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#2018MMM K-Jp境界より @KJpdino7000🔁 Doedicurus came to crush tonight. #2018MMM
#2018MMM Sasha Watson 🌬 💖💜💙 @swatsonca🔁 #2018MMM #WhenTheKatsAwayDivision #TeamSecretaryBird Artist: Charon Henning @theoddangel
#2018MMM Wheelchairs mean freedom @_Lilysea🔁 #2018MMM #AntecessorsDivision #TeamAndrewsarchus Artist: Charon Henning @theoddangel
#2018MMM マ・プー @RyoKabuto🔁 Andrewsarchus lower jaw. Rooting for you tonight, P12992! #2018MMM
#2018MMM Impressions 5 @Yadacolorboy🔁Stay strong @Yadacolorboy @CopyrightOffice @copyright4u #logodesign #branding #mockup #firstdraft #March26 #2018MMM
Miranda Kerr @MirandaRHK🔁@Drew_Lab NOOOOOO! Mantis shrimp was robbed. My bracket is officially done. #2018MMM
#2018MMM Alex Barley @birdsbugsbones🔁 #2018MMM #AntecessorsDivision #TeamThylacoleo Artist: Charon Henning @theoddangel
#2018MMM Field Museum @FieldMuseum🔁Doedicurus came to crush tonight. #2018MMM
#2018MMM Field Museum @FieldMuseum🔁Andrewsarchus lower jaw. Rooting for you tonight, P12992! #2018MMM
American Museum of Natural History @AMNH🔁The Secretary Bird stomps prey to death—or at least stuns it—before swallowing it whole! Some have suggested this met twitter.com hod of hunting may have been used by terror birds, giant flightless birds that roamed South America 60 million years ago.
Jorge Luis Pino @jorgelpino🔁 Homo floresiensis, despite your small cranial capacity it's a good thing you had the smarts to climb the nearest tree... otherwise this might have been all that was left of you!
Jorge Luis Pino @jorgelpino🔁Just realized we're completely aligned with our bracket frenemies on tonight's picks. Except for the Tardigrade, but that's just 🤷
Justin S. @boblikespi🔁Its this kind of insane (somewhat) scientifically accurate narration that makes #2018MMM all worthwhile. twitter.com

[Anaconda swimming through water]

Wait, what's that?!?

[zoom in]

Tardigrade, still gripping anaconda's scales, trails its claws through octopus slime!

K. K. Catlett @kierstincatlett🔁 And TARDIGRADE once again gets the #AltAdvance! #2018MMM twitter.com
David Hamilton @davidghamilton1🔁Wondering what you will do when subsides? Check out the Twitter World Cup Birds kicking off in April!
Vanessa Blas @_vxnessv🔁Tonight’s Round 2 winners: Deodicurus, Andrewsarchus, Dimetrodon, Ambelodon, Orinoco Crocodile, Secretary Bird, Komodo Dragon, and Anaconda! Sweet 16 is on Wednesday at 8:30 ET!
Vivienne Foroughirad @VForoughirad🔁My 2018 march mammal madness pick- gone but not forgotten #2018MMM twitter.com
Aus Bird Study Assoc @ABSAbirds🔁Wondering what you will do when subsides? Check out the Twitter World Cup Birds kicking off in April! twitter.com
Ian Hecht @ianhecht🔁So after two complete rounds of , I have... uh... 48 points. 😒 On the other hand, the Amebelodon is still in it, so twitter.com I'm not completely toast!
ꙮMantis Space Marine @emccoy_writer🔁Pseudaelurus is regarded as the ancestor of all modern cats. Although this cat group originated in Europe, it dispersed to North America ~18 mya ending a ~8 million year in felid fossils
Carly Grima @crgrima🔁So many discussions/arguments/heated conversations about the scandal of
Kat Milligan-Myhre @Napaaqtuk🔁The tradeoff between eating & vigilance is one most animals have to make. Medium bodied cats are not always very vigilant even when predators might be around. My work shows single male cheetahs spend only ~12% of time on a kill being vigilant
Prof. Katie Hinde @Mammals_Suck🔁With Round 2 complete, this is a good time to engage in the scientific practice of revising hypotheses based on additional data.
Rockhopper Penguin @i_rockhopper🔁This #2017MMM tweet may be relevant tonight for #2018MMM folks. twitter.com
Kat Milligan-Myhre @Napaaqtuk🔁NEXT UP: 3rd seeded Dimetrodon limbatus vs 7th seeded Pseudaelurus quadridentatus (aka Puff quaddy or Puffy)
Rockhopper Penguin @i_rockhopper🔁Here is my updated bracket for the rest of the tournament, which is particularly useful now that is out. twitter.com
Phillips Lab @phillipsevolab🔁 I do not approve of this 😡 #2018MMM #TeamMarsupial twitter.com
Dr. Miranda Buck @MirandaBuck🔁Humans have interacted with elephants for hundreds of thousands of years. The field of Ethnoelephantology studies "human and elephant relationships"
Rockhopper Penguin @i_rockhopper🔁With Round 2 complete, this is a good time to engage in the scientific practice of revising hypotheses based on additional data. #2018MMM
Rockhopper Penguin @i_rockhopper🔁Now it's time to bring some science to bear on these #2018MMM brackets (in addition to the science being cited by the narrators)!
Anali Perry @grumpator🔁All my #2018MMM hopes rest on #TeamCoyote. C'mon trickster, don't let me down!
Rockhopper Penguin @i_rockhopper🔁Checking in on the control bracket (no upsets), tonight went fairly well. The control was 7/8, and 7/7 for those not twitter.com eliminated in the first round. With 14/16 round 2 matches correct, the control picks up 28 points for a total score of 52.
Rockhopper Penguin @i_rockhopper🔁However, I went 6/8 tonight, and 6/7 in the bouts that were possible for me to win after the first round. I'm 14/16 twitter.com in round 2 competition, giving an overall score of 54 points.
Prof. Katie Hinde @Mammals_Suck🔁Well there are combatants that lose, and combatants that win & advance, and there is the tardigrade that lost in Roun twitter.com d 1, but keeps showing up as an
Rockhopper Penguin @i_rockhopper🔁More of 's long-anticipated carnage came tonight, with the untimely demise of the worthy . My bracket is now fairly twitter.com well busted.
Michelle Markert @mam2kids🔁 @Mammals_Suck It sticks with the Green Anaconda and is now it is team Tardiconda or Anacigrade? #2018MMM
Rockhopper Penguin @i_rockhopper🔁 With a shake of his head, the Komodo Dragon snaps the Eagle Owl's neck! #2018MMM
Anali Perry @grumpator🔁NOOOOOO!!!! My first champion to fall! #2018MMM twitter.com
Van Doorslaer @the_real_KVD🔁Shotgun sequencing was used to identify toxins in the composition of the venom from the Australian tarantula, Phlogius crassipes, showing it changes continuously during development and throughout adulthood:
Gennaro R. Hawkes @GennaroRamsay🔁Stampeding elephants are very dangerous. According to the Worst Case Survival Handbook you should take cover rather than try to outrun them.
Gennaro R. Hawkes @GennaroRamsay🔁 Next up: No. 2 ranked Amebelodon fricki vs. no. 7 ranked Homo floresiensis!!! #2018MMM
GUUUZTUFF @guuuztuff🔁Genome analyses show Felid adaptations in genes associated w/nutrient metabolism, muscle strength, agility, & traits responsible for hunting and meat digestion
Anali Perry @grumpator🔁Go Puffy, Go Puffy! #2018MMM twitter.com
Anali Perry @grumpator🔁@am_anatiala I'm not happy about this outcome, but at least Thyla drew some blood! Great storytelling! #2018MMM


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