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#3rdSunday Dave Weirdigan Music @DWMpromo🔁Creedys open mic Sunday 17th Sept 8.30. @blindpigSowerby #sowerbybridge @HalifaxEventsUK @FindAnOpenMic #3rdSunday
Alan Lee @AlanLeeArtist🔁 There MUST be Change for ALL who are Oppressed; leaving AnyONE out of the equation doesn't cut it! <3
#3rdSunday 3rdSundayMarket @3rdSundayMarket🔁Fall has arrived at the 3rd Sunday Market! #3rdSunday #antiques #collectibles #crafts #Halloween
#3rdSunday 3rdSundayMarket @3rdSundayMarket🔁Any fans of the 1935 Illini Polo Team out there? #3rdSunday #FightingIllini @IlliniAthletics @IlliniAD @grangefan
Alan Lee @AlanLeeArtist🔁 Each Life interconnects with Others thru the Air, the Waters, the Lands upon Mother{Earth}. We all need one & Other to Survive❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 From OUR ♥️ to YOUR ♥️Whoever YOU are & Wherever YOU are...WE send you LOVE & HEALING & HOPE & BLESSINGS for PEACE! twitter.com THANK YOU! ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday What would happen if Humanity chose LOVE over Hate? OUR Lives would change for the better. Let's do it! youtu.be ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday. Tell me please why some fear & kill LOVE & PEACE and rally to support Hate & War? This is Cowardly. youtu.be
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 Humanity as a whole has yet to learn that Mother{Earth} is our Sacred home. LOVE leads us to TRUTH, the time is upo twitter.com n us NOW!❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 LOVE & RESPECT taught to OUR Children towards ALL of Creator's Children at a Young age thru words & deeds reap great twitter.com rewards❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday Believe: That WE exist is proof that WE are here for a reason. That reason is born of LOVE. Recognize. youtu.be ❤️
Clifton E. Hill @CliftonEHill🔁#11am #3rdSunday #Extension We had a great time at all three services!!! @ West Angeles COGIC instagram.com
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday There MUST be Change for ALL who are Oppressed; leaving AnyONE out of the equation doesn't cut it! youtu.be <3
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday America Does NOT need a Wall! WE need a Bridge! A Bridge that leads people to safety & to compassion. youtu.be ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday The question is "Where is Love"? Too much Hate bein' thrown around. WE need the Love NOT the Hate! youtu.be ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 4 the wrongly incarcerated/detained & 4 those suffering alone, forced from their home & denied refuge❤ … mommofo2.wordpress.com
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 My Kenny Reminds us of the Sacred LOVE that protects us & surrounds us & guides us in a good way if we take heed wit twitter.com h an open♥️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 Our Loving Commitment 2 OUR Children includes a Safe Home. Don't Forget; OUR HOME IS MOTHER{EARTH}! Without HER ther twitter.com e's NO-ONE ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday For anyONE going thru hard times (which is most of us no matter where we live). Sending ALL a Prayer. youtu.be ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday. Every once in awhile we all need someONE 2 Stand by us, 2 Stand with us & we then do the same 4 them. youtu.be ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday Our Creator made each of us Uniquely Perfect & Worthy of LOVE! Don't give up on Yourself or Others youtu.be
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 Strength & Courage are the results of opening up to & giving LOVE Unconditionally. Those who open to Hate are Weak & twitter.com Cowardly♥️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 Positive Loving Healing Thoughts Nourish the Body, Mind, Spirit/Soul for Yourself & Others. What a Beautiful way to twitter.com Live Life ♥
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday "This Little Light of Mine" Each ONE of us has a LIGHT♥; some very sadly choose to extinguish theirs! youtu.be ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 NoONE has the right 2 take away &/or deny the Inalienable Rights of another Person. A gov't that does this fails eve twitter.com ryone ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 Human Rights belong to ALL Humans, not just the ones that look & act like YOU. Our Creator chose to make us beautifu twitter.com lly diverse❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 Listen to the song that sings to your heart. It will lead you to the right path guided by LOVE. Share your song with twitter.com Others. ♥
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 Working for Positive Change means becoming part of what you're working for. Denying Change to Others means You deny twitter.com Yourself❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday RECOGNIZE! EachONE has Purpose. EachONE has Worth. It's TOGETHER that WE make the World a Better Place ❤️ youtu.be
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 Each Life interconnects with Others thru the Air, the Waters, the Lands upon Mother{Earth}. We all need one & Other twitter.com to Survive❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁 When we touch the lives of Others with an Open Loving ❤we begin to see the Beauty that holds us all in Grace with ou twitter.com r Creator. ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday These are Tryin' Times My Friends; Come on Keep some Faith (any way you do with LOVE)! youtu.be Be Blessed. ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday A Helping Hand; A Light to Find Your Way; A little Caring & Compassion can make a big difference youtu.be ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday When YOU doubt yourself, look into the eyes of a Loved one to know you're OK (yes pets do count)! youtu.be ❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁#3rdSunday Changes are inevitable; some WE can control, some we can't. Let's make POSITIVE changes when we can! youtu.be ❤️
NPGMBC @npgmbc🔁"GOD knows that your Faith is not valid until you're in a place of unfamiliarity." - Pastor Derrick Jones #npgmbc #3rdSunday #YouthSunday
NPGMBC @npgmbc🔁"You have to learn how to expand your perspective." - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #message #npgmbc #3rdSunday #YouthSunday
NPGMBC @npgmbc🔁"Can you follow GOD even when he's not talking to you???" - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #message #npgmbc #3rdSunday #YouthSunday
NPGMBC @npgmbc🔁"Don't ever let anyone knock you for your progress." - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #message #npgmbc #3rdSunday #YouthSunday
NPGMBC @npgmbc🔁Today's sermon "The Blind Side" comes from Matthew 29:7 - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #message #npgmbc #3rdSunday #YouthSunday
Find An Open Mic.com @FindAnOpenMic🔁Creedys open mic Sunday 17th Sept 8.30.
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁PLEASE join us wherever YOU are on your #3rdSunday (mine is not yet here). Send a Prayer, Good Vibes, etc to ALL in need. We're Connected!❤️
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁In parts of the World #3rdSunday has arrived. Let us all realize each of us is a part of the Human Experience! youtu.be ❤️
Michael Raycraft @grangefan🔁Any fans of the 1935 Illini Polo Team out there?
Bonnie Walker @walkermofo🔁❤ #3rdSunday Sunday, Sept 17th! Let's FOCUS ON EMPATHY & UNDERSTANDING >> 2017-Positive Healing Energy & Love Day mommofo2.wordpress.com
CriticalMassTampaBay @CriticalMassTB🔁For obvious reasons (to protect the bikes!), we've rescheduled tomorrow's 2nd Sunday ride for next Sunday (9/17).
#BikeLife #3rdSunday


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