuterbock🔁Waitin for the music w my #aapor buds at #nola Preservation Hall...
#AAPOR Tom Guterbock @TGuterbock🔁@dondillman impromotu book signing at Pres Hall #aapor. That's the 1978 edition...siutable for Pres Hall!
#AAPOR Megan Osterbur @MeganOsterbur🔁 Look at this turnout!! Thanks for coming to hear us talk #AAPOR Election Review
#AAPOR Dan Malato @DanMalato🔁Great opt-in photo booth at the SurveyMonkey party. #aapor
#AAPOR Mary E Losch @MaryELosch🔁@SAPORUS reception rocking at #AAPOR
Michael Link @MLink01🔁 Heading to #AAPOR’s Student & Early Career Meet Up? Check out our new Methods 101 video
#AAPOR Paul Scanlon @paul_j_scanlon🔁#AAPOR paper done, enjoying NOLA with @LMatusiak
#AAPOR Kristen Olson @olson_km🔁@TGuterbock rocking Mustang Sally at the @SAPORUS party #AAPOR
#AAPOR Jus Bulgar-Medina @Bulgar_Medina🔁When the #AAPOR bar crawl fills the whole bar.
#AAPOR Tom Guterbock @TGuterbock🔁 @TGuterbock rocking Mustang Sally at the @SAPORUS party #AAPOR
#AAPOR Isabel Anadon @ijanadon🔁Super interesting and relevant work on voter profiles in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. #AAPOR @UWMadison
#AAPOR Jus Bulgar-Medina @Bulgar_Medina🔁#AAPORSEC #AAPOR #AAPOR17crawl takes on the spotted cat.
#AAPOR Business Minds Today @BMToday🔁2017 focuses on Embracing Change & Diversity in Public Op…
#AAPOR Shankar Kunchala @ShankarKunchala🔁2017 focuses on Embracing Change & Diversity in Public Op…
#AAPOR BM Today @mgmtminds🔁2017 focuses on Embracing Change & Diversity in Public Op…
#AAPOR Jonathan Robinson @jon_m_rob🔁 Why don't people register or vote? #AAPOR
#AAPOR Raphael Nishimura @rnishimura🔁Is anybody really surprised that @StatStas is the most active Twitter user in these first two days at #AAPOR?
#AAPOR ProfBarakso @MBarakso🔁 Most people say they've never been asked to register to vote. #AAPOR
#AAPOR#AAPOR#AAPOR Rob Grimmett @robgrimmett🔁 A few of the #aapor Sat 8 AM sessions I am looking forward to
#AAPOR Rob Grimmett @robgrimmett🔁 Julie Pacer of @abtassociates presenting her methods brief on administering mini text surveys. #AAPOR
#AAPOR Steven Dick @PicardStats🔁 #AAPOR Picard Center poster on some of the research we did with them. Thanks Steve!
#AAPOR Rich Clark @VTpollster🔁#aapor it's fun run time
#AAPOR Rich Clark @VTpollster🔁#aapor Fun Run waits on a train. A very long train.
#AAPOR Stas Kolenikov @StatStas🔁Tim Johnson, the incoming President of @AAPOR, and @AshleyKirzinger are manning the #AAPOR booth. Come say hello!
#AAPOR Colleen Porter @ColleenPorter🔁Fun Run delayed by l o n g train #AAPOR
#AAPOR Ariel Edwards-Levy @aedwardslevy🔁Most people say they've never been asked to register to vote. #AAPOR
#AAPOR Patrick Ruffini @PatrickRuffini🔁Siena College's side of the NYT Upshot polling partnership... this should be the future of media polling. #AAPOR
Ariel Edwards-Levy @aedwardslevy🔁Never forget that 5-minute window when Dems and Reps had same view of the economy because it was right amid the trans ition
Seth Rosenthal @MethodsMaven🔁Hey @AAPOR #AAPOR, does the conference have a lost & found other than the hotel's front desk?
Nicole Lee @nicclee🔁Is anyone even awake after last night's parties? #AAPOR
Stas Kolenikov @StatStas🔁#AAPOR while you are getting your morning coffee, make a couple of clicks to follow my employer @abtassociates @AbtDataScience
AAPOR @AAPOR🔁Non-response, aggregation & forcasting in the 2016 election. Today, 10 AM Bayside C, Fourth Floor #AAPOR
Ashley Kirzinger @AshleyKirzinger🔁Good morning #aapor! Breakfast on the 3rd floor and then stop by the Transparency Initiative booth to get your pen light!
Pew Research Methods @pewmethods🔁Find @pewresearch experts speaking Saturday at #AAPOR:
Fem_Tz'ikin @Fem_Tzikin🔁The Cross Cultural & Multilingual Affinity Group at #AAPOR is meeting right now, the early hr will not deter this band of researchers.
AAPOR @AAPOR🔁Interetested in 2020 Census & new race/ ethnicity questions? Head over to Bayside A, Fourth Floor at 8 AM. #AAPOR
Juanita A Mainster @JAMainster🔁Census Bureau researchers are presenting findings at the annual conference through May 21. Learn more:
Westat @westat🔁Grab breakfast & coffee in the exhibit hall before 8am presentations, including our staff’s on Using GPS to Detect Falsifiers. #AAPOR #GIS
Craig Simon @gitis🔁 All about the data! #aapor
Mary Morgan @MaryMorgan65🔁@aedwardslevy Your tweet is currently ranked #1 on the #AAPOR scoreboard!
Leonardo Federico @leonardofed🔁. discussing Upshot/Siena polls and method of sampling based on propensity to respond.
Raphael Nishimura @rnishimura🔁Election polls was the big topic of day 2 at . Quite a busy day at the conference with 1,279 tweets using the officia l hashtag!
Jonathan Robinson @jon_m_rob🔁Siena College's side of the NYT Upshot polling partnership... this should be the future of media polling.
Chuck Shuttles @ChuckShuttles🔁Looking for excellent char-grilled oysters in NOLA? Highly recommend Dick & Jenny's -- good eats!
Stas Kolenikov @StatStas🔁 A huge thanks to @SAPORUS for throwing a great party for #AAPOR folks tonight!
Kristen Olson @olson_km🔁A huge thanks to @SAPORUS for throwing a great party for #AAPOR folks tonight!
Janaína Silveira @chinainblog🔁The latest The China In Blog by 热娜 Daily! Thanks to @jornalSul21 @jwassers @tbturra #china #aapor
Herschel Sanders @SandersHerschel🔁 RICS raised ethical questions: what if somebody calls a mental health support line? What are interviewers supposed to do?
Dan Pratt @pratt_djp🔁 Antje Kirchner from finds that interviewers who read questions exactly as written more likely to get adequate R answers
Jus Bulgar-Medina @Bulgar_Medina🔁Onward! #AAPORSEC #AAPOR #AAPOR17crawl moves to Applebarrel on Frenchman St.
Nicole Lee @nicclee🔁I keep hearing music from my hotel room window. I guess I should have brought my fiddle? #AAPOR
Michael Link @MLink01🔁Michael Sanderson presenting work on the pilot study using administrative records.
Michael Link @MLink01🔁All about the data! #aapor
Michael Link @MLink01🔁Looking for excellent char-grilled oysters in NOLA? Highly recommend Dick & Jenny's -- good eats!
Jus Bulgar-Medina @Bulgar_Medina🔁#AAPORSEC #AAPOR #AAPOR17crawl moves onto 30/90 on Frenchman St. Join us at the upstairs balcony!
Zen Politics @CenteredPols🔁 We need to collaborate on ways to explain uncertainty @AAPOR. #AAPOR #AAPOR2017
Kevin Collins @kwcollins🔁Props to @EchelonInsights for putting their #AAPOR deck online. More of this please
Anne Bolynn @RedAnneBolynn🔁Error by type of polls. Context: RDD is traditional "gold standard." IVR polls - which miss cells - lean GOP
FREE MONEY @getclahsgems🔁″Bobby Ryan″
″Gerald Green″
#TimesSquare Remember I'm doing a GIVEAWAY OF 50$ by following the steps of the fixed tweet in
Megan Osterbur @MeganOsterbur🔁 Who uses social media? Get the data from @pewinternet's #socialmedia fact sheet: #AAPOR
Megan Osterbur @MeganOsterbur🔁 .@jon_m_rob "resist temptation to field surveys over short time periods" amen brother #AAPOR
AAPOR @AAPOR🔁Ok #AAPOR what did you have for dinner in #NOLA?! Post us some pics. #goodeats
Survox @Survox🔁We will be presenting @PAPORorg a "Speed Learning" version of today's #AAPOR Remind Me Again methodology session.
Frank Lynch @FrankLynchBkln🔁@LoveStats @Twitter And why aren't you in a great restaurant right now? It's 8 PM in NOLA. #AAPOR
Jus Bulgar-Medina @Bulgar_Medina🔁#AAPORSEC #AAPOR #AAPOR17crawl starts now at Maison on Frenchman St. Join us!
IUCSR @IUcsr🔁 ResearchHack team ISDA featuring our own Kelly Lin &
Jus Bulgar-Medina @Bulgar_Medina🔁#AAPORSEC #AAPOR #AAPOR17crawl starts soon on Frenchman St. Locations will be announced as arrive/move!
Leo Simonetta @LSimonetta🔁 Let’s hear it for those Friday 4:15 sessions! Heroes! Almost as stalwart as the Sunday 8 am folks... #nobadtime #aapor
Brent Waddington @SurveyBrent🔁At the surveymonkey party surrounded by a lot of smart people #aapor
Think Tankubator @Tankubator🔁The latest Center Tanks! Thanks to @BrookingsGov #aapor #biketoworkday
Frank Lynch @flynchmr🔁High dose Dammitols. #AAPOR
Nick Bertoni @BertoniNick🔁If you go to this also consider speed networking session tomorrow-still open spots & good chance to talk 1on1 w/ reps from great orgs
Dale Spivey @DataDrivenDale🔁 The #AAPOR Report: The Future Of U.S. General Population Telephone Survey Research is now available.
Dale Spivey @DataDrivenDale🔁 We’re excited to be heading to #AAPOR in New Orleans later this month. Hope to see you there!
Dale Spivey @DataDrivenDale🔁 attendees! Interested in careers with us? Sign up for Friday & Saturday Speed Networking sessions at the registration desk.
Raymund Miranda @RaymundMiranda🔁The latest Rapid Eye Movement! Thanks to @mayerjoy #aapor #onceuponatime
Dan Malato @DanMalato🔁AP-NORC's Deputy Director presents on how Americans navigate the modern information environment at
Rich Clark @VTpollster🔁Data is at the center of it all at #aapor


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