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2 US Senchi Kudu @belalhamdy3🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show kento:#ChitChat #Sleepover #Bell

2 US2 US2 US2 US Chanmanee Charoensri @Platy_chanmanee🔁 2. She's the queen of hairporn. Always blessing us all. #GoddessSowonDay
2 US Latisha Rucker @LatishaRucker1🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show 👀dontgivea🖕 :

2 US KingReal @KingReal3🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Missjayy:

2 US Abdo dvd @abdo_dvd🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show MzGeeGee🎲:

2 US @kailum Rock @KailumRock🔁#Giveaway #CoinDrop#Liveme Giveaway fun🐣:
2 US IG:@i20spacemann @MrSpaceMann🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show 💎Kali iZM Gang💎 :

2 US Juanita @Juanita757677🔁Tap the link to earn rewards for both you and me in @Farmville2! #farmrewards
2 US Virote @ViroteVirote13🔁morning 😘#Liveme 💙H-Blue? ?:
2 US @kailum Rock @KailumRock🔁I did the race#Liveme David Bush ♛:
2 US Jamil Atif @JamilAtif2🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show ericaloveleigh:b kini damcing

2 US Sean Connor @SeanCon35349907🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Kaitlynnnnnn:#FeatureMe #ChitChat

2 US Keith @KeithStyles1🔁#Woman #Killed in #Charlottesville Was #Murdered While #Protesting #Hate

2 US Trophy🏆Seeker @TrophySeeker🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Rah Nimpho💣GangGang:gm

2 US Tyronnicholl @tyronnicholl🔁drop some wands #FeatureMe#Liveme Matt Serwatka:
2 US Nick Weiss @NickWeiss12🔁Come back#Liveme LVL🆙QUEEN🔥 :
2 US2 US2 US2 US (• (エ) •)♪ @Justyorkor🔁 20170813 Between Us Bangkok preview part 2 #이종현 #leejonghyun @cnbluegt
2 US United States Jobs @usajoblist🔁 AssistantSanta Fe Clay
Location : Santa Fe NM US
Santa Fe Clay is hiring a Studio Assi...
2 US2 US2 US2 US Hendro Priyono @hendropy🔁 Top female artists currently on US iTunes:

1. Rihanna
2. P!nk
3. Kesha
4. Katy

2 US ELOG47von @EloG4947🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show ✝️Foxy🅱abie💢 :

Jennifer Rubin @JRubinBlogger🔁Want to do something? 1. Demand any Confed statue in your town come down 2. Tell US Rep/Sens to rebuke pres and demand Bannon be fired 1/2
Craig Groeschel @craiggroeschel🔁Whoever says he is in the light & hates his brother is still in darkness. (1 Jn 2:9) God help us shine light & love in dark world of hate.
Ray Lewis @raylewis🔁Hate is all around us, the system is broken. Love overrules, but we're distracted &desensitized 2 pain & all being equal regardless of race
Trish Strauss @Tishmz🔁1. Racists support Trump.
2. Racists do racist things.
3. They get called out as racists.
4. They say, "Calling us racist is why Trump won!"
Jennifer Brooks @jennlor🔁The two very uncomfortable facts confirmed to us today: (1) The President's base is a terrorist organization; and (2) He's OK with that.
Mal 💜 @templesophie966🔁Even after so many releases, the Descendants 2 Soundtrack stay at #5 and have not come out so far from the top 15 of Itunes US Albums. 🔥🔥
Vitor Ferreira @VitorMine24🔁Trailer ahoy! Jesse faces giant consequences in Season 2 Episode 2 of Story Mode - available to play next week!
Michael Rose @mikey_comp_rose🔁In Partnership with we’re giving away 2 tickets to . RT and tell us your top festival tip to .
Beryl @jessicaiweka🔁The first day you prayed God put the miracle in motion. Watch Joel’s new Podcast “The Twenty First Day"
Allan @GiggsInMidfield🔁That was as easy as it could be. West Ham are lucky to be only 2-0 down.

Class debut for us.

NE's Candy Girl 💕💖 @I_Love_Evie_2🔁 "This is not us," you say. Then who are these people? Martians?
.Umair Khan @umair2010🔁We docs r exposed to diseases we dnt have health insurance no service structure still ppl call us greedy docs 2
Kellie O'Gara @LovelyShoes🔁Revive organic cotton Tshirt ends midnight £7 ea ch sale gives us £2 to our homeless fund currently £310 tomorrow £10
The Knelstrom Group @knelstrom🔁OIR Officials: 2 U.S. Service Members Killed 5 Injured in Northern Iraq
PixxieSpit @PixxieSpit🔁The Bechdel Cast #Podcast
Today's Episode: Moana 🌊🌅
w/Natalie Baseman
KY3 News @kytv🔁US military says 2 American soldiers killed in Iraq
Kelly Mallette @kelly_mallette🔁Almost every one of us knows a Sinead.Offer help, listen, comfort. Now. Tomorrow might be 2 late. via
ClassicBrizzle💪💪 @Chinonny45🔁Lukaku doing sm damage for on 2-0!!
AFA Charity F.C @AFAcharityFC🔁Huge congratulations to a very well organised - who beat us 7-2 this afternoon at Greenwich Avenue! Safe trip back l ads! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Eddie @EddieBarstool🔁When ranking the worst people on social media, we missed a lay up. Fitness people. Catch this weeks podcast here
🍀irishpirate🌹 ⛵⚓💚 @Swanprincess79🔁Emma is pregnant and a&e dancing around hook having a new TL is actually them avoiding telling us he now has 2 TLs EMMA AND HIS DAUGHTER BYE
Kristin @NSpiredKris🔁Love them enough 2 forgive. Love yourself enough 2 speak up. It's not time for us 2 sit's time for us to stand up!
Mt. Pleasant Church @WorshipExciting🔁Join Us Now as Pastor Morrisons brings a word fron Titus 2:11, entitled "Saving Grace"

jambudweepan @jambudweepan🔁Veer Savarkar was a revolutionary who was persecuted for more than a decade in cellular, none of us comes remotely close 2 the price he paid
Kludia @sameperfectlive🔁Where exactly did SNS go no #1? 🤔 Cause last time I checked it was no #2 in both US and WW iTunes, lmao, delusional
Mr Rono Haron @rono_haron🔁“Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you”
Zechariah 8:23

Jack Ross @jackdross🔁It's not eastern Idaho tech BUT good luck to these 2 as they report 2 play ball 4 the 3rd ranked school n the US.
JANI @janimiya___🔁 go grab album ⬆️ listen to it, stream it on Spotify, request it at your local radio stations 🎶
ain 🔥 hixtape!! @ADORKOOK🔁you also warned us about everything you will do in future since 2 years ago why i didnt realized kjsnsjsk
Peace Muwani @vamuwani🔁2 Tim 1:7: For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.
Waynesheffield @waynesheffield🔁Francesco Molinari is in the mix. If you like his swing you can learn from his coach
Lewis 🤙🏻 @lewis_efc_2🔁@westhamtransfer Hahaha, don't give us that. You've been praising him all pre season.
CeCelia Ann Squires @SquiresCecelia🔁Alt-right is a smear against all of us on the right by the hateful left! KKK is a Democrat group as 2 Antifa!
Voice Of People @VOP_Health🔁2 US service members killed, five injured in northern Iraq.
United Arab Emirates @travel_2_uae🔁Competition Cams 35-771-8 Xtreme Energy Camshaft
Garbagemerchant @Garblinmerchant🔁It was a bag of my US Department at 4pm! I'm at 2 a.m.
🐸BadFrogressive🐸 @sushiqk_2🔁These groups are insignificant morons who have no bearing on our society. Concerted effort to use them to divide us is the real evil.
Gareth Price @Gareth245🔁 The helicopter that crashed near Charlottesville, killing 2, appeared to have been monitoring protests
Wanna One#Energetic @hutajaelly🔁[TRANS] 170813 Mokdong Fansign -

Q: Pink Sausages is...?
Woojin: Ranked 1st in Wanna One

Q: Requirements?
Woojin: Just the 2 of us

. @Belch97🔁Rom scored 2 on his Debut for us against West Ham


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