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L. C. Brewer @brewdogyes🔁 Proof that @KUTVMary celebrated #NationalJunkFoodDay by devouring this donut. #2NEWSAM
#2NewsAM Ron Bird @KUTVRon🔁Enjoying a beautiful Friday morning with @ChaseThomason and @KUTVMary on #2NEWSAM
#2NewsAM#2NewsAM#2NewsAM#2NewsAM KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁FIREWORK RESTRICTIONS: @KUTVMorgan breaks it down for you. #2NewsAM #utfire #PioneerDay
#2NewsAM Chase Thomason @ChaseThomason🔁Just a couple thunderstorms out there this morning. I'm tracking them on #2NewsAM. Your full forecast is coming up.
#2NewsAM Ron Bird @KUTVRon🔁I'm loving the clouds this morning. #2NEWSAM
#2NewsAM Mary Nickles @KUTVMary🔁 Enjoying a beautiful Friday morning with @ChaseThomason and @KUTVMary on #2NEWSAM
#2NewsAM Ron Bird @KUTVRon🔁.@KUTVMary looking to the sky on an amazing Friday morning! #2NEWSAM
#2NewsAM Mary Nickles @KUTVMary🔁 .@KUTVMary looking to the sky on an amazing Friday morning! #2NEWSAM
D.J. Bolerjack @DJBolerjack🔁It's a ringer! #NHPA #2NewsAM
#2NewsAM Morgan Saxton @KUTVMorgan🔁Sometimes you go around picking up other people's trash. #2NewsAM @TheSteveIsGreat
#2NewsAM KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁 Sometimes you go around picking up other people's trash. #2NewsAM @TheSteveIsGreat
NYC Taxi Talk @talk_nyc🔁KJZZ fans: Another hour of news just for you! Join us 👍🏼
D.J. Bolerjack @DJBolerjack🔁I think we need proof of whether @ChaseThomason can keep up with this or not...😈 #2NewsAM
D.J. Bolerjack @DJBolerjack🔁Well...this is a first for me! The World Horseshoe Tournament is in - its more intense than i expected!!
∞ @111000101000100🔁 Great shot! Thanks for sharing your #2NewsAM photo @SpencerLoock #utwx
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁BREAKING: An individual fired a shot into the air at 1300 South at the Ballpark Station. #2NewsAM
Michael E. Frye @fryeme🔁The latest The Utah News Digest! #jeffsessions #2newsam
Holly Menino @KUTVHolly🔁We're on now. #2NEWSAM
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁US Forest Service may shut down shooting area after fire, garbage on land above @Alpinecityutah. #2NEWSAM #utfire
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁ALL you need to know to light off fireworks today & not get the f#ire department called on you. #2NewsAM #utfire
Ron Bird @KUTVRon🔁FIREWORK RESTRICTIONS: breaks it down for you.
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁What do you think? Could pass as a back up quarterback for ?
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁Great shot! Thanks for sharing your #2NewsAM photo @SpencerLoock #utwx
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁WATCH LIVE at 7: Hear or see thunderstorms overnight? tells you how much to expect.
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁Don't mess! See what happens next with @jennyhardmantv and @UtahFalconz #2NewsAM
KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁LIGHTNING: Have some great photos of nature's fireworks last night or this morning? Share it with us here:
Cimaron Neugebauer @CimCity🔁Me working a non-traditional #2NewsAM shift:
Monday 💤
Tuesday 😴
Wednesday 😴
Thursday 😴
Friday 🍩🤪
Cimaron Neugebauer @CimCity🔁Tell him he can't have any doughnuts. MINE. Get away spider! @KUTVMary #2NewsAM
Cimaron Neugebauer @CimCity🔁If there wasn't Twitter, I swear, I wouldn't know about half the food that ebbs and flows out of this newsroom. 🍩 mm mm. Donuts ....


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