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#30Under30#30Under30#30Under30#30Under30 Adam Sanchez @Ad_Rock95🔁 Raising the bar on teenage achievement: the youngest in #30Under30 class of 2018 on.forbes.com
JT Hallbeck @jthallbeck🔁Is 30 under 30 even inspiring to anyone? Just another example of America's obsession with youth. Disclosure of parent twitter.com al assets will likely show a less impressive set of semi-immature "entrepreneurs".
Zack O’Malley Greenburg @zogblog🔁Today lands on the cover of -- check out my piece below, where the alum reveals:
-his biggest mistake
-how he uni twitter.com tes commerce & consciousness
-what he learned from Dr. Dre, Diddy & Jay-Z
-his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick

#30Under30 Forbes @Forbes🔁Introducing the #30Under30 class of 2018: 600 young stars in 20 different industries on.forbes.com
TheIMpossibleMuse @LaurenWasser🔁Resident badass made the 2018 class of ' . 👏 Congrats, Lauren.

Catalina Lopez @Catlosa_🔁Congrats to Scripps/ grad student for making list in the category!

Cara @thecararose🔁 casually living the dream: we made @Forbes #30Under30 🎉 twitter.com
HUBweek @HUBweek🔁Congrats to 's You Wu for being named one of ! 🎉 Read our interview with him here: twitter.com
Linda Jiang @ljiang11🔁 I can eat 30 dumplings in under 30 minutes. #30under30
Zikri Bayraktar @zikribayraktar🔁Congratulations to , part of the founding Udacity team, on making the this year for his work with to put autonomous vehicles on the roads!
RavencrestPublishing @RavencrestP🔁Saw Forbes It’s cool and all but for once, under Education, it would be amazing to see actual teachers in lieu of people with startups
cam @Cammiesux🔁 Honored to be one of the names amongst these inspiring folks!!! #30under30 twitter.com
Adam Mutschler @AdamMutschler🔁I now share two things in common with : for 2018, and a love of all things . I think we'd be friends. 🤣
money wont buy me a sense of closure @microsoft_incel🔁If you read #30under30 in high school you deserve every beating you get twitter.com
Joule @Joule_CP🔁Congratulations to author Brent Keller for making list: Best Young Makers And Industrial Innovators. Read his take twitter.com on scaling membrane separations in our latest issue
Salena Jones @SalenaJones1🔁Hey !! Cool to see you made too! You’re so awesome man 👍🏻 congratulations!
Mission EDC @MissionEDC🔁Congratulations to Expert-in-Residence & all-around innovator for being named to list. We are glad to have twitter.com him here!
Michael LeVan @mikelpumps🔁 Honored to have been chosen today for #30Under30

I remember reading this list in high school, amazing to now be on it

Kendo_THM @Kendo_THM🔁The latest The Kendo_THM Daily! paper.li #30under30 #ai
W&M Alumni Assn. @WMAlumni🔁Congratulations to Lauren Shippen '13 for being named to the list! We're so proud of you. twitter.com
Joel Meekison @JoelMeekison🔁Our awesome Vice Chair, , is one of 's ! Read more at the link below. 👏👏👏
Josephdrew @JrocksUSA🔁I’m super excited and humbled to announce that has included me in their 2018’s list! It's a great honor to be listed with these other visionaries and leaders.
Jack Tripper @Treston_j15🔁We spot some familiar faces on ' 👀 cc:


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