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Alexander @hillerthriller🔁"What would I do not die right now? Buddy you name it."

#wip #amwriting #2bittues

Louise Brady @DragonspireUK🔁Emptiness washed over him. He missed home, with its grassy fields, winding rivers, and picket fences. Here, among sky twitter.com scrapers and metal, Arthur felt lost.

Finn Chow @Finn_Chow🔁His body was unmoving, splayed out in a pool of his own crimson blood, which stained his splintered wings.
“Aaron,” I twitter.com breathed, my voice small and thin in the empty room.

K E Hubbard @khubbard91🔁Something pegs the back of my head and I lose my footing. An empty Coke bottle hits the sidewalk. #2bittues
€hel @CallMeChel_324🔁Your impatient mouth is watering
Your empty stomach’s yelling “HEY!”
Just remember the thanks you’ll be offering
Just twitter.com two more moons til TURKEY DAY!

Laura Frances @Lfrannyfran🔁When the stars are gone, blotted out, I'm left with an empty kind of feeling. I have to close my eyes and remember them back. #2bitTues
odetoapoet @odetoapoet🔁
My mom used to say,"If you don't eat what I made, you're not hungry enough." And I would sit there staring at my pla twitter.com te until I was hungry. By that time it wasn't warm, but I ate until my plate was clean and empty.
K Kibbee @K_Kibbee🔁 #2bitTues “Sugar, you’re so ornery this mornin’ I do believe you could start an argument with an empty house.”
Judi Lynn @judypost🔁She glanced at the empty dog bed and realized she even missed George. What was wrong with her? Ansel would be gone twitter.com two weeks. That’s all. She needed to get a grip and deal with it.
Stephanie O'Brien @Stepha_OBrien🔁A sigh fell from the skeleton' empty ribcage as he shook his lowered head.
“For all we know, the flower’s behind this twitter.com whole mess, and my bro being the sole survivor is just one of the outcomes it hasn’t seen yet."

Judi Lynn @judypost🔁Ed stared. “Huh-uh. Miles would never hurt anyone. He didn’t pull some murder-suicide thing and fall into an empty twitter.com grave after he buried the girl.”

DonnaDechen Birdwell @donnadechen🔁Seth looked intently at his empty dinner plate and I knew he wasn’t praying. We were both struggling valiantly not t twitter.com o giggle at this child’s awkward, funny, yet touchingly sweet effort at saying grace.
Cathy Skendrovich @cskendrovich🔁 They were just words bleeding onto an empty page #2bittues
Judi Lynn @judypost🔁Thane tipped his plate to move the last of the roast’s sauce into a spoon, then pushed his empty plate away. He lick twitter.com ed his spoon before glancing at the jars of hot fudge, caramel, and marshmallow toppings on the kitchen island. “What’s for dessert?”
Cathy Skendrovich @cskendrovich🔁He scooped the money into a neat pile and beginning to separate it systematically. His opponent nodded his head in f twitter.com arewell and shoved back his chair to leave, pockets as empty as his drinking glass.
D. G. Driver @DGDriverAuthor🔁 What legend?" Dad asked.
I could almost see the little man in his head rifling through the files of American Indian twitter.com legends about waterfalls and coming up empty.
Jordan Marie Green @jordanmarigreen🔁"It's over. She wanted an exclusive, boyfriend-girlfriend kind of thing."

She tilts her head to the side. "And you w twitter.com anted?"


The word leaps out of my mouth like an Olympic hurdler. It seems to echo in the empty pavilion.

Melanie Kyer @fraudrk🔁Hoarded memories of a life well lived--
That and enough paper napkins and greeting cards for a millennium.
I sneak o twitter.com ut a box full of empty wrapping paper tubes
(To use for kindling)
And throw away the cheese I bought her for Christmas in 2015

Allison Maruska @allisonmaruska🔁 Good evening! The #2bitTues theme for 11/21 is "EMPTY".
Casey Donart @CaseyDonart🔁They were just words bleeding onto an empty page #2bittues
Suzanne G. Mattaboni @suzmattaboni🔁 Right now, in order to heal, you need the peace that this vacancy gives you. But I also believe this: You’re not going to live with that vacancy the rest of your life. It isn’t going to satisfy you forever. When the time comes for it to fill up again, you’ll know.”
Cathy Skendrovich @cskendrovich🔁 His eyes were empty; covered by a milky-white sheen. It was the wisdom of his words that still gave them sight. #2bittues
Suzanne G. Mattaboni @suzmattaboni🔁 A cup half-empty
A life half-lived
He saw her as the
Holy Grail
His only chance
At finding more
#2bittues #poetry #poem
Suzanne G. Mattaboni @suzmattaboni🔁Trina raises her empty glass over the crowd. “Who do I have to sleep with to get a refill around here?” she shouts. twitter.com
Missy Says What ??!! @says_missy🔁His body was all that remained, empty like a snails discarded shell. His spirit had already moved on in search of a new home.


DonnaDechen Birdwell @donnadechen🔁I’m invisible and the marketplace is empty. Quiet. No one here but Chapling and me. He nods to me and I return the g twitter.com esture. I follow.
M Waterhouse: Author @nano_fiction🔁The emptiness of the vessel was what disturbed me, the emptiness of life. There was no laughter, no chatter, no noise twitter.com at all other than the clicking and whirring of the onboard CPU.
I longed for a footstep in the dark, even if it belonged to the devil.

Katie Aguilera @seekingredress🔁It was early, and Jack stood at the window, staring at the giant cranes filling the empty hole in the skyline. #2bittues
EJ Fisch @EJFisch🔁“Got a minute?” he asked.

She glanced up at him before looking back down at her materials, shrugging, and leaning b twitter.com ack with an expectant look. She gestured at the empty space beside her.

EJ Fisch @EJFisch🔁"The chem agents found the lab but encountered what they called ‘heavy resistance,’ so my team got called in. When w twitter.com e arrived on the scene, the lab was empty, but two of the drug runners were still there. These guys were totally out of their minds. Practically rabid."
EJ Fisch @EJFisch🔁"Despite the...unfortunate outcome we’re currently experiencing, I recognize that the work you’ve done has ensured w twitter.com e’re not walking away empty-handed. I hope you’ll stay with us, but I want to remind you what the consequences will be if you step out of line again.”
EJ Fisch @EJFisch🔁The man was only forty years old, maybe even a bit younger, but his face was etched with hard creases wrought from y twitter.com ears of frowns, scowls, and empty smiles.
Casey Donart @CaseyDonart🔁A cup half-empty
A life half-lived
He saw her as the
Holy Grail
His only chance
At finding more
#2bittues #poetry #poem
🍂T. A. Hernandez🍁 @ta_hernandez5🔁She marched up beside him, frustration radiating from her entire being like heat from a fire. The doors slid open and twitter.com they stepped into the empty elevator.
Nate Weger @run8tech🔁Lying there was Elijah's backpack and empty sleeping bag, but he was gone! Honey Bear turned to Ireland his eyes red twitter.com with rage.” I know who took him and where he is,” she said.

Austin Belanger @bardofthesand🔁He threw back the whiskey to no effect, looking at the new headstone before him. His heart seemed as empty as the sho twitter.com t glass in his hand. Ever since the funeral, it seemed as if his soul strove to fill the void that she had left in his heart, one shot at a time.
Faith Rivens 🦁 @Faith_theRivens🔁Her words against my son compelled me to strangle her, but I resisted the urge, knowing her threat to be an empty one twitter.com meant to hurt me as I had her.

Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 Right now, in order to heal, you need the peace that this vacancy gives you. But I also believe this: You’re not goi twitter.com ng to live with that vacancy the rest of your life. It isn’t going to satisfy you forever. When the time comes for it to fill up again, you’ll know.”
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 And maybe one shouldn’t regard the present as an equal sign. Maybe it should signify “less than.” The past was les twitter.com s than the future and the future would be greater than the past, even if it consisted only in swab’s work.
Lou Cadle @LouCadle🔁He poured himself a brandy. "I must be going insane," he said to the empty room.


Nadirah V. Somar @dida_ramos🔁I thought being honest would fill me with relief but instead it’s left me feeling empty and raw. Each time I recall i twitter.com t, it’s like I’m a constantly poked bruise.
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 Robbie experienced one of those excruciating flashes of insight then – that Sterling had felt even more alone than h twitter.com e did. When she entered that apartment at the close of the day, it must have seemed every bit as empty to her as it did to him right now.
Mary Miller @Daizylublue🔁She siphoned alcohol from her parents liquor stash and poured it into empty containers of Sea Breeze astringent. #2bittues
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 The flat was exactly as he and Wilda had left it. He prowled all over it, peering into every nook and cranny, even twitter.com the closets and the shower stall, and saw only an empty habitation, silent and neutral, crammed with the motionless artifacts of its departed denizen.
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 There was a carton of rancid soymilk and a bit of moldy cheese, some tinned pears stored in a glass container and a twitter.com half-empty crock of marmalade. In the freezer were four muffins and a bag of vanilla biscuits that appeared to be crumbling to pieces from old age.
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 In the early days the vase had always been filled with flowers, but it was empty now. It had most likely been years twitter.com since anyone had sent Sterling Nikalishin flowers. Certainly her son had never done so …
Kiho Graham @KihoGrahaM🔁

"We don't get to have that luxury. A life? Happiness? We tossed all that away the second we joined the Company. The twitter.com re's no place on this earth for empty man like us except the battlefield. And when that ends, all we get for our work is a sanctuary six feet under."

sdsimper @sdsimper🔁Trembling hands touched the coffin’s lid. She lifted the lid, praying for the first time for cold, dead eyes and a h twitter.com orrible, mummified form.
Nothing. An empty box.
McSix @McLeanSix🔁“They didn't find anything,”  I said to the empty room.  “They don't know where she is.” #2bittues #amwriting
Anne Wheeler @awheelerauthor🔁Asher’s voice grew louder, echoing in the empty lounge like a clanging bell. “I know!” he said with juvenile glee. H twitter.com e yanked up the leg of his uniform & perched on the table next to Merritt’s coffee. “This is about a girl, isn’t it?”

€hel @CallMeChel_324🔁That part of her life had been empty for so long. She was afraid that, if she filled it, it would end up being shatte twitter.com red like the last time.

She’d worked hard to glue those pieces back together, and she wasn’t about to let them crumble, not again.

D.V. Stone @donnavstone🔁The Ælf took the proffered veil but glared at Binne and thrust a wilted lily into Hanna's empty hands.
Gasps and cha twitter.com ttered erupted but faded quickly and a hush fell over the room as the wilted flower changed. The stalk grew firm again and its petals brilliant white.

The Inkwell Council @inkwellcouncil🔁She didn't know what to do as her eyes fell upon empty, black ones. They stared through her as if she didn't exist at all.


J. David Wilcox @jdavidwilcox🔁Her voice was an echo in an empty room, a memory of welling pain. #2bittues
KathleenKern @KathleenKern🔁A hollowness pressed between her heart and ribs. She knew now her relationship with Kyle was a story she had made u twitter.com p; he had read what she wanted and played along.
Diana Anderson-Tyler @dandersontyler🔁"Hermes shuddered. He knew these two made no empty threats. Despite their ability to regenerate, an ability with whic twitter.com h all souls of the Underworld were cursed, they still played by mortal rules, wounding and killing one another as a virile show of power."

Samantha MacLeod @WriterSamMac🔁Bryn was an expert rider, but his expression was downcast, his shoulders tight. He still looks, Cerdec thought, like twitter.com a man who expects to have his head removed from his shoulders.

Bethany A. Jennings @simmeringmind🔁Catherine couldn’t stand the idea of someone else partying in their sad, empty old house, and Kevin couldn’t quite r twitter.com econcile with that either.
Nicholas Adams✍🏼 @NicholasAWrites🔁They say the key to happiness is to empty your mind and heart of all expectations.
That's not a prescription for happ twitter.com iness.
It's just a plan to deflect disappointment.
Those aren't the same things.
How do we know joy if we don't experience sorrow once in a while?

Brianna Merritt @briannawriting🔁Scattered across his desk were the telltale empty cans of energy drinks that had failed.

#UnsanctionedEyes #2bittues

D.V. Stone @donnavstone🔁Do what you can Angela that's all any of us is able. I enjoy very much. Thanks for what you do and hope things get twitter.com better for you
Nicholas Adams✍🏼 @NicholasAWrites🔁
I sat with my tattooed arm around the trash bin, feeling empty on so many levels. I felt mostly confident that I had purged any demon chemical from my system, and it left me hungrier than I had been ten minutes ago. But also, I felt a very ‘alone’ kind of empty too.
Nicholas Adams✍🏼 @NicholasAWrites🔁I feel drained on both ends.
My kids gave the gift that takes all my strength to endure and push through.
But it's r twitter.com ude to refuse a gift, especially one from a child.
Especially your child.

Damn stomach flu! 🤢

Torie Fox @TorieFoxP🔁
I sat with my tattooed arm around the trash bin, feeling empty on so many levels. I felt mostly confident that I had twitter.com purged any demon chemical from my system, and it left me hungrier than I had been ten minutes ago. But also, I felt a very ‘alone’ kind of empty too.
Renée Kelly @kellysgal🔁Practiced in a mirror
She thought the smile perfect
What she didn't tailor
Her eyes
Void, utterly empty
#2bittues #FoodParty
Dallas Freeman @InviteToQuiet🔁-It's empty.
-Well, now I feel bad about beating the crap of you trying to get here first.
Jordan Marie Green @jordanmarigreen🔁He drops my hand and lunges toward Phoenix's empty hand. Phoenix holds her purse out for me to hold so she can clasp twitter.com hands with Lucas. All of a sudden, my siblings have abandoned me for the coolest girl in school and I'm the luggage porter walking behind them.

Zach and Chuck @ZachAndChuck🔁“Let’s see if I can fit you in.”
The shop bays were empty, the parking lot was empty, and the two year old calendar p twitter.com age was empty. The mechanic was laughing.

~Hani~ @Keramik_Kata🔁 Empty? Oh, darling, a girl has run on less and still survived.
Tim Pearsall @TimothyPearsall🔁 She left a note next to an empty tin of nuts filled to the brim with cigarette butts. #2bittues
J.S. Sterling @JSSterlingBooks🔁The fact the search came up empty only made the abandonment worse.
Hope can be the cruelest fate of all.
M. K. Wiseman @FaublesFables🔁With shock, Myra watched the MI agent hit the ground hard, purple and blue lightning arcing over his exposed hands a twitter.com nd face. Robert’s eyes were open. They looked . . . empty.

Leslie Newmeyer @LeslieNewmeyer🔁It didn’t feel right, leaving the room empty when it had given her so much. She took a flower from the box and placed twitter.com it in the center of the floor. “Thank you,” she said.
Lauren Turner @Lauren_e_Turner🔁His eyes were cold and empty, devoid of any of the emotion they held before he went through the ritual. He was one o twitter.com f us now, which was great- but he had changed. He'd morphed into a hull of what he had been, distanced from everything he once cherished.
A.E. McKenna @ae_mckenna🔁Liora’s entire body sighed. She set aside her half empty bowl. “Hello, Senna. I thought your name sounded familiar.” #2bitTues
Joshua Haveman @JDHaveman🔁He had known this sort of profound emptiness only once before - in his teens. But that was his stomach, and this was his heart. #2bitTues
A.E. McKenna @ae_mckenna🔁He sat against the wall with an empty pipe in his hands, a knob of burnt out coal next to him. She put the knife in a twitter.com pocket and approached him.

Rachel Laverdiere @r_laverdiere🔁They had a plan for the future. Now she has nothing. Her pockets are empty and some guy’s using up all her hot water.
A.E. McKenna @ae_mckenna🔁As they walked, Liora couldn’t help but flick her eyes from tree to tree, and the empty path behind them, sure someth twitter.com ing followed them.
tine danxer @tinedanxer🔁
I writhed and swiped at them—each movement required more effort than the last until the sparkles held me still. My twitter.com eyes squeezed shut as terror ripped through my gut. My bladder emptied. Then the sparkles released me and winked out of existence.
Rachel Laverdiere @r_laverdiere🔁She left a note next to an empty tin of nuts filled to the brim with cigarette butts. #2bittues
Elise Thornton @Elise_Thornton🔁The permeating stink of decay and chilling effects of their vacant stares and frozen, grotesque smiles had dulled lon twitter.com g ago.
Christopher Slagle @christopheresl2🔁"The longer we both stay here, the greater the risk we’ll be found.”

Though the pub had just opened, he glanced up a twitter.com nd down the empty bar to check for eavesdroppers. “By your psychotic time-traveling brother, right?”

David Neilson @DavidNeilson3🔁 Stand back. Due to the influence of tears, I am currently at risk for bursting into tears or murdering you. #2bittues
Care Halverson @CHKnyght🔁 Nakai, sitting alone in the tree, wrapped her arms around herself in an empty embrace. “The tower has always been us twitter.com ed for the most dangerous of prisoners, ones awaiting judgment during Communion: murderers, rapists. Ashe…”


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