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#2018WinterOlympics Akwasi Frimpong @FrimpongAkwasi🔁Blessed! #frimpongfamily in Korea🇰🇷! ❤️. #pyeongchang2018 #2018WinterOlympics #Olympian
Ana Navarro @ananavarro🔁The only winter Olympic sport I could conceivably attempt to do without dying, is Curling. Maybe.

Ok. Back to reali twitter.com ty.

CityNews Toronto @CityNews🔁: Max Parrot has won silver and Mark McMorris captures bronze in the Men's Snowboard Slopestyle final at the . It is twitter.com Canada's first two medals of the Games.
#2018WinterOlympics Fantasmita🇺🇸🇸🇻 @JacobRam95🔁 Blessed! #frimpongfamily in Korea🇰🇷! ❤️. #pyeongchang2018 #2018WinterOlympics #Olympian
David Backes @dbackes42🔁Up early to cheer on at the !! Good Luck men, what a great stage and opportunity. USA, USA, USA 🇺🇸 🏅 twitter.com
Laura Laurent @bitcointexts🔁South Korea’s Bitcoin Bonanza | CNBC: While in South Korea for the Winter Olympics, CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla takes a l twitter.com ook at the surge in cryptocurrency trading in the country and what regulations…
jeffmetcalfe @jeffmetcalfe🔁Sharpe, Martinod, Sigourney 1-3 in women’s ski halfpipe after 1st finals run #2018WinterOlympics
CH @seaherlee23🔁The best part of watching the U.S. figure skating program is hitting the mute button when the commentators start spea twitter.com king.
Aaron Mitchell @admitchell2🔁Christine watching the Olympics - “Awww the Germans are hugging the Canadians! That’s so cute!” twitter.com
Jess Snyder @JessSnyd37🔁The pairs figure skating is so beautiful. Can't get over it ⛸ #2018WinterOlympics
Frenchy @KevinHarthun🔁Shout out to the Turkish ice dancing couple using some Loreena Mckennitt music in their routine! #dance #2018WinterOlympics
Julianne Bruska @nieceofToni🔁I didn’t think would have the to cheat again.
Mike Shield @Mike_Shield🔁Just watched the Canadian 2-man bobsled team tie the German team for gold...seeing German athletes jumping up & down twitter.com hugging the Canadian coaches when the Canadian bobsled crossed the line. THAT’S why we have the .
bamboo_grove @bamboo_grove1🔁The American pairs are all great, but I am Team Virtue and Moir! Their performance last night was so entertaining. #2018WinterOlympics
paul kraus @mrpaulkraus🔁Is it just me? Or do the #2018WinterOlympics feel more genuine? Nice work #SouthKorea!
Cliff Sult III @panthercliff🔁So one of the Russian men’s curling team members is being investigated for doping... 🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨. #doping #OAR #Olympic #2018WinterOlympics
Jackie Church @CramerChurch🔁Watching the and so proud of the Medical staff who are volunteering their skills and time to support our athletes.
Susan Griffen @runninintokyo🔁Watching the Germans and Canadians hugging it out after a tie in the #Bobsleigh 👍#2018WinterOlympics That's how the world needs to behave.
Yannick Autphenne @autoyan🔁I tend to be more formal. I prefer to call it robertsled #2018WinterOlympics
Trey Felder @TbirdTr3y_10🔁Bobsled racing is freaking incredible! A tie for gold are you kidding me?! #CAN #GER #2018WinterOlympics
Duke Henry 🇺🇸 @reasonnorvirtue🔁 Opinion Poll: How would you best describe the #2018WinterOlympics.

Retweet @NBCOlympics @NBC

K. Alice 🍑 @KAliceCompeau🔁 coverage of the . Who want to watch ⛷ practices? Show something that leads to medals...smh
Aaron Wirtz @ferment_ability🔁 coverage of the . Who want to watch ⛷ practices? Show something that leads to medals...smh twitter.com
Jorge Cruz @JLQCruz🔁NBC has selected Ericsson to provide video production solutions for the 2018 winter olympics! Join us on our careers twitter.com site and you could work on high-profile projects like this . . . . . . . . . . . . ...
Bill @DCBeerBill🔁For the night time crowd. medal count updated through the end of 2/18/2019 in Korea.
Robb @robbtuftshockey🔁For the night time crowd. #2018WinterOlympics medal count #dataviz updated through the end of 2/18/2019 in Korea. twitter.com
Hans Ruggenberg @Hansrug🔁Having my wife and baby girl at the made it extra special. Grateful for their unconditional support!
Real45YearOldVirgin @stevethevirgin🔁With the in full gear, don’t forget to swing by to pick up your gear for a Happy and Healthy Sex Life! Come by today for 4-7:30pm and pick up and !
Gil Tyree @gt6135🔁 The Best and entertaining commercial seen during these Winter Games. Thank you for airing them. Great stuff. twitter.com I’m on board.
Laura Goebel @LauraGoebel1🔁#USA Women’s Hockey advances to Gold round! #2018WinterOlympics
Ginger Druffel @GingerDruffel🔁I have watched several Olympics in my lifetime, last night was the first time I heard the term “twizzle”. Strange wor twitter.com d and I have no clue what it means!!
Natalie Boyer @natalie_boyer🔁🇩🇪 WOO HOO!!! 🇩🇪
#2018winterolympics #winterolympics #teamdeutschland #gogerm instagram.com any
Sharon Dennis @sddphoto🔁Norway now with 28 total medals at followed by Germany 20, Canada 17, Netherlands 13, OAR (Russia) 11, U.S./Austria/France/Japan 10 ... as of early Tuesday morning in Korea ... host Korea with 7 medals so far
Pam Rose @smithlakeshore🔁@taralipinski You are doing an awesome job #2018WinterOlympics #bestdressed #love
Nick Azzara @_NickAzzara🔁Tears of a Clown > Tears of a Curler. #2018WinterOlympics
Pam Rose @smithlakeshore🔁@JohnnyGWeir You are awesome and doing a great job with the games #2018WinterOlympics #bestdressed #besthair
jeffmetcalfe @jeffmetcalfe🔁Norway now with 28 total medals at followed by Germany 20, Canada 17, Netherlands 13, OAR (Russia) 11, U.S./Austria/ twitter.com France/Japan 10 ... as of early Tuesday morning in Korea ... host Korea with 7 medals so far
Mιĸe Mαнoɴey @mikeymo1741🔁Holy crap that last end in the men's #usacurling match. #curling #2018WinterOlympics #TeamUSA #TeamCanada
Pam Rose @smithlakeshore🔁I love Tara and Johnny they are awesome #2018WinterOlympics #JohnnyWeir #Tara #awesomeness
Seth Joyce @SethJoyce84🔁 Good Luck to @TeamUSA dancers 💃🏼🕺🏼 #BestOfUS #Peyongchang #TeamUSA #2018WinterOlympics #GoTeamUSA
Seth Joyce @SethJoyce84🔁 The final day of the bobsled 2man event is about to start. Don't miss it! #TeamUSA #2018WinterOlympics
Leanne Smith @LMSmith47🔁Come on @TeamKevinKoe and get a win #curling #Can #2018WinterOlympics
Lift Where You Stand @WorkforcePro🔁He's a curler, can we agree that even if he was doping it wouldn't matter? #curling #Doping #2018WinterOlympics
Bradley Williams @B_Rad50🔁What is that in Johnny Weir’s hair?? #2018WinterOlympics #figureskate
CHEDDAR @Chetrambe🔁How to be a hero in the ? Be a leader in a murderous, slaveholding dictatorship. Or, be a dude who likes to have se twitter.com x with other dudes buttholes and place 10th.
Mιĸe Mαнoɴey @mikeymo1741🔁Nice job #usacurling women's team! #curling #2018WinterOlympics
Mister Gold @Rumple17Gold🔁I didn’t think would have the to cheat again. twitter.com
Teflondomme 💎👑 @MizSugah🔁I've been curling since I was a kid and just as the sport is starting to gain the recognition it deserves.. This happ twitter.com ens! Doping? Really? Oh Lord!
Golden Boy Fospassin @fospassin🔁2018 Winter Olympics - Single by Golden Boy (Fospassin) on Apple Music
itunes.apple.com twitter.com
John Sparkman @sparky2f4u🔁Heard your song on the #2018WinterOlympics video @Carrollton_band ! Awesome man
Rachel Jacobs @racheljnarrates🔁With just one week left of the , get caught up on 9 ATHLETES TO WATCH IN THE 2018 WINTER OLYMPICS! You can listen to the on now!
Christina @tinarasmussen27🔁A #curler was caught doping? What? Why on earth? 🤔#2018WinterOlympics
Julie Cardinalli @juliecardinalli🔁 Jon Shuster just came in clutch #USCurlingTeam #FuckCanada #2018WinterOlympics
Watson Courtenay @WatsonCourtenay🔁USA vs Canada Women’s Hockey final on Thurs could be the biggest game of the 2018 @Olympics. Great rivalry. #2018WinterOlympics
Tammie Hunter @tammiesquill🔁Geez! Now curling?! There will be no writing today! Go USA! … instagram.com
Cataraqui Golf & CC @Catgandcc🔁We know you've caught the curling fever watching the . This is your chance to give curling a shot . Come throw your first rock on February 24th from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

LMPeisker @LMPeisker🔁“Great sweep, guys.” I love curling. #usa #curling #2018WinterOlympics
ஃ @ERUMBOO🔁Michael Martinez 🇵🇭 finishes the figure skating short program with a total score of 55.56. | via
Rolland Hayden @Rolland_Hayden🔁Gordon Russell is behind you , go for the gold! Thank you for representing our country and and twitter.com
jeffmetcalfe @jeffmetcalfe🔁Jeff Metcalfe at Winter Olympics: Sharpe sharp in women's ski halfpipe #2018WinterOlympics ://azc.cc/2o4tte7 via @azcentral
Kingston Curling @kingstoncurls🔁We know you've caught the curling fever watching the . This is your chance to give curling a shot . Come throw your twitter.com first rock on February 24th from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Arizona Becca @zombiebecca🔁Inquiring minds want to know. Why in God’s name do you need to dope for curling? #2018WinterOlympics
jeffmetcalfe @jeffmetcalfe🔁Americans except Logan advance in ski halfpipe //www.rgj.com/story/sports/2018/02/19/americans-except-logan-advance- twitter.com ski-halfpipe/352122002/ via
Gary Club LaceyKhill @GaryLaceyKhill🔁New song out!
GilbertH.MartinezSr❌ @GilbertGreg647o🔁 at the

EC @eastband92🔁Watched Wonder Women panel yesterday. The part about clothing…
When I just started watching the figure Skat twitter.com ing team event, realizing a lot of girls are wearing skin colored fabric saddened me a bit. The fact that they need to fake it.
GlossyCover @Glossy_Cover🔁Congrats , our newest of the Month! A true and .
Tracey Plouffe @Miss_Merc🔁I'm very sure that Terry is in awe of my curling knowledge. I'm making him watch Curling with me at the bar. But he's twitter.com ok with that. It was Curling or Hockey.
Hiten Patel @AgentPatel🔁There's an awful amount of white powder in .@pyeongchang2018 #Chang #2018WinterOlympics #WinterOlympics2018
Hiten Patel @AgentPatel🔁LOL all this "snow" in Pyeong "Chang" #WinterOlympics2018 #2018WinterOlympics
Bill Cool @BillCool🔁I swear this headline is real... "By the Slimmest of Margins, the U.S. Knocks Canada Off in Curling Thriller." I watc twitter.com hed and I must say it was Mind Numbing. Watching paint drying and grass growing are my next favorite pastimes.

Tame Manimal @SirTruthaLot🔁Almost 34 years old and still have never owned a fidget spinner. #2018WinterOlympics
Kelly Jackson Guide @KellyJGuide🔁Curling all day and I am a happy camper. USA Men’s team won. Let’s hope US Women’s team can do the same. twitter.com
Marian Price @BandMum🔁

I finished a blanket today in honour of ALL our Canadian Athletes. Hope you like it. twitter.com


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